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Bulletin of the Anarchist International

The Global People's Council: The People's economic-political demands

by Mr. Dabanga - Spokesperson for The Global People's Council - Updated

The People's global demands related to the Cogrips-model, the Green Global Spring Revolution (GGS) and in general, for each country and global, are the following: Human activities are estimated to have caused approximately 1.0°C of global warming above pre-industrial levels, with a likely range of 0.8°C to 1.2°C. Global warming is likely to reach 1.5°C between 2030 and 2052 if it continues to increase at the current rate. Estimated anthropogenic global warming is currently increasing at 0.2°C (likely between 0.1°C and 0.3°C) per decade due to past and ongoing emissions, according to IPCC, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. GGS's aim, and also for the People in general, is no more than 1.5 °C global warming above pre-industrial level (1720- 1800). As for the unemployment rate, no more than 1.5 percent is acceptable, in each country world wide, plus at least 3 - 5 percent average growth in real GDP, under appropriate environmental constraints broadly defined. The green growth is further explained at the official website of GGS & GAIA. The Gini-index for income should be lower than 20 percent. The index is 100 percent when one person has all societal income,  and  0 percent - zero - when all members of the society has equal income. The Gini-index measures how top-heavy the income-pyramid is. The global population, and in each country, should be optimal not maximal, this means little to no growth at present, and further population growth is dependent on technological advance within the appropriate environmental constraints broadly defined.

The probably best way to fulfill the demands is explained in Løsningsforslag Nr 1. for klima-krisen - Proposed Solution No. 1, for the Climate-Crisis, from NØI-INDECO, see Cogripsmodel-Notatet - Notat til Ragnar Frisch Seminar a.k.a. the PLAN - PLANEN in Norwegian. Because 1. superior and overriding power always corrupts economical and political/administrative, in direction concentration of money & the practiced will to cow & subdue the People including anti-climate policy, on and from the Top of the societal pyramid in private and public sector = The Bureaucracy broadly defined; 2. the Bottom of the societal pyramid = the People's DEMANDS will only be met in a more democratic - real democratic world, i.e. Anarchy & Anarchism - in each country and global and 3. never achieved based on strong and stronger rule from the Top = the Bureaucracy. The degree of democracy = influence on the societal decisions by the People = the Bottom of the social pyramid, mainly taken by the Bureaucracy, the Top of the social pyramid, measured relatively as a percent degree between 0 % and 100 %, that is a precise measure on how much the People govern = democracy, i.e. the degree of it. This must be sufficiently high to meet the People's Demands, > 50%, i.e. Real Democracy = Anarchy & Anarchism, as in Norway, the Swiss Confederation and Iceland, and a little higher.

To save the planet, scientists have already identified what we have to do, that is to say implementing a much higher price for human emissions that are changing the climate, particularly carbon ones. More than 11,000 scientists, who agree that we are experiencing a climate emergency, have asserted that a higher price is needed on carbon. Furthermore, 27 Nobel Prize winners, along with more than 5,000 other scientists, claim that a price on carbon emissions (a sufficiently high carbon tax, i.e. on CO2 emissions) is the most effective way to reduce emissions at the scale and speed needed to prevent the temperature rising by 1.5 °C. The income generated by the carbon tax may be used for subsidies on green solutions, i.e. wind and solar electric power, etc.

Link til PLANEN - Notatet - 2009 - oppdatert: Cogripsmodel-Notatet - Samgripingsmodell for analyse og løsning av bl.a. resesjonsproblemet - Cogripsmodel. Notat til Ragnar Frisch Seminar - Oppdatert til kriseløsning m.v. på samfunnsplan generelt og spesielt: Løsningsforslag nr. 1. for klimakrisen! by NØI-INDECO. NB! Rapporten - PLANen - er oppdatert til versjon 3.4 og skulle være relativt dagsaktuell. Tar opp alle relevante problemstillinger teoretisk og noe anvendt. NB! Fotnotene, Forord og PS bakerst i notatet, er spesielt viktige, på flere punkter. Translation tool Norwegian to English, French, German, Spanish, etc., and vice versa: Google Translate.

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The Global People's Council (PC): http://www.anarchy.no/sudan.html

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