Antiterrorism 2002-2005

Supplement to IJ@ 4 (31), , 01.01.2002 - 11.09.2005 - with anarchist point of view

2. January and February 2002

02.01.2002 A Pakestanian terrorist has killed one Indian. and wounded several. The tension between the two countries is once more hiked. The Norwegian foreign minister of the State Council has done some peace work in the Middle East, BBC reports, but so far without much success, but a small ease in the tension between Sharon and Arafat is possible. A possible al-Qaeda terrorist arrested in the USA is brought to court with heavy charges, but saying something like he was not guilty.

03-4.01.2002: CNN reports from U.S. Central Command: Member of U.S. Special Forces killed in hostile fire in Afghanistan. NACO fears the Norwegian FSK special forces volunteers set for Afghanistan are not well enough trained, although they have been training a bit with other NATO forces. We must ask the foreign commanders not to put them up in the frontline, or at least not before they get more experience. 05.01.2002: The US envoy presses on with his peace mission in the Middle East, despite Israeli claims that it has intercepted a huge shipment of Palestinian arms. Also the Conference supports the US envoy in this matter. 07-8.01.2002: The defense councillor of the State Council has, together with the rest of the volunteers, finally made up their mind that they should go to Afghanistan, i.e. soon. She says, similar to NACO, that the FSK-forces have great respect and have trained well, and NACO sticks to the request to Bush and Powell etc. sent by the AI-Embassy 04.01.2002: "A NOTE FROM THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON TERRORISM" based on NACO's and the Conference's decisions mentioned above. Perhaps NACO knows more about the "footsoldiers" and experts of "sabotage and direct action" than the defense councillor? The answer is open. Everybody should think for themselves. The Anarchy of Norway will not send any jetfighters to Afghanistan. The troops of the Anarchy are supporting the British lead peace corps as well as the American lead antiterrorist force. A confused person made his support for al-Qaeda in the city Tampa, USA, by misusing a small aeroplane, but killed only himself..

09-11.01.2002: Hamas has killed 4 Jews. The Conference impresses that Arafat must do more to stop the Palestinian terrorists. Because Arafat earlier, say, in the 1970s and 80s, had a combined strategy that included terrorism, it is very important that he now manages to deal with the terrorists in an orderly way, to increase his credibility. Nobel peace prize, or not, it is a historical fact that Arafat earlier supported terrorism, as well as Saddam Hussein in the Gulf event, and perhaps this is still the hidden agenda. If this is the case, the support for doing away with the Israeli occupation will be quite mininal, i.e. from anarchists as well as others. Arafat must understand that doing away with the Jihad terrorism is the key question for international support, and a peaceful solution in the Middle East. BBC reports a Norwegian peace delegation has arrived in Sri Lanka to help revive talks to end the country's long-running civil war. 12-15.01.2002: Norwegians are in the front of the international aid-program for Afghanistan. There has been more bloodsheds in the Middle-East. The PLO-state's police milits has arrested the Popular Front (PFLP) terrorist leader. Pakistan has arrested ca 1700 terrorists.

17.01.2002: Palestinian terrorists kill 6 Jews. 18.01.2002. Israeli jetfighters strikes back. Palestinian youths are throwing stones at Israeli soldiers outside the headquarters of Arafat. The PLO militsia of course have strength to do away with the terrorists, i.e mainly the small sects, the Al-Aqsa "martyr"-brigade, Hamas, Islamic Jihad "holy war" and the "Popular front", PFLP. Probably the support among the Palestinian people for the terrorists are just opportunistic because of the severe reply attacks to the terrorist acts, and not of principally support. Thus this support may disappear if violence is reduced. If Arafat's militsia don't take the right actions, he will probably soon lose all credibility and respect. Israel's response actions against radio and airports 19.01.2002, is far out. This response actions are however probably not really state-terrorism, but severe ochlarchy.

NACO does not quite agree with the Norwegian foreign minister of the State Council about full support to the US's "small cage prisons" for the al-Qaeda/Taleban terrorists. As in all cases, mistakes are done, and thus real law an order means full human treatment of prisoners. Bush himself insisted on calling the antiterrorist action "war". Even if anarchists called it just an armed struggle, Bush's point of view contradicts just calling the bulk of al-Qaeda/Taleban "criminal terrorists/warriors" and "unlawful/illegal combatants". To determine who are "war prisoners" and who are "criminal terrorists" are the courts to decide. There should be no judgements before the trials, that should of course be civil, open and fair, similar to the cases against the Serbian, etc., probable war criminals, says the Conference. 21.01.2002: Several of the Norwegian political parties more or less supports NACO and the Conference's statements in this human rights case. Even Jan Petersen, the foreign minister of the State Council, now in Japan working on the aid-program for Afghanistan, is a bit sceptical to the US treatment of the probable al-Qaede/Taleban warriors. NACO says: "Velkommen etter!", i.e "welcome afterwards!". BBC reports that EU's spokesman on foreign affairs also joins in the choir of protests in this case. 22.01.2002 The International Red Cross demands the USA must treat the prisoners according to human rights regardless of their status, warprisoners or not. The main question is the small open cages, are they really according to human rights? the Conference asks, obviously meaning NO! NACO says: We know these prison camps are placed on Cuba. But that is no reason to let it stink so damned like communist GULAG, Bush!

The Jews have killed four Hamas terrorists, among them two bomb experts, and Hamas, with a couple of thousand supporters, declares full war against Israel. The Conference says Hamas is not only authoritarian and fanatic, but also "useful" idiots. One Palestinian terrorist shot wild in Jerusalem and wounded several, before he was killed by Israeli forces. 23.01.2002: Washington calls on Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat to rein in militants after a gunman injures more than 20 people in Jerusalem. Two of them died later... Thailand has joined a string of other Southeast Asian countries on terror alert after receiving intelligence of possible al Qaeda attacks in the country. One of those neighbors, Malaysia has arrested scores of suspected Islamic militants under the Muslim nation's contentious Internal Security Act. Indonesia, which has been accused by regional media and officials in neighboring countries of being slow to crack down on Islamic extremists with militant links, on Tuesday summoned for questioning militant Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir. The military commander of the separatist Free Aceh Movement, Abdullah Syafei, has been shot dead during a raid on his jungle base, Indonesian military officials say. USA has been working on the fight against terrorism in the Philippines, and that is not so popular because it is a former US colony. Ca 70 of the Norwegian FSK specialists on sabotage and direct action or support units joining the US operation "Enduring Freedom" are put up in Kirgisistan close to China's border, far from the front in Afghanistan. Perhaps Bush and Powell don't like to much direct action and sabotage in the forces? But anyway, NACO is pleased with the location! And of course the paranoid maoists at "Klassekampen" ("Class struggle", a Norwegian maoist-stalinist newspaper) are nervous, and not pleased! Some of the best trained FSK forces, from the "marines" and "hunters", are also doing secret missions of direct action and sabotage etc. beyond the front. They are among the calm anarchistic type determined men, i.e. not "Rambos", and some of them also have experience from the front in Balkan. But NACO says they should take care! A dead anarchist is no more an anarchist, although perhaps among the best of men!

24.01.2002. One of Lebanon's war lords, former allied with the Jews, is killed in a terrorist attack, together with three of his combatants. A Hamas terrorist is killed by the Jews. 25.01.2002: Israeli warplanes launch attacks on Palestinian security targets in Gaza and the West Bank, hours after a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv, wounding ca 22 Jews. 26.01.2002. Fidel Castro, communist dictator of Cuba, feels " at home" with the USA's communist type GULAG "cage prison", and expresses he is more than willing to give a helping hand to Bush. 27.01.2002 At least two people are killed and dozens injured, after a suicide bombing in Jerusalem thought to have been the work of a Palestinian woman. 28.01.2002: US special Forces and Afghan troops hit al Qaeda fighters holed up in hospital in the city Kandahar, and machine gun fire & explosions are heard. Hospital standoff has gone on six weeks. CNN reports US senators on tour to "the cage prison" at Guantanamo, Cuba, say they are satisfied with detainees' treatment. The Conference expresses it is not the treatment, but the cages that are inhumane. The 6 al-Qaeda fighters in Kandahar fought to the last man, killed by the Afghan forces, - perhaps they after all believed more in the 40-50 virgins and luxury at Allah's place, than a life in open small cages at the communist Cuba? Who knows? They have a kind of choice... 29.01.2002: A suicide bomber has injured two members of the Israeli secret service and killed himself in northern Israel - hours after the country's prime minister approved radical plans to tighten security in Jerusalem. President Bush's first State of the Union address warns that the so called war on terror is just beginning and promises to revitalise the economy. Arafat, in "house arrest", gets some support from USA, and also from Oslo. Although the Oslo agreement and the Mitchell plan is postponed a bit because of the ongoing violence, this is the way to go in the future. The Conference once more asks for international, UN-based, intervention in the Middle East, similar to on Balkan.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon met three top Palestinian officials this week, his first face-to-face talks with the Palestinian leadership since his election a year ago, Israeli and Palestinian sources said. The Conference says the meeting with Korei and Abbas, two central architects of the 1993 Oslo peace deal, probably was aimed at opening a dialogue on ending the16 months of Intifada bloodshed including the recent wave of Palestinian suicide attacks. Israel Radio said Sharon asked them to convey a message to Arafat to end terrorism and made clear Israeli pressure on him would continue until he reined in militants behind attacks on Israelis. Korei, who has held a series of meetings with the Brown Card convicted Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, and Abbas are also known respectively as Abu Ala and Abu Mazen. Abu Ala was one of the three Palestine Liberation Organization representatives who met secretly with Israelis in Norway to hammer out the Oslo accords which paved the way for the first interim peace deal between the two sides in 1993. Abu Mazen signed the peace deal on behalf of the PLO.

30.01-01.02.2002: 60 people have been killed in heavy violence as rival warlords grapple for power in the Afghan town of Gardez in Paktia province, south of Kabul. Bush will continue the fight against terrorism. "This is compatible with our request", the Conference says - "the fight against terrorism also includes struggle against all forms of state terrorism. However mutual terrorism is not fight against terrorism. Terrorism is terrorism, and cannot be fought by terrorism. Terrorbalance is one thing - terrorism quite something else." 30.01-10.02.2002: The World Economic Forum, World Social Forum and anarchism were discussed by IIFOR, in a terrorism and economical perspective, see . Also Noam Chomsky's speech at the WSF was commented.

The WEF confronted two complementary but contrasting ideas: The so called "war against terror" has thrown into sharp relief the fragility of the way the world works - and the need to bridge the ever-widening chasm between rich and poor. But the attendees were also talking about how to dig their countries (and companies) out of the present economical depression, with large unemployment and bureaucracy costs, without finding a sound solution. IIFOR researchers say: "Without real anarchist economics and efficient and fair demand management the economies will never reach full employment and maximal welfare for the people". To give more money to the poor, by direct aid or cutting debt, it is of course nice, but will not solve the main problem, starvation. People cannot eat money or manufacturing goods, and more education or medicine will not do the starving less hungry, because the total food production rules (and is approximately proportional with) the world population. Thus, the problem with the gap between rich and poor cannot be solved without massive birthcontrol in the overpopulated, poor, areas, combined with large real investments, also in food production, but within ecological limits.

The Forum is seen also by the marxist "anti-globalization" and "anti-capitalism" protesters as a talking and networking shop for the rich to cement their ascendancy. In the Brazilian city of Porto Alegre a "World Social Forum" is intended to provide a counterpoint to the business-dominated New York summit. The marxists have however no real solution to the problem, as explained in IJ@ 4 (31) chapter IX. Thus, the WSF is an equal impotent flop as the WEF in purpose of doing away with the roots of terrorism and powerty. "The reports from WSF and WEF indicate no real solutions or plans, because they don't take into account the necessary anarchist economics broadly defined," - IIFOR concluded.

02-3.02.2002: Declaring "we can't walk away" from the crisis in the Middle East, US Secretary of State Colin Powell said on Sunday he was pleased Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon had met top Palestinian leaders and that he intended to do so as well in coming days. Making clear that U.S. contacts with the Palestinian Authority would continue, Powell also welcomed Yasser Arafat's condemnation of terrorism on Sunday, but said the Palestinian leader had to act to curb attacks against Israelis. The Conference says: "We want deeds from Arafat - not words - against the terrorists!." The militant peasent organization Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP) fear that USA will make the country the next Afghanistan, and called for the immediate pull-out of about 600 US military troops in Mindanao, who they see as an intervention in the country disguised as a war against global terrorism and crushing the bandit group Abu Sayyaf. This point of view seems a bit paranoid, but as mentioned above, the Americans are not so popular on these islands because the nation is a former US colony.

04.02.2002: In Washington, President Bush pressed Congress to arm the U.S. military for a new kind of war against terrorist groups and hostile nations with a $379 billion splurge next year, the biggest Pentagon budget increase in 21 years. Iran, accused last week by Bush of being part of an "axis of evil" along with Iraq and North Korea, rejected accusations by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld that it had helped Taliban and al Qaeda fighters to flee from Afghanistan and challenged the United States to prove it. 05-7.2002: US President George W Bush has decided that the Geneva Conventions on the conduct of war will apply to captured Taleban soldiers in Afghanistan but not to al-Qaeda fighters. But neither Taleban soldiers nor al-Qaeda fighters detained in Afghanistan or at the US base in Guantamano Bay in Cuba would qualify as prisoners-of-war. This was because they had not carried arms openly or been part of a Recognizable military hierarchy. Under the conventions, prisoners-of-war are entitled to remain silent under interrogation, giving only their names, ranks and serial numbers. Although the United States did not recognize the Taleban as a legitimate government, it had decided to apply the Geneva Conventions because Afghanistan was a signatory of the treaty. Al-Qaeda is an international terrorist group and cannot be considered a state party to the Geneva Convention.

The Bush administration has been heavily criticized for the treatment of some 150 prisoners transferred from Afghanistan to Guantanamo Bay last month. Another 28 prisoners arrived in Camp X-Ray in Guantanamo on Thursday. Mr Bush's announcement that the Geneva Conventions will apply is unlikely to quell the international criticism surrounding the detainees. Officials in Washington suggested that Mr Bush's decision to invoke the conventions was aimed at ensuring that any American soldiers captured in Afghanistan would be entitled to the same rights. Washington has always insisted that the prisoners being held at Guantanamo Bay are being detained in conditions that were in accordance with the Geneva Conventions. The Conference has said NO, because of the communist type cages prison camp! A US spokesman said the International Committee of the Red Cross would be allowed to visit each detainee privately - and they would be given three meals a day, medical treatment and the opportunity for religious worship.

08.02.2002: Slamming "international hyper-ventilation" over U.S. treatment of Afghan war captives, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Friday defended President Bush's refusal to designate them prisoners of war. The Conference says "We guess Bush will be very pleased if US soldiers taken as prisoners would be treated "according to" the Geneva Conventions and be placed in similar cages....". - The United States gave Russia a formal commitment on Friday that it will not set up permanent military bases in Central Asia. A joint statement issued after a day of U.S.-Russian talks on Afghanistan said: "They agreed that long-term peace, stability and prosperity is ... critical for Central Asia as a whole and on the importance of seeking a regional approach to the reconstruction of Afghanistan." "The American side emphasized that the U.S. does not seek to establish permanent military bases in Central Asia." Gen. Tommy Franks, the commander of U.S. forces in the Afghanistan campaign, said last month that Washington did not plan a permanent presence but the joint statement on Friday took this commitment to a higher level of formality. The Conference says: "This is confirming what was reported in IJ@ 4 (31) last year." - More bloodshed in the Middle East is reported.

09-14.02.2002: Even more bloodshed in the Middle East, Israel rids Palestinian town. The Conference and The United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Annan, have again urged all sides in the Middle East to return to the negotiating table. For the second time a base in Kandahar (Afghanistan), which houses 4,100 US troops and is also used as a prisoner camp for Taleban and al-Qaeda prisoners, has come under attack. No one were killed. In January this year assailants opened fire on a C-17 transport plane as it headed for Guantanamo Bay in Cuba with more than 20 detainees. In a separate incident at Bagram airfield, about 60 kilometres (45 miles) north of the Afghan capital, Kabul, a soldier was killed when equipment fell on him as he was working. India and Kazakhstan promise to join forces in combatting terrorism in a statement issued during President Nazarbayev's visit to Delhi. The US secretary of state has rejected accusations that the government is tougher against international terrorists than those involved in violence in Northern Ireland. He told the American Enterprise Institute: "Northern Ireland has a special understanding of what it means to suffer from terrorism." He added: "Terrorism is terrorism, irrespective of who is responsible and what motives they claim. "There is no room for compromise when political purposes are pursued through terrorist violence."

15.02.2002: Three Jews are killed by Palestinian. Israeli troops shot dead a Palestinian in a raid on Friday after an unprecedented bomb attack destroyed an Israeli tank and killed three soldiers in violence that eclipsed a new European peace effort. The army said an Israeli colonel leading an elite commando unit died when a wall collapsed on him after troops demolished a house where a militant was holed up. The Islamic Jihad group said the officer was killed during a clash with its activists. It was the first time Palestinians have destroyed an Israeli-made Merkava-3, an advanced armored vehicle considered a symbol of the Jewish state's military prowess. 16.02.2002: An explosion at a Jewish settlement in the northern West Bank is reported to have killed two people and injured about 20 more. A Palestinian militant has died after his car exploded in the northern West Bank town of Jenin. Palestinian officials blamed Israel, saying that the car, carrying Nazih Abu Sabaa, a senior member of the radical Hamas movement, was rigged with explosives. There was no immediate reaction from Israel. Earlier on Saturday, three Palestinians, including two teenagers, were killed in a heavy exchange of fire with Israeli troops at the al-Bureij refugee camp south of Gaza City.

17-19.02.2002: The United States says Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat has accepted responsibility for an attempt to smuggle arms on board a ship intercepted by Israel last month. Until now, Mr Arafat had denied any knowledge of the affair, which cast a shadow over US efforts to implement a ceasefire between the two sides."No surprise", the Conference says. More terrorist attacks on Israel. A group of more than 1000 top-level Israeli reserve officers and intelligence officials, etc., is calling for the withdrawal of Israeli forces from almost all of the Gaza Strip and much of the West Bank. The group, the "Council for Peace and Security", also wants a resumption of peace talks with the Palestinians and the immediate establishment of a Palestinian state - whether violence continues from the Palestinian side or not. "To give in for terrorism ist not the smartest thing to do", the Conference says - "this will probably only produce more of the same!" Israeli aircraft and navy vessels have fired rockets and machine guns at Palestinian targets in Gaza, including an office of Yasser Arafat. Four members of the Palestinian leader's personal guard were killed, Palestinian security sources say. Mr Arafat himself was not there. He has been under virtual house arrest in Ramallah in the West Bank since December. The bombardment came after Palestinian gunmen shot dead six Israelis at an Israeli army checkpoint in the West Bank on Monday evening. The attackers escaped. Attacks and reprisals have claimed more than 20 Israeli and Palestinian lives since Monday.

20-21.02.2002: More fighting in the Middle East. The United States reserved judgement on Thursday on an Israeli plan to set up a buffer zone between Israelis and Palestinians, saying it needed more details on what practical effect it would have. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said more than 40 Afghans killed or captured in a U.S special forces raid last month were not al-Qaeda or Taliban fighters as originally suspected. The Conference said: " Barbaric acts like the murder of kidnapped Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, also remembering the similar case with the murder of the Norwegian student Ostrø, deepen our resolve to support the fight against terrorism. The broad based antiterrorist coalition, the anarchists included, will rid the world of these agents of terror. Our deepest condolences goes to the relatives of Daniel Pearl..." A helicopter carrying 12 U.S. Army troops has crashed over water in the southern Philippines. A search-and-rescue effort is underway, but there were no immediate signs of survivors, the Pentagon said.

22-23.02.2002 An Israeli man has been shot dead in the West Bank only hours after a suspected Palestinian suicide bomber was killed. A ceasefire between the Sri Lankan Government and Tamil Tiger rebels is due to come into force on Saturday 23.02.2002 after 19 years of civil war. The landmark agreement signed on Friday by Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe and the separatists paves the way for direct peace talks. The face-to-face talks would be the first in seven years aimed at ending a conflict that has killed 64,000 people and divided the island nation. The Anarchist International's Conference on terrorism, the NAC, the UN and the USA has welcomed the Norwegian State Council's peace workers' continued attempts to broker a negotiated settlement.

The Conference on terrorism says:" The new deal must be seen mainly as a preliminary victory in the service of peace for the Norwegian special negotiator Erik Solheim , a non-dogmatic semilibertarian marxist from the Socialist Left party, SV. (A party that have a significant semilibertarian and anarchist faction, although usually not the majority, that includes leftist-marxists and marxist-leninists, as well as left wing socialdemocrats). Erik S. volunteered to the work, as a special delegate from the Norwegian State Council. The Anarchist Federation of Norway, AFIN, congratulates Erik Solheim with the good results so far, but are afraid that the peace may break down because there is not really put up a significant armed corps to support the peace, as in Bosnia, just observers to "watch the peace". The anarchists advice is to put up a significant armed corps to support the peacework, similar to Bosnia, and also advocate a new system based on a confederalist solution for the Tamils and the rest of the country." Read all about it at .

24.02.2002: The Palestinian leadership has angrily cancelled all security meetings with Israel after Ariel Sharon's coalition government voted to keep Yasser Arafat confined to Ramallah. In an official statement, the Palestinian leadership said it "holds the Israeli Government fully responsible for any dangerous results and repercussions for such a decision, either politically or in security terms". "This does not sound like peacetalk", the Conference says. The blockade was imposed on Mr Arafat's West Bank headquarters in mid-December following a wave of deadly attacks on Israelis by Palestinian militants. An uneasy period of relative calm after a week of spiralling violence was tested on Saturday when an unarmed Palestinian was shot dead by Israeli soldiers. The latest incidents are not on the scale of the past week's upsurge, which left more than 50 people dead. The Israeli army has been told to exercise restraint and refrain from initiating attacks inside Palestinian-controlled areas, government sources say. The sources described the measure as a tentative agreement between security officials and say it will last for several days.25.02.2002: Two Israeli civilians have been shot dead, and about 10 injured as violence continued in Israel and the West Bank. Palestinian gunmen killed two Israeli men south of Bethlehem, and a Palestinian opened fire at a bus stop north of Jerusalem, injuring about 10 people. Earlier in the day, a Palestinian man who was taking his pregnant wife to hospital, was shot dead at an Israeli army checkpoint in the West Bank. Israel and Palestine need to return to the negotiating table, says the UN Secretary General during a visit to the UK. 26.02.2002: The Conference agrees.

