On March 8 - International Women's Day:

IAF-AFI demands Pay Equity Now! 

Wage gaps between men and women persist, while women remain tied to underpaid jobs. On March 8, International Women's Day, and as part of the IAF-AFI's  campaign, the anarchafeminist movement is launching a worldwide call for  'Pay Equity Now'!
 Equal pay is a fundamental right, recognized in many international instruments. But worldwide, women are still paid between 10% and 50% less than men for doing similar work or jobs of comparable worth.
On Women's Day, the anarchafeminits are launching direct actions against this shameful reality that continues to persist by actively voicing women's demands.
Why for example should floor cleaners, who are mainly women, earn less than wall cleaners, who are mainly men, when they work in the same public hospital in the UK?  Why should a female nursery nurse earn less than a male veterinary assistant who is in charge of pest control, working in the same hospital in the USA? We need to recognise and revalue the work that women do, in particular in health and education services.

Accordingly the anarchafeminists are building up their strategy to develop a clearer understanding of the nature of discrimination and to identify where it exists and how to bring women's wages up to the same level as their male counterparts, to do away with relative slavecontracts.
There have been major successes in the industrialised world, particularly in Canada, where the public sector unions won a very substantive pay award for women in the low paid sector. In New Zealand, primary teachers have achieved parity with secondary school teachers. In Britain, women in the school meal-service were able to win an equal pay case. Successes like these make women want to join and participate in different direct actions, via unions and the feminist movement and the anarchist movement in general as well as the anarchafeminist movement in particular.

As a strategic basis for these analysis and actions the Anarchafeminist Manifesto is a must: click on http://www.anarchy.no/maf.html .

Internet homepage of the Anarchafeminist International is here: click on http://www.anarchy.no/iaf.html .