Invitation to:
The International Anarchist Congress
The 11th Anarchist Biennial 27-28.11.2010
International Congress-Seminar on Anarchism

The main points on the agenda will be:
1. Anarchism in the Anarchies of Norway, the Swiss Confederation and Iceland revisited
2. Anarchism in Latin America and ACLA
3. Other items - Your desire?

Call for papers, proposals, etc.

If you will participate, have a say, or have a proposal or paper contact the anarchist congress before 20.11.2010 - click here!

The congress will as usual be an online/Internet event, using e-mails in the discussions, and at:

Participation at the congress is free. Feel free to forward this note to your own network. ACLA is the Anarchist Confederation of Latin America, see Links.
NB! Updates on are relevant for the congress, see footnote ****) at AI/IFA.