Sri Lanka's government says the objections of a noisy few to the ceasefire agreement with Tamil Tiger rebels do not mean that public opinion as a whole is against it. Government spokesman GL Peiris said December's elections had demonstrated the overwhelming support for Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe's efforts to tackle the problem. President Chandrika Kumaratunga, however, seems to differ a bit. (More via link .) 27-28.02.2002: More news from Sri Lanka (via link). As tension in Israel and the occupied territories continues to mount, groups of young Arab and Jewish students have taken to the stage in the hope of creating a brighter future. "Peace Child Israel" brings teenagers from different schools together for drama workshops and performances. Nearly 200 al Qaeda and Taliban prisoners at the U.S. Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, refused to eat some meals on Thursday after guards forced a captive to remove a turban during prayers, military officials said. - The Conference, the United States and the United Nations have urged Israel to exercise restraint as troops continue a major offensive against two Palestinian refugee camps in the West Bank. At least 12 Palestinians and one Israeli soldier died in the Israeli attacks on the Jenin and Balata camps on Thursday, which involved tanks and helicopter gunships. Fierce clashes continued into Friday, with Israeli troops launching a fresh attack on the Jenin camp. At least three Palestinian fighters were wounded, witnesses said. A militant Palestinian group threatened Thursday to attack the Jewish settlement of Gilo if the Israeli army did not halt a raid on the Balata refugee camp. - NATO emerges empty-handed after a second raid in southern Bosnia aimed at capturing suspected war criminal Radovan Karadzic.

March -April 2002

01.03.2002: Israeli forces maintained their hold on two West Bank refugee camps on Saturday despite international calls to withdraw after fierce fighting that has killed 20 Palestinians and two soldiers. The two-day-old assault on the crowded camps of Balata and Jenin, both strongholds of Palestinian gunmen, has drawn vows of revenge from militant groups while threatening to derail a new Middle East peace initiative. 02.03.2002: A terrorist suicide bomber strikes in west Jerusalem, killing seven, including a baby girl, as the Jewish Sabbath was ending. An offensive by Afghan and American forces against suspected Taleban and al-Qaeda positions in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan appears to have run into difficulty. One US soldier was killed and a number injured and their Afghan allies, who lost two dead, were forced to retreat. The fighting - the largest air and ground operation in weeks - took place about 30 kilometres east of Gardez, the capital of Paktia province. Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga has demanded a review of the agreement between the government and the Tamil Tiger rebels on a permanent ceasefire, and NACO and AIE give some advice. (More info at the link above.)

03.03.2002: Devastating Palestinian attacks in the West Bank and Jerusalem have killed at least 19 Israelis the last days. Nine people, most of them soldiers, were shot dead early on Sunday when Palestinian gunmen opened fire at an Israeli army checkpoint near the Jewish settlement of Ofra. Israel knows how to defend the people of Israel, and will do so, said an Israeli Government spokesman. Hours earlier in Jerusalem, as mentioned above, a Palestinian suicide bomber killed nine people in the Jewish neighborhood of Beit Israel. And there has also been a shooting incident at another checkpoint in southern Israel near the Gaza Strip, in which one Israeli soldier died and several others were injured. These are the latest incidents in a rapidly accelerating new cycle of violence. The Conference says Arafat is mainly responsible for not stopping the Palestinian terrorists. This is going to far. Israel's security cabinet decided on Sunday to put what it called "continuous military pressure" on the Palestinian Authority and militant groups in the wake of attacks that killed 21 Israelis at the weekend. 04.02.2002: The Conference says the possibility of a joint Israeli and Palestinian police action, with som international, say UN based, observers and police, to roll up the Palestinian terrorist organizations and put them in jail, should be considered.

04.03.2002: The FSK special forces ground troops from the Anarchy of Norway, experts in direct action and sabotage etc., are taking part in the offensive against Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, a spokesman for the Defense Headquarters in Norway confirmed Monday. American military sources said the action was the largest offensive this year. The third day of fighting took place in east Afghanistan as an Al-Qaeda and Taliban force of several hundred men came under attack by a force made up of troops from Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany and Norway. According to the spokesman in Norway the attack is a coordinated effort by air and ground troops designed to kill remaining resistance. B-52 bombers and fighter jets are attacking vehicles, caves and anti-aircraft artillery. Direct attack on the ground is probably extremely difficult due to terrain comprised of long, narrow valleys. One American and four Afghans were killed in exchanges of fire over the weekend. The weather was cold and clear in the region on Sunday, and there is a lot of snow on the ground which also hampers ground operations, according to rear admiral Craig Quigley. NACO says: "Take care fellows! Dead anarchist is no more anarchist!" Later on 9 Americans are reported killed and ca 40 wounded. Perhaps the al-Qaeda and Taleban fighters have heard about the prison"cages", and thus are not very well motivated to give in? "But the armed struggle must go on until the terrorist threat is stopped, one way or the other!" NACO says.

CNN reports Egyptian President Mubarak proposing meeting between Sharon and Arafat in bid to promote 'window of hope' in Mideast peace process. 05.03.2002: The US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said the war in Afghanistan was far from over. He insisted that the Taleban and the Al Qaeda fighters "will not give up without a fight". "That's what our analysis above suggested" a NACO-spokesman says to Ij@. Some analysts say that the war in Afghanistan could now go on for months, if not years. Can the international coalition win the war in Afghanistan? Or will the US and its allies get bogged down in another Vietnam-style military operation? - the BBC asked. "Difficult to say - ", NACO expressed: "Probably not - there are not so many thousands left of the al-Qaeda terrorists and their Taleban supporters in Afghanistan, but it may take some time, perhaps months - not likely a year." Sri Lanka's Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe has said the country's armed forces will remain on alert despite a ceasefire between the government and Tamil separatist rebels, see link above. 06.03.2002: Wednesday a Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebel chief has met a senior Norwegian official to discuss arrangements for monitoring the current ceasefire. Three Danish and two German soldiers have died in an explosion in the Afghan capital, Kabul, in the fight against the terrorists.

07-8.03.2002: UN human rights commissioner Mary Robinson is due in Afghanistan on Thursday as reports emerge of horrific abuses against the ethnic Pashtun population. The United States military and its Afghan allies are pouring reinforcements into eastern Afghanistan, following six days of heavy fighting against Taleban and al-Qaeda forces. A column of Northern Alliance tanks left Kabul on Thursday, as 1,000 fresh Afghan troops were ordered to the battle zone. 08-9.03.2002: Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has said that he will hold talks with the Palestinians even if hostilities continue. "I thought we could reach a period of respite before a ceasefire (7 days) - but this is a war situation we are experiencing" He made the move after more than 40 people died in violence on Friday, the worst single day in 17 months of the Palestinian uprising, or intifada. At least four people were killed and 20 injured in an explosion at an election rally on the edge of Sri Lanka's capital, Colombo. (More news from Sri Lanka at link above.) 09.03.2002: At least 10 people are reported dead and more than 40 injured in an explosion in a busy cafe in West Jerusalem. "It's the most horrible thing I've ever seen", a witness said. The blast was said to have occurred in the Moment cafe, a few hundred metres from the offices of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. The Secretary General of the Arab League, Amr Moussa, has warned that Israeli policy risks destroying Arab initiatives calling for peace. He was speaking at an Arab foreign ministers' meeting in Cairo a day after 40 Palestinians were killed by Israel in retaliation for the killing of five Israelis during a suicide attack on a Jewish settlement. Three gunmen opened fire in downtown Netanya late Saturday, wounding at least 20 people before being killed, Israeli security sources said. After, Palestinian security officials reported Israeli helicopter attacks in Gaza City. The Conference repeats: The possibility of a joint Israeli and Palestinian police action, with som international, say UN based, observers and police, to roll up the Palestinian terrorist organizations and put them in jail, should be considered.

10-11.03.2002: It was billed as the biggest ground offensive of the Afghan war - more than 1,000 U.S. troops with high-tech weapons squaring off against the last desperate remnants of Osama bin-Laden's al Qaeda. But after fierce battles eight days ago, there is now a dull, freezing cold stand-off in the valley of Shahikot with no one seemingly ready to begin the end game. US Vice President Dick Cheney arrived in London on Sunday on the first leg of a 10-day, 12-nation mission to talk of war and peace in the Middle East. A classified Pentagon report outlining contingency plans to use nuclear weapons against China, Russia, Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Libya and Syria, makes Cheney less credible. The Conference says "USA should concentrate on the al-Qaeda problem first, not act like a "headless cock"." "Six months separate us from Sept 11. Yet, for the families of the lost, each day brings new pain; each day requires new courage," Bush said monday. The president said the U.S. so called war on terrorism was expanding to Yemen, Georgia and the Philippines. "This mission will end when the work is finished - when terror networks of global reach have been defeated. The havens and training camps of terror are a threat to our lives and to our way of life, and they will be destroyed." "So far not even the al-Qaeda in Afghanistan is properly done with," the Conference said: "To open armed struggle on too many fronts at one time, that seems not to be the smartest thing to do".

12.03.2002: Ca 30 Palestinians and six Israelis are killed as the Israeli army mounts its biggest ground offensive for 20 years. "There are two main problems in the Middel East," the Conference says", - 1. the Israeli occupation and 2. the Jihad terrorists etc. that want to drive the Jews on the ocean. Unless both are dealt with at the same time, the problems will probably never be solved. The anarchist plans mentioned above should be set at work!" 13.03.2002, 10:32 GMT the BBC reports: The United Nations Security Council has for the first time passed a resolution calling for a Palestinian state alongside Israel. The US-drafted document "affirming a vision" of a Palestinian state was backed by 14 out of 15 members of the Security Council. The Palestinians praised the move, while Israel said it welcomed a "balanced" resolution. It came as three Palestinians and a foreign journalist were reported to have died in fighting in Ramallah before dawn on Wednesday, as Israel tightened its grip on the West Bank city. The UN resolution demanded "immediate cessation of all acts of violence, including terror, provocation, incitement and destruction" and urged Israel and the Palestinians to take steps towards resuming peace talks. It was the first resolution on the conflict the United States, Israel's staunchest ally, had introduced since fighting erupted in September 2000. A delegation from the Anarchy of Norway has the chairman role at the UN Security Council at the moment, and has contributed to this resolution. The Conference is pleased with this new move, says it is a step in the right direction, consistent with the anarchist plans for a solution presented above in this issue of IJ@, and also sent UN some time ago.

The UN said it was "affirming a vision of a region where two states, Israel and Palestine, live side by side within secure and recognized borders". The Secretary General of the Palestinian Authority, Ahmed Abdel Rahman, said the resolution marked "an advance for the resistance of the Palestinian people". Israel's UN Ambassador Yehuda Lancry said he welcomed a "balanced" Security Council resolution on the Middle East, which he called "a rare and remarkable" occurrence. Earlier, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan delivered his toughest statement yet on the violence. Mr Annan condemned Palestinian suicide attacks as "morally repugnant" and said he was "profoundly disturbed" by Israel's use of heavy weaponry in civilian areas. The Conference mainly agrees with K.A., and take a clear stand against both these authoritarian tendencies!

The offensive to roll up the terrorist-networks continues: A day after launching its biggest offensive in 20 years, Israeli tanks and troops remained in the Palestinians' main West Bank city of Ramallah on Wednesday. Palestinian security sources said two Palestinians were killed in fighting with Israeli troops in the city's al-Manara district, near Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's headquarters. The deputy commander of Mr Arafat's Force-17 bodyguard, Abu Fadih, was among those who died, the Palestinians said. A Palestinian civilian died when his car was hit by Israeli tank fire in the Beitunya district, according to Palestinian sources. An Italian freelance photographer, named as Raffaele Ciriello, was also killed after being shot by Israeli tank fire - the first journalist to die in the conflict. The Italian foreign ministry has asked Israel to investigate Mr Ciriello's death. Israel says it has gone into Palestinian territory to hunt down the militants responsible for a wave of suicide bombings inside Israel. The Israeli army said it has captured dozens of hardcore militants, confiscated weapons and located several bomb-making factories in Ramallah and elsewhere. On Tuesday, at least 30 Palestinians and seven Israelis were killed in some of the worst bloodshed on a single day since the conflict began. Palestinian officials have accused Israel of wanting to thwart US peace envoy Anthony Zinni's mission to the region, which begins on Thursday.

13.03.2002: U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney gained valuable Arab support Wednesday for the U.S. pressure campaign against Iraq, with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak saying Egypt would push Iraq to accept international arms inspectors. U.S. and Afghan troops said Wednesday they had overrun a cave complex in eastern Afghanistan where Taleban and al-Qaeda rebels had held out for nearly two weeks and were now hunting just 100 survivors of the rebel force.

14-15.03.2002: Spain threw its navy and air force on Thursday into shielding European Union leaders from possible violence in Barcelona on the eve of an EU summit where they hope to revive "free"-market economic reforms. But 100,000 trade unionists marching peacefully through the port city served notice on the 15 governments of another threat to their plans - grassroots hostility from voters to abandoning Europe's traditional regulation and welfare for the freewheeling American economic model whose dynamism they aspire to match. This was organized by the mainstream European Trade Union Confederation."We want a Europe of the workers and not only a Europe of the companies, of the big enterprises," Italian unionist Mimmo Arienzo said as tens of thousands of people from around Europe marched through the Catalan capital. Thousands of power workers marched in Paris on Thursday, accusing French leaders of sacrificing their jobs to the EU. German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, who is also fighting for re-election in September in the face of a slowdown in Europe's biggest economy, said the summit must aid recovery. "Barcelona must achieve substantial progress in the liberalization of gas and electricity markets, the integration of financial markets and services and the liberalization of rail transport," he told Barcelona's La Vanguardia newspaper.

With memories still fresh of the death of a young protester at a summit in Genoa last summer, reports that hard-core German and east European "anarchists" were headed for Barcelona have prompted Spain to put unprecedented security in place, said Reuters News Agency. "These so called "anarchists" are not anarchists but ochlarchists, i.e. marxist-lubbeists and leninists, trotskyites and maoists, and other "wannabe libertarians" i.e. authoritarians, archista - not anarchists - and they are not a part of the anarchist movement!" the Conference says.

A big anti-globalization rally is planned for Saturday. Radical local singer Manu Chao, whose songs are anthems for the protest movement, urged Europeans to come out in force, accusing the EU leaders of selling out to big business.   "It is urgent that we give a collective 'No' to those who are imposing on us what I consider to be collective suicide," the French-born singer told a news conference. "Democracy is gravely ill because nobody believes in the politicians anymore." "Collective suicide talk means crazy fog-arch!" the anarchists say: "Demonstrate with reason - not ochlarchy!"

Reports that police had uncovered a plot against the meeting by Basque separatist group ETA have also raised the tension.The newspaper El Mundo said: "Barcelona is experiencing the greatest concentration of police ever recorded in a Spanish city." The EU may issue a statement on the Middle East on Friday, EU sources said, as Europe tries to play a bigger role in ending the violence on its Mediterranean doorstep. Israeli tanks started rolling out of the Palestinian city of Ramallah late on Thursday under orders from Prime Minister Ariel Sharon issued just before he met U.S. peace envoy Anthony Zinni.

15.03.2002: SPAIN-BARCELONA, - Spanish riot police baton-charged demonstrators on Friday as hundreds of anti-capitalist protesters took their grievances onto the streets of Barcelona during the summit of European Union leaders. Groups of young protesters clashed sporadically with police in the narrow streets near Barcelona's port, a few miles from where Europe's most powerful politicians were meeting. Some 8,500 police officers have been drafted in to Barcelona to guard the summit amid fears of a repetition of the protests against international meetings that, as mentioned above, culminated in the death of a young protester at the hands of Italian police at Genoa in July. In the first serious incident a baton-wielding officers lash out with the considerable force that is a trademark of the Spanish riot police, to break up a crowd of young protesters gathering around the city's Liceu opera house on the historic Ramblas avenue, near the harbor. Local police said they had arrested 10 people for "damaging street furniture" but gave no further details. There was no indication that there had been serious injuries. The atmosphere downtown remained tense as hundreds of police kept a close watch on a variety of marches ranging from protests against globalization and genetically modified food to demonstrations calling for Catalan independence from Spain. Dozens of police vehicles were parked along streets in the Catalan capital that were also packed with tourists enjoying early spring sunshine. Police helicopters buzzed overhead. As evening fell, riot squads, wearing helmets and carrying guns that fire rubber bullets, again intervened to break up an anti-globalization demonstration by local squatters after a rubbish bin was set on fire. The marchers dispersed in four directions as baton-wielding police bore down on them.

A store worker said all the protesters should be "sent to jail immediately, no questions asked." The early trouble began when youths tried to pass a police line in the Ramblas, a popular tourist area. Scuffles began between and bottles and cafe chairs were thrown. As shopkeepers rushed to close their shutters, hundreds of people fled down narrow side streets. "They don't have the right to do this," one angry young man said after the police moved in. Some of those fleeing shouted "Carlo vive!" (Carlo lives!), in homage to Carlo Giuliani, the protester shot dead by police during riots the riots in Genoa last year. Several of the young demonstrators wore dark handkerchiefs or masks over their faces. One hurled a metal drain cover at the window of a local bank, others threw plant pots and chairs at police. Several demonstrators were arrested. The protests took place several kilometres away from the heavily guarded compound at the Palacio de Congresos on the city's outskirts, where the summit is taking place.

"FRIDAY THERE WILL BE A GATHERING AT THE ENTRANCE OF THE FACULTY WITH THE MEDIACOMMUNICATION FROM THE ASAMBLEA INTERUNIVERSITARIA After twenty-four hours of sit-in in the Faculty of Economics of the UB (University of Barcelona), we are trying to maintain the University as a public space in opposition to the privatization and militarization of this space in occasion of the European Summit.We will be taking an "official picture" of "Culos de Estado" (Asses of State, i.e. the authorities) in the main staircase of the Faculty. Then we will march to the tube station María Cristina in direction to Plaza Universidad. We remind everyone that the protest actions and mobilizations against the Corporate Europe continue, and we invite everyone to participate in the mobilizations taking place on Saturday." said Asamblea Interuniversitaria in Barcelona, "Ciudad de los prodigios", March 2002: ! A major anti-globalization rally is planned for Saturday and is expected to draw activists from various European countries. A trade union spokesman said several hundred French and Italian anti-globalization activists heading for Barcelona were turned back at the Spanish border on Friday. Complicating matters for the police: One of the biggest Spanish soccer matches of the season, between bitter rivals Barcelona and Real Madrid, takes place in the city on Saturday evening.

"Thus there is probably going to be the usual ochlarchy with football hooligans, marxist lubbeists, leninists, trotskyites and maoists included, "anti-globalization" and "ecofreak" protesters, chaotic punks and nationalists/nazis, plus a fascistoid police etc. similar to Genoa. Very welcome - stick to a dignified demonstration or stay home! No authority is impressed by - not to say afraid of - such childish ochlarchy more than of a pimple on the ass: Irritating, but without influence on anything, and easy to remove by "surgery" if being painful! These ochlarchists are marxists and fascists or just the "useful" idiots of these authoritarian tendencies, and nothing else!" - an anarchosyndicalist said to the Conference. There is very little new under the sun... At the summit France sets bottom line on EU energy deregulation. Jospin and Chirac have to contend with voters used to a strong public service tradition and trade unions who arranged mass protests to make sure they would not sell out on deregulation at the summit.

16.03.2002: BARCELONA, Spain at noon: Tens of thousands of anti-globalization protesters are flooding into Barcelona where they are expected to hold demonstrations outside the summit of European Union leaders. Protest leaders said on Saturday that authorities were refusing to allow into the city busloads of demonstrators from around Europe and the Basque region of northern Spain. Newspapers reported clashes on the border, about 130 km (75 miles) north of Barcelona, as police tried to prevent entry to demonstrators. Spain has reinstated border controls previously scrapped under EU treaties. Authorities have said they would turn back anyone suspected of planning to instigate violence. Outside the summit venue on the outskirts of the city protesters scuffled on Friday with Spanish riot police and officers dragged away groups of activists, including some from Britain and France. Police said 29 people had been detained during the two days of the EU meeting, including five in clashes with police overnight Friday. Among the detainees were five from Belgium, Britain, Germany, Slovenia and Sweden, a police spokesman said. However, they were braced for more trouble on Saturday at a series of events organised by anti-globalization groups. Behind intense security on Saturday, EU ministers seemed to be nearing a deal on ending the French state monopoly on electricity supply in what has become a litmus test of the EU's will to open up protected markets.

A draft communique, to be signed by the 15 heads of government but subject to change, said the EU will adopt rules this year to deregulate the market for energy supply to businesses. But it made no mention of opening up the household power supply market, which France has flatly refused to go along with despite pressure from others at the two-day EU summit. The final day of the summit is also expected to yield communiques on several contentious political and economic issues, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Zimbabwe. The heads of government issued a draft communique on Saturday morning expressing support for collective action against U.S. steel tariffs through the World Trade Organization (WTO). EU officials made clear on Friday the bloc would seek compensation for U.S. President George W. Bush's tariffs. The leader issued another draft communique on Saturday warning that the EU may impose more sanctions on Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe after allegations of vote-rigging and intimidation during the southern African country's election campaign last week. The EU pledged to will send a team to talk to Zimbabwe's neighbors, the document added. For the first time, 13 mainly ex-communist states who hope to eventually join the EU have also taken full part in talks at the Barcelona summit.

The EU discusses reforms on its economic practice to compete with the U.S. Sweden, for example, has complained that it costs four times as much for a business to set up in Europe than it does in the United States. The EU may also open up labor and trade markets to competition, but CNN's European Political Editor Robin Oakley said the gap that existed between "free"-marketeers and social welfare protectionists remains wide. Leaders, including Italy's Silvio Berlusconi, the UK's Tony Blair and host Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar, want a more flexible labor market. But countries such as France and Belgium remain "hooked on the old European social model," he said. With elections imminent, France and Germany are cautious of potentially unpopular ideas like watering down job security laws or dismantling state monopolies with unionised workforces. "It is possible to achieve "the best of both worlds"", the anarchists say - " i.e. really free trade, i.e. with free contracts, not allowing for slave-contracts of any kind!"

