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Ad request from the Colombian Embassy in Oslo about removal from e-mail-lists. The request is rejected...

Your Excellency
Ambassador of Colombia

We have the honour to inform you, on the behalf of the Anarchy of Norway, that the Colombian Embassy's request about removal from's e-mail-lists is rejected because this is against the Norwegian Constitution. The Norwegian Constitution declares that "Frimodige ytringer mot statsstyrelsen er tillatt", i.e. brave and boldly, freedomly speech against the authorities, here and there, political/administrative and economically broadly defined, is allowed. We must remind Your Excellency that this § has the presupposition of dialog and that someone is responding rationally to the freedomly criticism. All people, and especially authorities, need a second opinion... *)

We have also informed Utenriksdepartementet, UD, about our decision in this case.  We will also remind Your Excellency about the good co-operation between the Anarchy of Norway and Latin American countries in general, and hope for co-operation from the Colombian Embassy and government in general to increase the libertarian degree in Colombia now and in the future. 

We send the assurances of our greatests appreciations

Yours sincerely

Chargé d'affaires A. Quist

for AIE

*) The Anarchist International, AIE etc. a.o.t. sent a critical resolution about Colombia 07.07.2010, to a.o. the Colombian Embassy in Oslo, and the Colombian Embassy responed by requesting to be removed from the e-mail-list for embassies to Norway 08.07.2010, see below. It must be mentioned that no other embassy on the list has asked to be removed. For more information about the critical resolution, click on The Anarchy Debate and search for Colombia in this file.

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The Anarchist International
Thursday, July 08, 2010 1:19 PM