Anarchy and anarchism mean "system and management without ruler(s), i.e. co-operation without repression, tyranny and slavery".
In short an-arch-y = (an = without - arch = ruler(s)) - y = system and management, as, say, in monarch-y.

The Anarchist International is for and contributes to anarchy and anarchism world wide.
One of the main tasks of the Anarchist International is the fight against ochlarchy (mob rule broadly defined).
To mix up opposites as a) anarchy and ochlarchy and b) anarchists with ochlarchists/ochlarchs, as outdated dictionaries, newsmedia and mislead youths often do, is
equally authoritarian as mixing up opposites as peace and war, as Big Brother did in Orwell's "1984" newspeak.
It should be stopped, and the International Anarchist Tribunal - Anarchist Press Tribunal in such cases hands out a Brown Card, as free, libertarian criticism of this authoritarian tendency.
The Anarchist International also contributes to other direct actions against ochlarchy, guards at demonstrations, etc.
The Anarchist International is not only against ochlarchy, but also monarchy, oligarchy, polyarchy, plutarchy, matriarchy, patriarchy, hierarchy, etc,
i.e. in real terms, economic and/or political/administrative.
All forms of archies should be done away with, practically toward ideally, and be replaced with real, i.e. including green - democracy = anarchy - of significant and higher degree.

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  • The Green Global Spring Revolution - GGS
  • The Anarchist International world wide AI/IFA
  • Introduction part 1 and anarchist actions
  • Introduction part 2 - The logical structure of anarchy and anarchism
  • 10 facts about anarchy, anarchism and anarchists
  • Anarchy means real democracy - AI resolution published in Norway's largest newspaper Verdens Gang
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  • Open debate on anarchism, feel free to join in
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    The International Federations of Anarchists IFA -
    The International of the Federations of Anarchists IFA -
    L'Internationale des Fédérations Anarchistes IFA
  • The World Secretariate and Commission of IFA/IAF/AI
  • Pictures of some of the members of the Anarchist International's secretariate, etc.
  • The Anarchist International Information Service AIIS
  • The history of the Anarchist International, the IFA congresses from 1968 - 2010 and further development of AI
  • The anarchist velvet revolution in Norway 25 years
  • Historic report: General resolution no 1 about the situation in Egypt
  • Historic report: Nobel Peace Prize 2010 to jailed freedom fighter Liu Xiaobo - Direct action by anarchists (AFIN) against the Chinese Embassy in Oslo!
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  • The International Anarchist Tribunal IAT
  • BROWN CARDS to Jamal Hannah et. al. and the Southern IFA-IAF federations
  • FABS - The Federalist Anarchist Beat Society
  • Tellus, Anarchy vs Ochlarchy, Cosmos, Emma Amelia & Timian Sabatini & Anna Quist + Magic and Love. An absolute 100% true story a.o.t. about how to make sufficient high degree of democracy to solve the climate-crisis
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  • The Collective Anarchist International, Collectivist Anarchism, Anarcho-collectivist section of AI
  • The Anarchafeminist International - L'Internationale Anarchoféministe - i@f
  • The International Workers of the World - The Anarcho-syndicalist section of AI
  • The Anarchist Black Cross, affiliated to the International Black Cross, AI, and the ABC-I
  • The Green Anarchist International Association - GAIA
  • The Green Global Spring - GGS
  • The Green Global Spring - GGS - Report no 1
  • The Libertarian Association of Teetotalers - LAT
  • The Community Action Network - CAN
  • The International Federation of Centers for Libertarian Studies and Documentation - IFCLSD - FICEDL
  • The Anarchist Federation of Denmark - Anarkistføderationen i Danmark, affiliated to IFA
  • The Anarchist Federation of Norway - Anarkistføderasjonen i Norge, affiliated to IFA
  • The Anarchist Federation of Sweden - Anarkistfederationen i Sverige, affiliated to IFA
  • The Anarchist Federation of Finland - Suomen Anarkistifederaatio, affiliated to IFA
  • The Libertarian Federation of Iceland - Íslenska Frjálshyggjumaður Ríkjasamband, affiliated to IFA
  • The Northern Anarchist Confederation (NAC) - Anarkistenes organisasjon i Norden, affiliated to IFA
  • The British and Anglophone Anarchist Federation (AF), associated member of NAC and affiliated to IFA and AI
  • Freedom Online - The newspaper of The British and Anglophone Anarchist Federation (AF)
  • The Southern Anarchist Federations, affiliated to IFA
  • The Anarchist Confederation of Eastern Europe, a section of the Anarchist International AI
  • The Anarchist Confederation of Asia and the Middle East, a section of the Anarchist International AI
  • The Anarchist Confederation of Africa, a section of the Anarchist International AI
  • The Anarchist Confederation of Africa - Sudanese Section (AI/ACA-Sudanese Section)
  • The Anarchist Confederation of Latin America, a section of the Anarchist International AI
  • The Anarchist Confederation of Oceania, a section of the Anarchist International AI
  • The Anarchist International Network in Western Europe, a section of the Anarchist International AI
  • The Anarchist International Support Network for Timor-Leste/East Timor AISNET
  • The Anarchist Confederation of the Oceans, Arctic, Antarctic & Outwards, a section of the Anarchist International AI
  • The Anarchist International University Federation, affiliated to NAC and AI/IFA
  • The International Federation of Anarchist Youth IFAY, affiliated to AIUF, NAC and AI/IFA
  • The mascot "Z@rro" and the @-sign of young anarchists, i.e. for non-authoritarian use only!