In the afternoon Saturday Euronews TV reports about ca 2000 anti-globalization demonstraters, mostly Spanish, and a few Basque nationalists, are arrested. (This was perhaps outside Barcelona, and it is so far not confirmed by other sources). In the evening it is reported about a quarter of a million anti-globalization demonstraters and other groups of different kinds are protesting. (Organizers estimated the marchers at 300,000 to 500,000 while police said at least 140,000 had massed in the streets.) A relatively few marxists, fascists and their "useful" idiots, i.e. ochlarchists are throwing Molotov coctails, chrushing windows, setting fire, destroying and looting what they may come to! "Just as expected, the usual ochlarchy!", the anarchists, anarchosyndicalists included, say to the Conference. The situation in more details was the following:

Police in Barcelona fired tear gas and rubber bullits during running skirmishes with protesters staging the march in response to the EU economic summit, which finished on Saturday. The trouble came largely towards the end of a march which for the most part was noisy but peaceful. The bulk of the protest had passed off peacefully but police moved in as young militants, some masked and hooded, set fire to trash cans and threw bottles, rocks and flares. Some banks and storefronts were wrecked and police said they made 38 arrests. The vast majority of the demonstraters, from anti-globalization campaigners, the anarchists, anarchosyndicalists included, from CNT, to Basque nationalists, were not involved. The participants - who had been marching from Placa de Catalunya to the harbour front - were protesting against everything from the Euro and "free"-market globalization to Israeli violence. Along with communists, Greens, etc. and the opponents of globalization were Catalan and Basque nationalists. There was also a group of anti-Americans masquerading as Afghan prisoners detained at "Camp X-ray" in Cuba. Some were carrying banners with slogans such as "Terror U.S.A.", "Against A Capitalist Europe,". There were several kinds of flags, black and red included, and other types of banners and expressions. Marching behind a banner that declared: "Against a Europe of capital - another world is possible," the overwhelmingly young demonstrators headed from Plaza de Catalunya down Via Laietana to the city's port area two kilometers (ca 1 mile) away.

There was a heavy police presence to ensure demonstrators did not leave the prearranged protest route. A large contingent of riot police deployed in the streets as helicopters hovered overhead amid fears of a repeat of the street violence that has marred top-level EU gatherings in the past. Police reportedly struck out with batons to break up the crowds. Shops along the two-kilometer route drew their shutters, though some department stores remained open, their doors guarded by police in heavy flak jackets. Overhead, two police helicopters hovered noisily. The protest even encroached on one of the biggest Spanish football matches of the season, between Barcelona and Real Madrid, in Barcelona on Saturday evening. The game had to be stopped briefly as two demonstrators who had handcuffed themselves to the goal posts were removed. There were no reports of serious injuries. Police said seven officers were hurt. Ca 20-30 protesters were also reported wounded. Relative calm had returned after a couple of hours. "We're here to say 'no' to the European Union, which with each passing day is becoming a model for globalization and is more and more and more like the U.S. in favor of arms and war," said Ada Colau, one of the marxists among the march organizers. "In terms of participation and reach of our message, the activities of the day by far exceeded our targets," said the Campaign Against the Europe of Capital, a coalition of 150-odd groups that has been coordinating protests. About midnight the ochlarchy had declined.

Several hundred people also demonstrated Saturday in the streets of the French town of Perpignan, close to the Spanish border, and planned to join the protesters in Barcelona. But for a third straight day, Spanish police at the border with France turned back cars and buses with people whom they suspected were planning to join Saturday's march. A further protest was planned in Perpignan later Saturday if the Spanish authorities maintained the measures. Spain starting checking ID papers of everyone coming into the country after it suspended the Schengen agreement on free movement between most EU member states for the duration of the summit. "Some people think that they can do things that do not meet the approval of the vast majority of the population," said Spanish Interior Minister Mariano Rajoy. "Action had to be taken." The EU leaders met at a convention center on the suburban northwest side of the city, surrounded by police armored cars and chain-link fences. Most if not all were expected to have left the city before Saturday's late-day march. The last big anti-globalization protest in Barcelona, in June last year during a World Bank meeting, led to violent clashes on the streets and a political debate in Spain over police brutality at demonstrations.

The Anarchist International Embassy sent several notes with a touch of humor world wide, a.o.t. to anarchists, embassies and newsmedia, on the event: "15.03.2002: SPAIN AND THE MIDDLE EAST";"16.03.2002: SPAIN UPDATE"; "SPAIN 16.03.2002 PM: ASSES, AUTHORITIES AND "THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS""; "EVENING SPAIN 16.03.2002 : OCHLARCHY, ASSES, PIMPLES, ASSHOLES AND AUTHORITIES" (Among the "assholes" the so called "Anti-imperialist camp", a marxistoid support group of Saddam Hussein, al-Qaeda and Hamas etc, may be mentioned); "EVENING SPAIN 16.03.2002: OCHLARCHY, ASSES, AUTHORITIES ETC."; "17.03.2002 AM SPAIN : OCHLARCHY DECLINED - SUMMARY". See also: 1. The system theory of anarchist political economy and social organization research at URL . 2. The general theory of anarchist economics at URL 3. The anarchist class analysis, i.e. economic-political sociology and industrial organization research, at URL for a theoretical update and 4. to see the resolutions from the International Anarchist Tribunal... Ad 1. search for "wannabe", "fog" and "method". Ad 4. search for "marx", "swastica"and "Genoa"....

An offshoot of Italy's Red Brigades urban guerrilla movement published a 26-page Internet message on Thursday saying it had "executed" a top government adviser and reviving fears of a new era in political killings. Marco Biagi, 52, was shot dead on Tuesday night (19.03.2002) in the northern city of Bologna with the same pistol that the Red Brigades for the Construction of the Fighting Communist Party had used to kill another government aide in 1999.

In a diatribe against modern capitalism, the new group declared on the Web that "an armed nucleus of our organization executed Marco Biagi." It accused the Labor Ministry adviser of "exploiting" workers with the labor reforms he had co-authored. In a lengthy passage, the group said it approved the September 11 attacks on the United States, calling them "a concrete move to contrast imperialist strategies." Police said they believed the message was authentic. Biagi's killing came amid tension in Italy over plans to change employment laws that have prompted unions to call a general strike. Labor groups, anarchists included, have said they refuse to bow to violence and will go ahead with the strike in April but they also called for a mass demonstration next Wednesday to denounce terrorism. In a gesture toward the unions, Labor Minister Roberto Maroni called a meeting with them on Monday or Tuesday. The claim of responsibility of Biagi's murder, sent to labor unions and posted on the Web site , vowed to continue fighting Italy's "anti-proletariat project" and threatened to create the "political-military" conditions necessary for a lasting class war. Biagi's murder raised fears of a resurgence in guerrilla violence after officials identified the pistol as the one used to kill another Labor Ministry adviser, Massimo D'Antona, under a different, center-left government in 1999.

Some government members suggested the unions and the center-left opposition were partly to blame for creating tension over the labor reforms. "These groups come out when one tries to reform something because they fear the new...but also when the political debate becomes too harsh," said Industry Minister Antonio Marzano. Biagi, who has also worked with center-left governments in the past, had received a series of telephone threats after a police escort was deemed unnecessary and suspended last year. "They have abandoned you," one caller told him. His widow told reporters: "I was scared. I could feel it." The Biagi family announced on Thursday it will hold a private funeral on Friday morning despite government offers for a state funeral and asked the media to respect their suffering. News of the cancellation of the bodyguard has sparked uproar and prompted angry accusations from Maroni who said he had requested protection for Biagi while some opposition politicians have urged Interior Minister Claudio Scajola to resign.

The original Red Brigades were responsible for a slew of murders of politicians, businessmen and policemen in the late 1970s and 1980s. Their most notorious act -- the 1978 kidnapping and killing of former prime minister Aldo Moro -- aimed to bring down the Italian state but in effect strengthened it by alienating even their sympathizers. A series of crackdowns followed and the group was believed defeated by the mid 1980s. Police believe some of the jailed guerrillas who have not rejected the past still have contacts with the new group and searched their cells on Wednesday evening and on Thursday. "Terrorism and street-fighting ochlarchy practically always strengthen the state and statism", the anarchists say; " - but that is just what the marxists and fascists always want, to create chaos and fear, falsely rename it "anarchy" call for the strong man (arch(y)), and introduce dictatorship one way or the other, with even more chaos and fear, slavery, Gulag, Holocoust, etc. They play the same game!" That Berlusconi declared a state of emergency at the first possible excuse, i.e. more illegal immigrants, may be a new step on a way towards a more authoritarian regime in Italy.

18.03.2002: The bloodshed in the Middle East has continued, and the Conference says: "It will probably not stop before 1. Arafat with his probable hidden agenda and his terrorist friends that will drive the Jews on the sea are put out/jailed, and 2. a Palestinian state on the now occupied areas becomes a reality, by 3. approximately following the anarchist plan mentioned above. Israel began to withdraw troops overnight from recently occupied Palestinian areas in a move which could serve as a precursor for a new U.S.-brokered truce effort to end 18 months of bloodshed. "Point 2. will not work if not point 1 and 3 are also taken into account", the Conference says 19.03.2002. Standing in front of 1,050 symbolic coffins, Israeli and Palestinian parents of dead children gathered in New York Tuesday to express their grief and the senselessness of the Middle East conflict. The coffins were laid out in rows at Dag Hammerskjold Plaza near the United Nations: 800 draped with the red-green-black-and-white standard of the Palestinian Authority and 250 covered with the blue-and-white Star of David flag of the State of Israel. Holding back the tears, some 20 families of the dead, killed in the West Bank and Gaza or by suicide bombers in Israeli cafes, spoke in Arabic, Hebrew and English. They carried pictures of young boys and girls, most of whom died since the conflict began in September 2000 under a banner that read, "Better Have Pains of Peace Than Agonies of War," words spoken by former Israeli Prime Ministers Menachem Begin, Ezer Weizman and Yitzhak Rabin. At least 1,074 Palestinians and 375 Israelis have been killed since September 2000 but the flag-covered coffins were meant to signify the ratio of dead Palestinians and Israelis. .

20.03.2002: "We have mostly lost our belief in Arafat as a fighter against terrorism," the Conference said: "Terrorism plus a Palestinian state is impossible!" A Palestinian suicide bomber killed seven people on a bus in northern Israel Wednesday but the United States said it still held out hope for the success of its Middle East envoy's truce mission. The attack on a rush-hour bus from Tel Aviv to Nazareth, claimed by Islamic Jihad and condemned by the Palestinian Authority, was the most lethal incident since U.S. envoy Anthony Zinni arrived on Thursday to try to end 18 months of bloodshed. "Condemning is just words - we want deeds!" The anarchists say. Furthermore - "The nazis, communists, say NKP in Norway, and muslim hierarchists smearstories and lies about the Jews were behind the 11.09.2001 terrorist attack, and the Saudi Arabian newspaper article which alleged that Jews add human blood to pastries they eat at the festival of Purim" are condemned by the Conference. The article by Omayma Ahmed al-Jalahma, who teaches at King Faisal University, appeared in the newspaper al-Riyadh on March 10 and has been widely circulated in translation. 21.03.2002: A Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up in a busy shopping street in Jerusalem on Thursday, killing three Israelis and prompting Israel to put off U.S.-led ceasefire talks. "According to the theory of revealed preferences through human action, it seems more and more clear that Arafat's authoritarian and chaotic rule has a hidden agenda of terrorism, etc., and to throw the Jews on the ocean!" - the Conference says.

Nine people were killed and 30 injured by a powerful car bomb near the U.S. Embassy in Lima, but President Bush vowed on Thursday that no "two-bit terrorists" would prevent his visit to Peru this weekend. The attack sent shivers through many Peruvians who recalled the scenes of terror and carnage during the country's years of leftist rebel violence in the 1980s and 1990s. No one has yet claimed responsibility for the bombing but U.S. intelligence agencies suspect Shining Path, a Maoist rebel group that was once one of Latin America's bloodiest and is still listed as a "terrorist" organization by Washington. 22.02.2002: The United States decided on Friday to withdraw some diplomatic staff and all dependents of U.S. diplomats from Pakistan for security reasons. Two Americans, the wife and daughter of a diplomat, were killed in the capital Islamabad on Sunday in a grenade attack on a church frequented by embassy staff. - Ceasefire talks between Israel and the Palestinians break up without agreement, after a suicide bomber blows himself up at a checkpoint.

23.03.2002 Italy: The centre of Rome has been brought to a standstill by an anti-terror demonstration organised by Italy's biggest trade union. About 2 million workers converged on the Italian capital before dawn from many different parts of the country. (The police reported about ca 1 million) The demonstration was called originally to protest against the relaxation of workers' rights under new labor laws proposed by Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. But the focus was broadened into a general protest against political violence after the murder of government adviser Marco Biagi who drafted the new measures. Workers' leaders have stressed that they want to distance the labor movement from the murder. Demonstrators are being addressed by the leader of the CGIL federation and leaders of left-wing opposition parties. Also anarchists participated. The mass protest comes four days after Marco Biagi was shot dead in Bologna in an attack claimed by an offshoot of the ultra-left guerrilla group, the Red Brigades, as mentioned above. As a mark of respect, organisers of the demonstration cancelled cultural performances scheduled to take place at the time of the protests, and asked participants to file silently through the streets. Ahead of the rally, CGIL leader Sergio Cofferati said the protest would "no longer have a party atmosphere. After the killing of Marco Biagi, the priorities and order of the day will inevitably change." As well as a march "for democracy and for the affirmation of workers' rights," Mr Cofferati said the rally was a show of force against terrorism.

"What do I think of Mr Berlusconi?" - said one trade unionist at the rally. "He is doing his own interests, and his interests are to protect himself and his money. My opinion cannot be very good about Berlusconi because he doesn't hear what people say." "This is just the unenlightened plutarchy both economical and political", an anarchist said . Unemployment is currently running at 9%, and one in five people are looking for a job in the south of the country. It is not unusual for people to retire at 50. Jacquamo Barbileri, a keen trade union member and one of the organisers of Saturday's protest, said that business should not only be about profit. "We are facing a new, deep change in the labor market in general," he said. "Europe will no longer be able to compete solely in terms of reducing costs. Europe must compete in terms of quality of work, products and services. This means the dignity of the working people." Silvio Berlusconi still plans to go ahead with his employment reforms. The protesters in Rome called for an end to all political violence. Although the march was planned months ago, the mood was subdued and marchers condemned the murder of Biagi. It has been a bad week for the Italian government. As mentioned, in addition to the rally, a leading advisor was murdered, and a statement of emergency declared after a flood of immigrants. But Silvio Berlusconi is in combative mood. "Nobody is going to stop us going ahead with our reforms," he said. " Terrorists and street protesters won't stop us." The government has asked the trade unions to return to the negotiating table. But they plan to stick by their liberalisation policy. The anarchists and the unions are equally steadfast, and are planning a general strike for next month. Liberalising the Italian economy could yet cause a political showdown. "Berlusconi wants to introduce more slave-contracts in the labor market!", an anarchosyndicalist said, "the workers will not accept it!"

24-25.03.2002: In the Mid-East the bloodshed continues, Arafat is not doing enough to stop the terrorism, Israel must response and sticks to the occupation, the US talks, and nothing else is probably going to happen unless the anarchist plans mentioned above are approximately set to work. 25-26.03.2002: Israel is coming under increasing pressure to allow Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat to attend a key Arab summit. US White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said President Bush believed Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his government should give "serious consideration" to allowing the Palestinian leader to attend the Beirut meeting. "Such talks mean nothing if Arafat doesn't get rid of the Palestinian terrorists!" the Conference says, - "No people, Israeli or other, can bow to terrorist attacks." In continuing violence on Tuesday, two international observers - reported to be Turkish and Swiss - were shot and killed north of the West Bank town of Hebron. The Israeli military believes they were shot by Palestinian gunmen, but a senior member of the observer force said they were travelling in a clearly marked vehicle and it appeared they had been caught in crossfire. 27.03.2002: "We recommend our plans even more!" the Conference says. (A major earthquake has happened in Afghanistan, with at least 2000 people feared dead, but that is not on the agenda for further comment here.)

28.03.2002: Israeli police say 16 people have been killed in a suicide bomb attack on a crowded lobby in a hotel in the resort of Netanya. "Arrest the terrorists, stop the occupation, make a more independent Palestinian country, and a loose confederal solution with a combined international, Jewish and Palestinian corps to keep up law and order in the Palestinian areas!" - the Conference says, pointing to the more detailed plans above. Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat has said he favours an immediate declaration of a ceasefire with Israel. "I assert our readiness to implement an immediate ceasefire as we have informed (US envoy) General (Anthony) Zinni" he told reporters in the West Bank city of Ramallah. Mr Arafat's announcement came as at least one gunman broke into a Jewish settlement near the city of Nablus, also in the West Bank.

Three people were killed and several others wounded at the Elon Moreh settlement in an incident which is reported to be ongoing. Mr Arafat also said he agreed to the implementation of the US-brokered Tenet truce plan "without any conditions". "1. Palestinians at the same time killing jews by terrorist attacks, and at the same time talks about peace, sounds like Chamberlains "peace in our time" vis-a-vis Hitler if the Jews accept it. 2. To compare the few Jewish settlements (ca 200 000 persons) with nazi-occupation is not right, because there are relatively many more Palestinians living in Israel (ca 1 000 000), than the other way around. 3. The PLO-state of Arafat is quite autonomous already, a totally independent country is just a small step more in autonomy; although juridical-formal not an independent state, de facto mainly state, i.e. in real terms. 4. The most authoritarian are clearly the PLO-state; oligarchical, polyarchical, ochlarchical, terrorist, with rivaling states within the state, i.e. chaos, plus no birth-control and population policy towards optimal amount of people. 5. Of course Israel also is quite authoritarian, but not as much as the PLO-state of Arafat. 6. The hidden agenda that Arafat & Co want to drive the jews on the ocean, seems to be very likely , plus "Kinder, Kirche (Mosque) und Küche," "Gott (Allah) mit uns" and "Lebensraum" policy, similar to Hitler & Co. All the Jihad terrorist groups of Arafat's PLO-state will do away with Israel, the "small satan". And Arafat has had long time to do away with the terrorist groups, but have really done nothing but talk," the Conference says 29.03.2002. Thus Israel have a legitimate rigt to fight the terrorists with armed struggle, although of course with as few as possible civilian losses.

Later 29.03.2002: Israeli forces are battling Palestinians at close quarters inside Yasser Arafat's West Bank compound after smashing their way in with tanks and raking it with heavy fire. President Arafat is in good spirits. He is not hurt, he is busy on the phone to world leaders, and he says he will rather be a martyr than being take prisoner by Israel. "He sounds a bit like  like Hamas!", the Conference says. Just hours after the assault began, a Palestinian woman blew herself up in a Jewish neighborhood of West Jerusalem, killing two other people and injuring more than 20. The US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, blamed the latest crisis on Palestinian terrorism, and urged Mr Arafat to rein in the militants. But Mr Powell also said the Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, should "carefully consider the consequences" of the assault in Ramallah. He said Mr Sharon had told him Israel would not seek to kill or capture Mr Arafat.

30.03.2002: Israel is intensifying its assault on Palestinian areas in the West Bank after trapping Yasser Arafat inside his shell-blasted Ramallah headquarters. Defying a United Nations resolution calling for an Israeli withdrawal, tanks also surrounded the headquarters of Jibril Rajoub, the Palestinian security chief in the West Bank, just outside Ramallah. Israeli incursions were also reported in Hebron and Beit Jala near Bethlehem. In Ramallah, the bodies of five Palestinian policemen were found in a bank after heavy street fighting. Israel denied Palestinian allegations that they had been executed.   Mr Arafat is confined to two rooms in his compound without electricity or water, just metres from Israeli soldiers. Food is running low and a mobile phone is his only link to the world outside. "I appeal to the international community to stop this aggression against our people," the Palestinian leader told Reuters television in a candle-lit interview. Israeli troops have rounded up hundreds of probable terrorist Palestinians since blasting their way into Mr Arafat's compound with tanks on Friday. Street battles raged as Israeli forces conducted house-to-house searches across the city, responding to a wave of suicide attacks by Palestinian totally ruthless terrorists attacking ordinary Jewish people en masse .  The UN Security Council passed a resolution on Saturday that urged Israel to withdraw from all West Bank cities and called on both sides to move immediately towards a ceasefire. The UN resolution was approved by 14 votes to 0. It was proposed by the Anarchy of Norway and vote backed by US, boycotted by Syria.

The Conference supports the UN resolution, however saying Israel has full right to roll up the Palestinian terrorist networks before withdrawel: "This has gone far enough." An emergency meeting of the Security Council debated the crisis for more than 10 hours before voting on the Norwegian-sponsored resolution aimed at halting the fighting. It was as mentioned passed by 14 votes to nil, with the support of the United States - the second time in a month that Washington has backed a UN resolution on the Middle East after years of abstaining. Israel criticized the resolution, saying it would not pull out of Ramallah. Israel has warned that the current offensive is just the beginning of a long campaign against Palestinian terrorists and has called up thousands of reservists.   Ramallah is without power and it has been declared a closed military zone. The Ramallah office of the Voice of Palestine has been occupied by Israeli troops and has halted broadcasts, a Palestinian journalist said. At least five Palestinians - including one of Mr Arafat's bodyguards - were killed and 30 wounded in Friday's assault. Arafat spoke of raising the Palestinian flag over Jerusalem. "He will probably also still drive the Jews on the ocean, as he wanted several years ago", the Confrence says. Two Israeli soldiers have also died in the country's biggest offensive against the Palestinian probable terrorist leader since "his" people began their current uprising 18 months ago. The UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, called on Israel to halt its assault and also urged Mr Arafat to accept ceasefire terms proposed by the US special envoy Anthony Zinni.

The Conference says: " First arrest the terrorists - then a quick withdrawel". And US President George Bush phoned Mr Annan and the leaders of Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Spain on Saturday to tell them that the violence would not stall US peace efforts.   Israel's offensive is in response to a suicide bomb attack in Netanya on Wednesday which killed 21 people at a Passover meal. As indicated above, another suicide bomber - a 16-year-old Palestinian girl - struck in a Jewish neighborhood of West Jerusalem on Friday, killing herself, two other people and injuring more than 20. The Israeli Government has declared Mr Arafat an enemy, accusing him of heading a large terrorist network. "They are probably right!" The Conference says: "We are supporting the Palestinian people, not the authorities, Arafat and terrorists! We are also supporting the Jewish people, from terrorism, and from being thrown on the ocean"; - also reminding of their earlier resolutions on the matter (search for East, Israel, Jews, Arafat, etc. in this file, to see details on the anarchist plans for a solution to the Mid East conflict.)

