The Anarchist Press Tribunal (APT) is a special branch of IAT, the International Anarchist Tribunal of
IAF/IFA/AI - The International of Anarchist Federations, l'Internationale des Fédérations Anarchistes, The Anarchist International:

Some facts about the International Anarchist Tribunal:

The mandating IFA-congress for the International Anarchist Tribunal was initiated by the general secretary of IFA at that time, i.e. the Italian C.R.I.F.A. secretary Umberto Marzocchi, in a letter to the nordic sections of IFA (ANORG) dated 12th of May 1982. The congress took place in Oslo 15-18th of October 1982, at "Folkets hus", i.e. "The house of the people", and was arranged by the Norwegian Anarchist Federation affiliated to IFA. The first Nordic IFA-congress had two important tasks:

1. to promote the anarchist international outside the mediterranean area in general,

2. to mandate the international's anarchist tribunals to secure that the IFA stays anarchist.

From the Nordic countries broadly defined participated several anarchist groups and organizations, and nationalities (sections) from the Netherlands to Finland; and the mediterranean IFA-sections were represented by a delegation from Paris, i.e. from the French anarchist-federation "Fédération Anarchiste Francaise". Different kinds of anarchists; collectivists, individualists, social-individualists and communist/commune anarchists, as well as anarcho-syndicalists, green anarchists and international anarchafeminists had delegates (sections) at the congress. Also Sveriges Arbetares Centralorganisation (SAC) participated, as well as delegates from the IAA section of ANORG/IFA, a confederation rooted back to the Scandinavian anarcho-syndicalist organ "Solidaritet" which kept the bounds to the AIT when SAC left in 1959/60. (This does not mean that NAC/ANORG is a member of IAA/AIT. It means that anarchosyndicalists that were or are affilated to an IAA/AIT-section, also were affiliated to the congress/ANORG/IFA).

The mandate for the anarchist tribunals was unanimously decided upon, and referred (however without details) in IFA-Solidaritet, later renamed International Journal of Anarchism, vol 1982 a.s.o. and the Bulletin C.R.I.F.A. (42) 1982, the two official organs of IFA at that time. This issue of the Bulletin C.R.I.F.A was also distributed as a supplement to the French anarchist paper "Le Monde Libertaire" (467). An English translation was also distributed. In the mentioned issue of Bulletin C.R.I.F.A. the following is documented:

"El primer congreso anarquista nordico se ha celebrado del 15 al 17 de octubre del 82 en Oslo. Ha estado organizado por la ANORG/IFA (Federación anarquista noruega afiliada a la IFA)... El secretariado nórdico a través del boletin deberá contribuir a organizar actividades comunes, entre otras, ..., tribunas anarquistas [i.e. the International Anarchist Tribunal], ... " The bulletin, "Su título es "IFA-Solidariet" (órgano de las secciones nórdicas de la IFA)" (Bold lettering and explaining note in [..] sat by editor.)

The mandate included the UN-human rights and ethics interpreted in an anarchist way, media tribunals, anarchist decision processing and conflict solution, including a confederal veto on ratification of federal decisions and constitution, i.e. based on the IFA-principles a.s.o., membership acknowledgement, suspensions, disallowances and exclusions/expulsions, etc. The international anarchist ombudsman for conflict solution etc. and the arbitration tribunal, are also among the branches of IAT. The practical details of the mandate were left to the International Anarchist Tribunal itself, as an independent and autonomous institution at the IFA secretariate in Oslo.

The International Anarchist Tribunal via the Anarchist Press Tribunal a.o.t. issues expelling Brown Cards to ochlarchist infiltrators and provovateurs to the anarchist movement as a part of the Anarchist Internationals general struggle against ochlarchy (mob rule broadly defined) and ochlarchist infiltration. Ochlarchist infiltrators and provocateurs are of course not a part of the anarchist movement although often posing as anarchists. IAT expulses adherents of capitalism (economical plutarchy) and/or statism, with or without ochlarchy, falsely posing as 'anarchists'. This is libertarian. Expulsions are not authoritarian purges. Remember the famous anarchist Proudhon stated 'anarchy is order' i.e. optimal order. The IAT also hands out the opposite of Brown Cards, i.e. Black Stars, see the IAT-homepage.

The Anarchist Tribunal was already an established institution in Norway in 1982, as a part of the expeditionary group (secretariate) of ANORG. In the early 1980s the activities was mainly internal, but some of the works of the Anarchist Tribunal , i.e. vis-à-vis the media, were also published in Folkebladet/IJ@, see no 1 (13) 1983 and no 3 (13) 1983. The IFA congress in Oslo 1982 made it an international tribunal. Thus, it became de facto the International Anarchist Tribunal - IAT, although the word "international" was usually not explicitely mentioned in the early days.

The framework for the Oslo Convention of 1990 was prepared by the International Anarchist Tribunal, and is a good example of the mandated work. The proposals from IAT were unanimously decided upon by the international congress-seminar, the 1st Anarchist Biennial , i.e. the first combined IFA & FICEDL Congress arranged in Oslo 1990.

The only officially mandated organ of IFA/IAF/AI of today, i.e. for the whole world, the International Journal of Anarchism ISSN 0800-0220, electronic issues ISSN 1890-9485 since 2009, is also the organ of the International Anarchist tribunal, and has the copyright/TM of the original IFA-logo, with the globe as the dot over the "i" in "ifa". All information at the official ifa/iaf/ai/AIIS web-site is the copyrighted material of International Journal of Anarchism ISSN 0800-0220 & ISSN 1890-9485 (c) fb@ - all rights reserved 1996 a.l.

In 1997 the term Anarchist International (AI) was officially introduced, although mentioned several times before, say, in International Journal of Anarchism, IJ@ no 10/26 (15) in 1985. The constitution of the Anarchist International AI was officially confirmed on the International Anarchist Congress, i.e. the 5th Anarchist Biennial, arranged by the NAC/IFA/AI in Oslo medio December 1998. The AI is a broader organization and network than the IFA anarchist federations of some countries in the South and North, see the Anarchist International. The mandate of the IAT is today vis-à-vis the AI, decided on the 5th Anarchist Biennial.

All the documents quoted above are public and stored in the IIFOR archives in Norway. IIFOR sends copies world wide for copy-cost + postal charge, to anybody interested. Order by using the e-mailform at IIFOR.

Several keywords and media all over the world are investigated by the APT-IAT, among them the following:

anarch, anarchist, anarchy, anarchism, anarchic, anarchical, anarki, anarkisme, anarkist, anarkisk, order, anarchist law, social justice, anarcho-syndicalism, anarchosyndicalism, anarcho-syndicalist, anarcho-individualism, anarchoindividualism, anarcho-individualist, anarcho-communism, anarchocommunism, anarcho-communist, anarcho-collectivism, anarchocollectivism, anarcho-collectivist anarcho-socialism, anarchosocialism, anarcho-socialist, social-anarchism, socialanarchism, social anarchy, social anarchist, social individualism, social individualist anarchism, anarcho-feminism, anarchofeminism, anarchafeminism, eco-anarchism, green anarchism, mutualism, anarcho-mutualism, individualist anarchism, collectivist anarchism, communist anarchism,

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