  • The International Institute for Organization Research, IIFOR
  • The anarchist online dictionary
  • The anarchist online encyclopedia
  • The International Journal of Organization Research, IJOR
  • World Economic Council - WEC
  • A short note on anarchist concepts
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  • Basic course of anarchism - a summary of the updated libertarian research front
  • Brief course of anarchy and anarchism - to get started on
  • Anarchy vs state - Anarki vs stat
  • A short note on the general theory of anarchist economics
  • Economic-political sociology and industrial organization research - Rank-Difference-Index, RDI - Horizontal industrial organization - Anarchist class-analysis
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  • Pierre Joseph Proudhon's basic ideas
  • Mikhail Bakunin's basic ideas etc.
  • Benjamin R. Tucker's basic ideas
  • Pjotr Kropotkin: Modern science and Anarchism - Updated
  • Pjotr Kropotkin: Anarchism - Updated
  • Errico Malatesta: Anarchy - notes on the social organization - Updated
  • Ragnar Frisch: The unenlightened plutarchy - What is democracy? The third alternative - with comments by IIFOR
  • Robert Nozick (1938-2002), a semilibertarian right thinker, in memorian
  • Murray Bookchin (1921-2006), a semilibertarian left thinker, in memorian
  • Platformism is semilibertarian leftism, not anarchism
  • The Anarchist Black Gold Site. Oilprice and Anarchy, etc.
  • Ranking of countries according to libertarian degree, etc.
  • The New Year report from IIFOR 2019
  • The Anarchist International Embassy AIE
  • The AIE congratulates East Timor with independence
  • A note from AIE to the Colombian Embassy in Norway about freedom of expression
  • No labor union without anarchists... Global, European and Nordic Labor Confederations
  • The "Grand Oil Price and Terrorism Conspiracy"
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  • AI's site is the most popular anarchist organization web-site in the world according to Alexa!
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  • Et kortfattet notat om anarkibegrepene
  • 10 fakta om anarki, anarkisme og anarkister
  • Konsistent anarkistisk politikk på dagsaktuell, mellomlang og lang sikt
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  • Nyttårstalen fra anarkistene (NACO) 2019 & 2020 - Oppdateres utover året
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  • Nyttårstalen fra anarkistene (NACO) 2010 - Oppdatert ved utgangen av året
  • Innspill til dialog med statsrådet om oklarki og sykefravær m.v.
  • AIIS: IIFOR knuser Statistisk Sentralbyrå!
  • Riv ruskende galt fra Statistisk Sentralbyrå om verdiskapningen by (Oslo) kontra land
  • Anarkidebatt
  • Norges råd for etterspørselsstyring til full sysselsetting - Hva må gjøres for å komme ut av resesjonen?
  • Norsk politikk for det 21. århundre - Norwegian policy for the 21st century
  • NAU 1(2002-16) Folkets alternativ til NOU - Om enronisme og det uopplyste pengevelde m.v.
  • Ragnar Frisch: Det uopplyste pengevelde - Hva er demokrati? Det tredje alternativ - av Nobelprisvinner i økonomi
  • Foreldete kontra gangbare tanker om anarkisme og lov
  • Samvirke - kooperasjon. Om anarkisme og samvirkebevegelse - kooperasjonen
  • Direkte aksjon mot monstermaster i Hardanger og for miljø
  • Direkte aksjon mot Datalagringsdirektivet m.v.
  • Direkte aksjon for lokalsykehus og mot statsmonolitten
  • Direkte aksjon mot skvising av kooperasjonen
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  • IWW/AI og journaliststreiken oppsummert
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  • "Klassekampens" "Ja (les NEI!) til en kritisk offentlighet", med liste over leninistene og deres "nyttige" idioter;
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