The usual ochlarchy and terrorist coalition supports the Palestinian terrorists: Leftist marxists, Saddam Hussein & Co and neonazis: A resolution condemning Israel for suppressing "the Palestinian struggle for both statehood and ancestral lands" was passed earlier this month by the leftist San Francisco Labor Council.. Some 10,000 Iraqis marched in Baghdad on Saturday in a show of support for Palestinian President Yasser Arafat as Israeli troops tightened their siege on his West Bank headquarters. Thousands demonstrated in Cairo today against the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Hooded vandals crashed two cars through the main gate of a synagogue in southeastern France early Saturday, then rammed one of the vehicles into the temple's prayer hall and set it on fire, witnesses and police said. There were no injuries in the attack, which occurred at 1 a.m. local time (0000 GMT), said police in the city of Lyon. The synagogue was located in the Lyon suburb of Duchere. The synagogue's facade was charred by the blaze and several of its windows were shattered, LCI television reported. It quoted witnesses as saying the attack was carried out by a dozen people wearing masks or hoods that covered their faces. Some 200 residents gathered in the center of Duchere on Saturday to protest the attack, which occurred at the start of the weeklong Jewish holiday of Passover and amid a rising number of anti-Semitic attacks in France

A huge explosion, apparently caused by a suicide bomber, ripped through a Tel Aviv restaurant on Saturday as Israel kept Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat under siege in his shattered West Bank headquarters. Medical workers said more than 20 people had been wounded and police said the bomber had died in the blast at the restaurant in a popular nightlife district of the coastal city. 31.03.2002: A bomb blast kills 14-15 people in a crowded restaurant in the Israeli port city of Haifa - the latest in a wave of such attacks, also wounding more than 40 people in a blast that tore off the roof and spewed debris over a car park. The Israeli army continues to seek for terrorists in the cities in the West Bank; soldiers are currently engaged in house-to-house searches, and detaining some people. The prisoners are being held in camps in the nearby Israeli military base of Beit El, so far possibly without water, food or shelter. Some are worrying what may happen to the arrested individuals. The Conference says Israel should keep to human rights as much as possible, although of course attacking and arresting the terrorists in self defense. Israeli soldiers killed five Palestinian policemen the day before yesterday. Four more corpses have been found in another building in Ramallah. Two men were killed in Sayda. "Arrest all clearly suspected terrorists and the probable leader, Arafat, collect all possible evidence, and put them all on a fair trial," the Conference says.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said Sunday Israel was at war and vowed to crush Palestinian terrorism. Two hours later, a second suicide attack wounded six people at a Jewish settlement in the West Bank and Israeli troops fought Arafat's guards and tightened their ring around his headquarters in the West Bank city of Ramallah. Witnesses said tanks later rumbled into the West Bank city of Qalqilya, and fears of all-out war were growing after 18 months of tit-for-tat violence since the Palestinians rose up against Israeli occupation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. "Citizens of Israel: the state of Israel is at war, a war against terror," Sharon said in a brief televised address. "We must fight this terrorism, in an uncompromising war to uproot these savages, to dismantle their infrastructure, because there is no compromise with terrorists." He said Arafat "activated, coordinated and directed" the campaign against Israel and that he was "the enemy of the free world." A ceasefire would be possible once the campaign against the Palestinians had been completed, he said. "The state of Israel is at a decisive point in its history. The situation is not easy, but...we will prevail." The Palestinians swiftly rejected Sharon's comments."This is Sharon's style, nothing new and nothing surprising. But by claiming he will extend his hand for peace after he completes his mission, Sharon is only making a silly joke," said Information Minister Yasser Abed Rabbo. "The world knows what hand Sharon has extended. It is the hand that carries the tools of killing and it is the hand soaked with the blood of the people in the region, including that of the Palestinian people." "What about the terrorist attack against the civilian Jews?", an anarchist asked. In an interview for broadcast on CBS TV's "60 Minutes," Sharon said he would take part if the United States called a Middle East peace meeting with Arab leaders.

Violence raged on despite an Easter Sunday appeal for peace by Pope John Paul, the anarchist Conference on terrorism on the condition mentioned above, and a call by the United Nations, including the United States, for Israel to withdraw troops from Ramallah and other West Bank cities. Israel ignored the U.N. appeal. "It seems that war has been declared on peace," the Pope said in his message from the Vatican, calling for an end to the "dramatic spiral of abuse of power and killings that bloody the Holy Land."... talking about "peace" seemingly to forget the terrorist attacks. "It is rather armed struggle against terrorism than against peace!" the Conference says. The Palestinian Islamic militant group Hamas said a 22-year-old resident of a refugee camp in the northern West Bank town of Jenin carried out the attack in Haifa on its behalf to avenge the Israeli attacks on Ramallah and elsewhere. The Conference on terrorism and the United States condemned the bombing and urged Arafat to stop such attacks. President Bush urged Arafat on Saturday to use his own forces to prevent them. He did not call for an Israeli withdrawal from Ramallah. That suicide bombing was the bloodiest since the start of a conflict that has killed at least 1,127 Palestinians and 399 Israelis since September 2000. Israeli security sources said five of the dead in Haifa were Israeli Arabs.

01.04.2002: In Ramallah probably full military martial law has been declared. Despite reports to the contrary there are probably several foreigners inside Arafat's compound. Ca 10 of the internationals and 3 Palestinian medics were moved to the Israeli Ofra settlement, legally in Israeli territory. There are unconfirmed reports about Israeli soldiers have being targeting American reporters, shot at a CNN news vehicle, a reporter from the Boston Globe. There has in the last few hours been some restoration of electricity in Ramallah. This means that the people inside the compound have been able to communicate with the outside world. In Bethleham the Israeli's are still amassing tanks at the checkpoints around the area. Reports are that members of the press who try to enter the area are being refused entry at gun point. Israelis were shelling and firing into the Ayda and Azza refugee camps against probable terrorist nests. At present the area still has electricity. Masked gunmen killed ca 11 Palestinians from the antiterrorist opposition, as Israeli forces tighten their grip on the West Bank. High tensions boiled over again in Jerusalem when a Palestinian bomber blew himself up after police stopped the car he was in at a checkpoint on the edge of an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood, police officials said. A policeman who opened the door of the car to search it was critically wounded and two other people injured in the blast on a street entering Mea Shearim district off a major feeder road. Jerusalem police chief Mickey Levy said the bomber probably would have blown himself up in the commercial center of Jerusalem had he not been stopped in the less traveled area.

"It is possible the Palestinian terrorist organizations, probably Arafat included, are loosing popular support and some of the authoritarian brainwashing grip on the young muslims. Sharon & Co must concentrate the armed struggle against the clearly suspected terrorists, and arrest them, with as less civilian and other bloodshed, not introduce a war on the Palestinian people, just take on the responsible authorities and the ramificatons within the corrupt, authoritarian, terrorist PLO-state of Arafat." the Conference says: "Round up the terrorists; as mentioned, using the theory of revealed preference (see and search for "revealed"), it is probably so that Arafat has a hidden agenda, supporting the terrorists, and wants to drive the Jews on the sea. Thus, all the peace talk of Arafat is probably just talk, and the Nobel peace prize to Arafat was similar to give Hitler a "peace in our time prize" in 1939.

The rumors that some high ranking, mainly marxist Norwegians and their "useful" idiots, have given much aid-money to Arafat, so he could support the terrorists, to make trouble in the Mid East and thus hike the oil price (and tank-rates), must be seen as a 1st of April joke and nothing else. The Anarchy of Norway just doesn't play politics so dirty, although the oil-price of course have hiked now as usual when there is trouble in the Mid East, and the PLO-state of Arafat has gotten relatively much money in aid from Norway. These events should not be seen combined, and introducing a (false) conspiracy theory is not correct. There are also other reasons for a hike in the oil-price, say, the USA's talks vis-à-vis Saddam Hussein, and better economical conjunctures in general.

However even 1st of April joke rumors may spread and be harmfull, if there is just a small fraction of possible truth in it. So all support that doesn't go directly to peaceful organizations of the Palestinian people, and 100% certain avoid "their" corrupt authorities plus terrorists, and other political measures that may make Norwegians be looked upon as warprofit sharks, should stop at once! Also other organizations seemingly being a part of this so called Grand Conspiracy of Oilprice & Terrorism, should perhaps think twice, and not do things that can make such harmful rumors grow further.

Also the Anarchist International Embassy has done a lot to stop these harmful rumors, by sending two notes to stop them and explain they are nonsense 02.04 & 03.04.2002. These notes and the rumors have been discussed internationally later on, and as mentioned IJ@ and the Conference see the rumors mostly as an April joke, although the rumors have been going on for a while. People should not pay too much attention to April joke type rumors anyway.

What must stand firm are the basics about the Mid East problems, 1. that the Anarchist International and the anarchists at the Conference on terrorism 2. are for the Palestinian and the Jewish workingclass people against "their" respective authorities, the upper classes, the rich and powerful. 3. That's where the anarchists stand.

Then the Conference on terrorism can continue to discuss how these interests best can be achieved in practice, in politics  broadly defined, here at the AIIS and in other fora. However, we think such rumors about conspiracies, that very probable are nor factual, should be stopped or put at place. All of the groups believing in a"Grand Conspiracy about Oil-price and Terrorism" think of course the rumors have a core of truth. We are as mentioned very sceptical vis-à-vis such conspiracy stories in general, although of course conspiracies are, and will probably always be, a part of politics and similar. As mentioned again, we don't think there is a core in these rumors. But to get rid of such nonsense it is necessary to discuss it, to prove beyond reasonable doubt that they are wrong. So we will also continue to discuss the rumors. And if there, hopefully not, should be a core of truth.... We'll say no more! We will however put this discussion in a special file, , not here at the main page of IJ@ 4(31). Thus people interested in conspiracies and rumors and discussions about such things can read and write about it there: Here in the main file we will continue with other, and more serious policy, with no conspiracy theories.

There are reports about attacks on synagogues in Belgium, France and Germany, probably by brown extremists of different types. This is an increasing tendency and only a few of many anti-semitic attacks the last years, done by marxist leftists, muslim fanatics, neonazis and similar. 04.04.2002: More synagogues are attacked in Finland (Suomi) and France.

The Red Cross is correctly complainig about the Israeli troops are harming the aid-work in Palestine (however Israeli spokesmen later reports Palestinian ambulances are used in terrorist connection, to, say, transport of weapons). In this connection the Norwegian marxist president of Red Cross, Jan Egeland, says to NRK he fears complete"anarchy and lawlessness" in Palestine, clearly meaning chaos and thus breaking the Oslo convention of 1990. This is a serious mix of anarchy and chaos, and then both he and NRK get a Brown Card from the IAT. The Norwegian marxist leftists within both the Labor Party, as, say, B. Froyn and The Socialist Left party, SV; the stalinists, maoists and trotskyites in RV, AKP (ml) and NKP, etc. have all the time since the 1970s supported the Palestinian terrorists/PLO-state of Arafat. Also the marxist leftists in AUF, the Labor Party's youth organization, say, their leader Eva Hansen, who said she worked for international trade boycott of Israel 02.04.2002, and the ochlarchical marxist-lubbeists at "Blitz" and IS, International Socialists (trotskyite based) have all of the time since the 1980s been one-sided only pro Arafat's PLO-state, terrorism included.

When these marxist groups, that all of the time have supported the terrorism against the Israeli people, dare to put the blame for the terroristic ochlarchical chaos of Arafat's PLO-state on anarchists, anarchist tendencies and anarchy, and call for "strong rule" and international armed intervention on the terrorists side against the Jewish people, the victims of the terrorism, it is only morbid-pathetic. They harvest terrorism and chaos because of their own seed.The situations in the Mid East, especially around Arafat's PLO-state, except for perhaps some Israeli Kibbutzs, are far from anarchy (less than 50% authoritarian degree - more than 50% anarchist degree) on the economical-political map and in reality, but quite the opposite: Chaotic, ochlarchic, polyarchic and oligarchic, rule by terror and rivaling "states within the state", i.e. more then 67% authoritarian degree. A spokesman for the Arabs, A. B. Atwan on CNN , also talks about "anarchy" in the Mid East, certainly meaning chaos, 02.04.2002. However people that don't think the suicide Jihad-bombers are terrorists don't have much defamatory power, so the AIT will just give a Brown Card warning in this case, a spokeswoman for the tribunal says to IJ@.

At least five foreigners and a Palestinian cameraman were injured in Beit Jala near Jerusalem when Israeli troops opened fire during a pro-Arafat demonstration. The foreigners, mainly a leftist group of terrorist-supporters, reported to be from Australia, France, Japan, Britain and the US, were taking part in a march in Beit Jala under the slogan "Peace not war". "It is clear that "peace" with Palestinian Jihad etc. terrorism is not peace, but terrorist war and terrorism. Thus there will be no peace with the terrorists out of jail", an anarchosyndicalist said. An Israeli army spokesman said the demonstrators had deliberately provoked the soldiers. "We know for sure that it was an act of provocation carried out on purpose by members of groups supporting terrorists, supporting suicide bombers, killing our women and children," said Lieutenant-Colonel Olivier Rafowicz, quoted by the French news agency, AFP. 02.04.2002 a catholic priest in the PLO-State has been accidently killed by Israeli troops fighting the terrorists, report several newsmedia. However later on this was withdrawn as a lie. "We must all understand that the media are telling very much lies in this situation, and everything should be checked with independent sources, and be seen with great scepticism," the IJ@-editors say.

The Conference impresses to the Israeli anti-terrorist forces: "Avoid wrongly hitting civilians! The situation in the PLO-state of Arafat is not differing much from the armed struggle against al-Qaeda/Taleban in Afghanistan. To declare the suicide, Jihad-bombers, are not terrorists, as some Arabian authorities suggested around 1st of April; it is not correct, and should be seen as another April joke." Israeli spokesmen say they will not make a reoccupation of the Palestinian areas, just round up the terrorists, and then leave, say, after a few weeks. They have rounded up ca 700 suspected terrorists so far. Arafat that has partly been in "house-arrest" several months, is now more clearly in "house-arrest". The Jews talks about deportation of Arafat, but a fair trial on the terrorist connection, and the probable hidden agenda, should be more relevant, a bit similar to bin-Laden, when (if) caught. There should perhaps not be much problems with the evidence.

Furthermore the Conference expresses: "There will be no peace in the Mid East as long as the Jihad-terrorists are not behind bars", and stands firm on the plans for the Mid East presented elsewhere in the IJ@ 4(31). A clear majority of the Conference means 1. the Jihad terrorists are real terrorists, attacking mostly at random innocent civilian Jews - ordinary workingclass people, and also killing Palestinian opposition groups working against the terrorist-policy, calling them collaborates, and 2. the Israeli troops are mainly not terrorists, but anti-terrorist forces to round up the Jihad-terrorists, and thus create room for real preace-talks, in the interest of the workingclass people among the Jews and the Palestinians as well, 3. approximately according to the anarchist peace plans, that also must of course include birthcontrol policy, economical, political and social measures in general, infrastructure and business investments, etc., say, a bit similar to the anarchist political and economical plans for Argentina, see .

Although the foreign "peace activists" in the PLO-state mainly are disguised militants supporting the Jihad-terrorists (several calls internationally have been made, say, by mail lately, to join the armed struggle on Palestinian side) also some real idealists are at place. They try to work as international "observers" to watch for break of human rights, and thus may have a postive effect. However they must not join the false "peace groups" trying to stop the fight against the terrorists, and not act like "useful" idiots of Lenin in the frontlines of the armed struggle against the terrorists. Israel's forces and Palestinian gunmen fight fierce battles in Bethlehem and Ramallah as Israeli tanks are poised to launch new raids. 03.04.2002: The Hezbollah guerilla in South Lebanon has attacked Israel, and the Jews have used jetfights to try to stop the attacks. As the violence continues in the Middle East, there are talks about President George Bush and USA should intervene. But the message from Washington has become increasingly confused. President Bush defends Israel's current armed action against the terrorists. At the same time, Colin Powell and the State Department bureaucracy work to try to restrain the Israeli Government. Today Mr Powell called on the Israelis not to send Yasser Arafat into exile. 04.04.2002: Egypt has suspended contacts with Israel, but will not break off diplomatic relations, an Egyptian government spokesman says. Israeli soldiers surround ca 100 armed Palestinians in the Church of the Nativity. Israel sends 400 to 500 tanks into Nablus, West Bank's biggest town. CNN says: Israel denies U.S. request for U.S. envoy to meet with Arafat. More clashes reported along Israel-Lebanon border.

04.04.2002: All in all more than 1000 suspected terrorists, some of them with a lot of blood on their hands, ca 50 rockets, and large amounts of weapons and ammunition are taken by Israeli troops. Israeli spokesmen say the have found documents that prove Arafat's connection to the terrorists. The US President demands Israel and the Palestinians end the current spiral of violence and announces plans for a high-level peace mission. 05.04.2002: The Conference says: "We wish Bush luck, but words are just words, arguments are arguments, power power and economy economy.... and freedom freedom - happiness happiness". CNN reports U.N. Security Council votes 15-0 to demand Israel's withdrawal from Palestinian towns "without delay." An anarchosyndicalist says to the Conference:"What about the remaining terrorists? In Afghanistan it took months to mainly get rid of them: How can Israel manage the same in a couple of days, especially when the terrorists probably are located in the towns mainly? We guess it has to be a slow withdrawel, perhaps a few anti-terrorist fighters at a time per day, over a couple of weeks. "To round up the rest of the terrorists, peace talks, and approximation to the anarchist plans in general, should be done at the same time!" the Conference says. Ca 7 Palestinians, opposed to the terror rule of Arafat, are reported killed by the terrorists. They were probably killed already on Monday.

Israeli forces have stepped up attacks on West Bank towns in their operation to root out Palestinian terrorists. More than 20 Palestinians are said to have been killed in the fighting on Friday, which focused on Nablus and Jenin and two refugee camps nearby. Israeli troops Friday fired stun
grenades and rubber-coated bullets at a group of about two dozen journalists. Paving the way for Mr Powell's visit, US envoy Anthony Zinni was allowed to meet Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat in his besieged Ramallah headquarters on Friday. Their meeting lasted for 90 minutes and White House spokesman Ari Fleischer described General Zinni's message as "direct and impatient".

The BBC's Paul Wood in Jerusalem says the Israelis are trying to finish their operation before the arrival of Mr Powell. Israeli security sources say that Qais Idwan masterminded the 27 March suicide bombing in Netanya that killed 26 diners at a hotel restaurant. It was that attack that prompted the current Israeli offensive. Also in Tubas, a Palestinian suspected terrorist man and  one of the brainwashed terrorist girls were reportedly killed when Israeli tanks clashed with gunmen. Witnesses said three Palestinians accused of being opposed to the PLO-state of Arafat  were shot dead in the village centre after being taken from a prison by gunmen. In Nablus, a commander of the militant al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade, Nasser Awais, was killed when explosives strapped to his body went off prematurely, a spokesman for the group said. At least nine Palestinians were reported to have been killed in Nablus.

In another development, Israeli soldiers raided the home of the Palestinian information minister Yasser Abed Rabbo, near Ramallah, but he was not arrested and the troops later left. Israeli troops still control nearly all of the West Bank and have declared the occupied towns to be closed military zones out of bounds to journalists. In Bethlehem, a tense stand-off continues for a fourth day at the Church of the Nativity - revered by Christians as the birthplace of Jesus - where Israeli troops are besieging Palestinian gunmen sheltering among civilians. In order to reach the political process with the Palestinians that Israel eminently desires, Palestinian terror and its organisers must be defeated first declared the  Israel Government. The Palestinian leadership has welcomed Thursday's declaration by President Bush, which called for an end to violence and for an Israeli withdrawal. However, there was also harsh criticism of Mr Arafat - whom Mr Bush said had "betrayed the hopes of his people" through his "failure" in the peace process. Mr Powell is reported to have spoken to Mr Arafat by phone on Friday, but no details were released.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said his army's continuing armed struggle was justified because "negotiating before terror is subdued will only lead to its continuation". Israel says it has taken 900 Palestinians prisoner since its campaign began on 29 March. But pressure is building to end the operation - with the UN Security Council unanimously passing a resolution calling on Israel to pull back. Key-headlines 05.04.2002 are a.o.t.: Israel strikes at top terrorist militants; Israel hits back at Hezbollah; Anti-Israeli anger sweeps Arab world; Iran wields oil embargo threat; Israel proves  Arafat's links with militants. Nobel's regrets on Mid East peace award. "Perhaps there soon will be an approximation to the anarchists peace a.o. plans", an anarchosyndicalist said a bit optimistically to the Conference 06.04.2002.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has told US President George W Bush that Israel will do all it can to speed up its military offensive in the West Bank.
Mr Sharon's assurance came after Mr Bush's strongest statement yet against Israeli military incursions in the West Bank, as he demanded that Israel pull back from Palestinian areas "without delay". Bush: "Heed my advice". "I expect Israel to heed my advice, and I expect for the Palestinians to reject terror," he said speaking at a joint press conference in Texas with UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. Mr Bush's call came as Israel intensified and expanded its military offensive in the West Bank, deploying helicopters and tanks in Nablus and Jenin as well as nearby refugee camps. The US president also demanded an immediate Palestinian ceasefire and "a crackdown on terrorist networks"- he condemned Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat for "failing his people". US Secretary of State Colin Powell is due to begin a visit to the region on Sunday, but has said he has no plans to meet Mr Arafat. Other Palestinian leaders have said they will boycott Mr Powell if there is no Arafat meeting. The fighting against the terrorists continues.

There are reports of heavy loss of life in the northern town of Jenin, and a Palestinian doctor told the BBC that Israel was firing heavy weaponry from the hills around the town. He said ambulances had been unable to reach the dead and wounded. Residents at a refugee camp said they feared a "massacre" was taking place, and one Palestinian fighter said he had counted 30 dead bodies. Israeli air force commander Dan Halutz told a news conference that seven soldiers had been killed over the past two days in Jenin.   Israeli shots were also fired at Yasser Arafat's compound in Ramallah late on Saturday afternoon. Mr Arafat was unhurt but four of his bodyguards were injured, one seriously, said security sources inside the Palestinian leader's offices. Israel said it shot back after its troops came under Palestinian fire. An Israeli commander in the Jenin area said Palestinian terrorists at the Jenin camp had "their backs against the wall" and there had been "many casualties". "We trapped them in there, attacked them with the intention that they should surrender. Those that don't surrender, we will kill them", said Tat Aluf Eyal Shlein. Palestinians said there had been intense bombardment through the night by Israeli tanks and helicopters. "I myself counted 30 dead bodies. There are a tremendous number of injured people. The international community will be shocked at the number of injured people," a Palestinian fighter named Abu Irmail told Reuters news agency. Israeli army units moved into the autonomous towns of Yatta, south of Hebron, and Qabatiya, north of Nablus on Saturday. Two Palestinians were killed and seven wounded in Yatta as tanks backed by helicopters fought their way into the centre of town, Palestinian security sources said. The terrorist group Hamas is vowing revenge for the killing of six of its fighters on Friday, including Qais Idwan, the man Israel blames for the "Passover massacre" last week which killed 26 people and triggered the current offensive.  

