Press release to domestic & international media 31.12.1996 and 01.01.1997


Hello Folks! A Happy New Year!

Because Norway since 28.11 1994 has been an anarchist economic-political system, and 1996 is called a JUBEL ÅR, i.e. year of jubilee, by the Norwegian press, the anarchist voice of opinion is of special interest:

The general and principal anarchist opinions are found at the internet URL:

For politicians, public servants, media workers and the people in general engaged in economic-political problem-solving, more self-thinking and self-interpreting based on repeated studies of this internet site, especially the Introduction to anarchism and news about the Anarchy of Norway and the Anarchist tribunal, via links at the mentioned URL, are recommended. Then perhaps 1997 may be another JUBEL ÅR for the Anarchy of Norway, and more anarchy internationally, i.e. a better world.

You are also welcome to contribute to the economic-political discussions about the Anarchy of Norway by E-mail address,, and the general international debate on anarchism via E-Mail address, if you have any questions or comments.

Cordially, after Mandate: From all of us at AIT - to all of you - have a happy new year 1997!