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The Anarchist Union of Afghanistan and Iran (AUAI), was established in May 2018. In the union, all anarchist tendencies, except for religious, pacifist and so called capitalist anarchists, have the potential to participate. The groups will continue to operate independently in addition to being in the union. All persons and groups are required to sign any callout or announcement with the name of the union. If no collective agreement is reached, each individual or group can independently publish announcements themselves. At the beginning of the formation of the union, the highest level of cooperation will be in the joint signing of the Union of Anarchists. Over time, with more familiarity between individuals and groups, there will be the possibility to expand the level of cooperation. The Federation of Islamist Anarchists, FIA, organize islamist anarchists in Aghanistan, Iran and global. The FIA co-operate with AUAI, but is only associate to AUAI, not a member organization.

The Anarchist Union of Afghanistan and Iran includes the following anarchist groups:
The Anarchist Era Collective (a community of anarchists from Iran and Afghanistan operating both inside and outside their countries)
The Anarchist group “Aleyh” (based in Afghanistan)
The Revolutionary Radical Anarchist Front (based in Iran)
The Federation of Islamist Anarchists, is not member of AUAI, but a close associate.

The Anarchist Era Collective’s statement on the assassination of an Iranian state terrorist

Qasem Soleimani has long tormented the people and we congratulate the survivors of his crimes in the Middle East, particularly Syria, Iraq and Yemen. And while we are glad for the death of this war criminal, we declare our strong opposition to the possibility of a state war (between US state terrorism and Iranian state terrorism).

Hours ago, Qasem Soleimani, one of the top military officials of the Iranian government who was responsible for the Middle East, was killed on the direct order of Donald Trump in Baghdad.

Qasem Soleimani was a genocidal man that has killed thousands of men, women, and children in the conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. He lead sieges for Assad and recruited Afghan refugees in Iran, many of them children, to die in the Syrian civil war. This state assassination was carried out by the United States in the obvious interest of Donald Trump’s election and what was done has not been and will not be in the interests of the people in the Middle East.

Despite much commotion and controversy made by the Islamic regime over its security and intelligence capabilities, we see that in fact this regime is not capable of maintaining its most important transnational force and Qasem Soleimani was assassinated as soon as the US decided to remove him.

On the one hand, the viciousness of the criminal Islamic regime became more apparent and on the other hand, it further showed the corrupt nature of US state terrorism, which does not care about the lives of their own nor those of the people in the Middle East — otherwise these Iranian state terrorists could have been easily hunted down over the years.

We reiterate that the contemporary Middle East is shaped by wars, massacres, displacement, and famine because of religious fanatics and terrorists on the one hand and the interference of international capitalists and backers (Eastern and Western Imperialism) on the other.

We hope all of these religious terrorists are killed as soon as possible and these murderous state governments will be destroyed so that the people of the Middle East live again in peace and prosperity.

10.09.2022. An Interview with The Federation of Anarchism Era, see: https://www.thecommoner.org.uk/an-interview-with-federation-anarchism-era/. Source: The Commoner/ERA.


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