US ceasefire plans have been stalled because a meeting of a three-man Palestinian security committee has yet to take place - its members are currently stranded in Gaza, Ramallah and Jericho by the Israeli blockade. Meanwhile Vatican diplomats have denied reports that they put forward a proposal to Israelis and Palestinians to end a stand-off at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem which is in its fifth day. Israeli troops still control nearly all of the West Bank and have declared the towns to be closed military zones out of bounds to journalists. NACO have sent a note to the Israeli Authority  strongly demanding them to follow the anarchists plans in IJ@ 4(31), and not believe in the rumors about the "Grand Oil Price and Terrorism Conspiracy", although the Norwegian Labor Party's Youth organization AUF has collaborated with the terrorist organization Fatha Youth lately, etc. "The leader of AUF, miss Hansen, is just a "commie crackpot". Nobody should take her seriously," an anarchosyndicalist said 07.04.2002. NRK has last week several times sent an interview with the deputy boss follower of the ultra-authoritarian marxist Johan "Crackpot" Galtung at the "peace research institute PRIO" in Oslo, Hilde Henriksen Waage, stating loud and clear that the situation in Palestine is "anarchy and chaos", a bit similar to the Red Cross marxist Egeland above. Her analysis in general are also pseudoscientifical, a mix of facts and not facts and what she "feels", as she says to NRK, ca 100% biased pro Arafat. Both NRK and PRIO researchers have got several brown cards and warnings for breaking the Oslo convention in the terrorist and chaos connection before. Now they may share another one. 

The Israeli offensive has sparked international protests. The Israeli army says it has killed at least 200 Palestinians in its sweeping 10-day offensive in the West Bank. Reports have spoken of dozens of dead bodies lying in the streets of Jenin refugee camp where the army met much stiffer resistance than expected from Palestinian fighters. Seven of its own soldiers have died there.  Israel's strongest backer, the United States, has called for an end to the incursionsBut Prime Minister Ariel Sharon resisted US pressure, saying only that the offensive - launched to combat the threat of Palestinian suicide bomb attacks - would be speeded up, not ended. Condoleezza Rice, said on US television on Sunday that the pullout should begin "now, without delay, not tomorrow". But she gave the Israelis room for manoeuvre over the manner of any withdrawal, saying it should not be "helter-skelter and chaotic". "An approximation to the anarchist's plans should happen as soon as possible", the Conference said. 08.04.2002: NRK reports ca 100 suspected Palestinian terrorists have surrendered. Israeli forces planned to withdraw from two West Bank cities after President Bush delivered an uncompromising message to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Monday to start a pullout from Palestinian areas. Senior Israeli political sources said the army would withdraw from Qalqilya and Tulkarm early Tuesday but remain for now in other West Bank cities, villages and refugee camps as part of a sweep it began 10 days ago for militants and weapons. 09.04.2002: Israel has started the withdrawel as planned. The crude oil price is falling a bit, because of the "warpremium" has declined. Yesterday it hiked about one US$ per barrel because of increased belief in war. There are reports 7 Israeli soldiers and several Palestinians have been killed. The rounding up of terrorists continues.

The Conference expresses: "Arafat must condemn the terrorism in Arabic language, loud an clear - at once. And Sharon must not forget the withdrawel from the occupied Palestinian areas, negotations etc. according to the anarchist plans for a Mid East solution." Later on as many as 13 Israeli soldiers were killed in a bomb lab explosion in West Bank town of Jenin, Israel Defense Forces says. "Thus the withdrawel should of course be from cleaned up areas, i.e. liberated from terrorism. In the rest of Palestine rounding up the terrorists must continue. It is necessary to round up all of the fundamentalist brainwashing Jihad schools, the whole terrorist network, infrastructure, organizations, leaders, crackpots, Jihad priests, terrorist kids, parents, grown ups, bureaucrats, weapons, financial system, the whole thing and get rid of as much as possible quick, and once and for all. It should be clear to all, political idiots included, that "fighters" randomly and deliberately attacking and killing ca 100% innocent civilian workingclass people, jews or others, with no military or strategical target, are not "freedom fighters" but authoritarian terrorists of the worst kind, i.e. a real arch enemy. If they are not terrorists, then who in hell may be terrorists?... the Conference says.

10.04.2002: Ca 9 Dead in Israeli Bus Explosion: A bomb blew up a commuter bus near the Israeli port city of Haifa today, killing 9 and injuring ca 10. persons. "The most of the Jewish workingclass people are not Zionists, and the most of the Palestinian workingclass people are not terrorists. We are for the people in the Mid East - not "their" authorities, especially if they support terrorism and/or want to take it all." the Conference says. Also in Norway the ramifications of the Jihad-terrorists are present. Several muslim fundamentalists in Oslo have declared they are ready for suicide bombing attacks in Norway, according to UD, Aftenposten, etc. Someone, probably a Palestinian, also has thrown a molotov-coctail on the Isreali embassy in Oslo during a pro Arafat demonstration saturday 06.04.2002.. And the police has taken measures to protect Jews. More and probably sound evidence and documents showing that Arafat and his authority have supported the terrorists with both money and other things are found the latest days. Thus it seems very clear that Arafat is responsible for the terrorism, and thus it is also a form of state-terrorism. Some newspapers, say, the Norwegian "Aftenposten", wrote some days ago that the Israeli anti-terrorattacks were close to state-terrorism. Although it is difficult to put the antiterrorist activities vs the terrorists in this way, the Israeli antiterrorist fighters should clearly take this into account, and not be unnecessary brutal. Israel has said its offensive in the West Bank will continue, after a suicide bomber, as mentioned killed eight people and himself today near the northern Israeli city of Haifa. "It's our right to defend our citizens and there should be no pressure put on us not to do that", Ariel Sharon says. Israeli forces have consolidated their grip in Jenin, but troops pulled out of three small villages in the West Bank - Yatta, Qabatiyah and Samua - in an apparent gesture to US Secretary of State Colin Powell. He is due to arrive in Israel on Thursday.

Humanitarian groups have warned of a growing crisis in the refugee camp in Jenin, where about 300 Palestinians, some of them armed, surrendered on Wednesday. The United States, the United Nations, the European Union and Russia on Wednesday urged Israel "to halt immediately" its military operations. The statement came after a meeting in Madrid between Mr Powell, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar representing the EU, and Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov. "Just follow the anarchist plans with as little blood as possible, don't pay too much attention to Bush & Co, they are mainly talking a white lie to keep the anti-terrorist coalition together. They don't mean very much of what they say!" the Conference says: "However, as mentioned before, it is the terrorists that should be rounded up, not the Palestinian people. If Sharon doesn't understand this, it may cost him dearly later on. The message should be clear: No terrorism = full withdrawel = Palestine state, made and negotiated more or less at the same time!"

11.04.2002: According to the Israeli embassy in Oslo, the message above seems to be well understood. Sri Lanka's prime minister sees a real chance of ending its bloody civil war after a historic statement by the leader of the Tamil Tiger rebels. To see more news and comments about it, search for "srilanka.html" in this file and click on the link.

Israeli troops continue rounding up the terrorist network in Palestine. NRK reports they have arrested ca 2000 suspected terrorists the last day and night, and all in all more than 4000 during the anti-terror operation. The Israeli anti-terrorist forces have withdrawn from ca 20 Palestinian towns, and round up terrorists in two new cities. The terrorist hydra that showed face in Norway, as mentioned yesterday, has withdrawn its heads so far. But they are not forgotten. There are reports about a car bomb attack related to the oldest synagogue in Tunis, Africa, that has great cultural value for the Jews, seen as very holy by the religious among them. EU, with Germany up front, are planning a weapon embargo against Israel. Germany has already introduced an embargo on some engine-parts to Israeli tanks. It must be mentioned that this may perhaps prolong the anti-terrorist action, and thus keep up the oilprice war-premium longer, and be a benefit for the Anarchy of Norway, but the anarchists say they would rather sell more fish to EU, than be rich by others' misery. Norwegian anarchists say to IJ@ "we could very well do without EU's weapon embargo, as the anti-terrorist action is not seen as a war, but a legitimate armed struggle against terrorism, and we guess also the neonazis will clap their hands."

The Red Cross admits that the Israeli anti-terrorist forces are giving civilian Palestinians a chance to leave the front in advance before the antiterrorist fight starts, and terrorists are given a chance to surrender. More than 100 has surrendered this morning, NRK reports. The Red Cross is however not very pleased with their ability to work. The Conference says:"The International Red Cross must be allowed to do their work." Funny enough, soon after the Norwegian anarchists sent a note to the EU-embassies about the request above, a report that the EU at their ongoing meeting discussing fish-trade decided to solve the fish-import punishment tax problems related to Norwegian salmon-export, in a positive way for the Anarchy. NACO says: "We who thought EU was bureaucratic and slow..."

12.04.2002: US Secretary of State Colin Powell has arrived in Israel 11.04.2002 on a mission to try to end soaring violence between Israel and the Palestinians. Mr Powell will meet Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on Friday, before holding talks with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat in the West Bank town of Ramallah the following day. The Israeli army will not withdraw from Bethlehem, Jenin, Nablus and Ramallah until all the terrorists there have surrendered, said Ariel Sharon. Israeli forces pulled out of two dozen towns and villages hours before Mr Powell began his open-ended visit, but troops remain in other main Palestinian population centres. Mr Sharon said on Thursday that the Israeli army would continue its two week-old operation in the West Bank, launched after a wave of Palestinian suicide bombings killed scores of Israelis, "until the [Palestinian] terrorists surrender".

Speaking on a brief stop in the Jordanian capital, Amman, Mr Powell repeated his call for an end to the Israeli incursions into the West Bank.Significantly, he did not repeat the words "immediately" or "now", until pressed off camera by a reporter. Mr Powell said the US was encouraged by the Israeli pullbacks and that he would have a "very long conversation" with Mr Sharon about further withdrawals. Jenin fell to Israeli troops after an eight-day battle. In Washington, the White House denied a Washington Post report which said that Mr Sharon was losing the administration's support because of his defiance of President George W Bush's call for an immediate withdrawal.

"The president has, does and will continue to work directly with Ariel Sharon to achieve peace in the region," White House Spokesman Ari Fleischer told reporters. "The president believes that Ariel Sharon is a man of peace." The Israeli leader said on Thursday he had "warned the Americans that the Israeli army would not withdraw from Bethlehem, Jenin, Nablus and Ramallah until all the terrorists there have surrendered". The secretary of state aims to revive stalled talks on security co-operation between Israel and the Palestinians, with a view to securing a truce and ultimately moving towards peace talks. Israel said on Thursday it had detained more than 4,000 Palestinians - including more than 100 wanted terrorists - since it began its offensive in the West Bank on 29 March. Israel has, as mentioned, detained thousands of suspected terrorists. The figure reflects the growing pace of the military campaign. An Israeli army spokesman said most of the Palestinians were released shortly afterwards, once their identification had been checked.

Nearly half the number of Palestinians arrested were detained in the past two days, as the militant strongholds of Jenin and Nablus fell to Israeli troops. Journalists entered Jenin on Thursday for the first time since eight days of fierce fighting ended. There were widespread reports of badly damaged buildings but no bodies were seen in the streets. Incursions continue. By Thursday night, Israeli troops were still present in the Palestinian towns and villages of Ramallah, Nablus, Qalqilya, Ulkarm, Bethlehem, Jenin, Dura, Dahariya and Kufar al Abad. The standoff at Manger Square continues. Earlier, tanks and troops briefly entered the town of Bir Zeit and detained hundreds of students at the university. In Bethlehem, a stand-off which began on 2 April around the Church of the Nativity, the traditional birthplace of Jesus Christ, continued. There are still more than 100 armed militants inside the church, including 30 terrorists on Israel's wanted list, the army says. "We hope everybody in charge understand the underlying conditions of the anarchist plans, and the probable consequences if not approximately implemented quite soon", the Conference says. The AIE sent a note with the same message later on.

12.04.2002: US Secretary of State Colin Powell has postponed talks with the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat in the wake of a suicide bombing in Jerusalem, which killed at least six people. Mr Powell, who met the Israeli leader Ariel Sharon hours before Friday's attack, was due to meet the Palestinian leader on Saturday. "It sounded like a mountain exploded - the ground was moving", said an eyewitness. The US Secretary discussed Israel's two-week-old Israeli military operation in the West Bank with Mr Sharon. US President George W Bush, NACO, the Conference on terrorism of the Anarchist International, the Secretary General of the Anarchafeminist International and several other groups and organizations world wide denounced the suicide attack and called on Mr Arafat to condemn the bombing. The US president said he would not be deterred in his quest for peace in the Middle East. The explosion, occurred in the late afternoon at a bus stop on Jaffa Road, one of West Jerusalem's main streets. More than 60 people were also injured after a female suicide bomber blew herself up near a crowded market near Jaffa Street in central West Jerusalem. The area was crowded with people shopping at the nearby Mahane Yehuda market before the start of the Jewish Sabbath. The suicide bomber detonated her explosives as passengers were getting off a bus at a crowded bus stop. The bomb was detonated at a busy bus stop. People were thrown into the air by the force of the blast, according to eyewitnesses. "It sounded like a mountain exploded - the ground was moving. People ran away screaming," a municipal worker told Reuters news agency. Ambulances and police were at the scene of the blast within minutes. The wounded were taken to four of Jerusalem's main hospitals.

The blast shattered the windows of a bus as well as those of surrounding shops. Bodies lay in the road, along with fruit and vegetables and broken glass from nearby shop windows. The bomber, who has been identified as a woman from the Jenin refugee camp, was getting on the bus when the bomb was detonated. Reports say she had earlier tried to enter the market, the site of frequent Palestinian suicide bomb attacks in the past, but was deterred by the heavy security presence. The al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, an armed group linked to Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's Fatah faction, claimed responsibility for the attack. It is the second Palestinian bomb attack on a bus in three days.

On Wednesday, nine people were killed and scores injured when a bomber blew himself up on a bus outside the northern Israeli town of Haifa. An Israeli government spokesman called Friday's attack "a message of terror and death" from the Palestinians to Mr Powell. Mr Powell condemned the suicide bombing, saying it showed the danger facing the region. He added that it showed the international community had to find a solution. A senior Palestinian negotiator said the bombing appeared to be a revenge attack for Israel's West Bank offensive. "The terrorist bombings started long befor the West Bank offensive", the Conference said. The Palestinian terrorist left a scene of chaos and confusion. Israel says its campaign in the West Bank is aimed at dismantling the Palestinian "terror network".

* The latest Jerusalem attacks, summary: 1 April: Car bomb explodes in West Jerusalem killing the bomber and critically injuring a policeman. 29 March: Female bomber kills herself and two others at a supermarket.21 March: Three people killed including Palestinian suicide bomber on King George street. 9 March, 2002: 11 killed, 54 injured in cafe suicide bombing. Several institutions outside the anarchist organizations have sent notes to the AIE, supporting the anarchists point of view on the Mid East and terrorist problems in general. The Conference 13.04.2002 stands firm on the resolutions presented above, saying "these events are changing nothing, but it clearly demonstrates it is soon time for international intervention and administration, after the terrorist network mainly is rounded up. The situation in the Mid East is getting more an more similar to Bosnia before the intervention." A Palestine spokesman speaking on the BBC early this day expressed that terrorism was a problem, but also asked the (rhetorical) question "Is not a Palestinian life worth the same as others?" (i.e. a Jew?). P. Johansen, research fellow of IIFOR, in the poetical and metaphorical mood today, said humming in a comment to the Palestinian spokesman, quoting a famous Jew, Mr. Robert "Bob Dylan" Zimmerman: "The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind - the answer is blowing in the wind...." . The Secretary General of the Anarchafeminist International is however more direct, very angry about the young Palestinian terrorist girl's loss of life as well as the Jews, and says "some Palestinians, the Jihad brainwashing bosses as well as Arafat, seem to put up a price of life on"their" young girls close to ZERO US$ per head at the moment".

The question about price on life is however a bit more complicated. Some preliminary research by IIFOR may be mentioned in this context, indicating the following: Generally speaking, in an archi-society, i.e. primitive, as the Italian anarchist Errico Malasta put it - where "people live like animals", the marginal implicit price on life is approximately zero, i.e. "social" darwinism, with lack of birthcontrol, and maximal - not optimal - population is the main tendency, - and death by starvation and hunger-related illnesses are usually ultimately ruling death and life. In a relatively civilized society, i.e. not archi-society in the meaning of primitive, the prices on life are usually much higher. This is a matter of degree, and the implicit price of life in practice, as say it may be investigated via the general theory of revealed preferences, is by no means uniform in space and time and for different persons. As Mr Kofi Annan hardly is to blame for the price formation on life world wide, since the UN is no world government, the responsibility for birth control, real law and order, etc. and approximately optimal population, is mainly resting on the shoulders of the responsible for each society, i.e. usually the different states, countries or nations forming the international society. In anarchies, i.e. real democracies, the responsible is mainly the people themselves, in archies the respective authorities.

Palestine, with oligarchical, polyarchical, plutarchical, corrupt, ochlarcical and terrorist tendencies, rivaling "states withing the state", and a lot of chaos, is far from anarchy. Thus, the Palestine authorities, with Arafat up front, themselves is mainly responsible for the low price on life in their society and near by. To put the blame on others, say, the Jews, is usually immoral and irresponsible. Making scapegoats and implicitely put a price on their head close to zero or negative, more or less without a sound course, is far out. In this case some blame must also be put on the world society, the UN, for not trying hard enough to implement a "two-state model" before. There were however attempts, the PLO-state of Arafat was very close to a wholly independent country before the new terrorist wave. Thus, the Palestine authority is very much to blame itself.

An approximately equal price and high price on life world wide is an aim for anarchism. Thus birthcontrol, real law and order, etc, i.e. optimal economical-political systems in general, are very important to achiev. Anarchists work against archies in general, especially archi-societies in the meaning of primitive. It must however be said that the latter is not an easy task, because ca 10 - 50 million people die of starvation and hunger-related illnesses each year on planet Tellus and archi-societal tendencies are strong many places on Earth. Perhaps babies are born relatively equal, but the price on their life may soon become very different in practice. That's the way it is - not what it should be!

Strangely enough soon after IJ@ published this note about the price on life in the Mid East internationally, a.o.t. via the AIE, the Palestinian leopard cat Mr Arafat himself pulled in his claws for a while and denounced yesterday's suicide bombing in Jerusalem, and attacks on civilian people in Mid East in general. "We strongly condemn the violent operations directed at Israeli civilians, especially the latest operation in Jerusalem," Arafat said in a statement carried in Arabic by the official Palestinian news agency WAFA and read on Palestinian television. "We guess it is better late than never" the Conference says, and "the approximations to the anarchists' plans should continue." "Perhaps it's just a bubble on the 'Mid East Human Stock Exchange' ?" - an IIFOR spokesman says: "It is deeds not words that give the value on the "human stock exchange" measured via the theory of revealed preferences". Powell says he will meet Arafat tomorrow. Then we will possibly see if it is just a verbal bubble or a beginning of a real change in human values and rights in the Mid East. Time will show! By the way, there were several pro Arafat demonstrations world wide, mostly by muslims, some quite big.

14.04.2002 Euronews reports about big pro Israel demonstrations in the USA. BBC reports: Israeli officials rejected the statement, describing Mr Arafat as saying one thing and doing another. "We cannot be impressed by any condemnation," said Danny Ayalon, an adviser to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. "We want deeds, not words." Mr Powell's mission was thrown into crisis by the suicide bombing on Friday. Earlier in the day, the secretary of state had been unable to persuade Prime Minister Sharon to provide a timetable for withdrawing his troops. In an apparent rebuke to the Bush administration, Mr Sharon said: "Nobody will force upon us any decisions or resolutions that might affect our future." Today US Secretary of State Colin Powell is holding talks with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat to try to negotiate a ceasefire after weeks of spiralling violence in the Middle East. Amid heavy security, Mr Powell entered Mr Arafat's besieged Ramallah headquarters in the West Bank. Mr Powell is expected to press Mr Arafat to take effective action against the Palestinian suicide bombings and attacks that have triggered a massive Israeli offensive in the West Bank. Arafat has made some quite unrealistic demands, so this is not goint to be easy. Besides Hamas has said they will continue with suicide terrorism as long as the Israeli occupation continues. "The approximations to the anarchist plans should continue" the conference says: "Talks are just talk so far!"

Ca 15.00 o'clock GMT+1 the more than 3 hours long meeting between Arafat and Powell was over, and very little was changed, i.e. Arafat still supports the terrorism. The discussions will continue on a more diplomatic level tomorrow. After the meeting Powell said the discussion was constructive, they exchanged different points of views. A spokesman for the Palestine authority expressed that Arafat was very tired and had been under hard pressure lately. NRK-Dagsrevyen reported about a possible meeting in Oslo, to get the peace prosess back on the right track. The AIE is sure that Jan Petersen, the Norwegian foreign minister of the state council, will contribute to both this and other things in this connection. Powell and Sharon did not work out a specific time-schedule for Israeli withdrawel from the Palestinian areas on their meeting this evening.

By the way, the antiterrorist struggle in Afghanistan, economic political perspectives included, is far from over according to several news-reports. And East-Timor is soon going into a new future as an independent country. They have now elected president, and in a month the UN-administration will be replaced by a domestic system. There is however no reason to be naive about the democracy in East-Timor. In the beginning it will probably be far from real democracy, i.e. anarchy. It will probably be more than 50% authoritarian, and thus not anarchistic, although not more than 67% authoritarian, i.e. dictatorship and totalitarian.

15.04.2002 BBC reports that CIA is now starting to involve, so called help, in the Mid East. First, they have probably been there all of the time, at least preparing for Powell's and the US peace envoy's visits. Secondly, it is well known they trained Osama bin-Laden and probably a lot of other al-Qaeda leaders, and have a large record for horrible mistakes. Third, they are perhaps infiltrated by the terrorists. The Conference says: " The CIA often acts like a rather brainless ochlarchical, plutarchical many-headed hydra. If they are fucking it up this time also it may have fatal consequences...." The Conference is strongly for both the workingclass people in Palestine as well as in Israel, not "their" authorities, and against CIA intervention. A new holocaust, both on the Palestinian and Israeli workingclass-people must be avoided. Some good news, Israel has allowed the Red Cross to go into the areas liberated from terrorists, say Jenin. Bad news: Hezbollah attacks on Israel from Lebanon make trouble for the peace prosess. CNN reports at least 3 U.S. servicemen killed in an explosion near Kandahar, Afghanistan. The Swedish TV1 reports the EU will not do trade-boycott or other sanctions against Israel after all.

Israeli forces have arrested the West Bank chief of Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement, Marwan Barghouti, one of Israel's most wanted men. He is also a leader of the terrorist brigade of the Fatah movement and a close friend of Arafat. Barghouti, his bodyguard and a Fatah official were arrested at the house of a Fatah member. He has been sought by Israel since it launched its West Bank offensive on 29 March, and was arrested in the city of Ramallah after hiding in nearby villages for most of the Israeli invasion, reports said. The arrest came as US Secretary of State Colin Powell raised the possibility of a Middle East peace conference being held without Mr Arafat's involvement. "This is probably a correct proposal, and consistent with the anarchists' peace plans", the Conference and the AIE said.

Israeli troops exchanged fire with Palestinians trapped in Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity. Mr Barghouti, 41, is regarded by Israel as the driving force behind the suicide bombings on its people. Mr Barghouti (of course) denies the charges. He emerged as a popular student leader during the first intifada between 1987 and 1992 and has been tipped by some commentators as a possible successor to Mr Arafat. Colin Powell earlier warned of the dangers of the fighting between Israelis and Palestinians turning into a regional conflict. He was speaking after talks in Beirut with Lebanese leaders, as part of his Middle East peace mission. Mr Powell told reporters Mr Arafat "has the ability to empower people in the Palestinian movement to represent him. The conference does not necessarily require his personal presence to get started." The Red Cross and Red Crescent workers, who were accompanied into the West Bank refugee camp of Jenin by Israeli troops, have begun the task of collecting bodies and treating the wounded. The Palestinians say hundreds of people died in the fighting; Israel denies a massacre, saying the numbers are far smaller.

In the evening Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said Israeli troops could pull out of Palestinian towns in less than a week, as Israeli forces arrested one of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's closest aides. Speaking on CNN, Mr Sharon said a withdrawal from Nablus would take "not more than a week", while troops could leave Jenin within "a couple of days". The Israeli leader said the army would, however, remain in Ramallah and Bethlehem until Palestinian terrorists were handed over. "Altogether," said Mr Sharon, "we are on our way out", adding that Israel had no intention of staying in "cities of terror". But chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said Mr Sharon was defying the United States and the international community by not withdrawing immediately. "We perhaps don't think so, and this is also approximately consistent with the anarchists' plans..." the Conference said early 16.04.2002: " We want deeds - not words - according to the anarchist plans! The Qatar-based television network al-Jazzera has sent a video with Osama bin-Laden and his deputy "Dr Dead" that the US thought they had killed in Afghanistan in 2001. It must be clear to all that the armed and other struggle against terrorism, state terrorism included, is very far from over, but just in the beginning...."

Israeli armor rumbled back into Tulkarm early on Tuesday a week after pulling out of the West Bank city, in what Israeli military sources called a limited operation to arrest Palestinian militants. "This is not a reoccupation," one military source said. "It is a limited operation to search for terrorists." Israeli forces left Tulkarm and the city of Qalqilya, also in the West Bank, a week ago after intense anarchist and other international pressure to begin a pullback from Palestinian areas seized in an offensive launched on March 29 after a long series of suicide bombings in Israel. Ariel Sharon says "all withdrawals will be on his timetable". Euronews TV reports about quite large pro Israel demonstrations and for peace in USA and Italy. The Palestinian terrorist and intifada leader Marwan Barghouti will be put on trial in Israel for the "murder of hundreds of Israelis," Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has said. US Secretary of State Colin Powell is beginning a new round of talks with the Israeli and Palestinian leaders after Israel said it would pull troops out of some West Bank towns within a week. - Hundreds of British marines have gone into action in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan - their first full combat operation since the Falklands conflict. "Significant numbers" of Royal Marines from 45 Commando, part of 3 Commando Brigade, are targeting a former Taleban and al-Qaeda stronghold. They are working with US troops and Afghan coalition forces under the codename Ptarmigan, in what was described as a "risky" operation to wipe out any remaining fighters. A spokesman said the offensive was to "search and clear a high mountain valley where we believe there may be some elements of Taleban and al-Qaeda forces still active".

Powell's trip is unlikely to end with a ceasefire. US Secretary of State Colin Powell has held what is expected to be a final round of talks with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon before he takes his peace mission to Egypt on Wednesday. Mr Powell will hold a second round of talks with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat on Wednesday, before flying to Cairo where US officials said he would brief Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on his peace mission. Jordanian Foreign Minister Marwan Moasher will also visit Mr Arafat in his besieged headquarters in Ramallah "in the next few days", the Jordanian Foreign Ministry said. In Washington, the White House announced that Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah, who has proposed a regional peace plan, will meet President Bush in Texas on 25 April. As the diplomatic moves continued, heavy fighting erupted around the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem on Tuesday night, where about 200 Palestinian gunmen have been besieged by Israeli troops since 2 April. The BBC's Jon Leyne in Jerusalem says it does not look like Colin Powell will achieve the ceasefire and full withdrawal of Israeli troops he had hoped for. Palestinian and US negotiators are reported to be working on a joint statement condemning suicide bombings and endorsing the creation of a Palestinian state, but falling short of declaring a ceasefire.

The Palestinians have demanded that Israel withdraw from Palestinian towns and villages in the West Bank before they sign a truce. Israel continued its security operations on Tuesday, raiding three Palestinian suburbs of Jerusalem and the town of Tulkarm, from which they had previously withdrawn on 9 April. The Israeli army said it had arrested four members of the Islamic militant group Hamas, before it withdrew from the town. Palestinian witnesses said Israeli soldiers also swept into the Raffidiyeh area of Nablus and detained five people. The raids were part of Israel's hunt for Palestinian militants, begun on 29 March following a spate of Palestinian suicide attacks on Israeli targets. The BBC's Caroline Hawley, who is in Bethlehem, reported the heaviest exchange of fire between Israeli troops and Palestinian gunmen in the Church of the Nativity since the stand-off began two weeks ago. Palestinian gunmen are under siege in the church. Our correspondent said a bell tower had been hit and smoke was rising in Manger Square. The governor of Bethlehem, Mohammed al-Madani, who is inside the church told Reuters news agency: "The Israelis have tried to storm a section of the church." The Israeli army said it was operating in the area but denied firing on the church. On Monday, Mr Sharon said Israeli forces would remain in Bethlehem and Ramallah until Palestinian "terrorists" there were handed over. He said the army would, however, pull out of Nablus and Jenin within a week, a move welcomed by President Bush. "Well, there are a lot of words in the air, what about some deeds?", the Conference said: "No terrorism = Withdrawel = Palestine state, - more or less at the same time."

17.04.2002: The besieged Palestinian terrorist-leader, Yasser Arafat, has voiced outrage over his treatment by the Israelis, following talks with US Secretary of State Colin Powell, saying: "I have to ask the whole this acceptable, that I can't go outside this door? " Terrorist leader's complaints are also complaints... Mr Arafat emerged from the meeting in Ramallah in terrible angry mood, with Israelis controlling his access to electricity, food and water. But he also thanked Mr Powell for his efforts and described the talks as "very warm, very important". It was Mr Powell's last meeting with Mr Arafat as the US secretary of state wrapped up his Middle East peace mission, still with no sign of a ceasefire. He made no comment after the talks.

Palestinian officials say there will be no deal or truce until Israel makes a full withdrawal from all the West Bank areas it has occupied. But Washington has called on the Palestinians to halt "terrorism" immediately or risk losing millions of dollars in aid. Sharon has given Powell a timeschedul for withdrawel , reports NRK. The Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, has pledged to pull troops out of Jenin and Nablus within a week. But they will stay in Bethlehem and Ramallah until Palestinian terrorists there surrender, he said. One of Mr Arafat's top aides, Saeb Erekat, said that the situation was worse than a week ago, with the Israelis "deepening the reoccupation". "I don't know if we have a Palestinian Authority any more," he said. "All we can say is Sharon did a good job to torpedo the secretary's mission here." "Perhaps the real torpedo came from Arafat, after all supporting continued terrorism", the Conference says.

In the city of Nablus, hospital records show that 71 Palestinians have been killed there since the Israeli army invaded on 3 April. And in the devastated Jenin refugee camp Red Cross teams and Israeli troops are continuing the search for the bodies of Palestinians killed in heavy fighting. Heavy security is in place in Israel to prevent suicide attacks, as the country holds ceremonies for its independence day. Since 1994 US presidents have signed a waiver every six months that allows the Palestine Liberation Organisation, PLO, to lobby and finance itself in Washington. But the annual $75m in aid will now be conditional on Mr Arafat halting attacks on Israelis. Aid committed to Israel and Palestinians in 2001: Israel: $2.4bn military aid, plus $200m grants and $700-800m 'general' aid from US Palestinians: $570m aid from Arab League, $300m from European Union and $240m from US Source:World Bank The Bush administration said it would be watching Palestinian compliance "very closely". After a final round of talks with Mr Powell on Tuesday, Mr Sharon indicated that he might drop objections to Mr Arafat attending an international Middle East peace conference. Speaking on Israeli television, Mr Sharon said a Middle East summit involving Mr Arafat could take place in the United States in June. Whoever represented the Palestinians at a summit was "a secondary issue," he said. Mr Sharon previously insisted that Mr Arafat, whom he most likely correctly accuses of fostering terrorism, should not attend any peace talks. "None of the Palestine authority should represent the Palestinian people, if fostering suicide terrorism." the Conference said.

Israeli forces moved into a Palestinian district of Jerusalem overnight. Residents of Issawiyah said troops removed people from their homes and made arrests. Israel receives $3bn a year - much of it in military grants As diplomatic moves continued, the militant group Hamas appealed for funds to buy the weapons needed for suicide bombings and attacks against Israelis. The website of the group's military wing launched the appeal, imploring Arab supporters to consider the cost of "modern guerrilla actions". The group claims its fighters have killed 65% of Israelis who have died since the current Palestinian uprising began 18 months ago. "The end of Colin Powell's mission draws very near" the Conference says, but repeats:"No terrorism = Withdrawel = Palestine state, - more or less at the same time." New York Times later on reports the conclusion of Powell's meetings: "Powell Says Sharon Gives 'Timeline' on Withdrawal. Secretary of State Colin L. Powell said Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon promised to withdraw troops from the West Bank within the next few days. He also admonished Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat that the "terrorism must end."

Euronews reports about a new Osama bin-Laden video, closing the al-Qaeda network more into the 11.09.2001 terrorist acts. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Wednesday dismissed a report that a U.S. decision not to put ground troops at Tora Bora last year let Osama bin-Laden escape. Rumsfeld bridled when asked whether U.S. Afghanistan war commander Army Gen. Tommy Franks had made a major mistake in his approach to the Tora Bora campaign, as alleged by unnamed U.S. government sources in a Washington Post story. "Difficult to say..." the Conference says, " but now CIA's G. Tennent is getting involved in the Mid East. We demand the CIA should involve as little as possible, on behalf of their major error records! We stick to: "No terrorism = Withdrawel = Palestine state, - more or less at the same time." 18.04.2002.

Israel has begun to withdraw its forces from the West Bank towns of Jenin and Nablus, the scene of heavy fighting during the past two weeks. Witnesses saw 50 tanks leaving the battered Jenin refugee camp. The Israeli Defense Minister, Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, said on Israeli television that he hoped a withdrawal from most parts of the West Bank - apart from Ramallah and Bethlehem - would be finished by Sunday. In Bethlehem, a hitch appears to have stalled the first face-to-face talks between Israeli and Palestinian negotiators trying to resolve the stand-off at the Church of the Nativity.

The Arafat friend and marxian UN special envoy Terje "red" Rød-Larsen, who visited the refugee camp on Thursday, said the devastation was "horrific beyond belief" and he criticized Israel for not allowing rescue teams in after the battle. Tanks and armoured vehicles have been pulled back from the town and at least part of the refugee camp. A curfew has been lifted and aid has entered the camp and been distributed. A source inside the camp says that civilians appear to have adequate supplies. Aid agencies have been sifting through the rubble in Jenin, looking for bodies, following claims by the Palestinians that a massacre took place there. Israel denies the claims and so far only a few bodies have been recovered. Rød-Larsen expresses to NRK they didn't smell to well. An Israeli spokesman said to BBC they had lost 23 antiterroristfighters in a fierce struggle with Palestine terrorists taking civilian as hostages. 4 Canadian anti-terroristfighters in Afghanistan have been killed by US-plane." The US-fighters should be less triggerhappy" the Conference says.

A small plane with only the pilot on board crashed Thursday into a 30-story landmark skyscraper that houses the regional government offices. A few people were reported dead. Smoke poured out of the building in downtown Milan but firefighters quickly put out the flames. Rescuers helped bloodied men in business suits. The pilot of the Piper aircraft, en route from Switzerland, had sent out a distress call at 5:54 p.m. just before the crash near Milan's main train station, said police officer Celerissimo De Simone. RAI state TV reported that the pilot said the SOS was because of engine trouble. ``We believe it isn't a terrorist attack,'' said police Sgt. Vincenzo Curto, who was reached at the Carabinieri headquarters in Milan. ``The pilot might have taken ill or it was an engine problem.'' Kofi Annan says the UN may send Blue Berets peace keepers to Mid East. "This is consistent with the anarchists' plans", the conference says. Kofi Annan made his appeal for armed intervention at a closed session of the Security Council. Israeli spokesmen swiftly rejected it while Mr Erekat said it was the "right way to start fighting Israeli aggression". Mr Annan said there was a need for a force large enough to take "decisive action" to end the deadly cycle of attacks. The multinational force should be assembled by countries willing to supply troops and should have "a robust mandate," he said, adding later, "I expect the United States to play an important role." 19.04.2002. A terrorist bomber blows himself up in the Mid East.

"However Arafat's PLO-State Palestine authority, with seven branches of more or less secret police, and probably most police per capita in the world, mostly making chaos and no real law and order, has proved itself to be a criminal corrupt terror-regime, ruling with terror both within and without, a.o.t. repressing the opposition and killing it, and thus must be replaced by a UN-adminstration, similar to East-Timor. To put it short: Arafat, PLO, Jihad etc. terrorism is out - something new must in, but not a Quisling-regime. In the meantime a UN-administration based on a sufficiently large Blue Berets corps, to secure real law and order in the Palestine area, must be put at place as soon as possibel. Zionistical macro-Israel dreams as exposed by, say, Sharon in his earlier days, and fundamentalist Jews today, are unrealistical and unfair. The borders of Israel of 1966 must be restored and a Palestine independent country introduced, not based on terrorism but on peace and mutual co-operation & aid, plus birth-control, " the Conference says: "Israel must be respected as an independent country, not be seen as a colonial illegal settler state, as many marxist leftists, nazis and muslim fundamentalists, al-Qaeda included, do. Thus, the Arabic proposal to the UN, based on Arafat's rule, must be rejected. No more PLO-state! Israel has come to stay. Palestine is there to stay! - We stick to: No terrorism = Withdrawel = Palestine state, - more or less at the same time." 20.04.2002: FBI says "unsubstantiated information" suggests terrorists planning attacks on U.S. banks.

Dagbladet 20.04.2002 reports Ariael Sharons' spokesman Zalman Shoval says to the Norwegian UN "peace envoy" and a friend of Arafat, Terje "red" Rød-Larsen "Go home to Quisling land! People that gave us Quisling, don't need to come here and tell us what is right and what is wrong!" NACO says "We are far from all Quislings. Rød-Larsen is no good as "peace envoy", similar to Thorvald Stoltenberg, the UN "peace-envoy" in Bosnia, stating "They are all Serbs". The Marxian Norwegian Labor Party AP-bosses really are not good "peace envoys", often de facto taking the side of terrorists and war criminals. They are mostly ruining Norway's reputation as a peaceloving and peaceworking Anarchy. But Rød-Larsen is well known as economically corrupt as well, so we don't want him back to Norway either. He should perhaps help the Red Cross with practical work, and shut up for a while." (By the way "rød" means "red" in Norwegian, usually the color of leftist marxists, as the center is more pale red. That he also is a bit red-brown, should be well known. The name is a bit funny, but it is of course random that he is "red" (plus brown) and his name is red, in Norwegian. He's born that way, and has not taken the name deliberately to flag policy.) The Conference repeats: "What must stand firm are the basics about the Mid East problems, 1. that the Anarchist International and the anarchists at the Conference on terrorism 2. are for the Palestinian and the Jewish workingclass people against "their" respective authorities, the upper classes, the rich and powerful. 3. That's where the anarchists stand." About a thousand pro Israel protesters demonstrated in Norway Saturday, 14 Jihad-supporters were arrested. Several thousand marxist leftists have demonstrated pro Arafat in Washington, USA. By the way it is Hitler's birthday today, we do the usual spitting in the WC to "celebrate the event, phfheeuu#&%&#", and Russia has had problems with their approximately 10 000 neonazis.

Israel has begun pulling troops and tanks out of the West Bank cities of Nablus and Ramallah, but the compound of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat remains surrounded. Any place that we've finished... we pull out, said Raanan Gissin, Israeli spokesman. The latest stage of Israel's phased withdrawal from Palestinian areas came as President Bush called on Israeli and Arab leaders to make "hard choices" to end their conflict. Earlier, a US envoy to the Middle East said the aftermath of intense fighting at the Jenin refugee camp was a "tragedy" for Palestinian people. Elsewhere in the West Bank, a Palestinian died in an explosion. The Israeli army said the would-be Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up near Qalqilya in the West Bank near the border with Israel. Military sources said the man, who was apparently heading for the Israeli town of Kfar Saba, detonated his explosives after he was challenged by soldiers. In Gaza, a Palestinian gunman was shot dead after killing an Israeli border policeman at the Erez checkpoint on the border between Gaza and Israel. The Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade, an armed wing of Yasser Arafat's Fatah faction, said one of its members from Gaza City carried out the attack. "It is soon time for real peace work, Blue Berets, etc. and deeds not words", the Conference says 21.04.2002.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has said the first stage of Israel's offensive in the West Bank is over. Mr Sharon's comments came hours after Israeli tanks and troops pulled out of the city of Nablus and most of Ramallah. They have now redeployed around West Bank cities. Israel has said troops will continue to surround Palestinian terrorist leader Yasser Arafat's compound in Ramallah and the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem until wanted militants are handed over. US Secretary of State Colin Powell welcomed the Israeli withdrawals but strangely enough called for Israel to give Mr Arafat more access to the outside world. He said Israel should allow Mr Arafat to exercise his authority and to try to persuade the Palestinian people on to a peaceful path towards a state of their own. Is Powell some kind of a nut, or is it the antiterrorcoalition he is thinking of? Mr Powell said he hoped to return to the Middle East in the near future. Speaking to reporters, Mr Sharon said: "We have finished this stage of the operation called Defensive Shield," saying Israel had achieved "very profound results". He said that "the struggle against terrorism continues," adding "this time, it will work according to a different method". The operation started as mentioned on 29 March after a wave of Palestinian suicide attacks killed and wounded scores of Israelis.

It says it will continue to surround Mr Arafat's compound until he hands over three people suspected of assassinating Israeli Tourism Minister Rehavam Zeevi and a finance official accused of arms smuggling. Mr Arafat has offered to put the three suspected assassins on trial, but not extradite them. Israeli security officials were reported to be considering storming the compound to seize the wanted Palestinians. According to reports from Israel, the government is considering cutting contact with UN Middle East envoy Terje Roed-Larsen. Israel was stung by Mr Roed-Larsen's comments after a visit to Jenin refugee camp, when he said it was "morally repugnant" that Israel had refused to let humanitarian workers into the camp for 11 days after fighting ended. Israel has said it will cooperate with a UN fact-finding mission to determine what happened in the fighting. But the government has reportedly said three senior UN officials should not be part of the team: Mr Rød-Larsen, the head of the UN relief works agency in Jerusalem, Peter Hanssen, and the UN human rights chief Mary Robinson. "No surprise the Jews don't want these one sided friends of Arafat's terrorist PLO-State to "investigate" their antiterrorist activities", the Conference says: "They will probably not be fair!"

22.04.2002 reports from Israel about a grassroots and students' movement against Rød-Larsen, also mentioning Rød-Larsen's lies about an Hezbollah/UN-video, trying to put the blame on others in the UN. Shimon Peres, the Brown Card convict, has partly supported Rød-Larsen, and also Kofi Annan and Jan Petersen, but the AIE has sent several notes saying loud and clear that Rød-Larsen and his two friends are not the best in this connection 21-22.04.2002. In the evening NRK reports that the UN has decided that Rød-Larsen & Co shall not lead the commission, but a Finnish delegation lead by the former president of Finland, mr Martti Oiva Kalevi AHTISAARI (1937-). He has experience from Bosnia. This is consistent with the AIE's diplomatic work, and Chargé d'affaires A. Quist & Co at the AI-Embassy are very pleased. This is the good news. The bad news a.o.t. are that the brown&blue Le Pen and his National Front have done a "good" election in France. This may contribute to increase the fascist ochlarchy and terror in France. The Jews are however not so pleased with the new commision lead by the former Finnish president.

Perhaps the reason that the Jews don't want an investigation lead by this former president is that the flag of the president of Finland has a so called "Cross of Freedom" in the upper left corner. This cross is actually a cross with a cross inside. I would say the outside cross is similar to Hitler's iron cross, only blue, and the cross inside is a yellow swastika. The "Cross of Freedom" is the oldest order in Finland and the president is it's Grand Master. Perhaps the Jews don't like the symbols - it may create some bad memories, and be taken as a bad omen. However anarchists don't believe to much in symbols as such, and not at all in omens. There are probably not so many nazis in Finland anymore and especially not the former president. But of course, it may bee seen as a bit strange and not very diplomatic of UN to select a leader for an investigation committe against Jews, that was the Grand Master of a swastika order, and who calls the swastika + iron cross for "Cross of Freedom". It sounds a bit like Orwellian "1984" newspeak," a spokesman for the Anarchist Federation of Finland (AFIF/SA) says:

"Germany's help to Finland against Stalin is quite exaggerated. It was, say, our Norwegian democratic fellow volunteers, and not Hitler, that supported Finland in the "Winter War" against Stalin, and we won against the commies. If Hitler had won the second world war, Finland had been a slave and vassal state under Hitler and Germany's ochlarchy and terror-rule, similar to Norway. In the second world war Hitler mainly used Finland as a "useful" idiot against the allies. Finland could probably have been much better off if joining the allies much before 1944. Finland should probably join the NATO. It is only the Finnish upper class traitors that benefits from "little brother's" collaboration with "big brother" Germany. Furthermore today, also Germany is a part of NATO. It is mainly the big bear brother in the East that must be outbalanced a bit to secure an independent Finland. However in EU we will propably be more and more a vassalstate under German influence. Say, we have not been able to do away with most of the unemployment problems, as Norway, The Swiss Confederation, Iceland and Liechtenstein have. The EU-membership is an important negative factor here. Thus AFIF/SA is against EU, today as in 1990s. We want a free Finland, out of the claws of EU and the German eagle. This is probably also the best way for Finland to fight and stay out of terrorism."

In the Gaza Strip, Israeli soldiers killed two gunmen on the edge of Bureij refugee camp overnight and shot dead another man who the army said had tried to infiltrate a Jewish settlement. In Ramallah, masked Palestinian gunmen shot and wounded three from the Palestinian antiterrorist opposition. A car bomb has exploded in Spain. ETA, recently listed as a terrorist organization by the European Union, rarely claims responsibility for attacks until several weeks after the event. Earlier this month, the group said it carried out 11 recent attacks, including the killing of a local politician in March and two attempted murders in February. ETA has killed more than 800 people since 1968 in its drive for an independent state in Basque areas of northern Spain and southwestern France. 23.04.2002 news-reports say that Rød-Larsen and his wife have received ca 100 000 US $ as a special peace prize from the he so called Shimon Peres Peace Center, an institute run by friends of Shimon Peres, the Brown Card convict and Nobel peace prize winner, and that Rød-Larsen also is supported by the authoritarian red&brown marxists Jan Egeland of Red Cross, a former UN peace envoy in Colombia and the "peace insitute" PRIO-deputy boss Hilde Henriksen Waage, both Brown Card convicts. The problem is further discussed at the "Conspiracy file", see link above. The Norwegian Foreign Department, UD, shall investigate the peace prize to Rød-Larsen because the Peres-center is partly financed by Norwegian money. The Conference on terrorism says UD is probably not the right institution to investigate this case. They should perhaps be investigated themselves for several more or less corrupt errors. 3 more from the Palestinian antiterrorist opposition are killed by Arafat's terrorists. Israel on Tuesday withdrew its agreement for a U.N. fact-finding mission to probe the Israeli army's offensive in the Jenin refugee camp, Israeli political sources said.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer decided to suspend Israel's approval of the probe because they considered some of the members named to the United Nations team would be prejudiced against Israel, the sources said. "We weren't happy with the fact that there was no military presence on the team," an Israeli official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said. U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan had named Martti Ahtisaari, a former president of Finland, to lead the team, which also included Cornelio Sommaruga, former president of the International Committee of the Red Cross, and Sadako Ogata, the former U.N. high commissioner for refugees.

"Persons from armed defense or similar that are trained in looking into the future by realistic, most likely scenarios should of course join the team to shed light on the truth. What happened yesterday is far from the whole truth and nothing but the truth in this case. Also possible future consequences must be taken into account. Say, the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombs were of course a massacre in those days in 1945, but the most likely realistic alternative scenario with a prolonged war with Kamikaze based fundamentalist and fanatical attacks would probably ended up with much larger losses, both civilian and soldiers. It is estimated that the nuclear bombings saved net ca 1 000 000 lives. Thus, in this special context the "philosophy of the bomb" was both ethical and morally as well as humanistically defendable and not really authoritarian seen all in all. And the bombings were not terrorism/stateterrorism. The same way of scenario thinking should probably be introduced in the Jenin case etc, although of course it is not quite the same type of event," the Conference says. 24.04.2002 The Israeli, Norwegian and international media are discussing the Rød-Larsen case, the "Peres peace prize" included. To quote Rød-Larsen a bit: "It smells bad, etc...".

25.04.2002: Israeli troops have done away with 10 more Palestinian terrorists, NRK reports. The Norwegian country's Public Prosecutor, Riksadvokaten, has taken over the Rød-Larsen some Norwegian media reports. However later on it is clearified that UD is co-operating with the Attorney-General, Regjeringsadvokaten, not the Public Prosecutor. A NACO spokeswoman says it would be better if the Public Prosecutor got the case, UD should not "investigate" itself, although the co-operation with the Attorney-General may contribute to better quality in the investigation, see more news and comments via the link to the "Grand Conspiracy" above. Saudi leaders are holding an informal summit with US President George W Bush at which they are expected to ask the US to do more to restrain Israel. The Conference says to Bush :"Read our lips, it is probably best to approximately follow the anarchist plans for Mid East". Explosion Damages Building in Lower Manhattan. Part of an eight-story building housing a technical school collapsed today in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood. Broadcast reports identified the school as Apex Technical School. At least two people were carried out on stretchers and placed into ambulances. At least 21 others were being treated at the scene for injuries, fire officials said.

Representatives of 20 countries and international organisations, including Israel and the Palestinian Authority, 25.04.2002 met in Oslo within the framework of The Ad Hoc Liaison Committee for assistance to the Palestinian People (AHLC). The Committee is chaired by Jan Petersen, Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs from the state council. Though this meeting was not a formal pledging conference, donors this day alone stated their commitment to disburse about USD 1.2 billion during the course of 2002 against the need of 2 billion. Further commitments are expected in the coming weeks UD reports. A solution to the conflict depends upon a comprehensive approach that combines simultaneous and parallel security, political and economic tracks. Today’s meeting was a part of this three pronged strategy. NACO and AIE say this is consistent with the anarchist plans, but are warning Petersen about too much support for Terje Rød-Larsen and Mona Juul, as he stated earlier, because this may backfire. "The Anarchy of Norway should get a new ambassador in Israel and a new peace envoy, less biased towards Arafat and more 'clean hands'," NACO says.

26.04. 2002 The Israeli anti-terrorist force said it had killed a local leader of the militant Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine faction in the town, named as Raed Nazal. Two Palestinians have been wounded in a gun battle in Bethlehem, as the stand-off with Israeli troops around the Church of the Nativity continues. A self-styled suicide-terroristical student, dressed in a dark uniform with a ninja-type mask, bent on bloody revenge after being expelled from his school shot dead 17 people, mostly teachers, before killing himself Friday in the worst murder spree in post-war Germany. "Politics in uniform and self styled private wars are very authoritarian", the Conference said a bit later. A few days later it is reported that the German suicide terrorist massmurder, Robert Steinhauser, used the name "Son of Satan" on Internet.

27.04.2002: Israeli police say five (BBC and Reuters report 4) people have been killed in an attack on a West Bank settlement by at least one Palestinian gunman. Around 14 people wounded in the attack were evacuated to hospital, the head of the area's ambulance service said. Israeli officials say three Palestinians, disguised as Israeli soldiers, cut through the wire fence surrounding the Adora settlement and shot anyone they came across, before escaping. Israeli troops say they killed one of the gunmen during a raid on a nearby Arab village later on. It is the first deadly Palestinian attack on Israelis since a suicide bomber killed six people near a Jerusalem market on 12 April. The United Nations postponed until Sunday the arrival of a fact-finding mission to investigate the Israeli anti-terrorist activities in the Jenin refugee camp. Secretary-General Kofi Annan made the announcement after talks with an Israeli delegation in New York to discuss Israel's objections to the mission's members and its mandate. The purpose is probably to get more anti-terrorist competence into the mission. In Qalqilya, 10,000 Palestinians chanting "Revenge, Revenge" marched in the funeral of Raed Nazzal, local leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, PFLP, who was killed by Israeli troops during a raid on the West Bank town Friday. At least 1,316 Palestinians and 458 Israelis have been killed in the 19-month-old Palestinian uprising against Israeli occupation, mainly by terrorism and anti-terrorist struggle, also taking into account Arafat and his authorities' probable hidden agenda about driving the Jews on the sea. - Fierce Afghan clash as Rumsfeld visits the country. At least 25 people are reported killed in a bombardment of Gardez in eastern Afghanistan as the US defense chief rallies troops.

28.04.2002: The Israeli cabinet is to discuss whether to allow a United Nations fact-finding mission to go to the Palestinian refugee camp in Jenin. The camp came under sustained attack during the recent Israeli military offensive in the West Bank, and the UN team is due to arrive later on Sunday. Although Israel has agreed to the UN mission in principle, it has expressed concern about its make-up and mandate. The Palestinians claim a massacre of hundreds of people resulted from the 29 March Israeli incursion, while Israel acknowledges only dozens of casualties. Israel Accepts U.S. Proposal to Free Arafat: Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Cabinet on Sunday approved a U.S. proposal that calls for U.S. and British personnel to guard six Palestinians wanted by Israel, and in turn, Yasir Arafat would be allowed to leave his compound and move freely in Palestinian areas of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. A Norwegian TV-station reports that human rights investigators say no massacre found place at Jenin, but some human rights were probably broken. "If Arafat leaves his headquarters, it should be possible to arrest the terrorists he has been hiding there," the Conference says: "thus it is a good idea he moves a little, say, to find a less terroristical and corrupt follower when he retires, hopefully soon!"

29.04.2002: The six Palestinian terrorists are to be transferred within 48 hours from Mr Arafat's Ramallah headquarters to Jericho, where they will be guarded by US and UK wardens, said Palestinian Information Minister Yasser Abed Rabbo. As diplomatic efforts were under way in Ramallah, Israeli tanks backed by helicopter gunships moved into the West Bank town of Hebron, imposing a curfew and making house-to-house searches for Palestinian militants. Nine Palestinians are reported to have been killed in the operation, which Israel says is in response to the attack on the nearby Jewish settlement of Adora on Saturday. Elsewhere in the West Bank, a Palestinian man has been shot dead in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, following an exchange of fire between Palestinians and Israeli forces around the church.- 30.04.2002: Israel defied the United Nations on Tuesday by blocking an investigation into death and destruction at Jenin refugee camp, but its troops left Palestinian areas in the West Bank city of Hebron after U.S. appeals.

May - June 2002

"To reject such an UN investigation, believing it will not be matter of fact, is perhaps not the smartest thing to do in this case," the Conference says 01.05.2002, also denouncing the riots by so called "anarchists" in Germany, Australia and London, etc. "German, Australian and London, etc., "anarchists" are usually not anarchists, but chaotic punks and similar type "national-anarchists", "anarcho-bolsheviks", marxist-lubbeists, supporters of RAF/Baader-Meinhof respectively IRA, or trotskyites posing as anarchists, also marxian Industrial-WW members and their collaborationists, etc.," an IAT- spokesman says to IJ@: "None of these groups are anarchists, i.e. libertarian/libertaire." BBC and Euronews are mixing such authoritarian groups with anarchists and anarchist protest, and get a Brown Card.

By the way, it was big silence in the international media, except in IJ@, the Norwegian and Israeli press, about Rød-Larsen lately. This was a bit strange so a spokesman for the Anarchist International sent a note to Reuters and some other media-giants about it. Tuesday evening however Reuters again was quoting Rød-Larsen: "U.N. Middle East envoy Terje Roed-Larsen has said there were no signs a massacre had taken place(in Jenin) but has accused the army of violating humanitarian law during its operation." "We made exceptional efforts not to harm the innocent," Sharon said in a speech. "Any attempt to defame us or put us on trial before the world will not succeed. No other army...has acted according to such high moral standards." Well, Rød-Larsen seems to be more matter of fact at the moment. The "Rød-Larsen, Juul & Brundtland" case is however not reported yet in the largest international media, but, say, the British "SUN" replied back to AI that they would keep an eye at it... "Perhaps it is best kept at the "conspiracy file" at IJ@ for a while?" the AIE says: "It must however be mentioned that Jan Petersen, the Norwegian foreign minister, is responsible for UD and its activities. To keep a too low profile in this corruption case (breaking the Norwegian public service law § 20 is no joke) in the long run, may as mentioned backfire. Petersen is responsible for UD, that's the rule!" 02.05.2002 Petersen made a statement. (Read more about it at the "conspiracy file" via the link above.) At least 1,329 Palestinians and 458 Israelis have been killed since the Palestinian uprising started in September 2000 after peace negotiations stalled, according to Reuters.

May Day: Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets of French cities to protest against the presence of far right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen in the presidential run-off. TVN reports ca 1 500,000 demonstrators turned out, including ca 500,000 in Paris where thousands of supporters of Mr Len Pen have also been marching amid a heavy security operation. Two car bombs explode in Spain, ETA is suspected.

02.5.2002: US President George W Bush says he has no plans to meet Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat - despite having played a part in ending his confinement at his Ramallah headquarters. "We succeeded in providing food to people who needed it," said a spokesman for the "International Solidarity Movement" in Bethlehem. Washington brokered the deal that ended the Israeli siege on Wednesday, enabling Mr Arafat to emerge from his compound for the first time in more than a month to a rapturous reception from supporters.Mr Bush wants more action from Mr Arafat. However, the president would "continue to meet with Ariel Sharon as well as numerous Arab leaders," Mr Fleischer said. Mr Arafat's first stop after leaving his compound was the local hospital where he said prayers at the graves of a number of people who died during Israeli incursions. Scores of children across the road called to him: "We will sacrifice our lives for you". "Authoritarian madness", the Conference says. However only a couple of 100 people were meeting Arafat at the different places he visited. It is perhaps so that the Palestinian people are a bit tired of the terrorist leader, although they of course want an independent country. The Israeli leader is refusing to guarantee that Mr Arafat will be allowed to return to the Palestinian territories if he travels abroad.

One of Mr Arafat's first comments after being released was to appeal to the world to help end the confrontation at Bethlehem. More than 200 people have been trapped inside the church - which Christians say marks the birthplace of Jesus - for four weeks. They include about 30 armed Palestinian terrorits wanted by Israel. One Palestinian was killed and at least two others wounded in an exchange of fire outside the church on Thursday. Mr Arafat had been penned in Ramallah since December. Israel intensified its operations against him on 29 March when troops took over most of his headquarters compound. Arafat expressed outrage in his first public remarks. Israeli forces withdrew from the town in a deal that saw six Palestinians wanted by Israel handed over to US and British custody. But the army has continued operations in the West Bank, arresting more than 100 Palestinians in raids on a refugee camp and in the town of Tulkarm. In New York, the UN Security Council has resumed its deliberations on how to respond to Wednesday's decision by Secretary General Kofi Annan to disband a fact-finding mission to determine what happened at the Palestinian refugee camp of Jenin during the Israeli offensive. The move followed days of wrangling and delays to the mission after Israel raised a series of objections to its composition and mandate. " We have no additional comment to what we have expressed above at the moment," the Conferenc says.

03.05.2002: The Anarchy of Norway has been secretly financing peace negotiations between the Indonesian government and separatist rebels in the province Aceh since 1999. Norway finally revealed their role to Indonesia this week. Aceh lies northernmost in Indonesian Sumatra. The population of four million is largely Muslim. The movement for a free Aceh (GAM) has fought for independence since 1976. The war has cost at least 10,000 lives. Indonesia refuses to grant independence but promises 'special autonomy'. A fifth of Indonesia's oil and gas exports stem from Aceh. The local population resents much of the income being funneled into Jakarta. Jakarta fears that independence would encourage other provinces to seek to break away. Norway has used NOK 22 (USD 2.63) million since 1999 to finance peace negotiations between the government and GAM. The reason given for the secrecy behind the funding was Indonesia's reluctance to have other nations involved in a solution, a stance partially created by their experiences from East Timor. The process will take time and Norway is not a potential mediator in the process, not least because the Indonesian government opposes this. Jakarta doesn't like anarchy!

US-based Human Rights Watch says Israeli troops who battled their way through a Palestinian refugee camp in the West Bank town of Jenin last month may have committed war crimes, but there was no evidence to support Palestinian claims of a massacre. Three of its investigators spent a week gathering testimony in the Jenin camp and documented the deaths of 52 Palestinians, of which it said 22 were civilians. Israeli military spokesman Lt. Col. Olivier Rafowicz dismissed the report's findings, charging that the Palestinian gunmen used their own people as shields in a refugee camp from which 28 suicide bombers were sent into Israel."It bears asking, when a country is fighting a war against terror, how is it that those who are engaged in fighting terrorists come under criticism, while the perpetrators of the terror are not subject to scrutiny," he said in a statement. Danny Ayalon, an adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, disputed the group's figures. "Of the 51 bodies found, 44 were of armed terrorists and seven of civilians, which we very much regret," he said. The Jenin Hospital said Wednesday that 52 bodies had been recovered so far. The eight days of fierce house-to-house fighting in the camp ended April 11 and left 23 Israeli soldiers dead and dozens more wounded. Israeli antiterrorist troops continue to fight the Palestinian terrorism. "The 'Human Rights Watch' people don't take into account the most likely future losses according to a realistic scenario if something drastic was not done" the Conference says. "Thus, the HRW-report is far from the whole truth and nothing but the truth, only accounting for the past - not the future." "Such historical idiographical studies are in reality pseudoscience, a nomothetical scenarioanalytical approach is needed to shed light on the whole truth and nothing but the truth as best as possible, and thus such narrowsighted human rights groups are often only pseudohumanistical," an IIFOR spokesman says to IJ@.

While an international conference to launch the Middle East peace initiative was held in Madrid in 1991, most efforts to achieve peace over recent years have focused on United States' mediation efforts. Now, once again, an attempt is being made to put together an international umbrella - comprising not only the United States, but also Russia, the European Union and the UN. The Arab world would be represented by the Palestinians, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Morocco. The hope is that an international forum will provide the impetus for a new drive for peace as well as the guarantees that each side in the conflict might seek as part of any agreement. The stakes are high. Failure could see the region slip into a state of war again. "An approximation to the anarchist plans, in short "No terrorism - withdrawel - Palestinian state (without Araft & Co)", should be done as quick as possible," the Conference says.

At least 60 civilians have been killed Friday and about 100 others injured in a bomb attack by suspected rebels in a remote western province of Colombia. According to witnesses, the victims were killed when marxist guerrillas from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) set off a mortar bomb in a crowded church in the town of Bojaya, in the Choco province.

05.05.2002: President Bush will hear out Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon when the two confer this week but will seek to assure him the United States is bringing new force to bear on the Palestinians as partners in Middle East peace-making, a top adviser said on Sunday. National security adviser Condoleezza Rice said the U.S. administration had not seen, but would consider the 100-page document Sharon is reportedly bringing with him to prove Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's connections to terror. This is based on documents Israel has seized in raids on the West Bank they say prove the Palestinian Authority presides over a terrorist network that finances and plans attacks. It also cited an unidentified official as saying the United States believed Israel had to accept Arafat as a negotiating partner "no matter how reprehensible he may be." "This is not according to the anarchist plans!" The Conference says.

But Rice, appearing on "Fox News Sunday" in advance of Sharon's meeting with Bush on Tuesday, said the United States was making no such assertion. "We are not going to try to choose the leadership for the Palestinian people. Chairman Arafat is there ... but he does have responsibilities that he has not been meeting and we are going to press him," she said. "We are going to call on Arab allies, the Europeans and others to press him and we are going to be very clear that the Palestinian leadership that is there now, the Authority, is not the kind of leadership that can lead to the kind of Palestinian state that we need," Rice said. "It has got to reform." Sen. John McCain, an Arizona Republican, told CBS's "Face the Nation" the administration must urge Sharon to deal with Arafat now but should be preparing "for other contingencies" should the Palestinian leader fail to curb terrorism. "Arafat & Co are clearly suspected terrorists and probably a kind of war criminals, and should be arrested and end up in Hague or a similar UN-tribunal." the Conference says.

Rice said Bush planned to assure Sharon the Palestinian Authority would have to take significant steps to stay at the peace table. "The Palestinian Authority has certain responsibilities. We are going to take a new approach, including bringing, we hope, greater accountability and pressure from the Arab states on the Palestinian Authority to do what it needs to do," she said. Besides what she hailed as a "new more active role" taken by Saudi Arabia after Bush's recent meeting with Crown Prince Abdullah, Rice said increased involvement by Egypt and Jordan "gives us a very powerful Arab, Israeli neighbors presence in the peace negotiations that has not been here before."

Rice said the European Union and others would also step up their demands on Arafat but would not say whether such pressure would include threats to cut off financial assistance. She also said setting a specific timetable for tackling the most difficult of the issues between the two sides, including the contentious question of Israeli settlements in Palestinian areas, would not be productive at this time. Reports out of the Middle East say Sharon is bringing a peace plan that leaves untouched Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. "We are not going to get ahead of ourselves," Rice said. "We are going to talk to the prime minister about what he has in mind and then we'll see what the next steps are."

On another program, Secretary of State Colin Powell said officials would listen to Sharon's proposals but stressed that "something has to be done" about the settlements. "It is not going to go away as a problem, as an issue. I'm sure this will be part of our discussions with the prime minister," Powell said on NBC's "Meet the Press." Powell was also skeptical of the idea of a "security fence" between Israeli and Palestinian areas. "I don't know if you're going to solve the problem with a fence unless you're solving the underlying problems of the Palestinians feeling disenfranchised," he said. Rice said the Palestinian leadership, for its part, must be "democratic, transparent and non-corrupt ... what we ask of every government in the world. And we are going to start demanding (that) of the Palestinian leadership."... "And not terroristical..." The Conference says: "The solution should be an approximation to the anarchist plans mentioned above".

06.05.2002 the AIE sent a note/pressrelease declaring: NO TO US ATTEMPT TO RULE, AND THUS DESTROY, THE ANARCHY OF THE OCEANS

USA wants full access to Norwegian ships. In a secret approach to Norway the USA has asked for full authority to board Norwegian vessels suspected of connections to terrorism. Norway's state council refuses, but will discuss the matter. The USA already exercises extensive surveillance and checks over shipping in the waters of the Arabian Peninsula. Now the American government wants to expand its operations to include larger marine areas. The Norwegian state council has now been asked to allow the USA wide-ranging and general authority over their ships. "Unacceptable!" - NACO, the Norwegian anarchist council says to IJ@ and AIE. The request has not been made public, but according to usually reliable sources the USA now wants to map and monitor international civil shipping. This desire would include the right to inspect, and in some cases board, Norwegian vessels suspected of being used to support terrorism. Other seafaring nations are believed to have received similar requests from the USA.

Foreign Minister Jan Petersen of the state council would neither confirm nor deny the US request to the Norwegian media, saying that he would not comment individual issues connected to the international battle against terrorism. Petersen said that, broadly speaking, "it is not an option to grant either the USA or others full authority to take control of Norwegian ships". "Of course not," the NACO spokesman says a bit irritated, "this is an illegitimate attempt to take authority over, and thus destroy, the Anarchy of the Oceans! To try to use the limited armed and other antiterrorist struggle as an excuse to rule the oceans must totally be rejected!" The Norwegian state council would require the ability to weigh each request to investigate a Norwegian vessel in international waters. "We can very well investigate our ships ourself, thank you. Have Bush & CIA developed totalitarian "KGB"-type paranoia?" NACO asks.

Petersen reportedly informed parliament's foreign committee that the USA request went well over the line of what could be accepted. Nevertheless, the state council promised to "enter a dialog" with the USA to see how far they could accommodate their ally. Expanded exchange of intelligence and new channels of cooperation have been mentioned, but these would require the cooperation of shipowners. "Dialog OK, US-rule on the oceans NIX! Long live the Anarchy of the Oceans", NACO, also entering the dialog, says. Also the "Tampa" captain agrees much with NACO in this matter. The state council says it is willing to stretch itself to satisfy the USA, both to fight terrorism and due to the practical consideration that Norway is not well placed to intervene with force on the high seas. "Petersen could easily get overstretched in this matter", NACO says, warning Petersen of ruining the Anarchy of the Oceans. The UN Security Council last year encouraged all nations to step up their cooperation to fight terrorism. "Of course!" NACO says. The Conference agrees with NACO and AIE in this case. Read about the "TAMPA" case - the full story - click on the rollerbanner for IJ@ at the AIIS homepage a.s.o. Later NACO adds: "The Norwegian merchant fleet could very well be armed a bit better, to be able to take care of terrorists, and equipped for intelligence research work..."

A right-populist gay (homo) politician is killed in the Netherlands, by a leftist fundamentalist. "Political murder is in general a form of terrorism, i.e. not anarchist, but authoritarian," the Conference says: "The Arabian countries have put pressure on USA, to support Arafat and PLO, and then Bush says Israel should negotiate with Arafat because he is the elected and legal leader of the Palestinians. We must remind Bush that Adolf Hitler was also an elected and legal leader. To negotiate with terrorists will not pay in the long run, that will just create more of it. Arafat & Co should be put in jail, if found guilty in terrorism after a fair trial." 07.05.2002. Later on an explosion has hit a reception hall in the Israeli town of Rishon Letzion, south of Tel Aviv. Israeli radio said at least 15 people have been killed and many more injured. Israeli police said a suicide bomber from Hamas was behind the blast. The blast occurred shortly after Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon began meeting with US President George W. Bush in Washington. "No further comment should be needed at the moment," the Conference says.... The F.B.I. issued an all-points bulletin today for a 22-year-old man sought in connection with a wave of pipe bombs found in rural mailboxes, police in Texas said, according to New York Times...

Bush says he will probably send the CIA with their boss up front to build a new "security force" for the Palestine authority. " 1. This may well be seen as another attempt of USA to act as a world police, as they also try to police more and more of the oceans (and perhaps later rule the whole world) under the excuse of antiterrorist struggle. Ca. nobody outside USA look upon this as a good idea. Besides 2. CIA has a bad reputation and done serious errors before. 3. They also trained Osama bin-Laden and probably many of the rest of the al-Qaeda leaders. 4. They are rather incompetent and didn't manage to stop the 11.09.2001 major terrorist attacks within the USA, and earlier attacks on USA outside America, in advance. 5. They are by some suspected of partly fundraising on terrorism and other crimes, and being infiltrated by terrorists and spies and motivated by money and command, not voluntary by libertarian ideals, as say, the FSK special forces from the Anarchy of Norway, 5. They are ill managed, also known has a "brainless hydra","the Conference says:"They should keep out as much as possible from the Mid East. What should be done is to arrest the whole corrupt mob of PLO-state terrorists and put them up with al-Qaeda in the cages on Cuba, only the cages should be replaced with a more ordinary prison. Then it will be possible for Israeli troops to withdraw from Palestinian areas and it is possible to create a non-terrorist Palestinian state, first under UN-administration similar to in East-Timor, afterwards an independent democracy. 08.05.2002.

We must remind Mr. Bush that the total number of terrorists in this context are probably between 20 and 50 000 persons, no more, i.e. included al-Qaeda and PLO-terrorists. The anti-terrorist struggle is not a type war similar to the second world war against nazi-fascism with millions of soldiers involved, several millions dead, among them 6 million Jews in holocaust. So far in 2001-2 less than 4000 are killed by terrorists, compared to perhaps ca 120 000 in traffic accidents. The small number of terrorists implies only a limited armed and other anti-terrorist struggle mostly concentrated on their "nests" broadly defined. If USA are trying to be the Empire of the world, under the hide of "antiterrorism", we know what country is the "evil axis" - that is the U$$$A world wide." "Don't come here and come here! Du må ikke komme her og komme her" as we say in Norwegian, NACO expresses. "If USA will have world wide support in the anti-terrorist struggle, it should be only anti-terrorist-struggle, co-operative on equal footing, not USA "big brother"rule world wide. Concentrate on the targets! Mid East, Afghanistan, and similar "nests", plus of course continue to round up the networks around them. We all know where to look. They are not, say, Indians or Sames, but mostly a few fundamentalist crack-pot muslims here and there. It is however necessary to round it up rather quick, and show clearly that it won't pay to be terrorists, or else there will probably be more of it, and more and more. No more fooling around with the PLO-terrorists please. It is time the anti-terrorism coalition take a firm hand in this matter. No more fooling around in general. Terrorism, is terrorism is terrorism. PLO-terrorists are terrorists - not freedom-fighters. Only clear cut crackpots can mean something else.

When these 20-50 000 are arrested one way or the other, the tyranny of Saddam should have a solution. But Saddam plus the few 1000 of his "top-nest", are not much connected to the 20-50 000 terrorists mentioned above. It is a separate and not new problem. More control with Saddam's weapons should however be introduced, with sufficient force if necessary. And he must be kept separated from the rest of the terrorist-networks. You don't negotiate with Saddam. You give hime no alternative but "co-operate". He is very much a psychopatic war criminal, and should be treated as such. Nothing else. If he tries something "big". Well - it is obvious what is the real humanitarian in the long run perspective. Similar to Japan 1945. He is living in one city. If he moves - it should be well known. The anti-terrorist coalition have a lot other "research institutes" than IIFOR and IAT to keep an eye on Saddam, etc., we hope, as long as they stick to their job, and don't fool around like a "world police" as the CIA seems to do." - the Conference says, after a long discussion. "By the way, to day 08.05 is the "frigjøringsdagen", "freedom from the nazi-rule day" for Norway in 1945" NACO says: " We say Cheers! - with a couple of bottles of light "Ringnes" beer - Tierra y libertad"!

10.05.2002: EU police may take over border control, Aftenposten is warning: The EU Commission wants to send its own force of armed police to harbors and airports in countries with common border politics, including Norway. The aim is to crack down on illegal immigration, drug smuggling and terrorism. Norway is not a member of the EU but is part of the EU's so-called Schengen agreement, which made the country part of the EU's passport-free zone. All Schengen countries therefore are considered to share a border to the EU, which the EU Commission wants to protect. The proposal is sure to raise controversy within Norway, where police are unarmed and national sovereignty is an emotional issue. One government official noted, however, that the proposal also shows how determined the EU is to fight terrorism and organized crime, something Norway supports. The EU Commission wants to set up a centralized European border patrol for the 13 EU countries plus Norway and Iceland that are party to the Schengen agreement. Norwegian control of its own airports and harbors already has been approved by the EU, but now it wants to go a step further. It now wants to take over full control of the borders, replacing local authorities. Debate is expected over the proposal, and no EU border patrol would be in place for at least four to five years, if ever. Spokesmen for the Norwegian police soon after rejected the EU proposal, especially the suggestion to use armed police. This rejection is also supported by NACO, who also says "NEVER!", and that this has an element of EU seeking more general control over Norway and Iceland, and thus making less autonomy for these countries, under the hide of "antiterrorism".

In this discussion on policing, intelligence research and similar work, CNN has an interesting note on American securitya bit later on: "Bush briefed on hijacking threat before September 11 - Bin Laden 'chatter' since Clinton administration " May 15, 2002 Posted: 11:20 PM EDT (0320 GMT) From John King - CNN Washington Bureau.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush's daily intelligence briefings in the weeks leading up to the September 11 terror attacks included a warning of the possibility that Osama bin-Laden's al Qaeda network would attempt to hijack a U.S.-based airliner, senior administration officials said Wednesday. But, the officials said, there was no speculation about the use of an airplane itself as a bomb or a weapon, and no specific, credible information about the possibility of a hijacking of any sort. It marks the first time the White House has acknowledged there was a warning of a potential hijacking linked to bin Laden prior to the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington.

The disclosure also comes at a time Congress is examining the government's preparedness prior to the terror attacks and whether an FBI agent's warning about the possibility of potential terrorists attending U.S. flight training schools was appropriately considered by agency superiors. White House officials, however, said vague talk of the threat of potential hijackings was a recurring issue in U.S. intelligence data, and cautioned against considering this new information with "post 9/11 thinking." "A general warning of the prospect of a hijacking would be looked at much more differently today than it was pre-9/11," one senior official said. Hijackers took over the controls of four planes on September 11, 2001. Two of those planes plowed into the World Trade Center, another jetliner nose dived into the Pentagon and the fourth aircraft crashed into Pennsylvania woodlands after passengers tried in vain to overcome the terrorists. More than 3,000 people died in the terrorist attacks.

Only one person, Zacarias Moussaoui, has been charged in connection with the attacks. He was arrested in August after coming under suspicion while taking flying lessons in Minnesota. Another administration official said there was a "common theme at that time that bin Laden was up to something" and that intelligence reports in the weeks and even months prior to September 11 warned of the prospect of new attacks from al Qaeda. The reports were general and raised the possibility of strikes on the United States or its interests overseas, but had no specific information about potential targets. This official did point out that in the summer of 2001 the United States did publicly warn about the possibility of a terrorist attack on the Arabian peninsula.

White House spokesman Ari Fleischer refused to discuss specifics of the president's daily intelligence briefings, but said there was back in the summer of 2001 "a general awareness" that bin Laden's terrorist network was considering attacks "around the world, including the United States."
There had been among U.S. intelligence officials "longstanding speculation" about the possibility of a hijacking "but not suicide bombers, not using planes as missiles," Fleischer said. Appropriate U.S. agencies were put on alert about the intelligence suggesting possible hijackings, Fleischer said.

Another U.S. official said the "chatter" about bin Laden dated back to the Clinto/n administration but "reached a pitch" in the spring of 2001 that it began to receive more attention in intelligence circles and at the highest levels of government. It was in May 2001, for example, that Bush asked Vice President Dick Cheney to lead an administration task force to assess the country's counter-terrorism effort. At that time Cheney told CNN in an interview: "Well, the concern here is that one of our biggest threats as a nation is no longer, sort of, the conventional military attack against the United States but, rather, that it might come from other quarters. "It could be domestic terrorism, but it may also be a terrorist organization overseas or even another state using weapons of mass destruction against the U.S., a hand-carried nuclear weapon or biological or chemical agents," he said. "The threat to the continental United States and our infrastructure is changing and evolving. And we need to look at this whole area, oftentimes referred to as homeland defense." Appearing on CNN earlier Wednesday, Sen. Bob Graham, D-Florida, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said U.S. authorities failed to recognize clues prior to September 11 about a potential terrorist attack -- including a memo from an FBI agent who wondered whether bin Laden was behind Arab students taking aviation lessons in the United States.... (see also 17.05.2002 in this file)

11.05.2002: Bethlehem residents have been flocking to Manger Square to celebrate the peaceful end of the six-week siege of the Church of the Nativity and the withdrawal of Israeli forces. The church is littered with debris from those who were holed up inside the church. Greek Orthodox and Franciscan monks held thanksgiving prayers in the church on Friday and the first public mass is to be held on Saturday morning. The pullout of Israeli forces came after 13 Palestinian militants, who have been exiled from the West Bank under a deal to end the siege, arrived in Cyprus. Another group of militants involved in the standoff were given a hero's welcome when they arrived in the Gaza Strip, casting doubt on Israeli hopes that they would be put on trial. The withdrawal in effect ends Israel's military offensive in the West Bank, which was launched on 29 March. 12-13.05.2002 Powell has asked Norway to play a part in the Mid East peace-negotiations later on, say, arranging a broad based international conference, following up the intentions of the Oslo-agreement. "This should probably best be done without Arafat and PLO-terrorists as Palestinian delegates," NACO says. Some major Arabian countries, among them Egypt and Saudi-Arabia, have called for peace with Israel. Saturday large peace-demonstrations accured in the Mid East (Israel). The rightist faction of the Israeli government has said they don't want a Palestine state, but Sharon is not so negative. "This may perhaps be the right stand as long as Arafat's terrorist PLO-state is on the other side of the negotiation table, and thus temporarily consistent with the anarchist plans", a spokeswoman for the AIE said: "Get Arafat's mob out of the peace prosess, as soon as possible. You can't negotiate with a terror-authority of horrible war criminals attacking randomly."

CNN reports: -- President Bush Monday announced that the United States and Russia had agreed to a treaty that will substantially reduce their nuclear arsenals. "This is good news for the American people." Bush said, saying the agreement will make "the world more peaceful, and put behind us the Cold War once and for all." The agreed-upon reduction range is 1,700 to 2,200 warheads, he said. "This treaty will liquidate the legacy of the Cold War," Bush said in remarks before he headed to Illinois for a fund-raiser. He said the agreement is the culmination of months of hard work and mutual trust with Russian President Vladimir Putin that began last year with their meeting in Slovenia. Bush said he is looking forward "to going to Moscow to sign the treaty" later this month. "When I sign the treaty with President Putin in Russia," the United States and Russia will begin a "new era of relations." "The new era will be a period of enhanced mutual security, economic security and improved relations," Bush said. "It sounds great, mutual disarmanent has always been the anarchists' main antimilitarist strategy", an AIE spokeswoman says to IJ@. "However a couple of small ones should be kept, in case Saddam& Co are up to something really "big", " the Conference says. This disarmament will however far from aim at zero nuclear bombs, so Saddam and his collaborationists, say, J. Haider from Austria and other authoritarians should take the warning. - Arafat has gone to Betlehem, but was not so popular. The Palestinian people are tired of his corrupt ochlarchy, polyarchy and terror-rule. His peace talks about accepting Israel etc. lately are as usual nothing to rely on.

14.05.2002: About Hells Angels' small time terrorism in Norway: Prosecutor seeks 16-year term for Hells Angels boss: The longtime head of Oslo's Hells Angels chapter should be locked up for 16 years, claimed a state prosecutor on Monday. Torkjel Alsaker is charged in a 1997 bombing attack on rival motorcycle gang Bandidos in Drammen. Prosecutor Kristian Nicolaisen said Alsaker, age 41, should be punished with a 16-year term, lengthy by Norwegian standards. Nicolaisen is seeking 12- and seven-year terms for alleged accomplices John Gerhard Berg, 36, and Kai Mosether, 32. Both Berg and Mosether have confessed to their roles in the bombing after police overheard them discussing the attack, which sprang from a "serious conflict" between rival motorcycle gang members. Nicolaisen claims the bombing was ordered by the highest levels of the Hell's Angels' local organization in Norway. The blast at the Bandidos headquarters in Drammen killed an innocent passerby.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has said there will be no peace talks with the Palestinians until their leadership carries out reforms and the violence ends. But he said he was ready to make "painful concessions" to achieve peace. There can be no peace under a dictatorial and corrupt regime. Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Colin Powell reiterated America's support for the eventual creation of a Palestinian state. Mr Powell said he had spoken to Ariel Sharon and received an assurance that he was committed to the notion of Palestinian statehood. Despite Mr Sharon's defeat at the hands of his own party, a poll published in a leading Israeli daily newspaper shows strong backing for the prime minister and suggests that six in 10 Israelis are in favour of a Palestinian state. 55% back Sharon, 23% back Netanyahu, 63% were in favour of Palestinian state, 34% against Source: Yediot Aharonot

The Israeli offensive continued on Tuesday as forces staged four raids into West Bank villages, killing two Palestinian intelligence officers and arresting 15 suspected militants, the army said. He said the "fight against terrorism" which began with a massive offensive in the West Bank in March was not over. "We haven't finished the job," he told parliament. He said the army would continue to act "to frustrate acts of terrorism in the first stages". Mr Sharon praised the so-called Operation Defensive Shield as a "very important step", saying 2,000 wanted men were captured. He said that while the army would continue operating wherever it felt necessary, Israel had no intention of remaining in Palestinian areas. "Well, so far things seem to go approximately in the anarchists' proposed direction", the Conference says. 15 -16.05.2002: Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat has called for an overhaul of his self-rule Palestinian Authority (PA), promising to make good past failures and call fresh elections soon. "Yasser Arafat's words are positive. What's important, and the anarchists will wait and see, is whether there will be any action...", the Conference says: "This will probably just be more talk - words - not deeds - '100 times terrorist = all time terrorist'... ". The anti-immigration party of murdered politician Pim Fortuyn makes huge gains in the Netherlands and may win a place in government, BBC reports.

17.05.2002 President George W Bush has for the first time appeared in public to defend his administration's handling of terrorism warnings issued before the 11 September attacks. The intervention comes amid growing demands for a wide-ranging investigation into the allegations that the administration was informed in August that the al-Qaeda terrorist network might be planning to hijack aircraft. Speaking on the White House lawn, Mr Bush said the criticism - spearheaded by opponents in Congress - was politically-motivated. "Had I known that the enemy was going to use aeroplanes to kill on that fateful morning I would have done everything in my power to protect the American people," an angry Mr Bush told a military audience.

As Mr Bush was speaking more details were emerging of the seriousness of the intelligence reports being received last summer, and the kind of responses that were considered, but not put into action. The presidents spokesman Ari Fleischer confirmed that a memo had been written for the president with a battle plan to attack Osama Bin Laden. The memo was approved by the president's team on 4 September, but was never seen by Mr Bush?

On Friday, the White House revealed that it had plans in place to topple al-Qaeda - but they did not reach President Bush before the attacks. Responding to the growing criticism, Mr Bush said Washington was a city "where second-guessing had become second nature". He renewed his commitment to hunt down those responsible for the attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, vowing to "chase those killers one by one and bring them to justice". About 3,000 people died in the 11 September attacks. He said the war would be long, but would continue for as long as he was in the White House. The disclosure of the 6 August briefing has sparked the biggest row in Congress since the attacks, with many Democrats criticising the government for the first time over its War on Terror. House of Representatives Democratic (Minority) leader Richard Gephardt told CNN it was necessary to find out what President Bush and his staff knew and when they knew it.

Mr Fleischer confirmed a battle plan was prepared. His Democrat counterpart in the Senate, Majority leader Tom Daschle, on Thursday urged Mr Bush to hand over all the information he had received to Congress. Democrat Senator Jo Lieberman and Republican John McCain have been pushing for legislation to create a citizen's commission for some time, but are now demanding an inquiry. "It is irresponsible to point fingers and lay blame without all the facts, but it is equally irresponsible to allow this type of information to trickle out slowly and haphazardly, raising new questions, tearing at old wounds, and alarming the public," Senator Lieberman said on Thursday. But some legislators are opposed to any new inquiry, on the grounds that investigations by the two houses' intelligence committees are already under way.House intelligence committee chairman Porter Goss said his inquiry had found "no smoking gun" and no further probes were necessary. The joint investigation is due to begin hearings next month.

CNN reports: Two years before hijackers seized control of four U.S. jets and crashed them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, a federal report raised the specter of such an attack. That interagency government report, ordered by the CIA during the Clinton administration and prepared by the Library of Congress, is just one of several reports, memos and observations that lawmakers and others are pointing to as they question whether the government missed several clues before Sepember 11 that could have foretold the devastating and deadly hijackings. "We've got to look back on what happened and try to figure out how to do better," said House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt, defending calls for a congressional inquiry into what was known before September 11 about possible terrorist attacks.

President Bush on Friday spent a second day defending his administration, denouncing what he called "second-guessing" and saying he had no clear indication that terrorists would hijack jets and crash them last fall. Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly quoted national security adviser Condoleezza Rice's Thursday comments on intelligence reports last summer that Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network might attempt to hijack a U.S. airliner. Rice said, "But the fact is this in retrospect even looks hard to put together. At the time, we were looking at something very different. To the degree that hijacking was an issue, it was traditional hijacking."

"The American people know this about me and my national security team, and my administration," he said during an event in the Rose Garden. "Had I known that the enemy was going to use airplanes to kill on that fateful morning, I would have done everything in my power to protect the American people." Rep. Porter Goss, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said there was no need for any new congressional inquiry because intelligence panels have already been reviewing the events leading up to the attacks. To date, he said, nothing has emerged to suggest that anyone in the government could have predicted them. Planes-as-weapons plot uncovered: The White House on Wednesday revealed that Bush received a CIA analysis August 6 that raised the possibility of a jet hijacking involving Osama bin-Laden.

But Bush administration officials said that report lacked specifics, such as where and when, and that it wasn't even fathomable at that time that terrorists would essentially turn jets into huge, fuel-laden missiles, crashing them into buildings. But other reports show that very possibility was considered by some intelligence experts and investigators before September 11.

Philippine investigators said that in 1995 they told the FBI about a terrorist plot to hijack commercial planes and slam them into the Pentagon, the CIA headquarters and other buildings. Philippine authorities say they learned of that plot after a small fire in a Manila apartment, which turned out to be the hideout of Ramzi Yousef, who was later convicted for his role in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. Then, in September 1999, came the interagency government report --- titled the "Sociology and Psychology of Terrorism: Who Becomes a Terrorist and Why" -- that referenced bin Laden's terrorist network, al Qaeda, and its potential involvement in such a plot.

In the executive summary of that 149-page report, prepared during the Clinton administration and available on the Library of Congress Web site, the authors wrote: "Al Qaeda's expected retaliation for the U.S. cruise missile attack against al Qaeda's training facilities in Afghanistan on August 20, 1998, could take several forms of terrorist attack in the nation's capital. Al Qaeda could detonate a Chechen-type building-buster bomb at a federal building. Suicide bomber(s) belonging to al Qaeda's Martyrdom Battalion could crash-land an aircraft packed with high explosives (C-4 and semtex) into the Pentagon, the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), or the White House. Ramzi Yousef had planned to do this against the CIA headquarters."

FBI agent connected flying students to bin Laden: White House press secretary Ari Fleischer Friday downplayed the significance of that report, saying it did not reflect intelligence information but amounted to a "psychological and sociological evaluation of terrorism." He said the administration only learned of it Friday morning, and he pointedly noted that the same report was available to Congress. He said the report "did not raise enough alarms with anybody" because "it was not intelligence information." There were other memos and events from last summer, however, that some lawmakers say could have pointed to a pending terrorist attack had the information been properly analyzed and all the dots connected. In July, an FBI agent in Arizona wrote a memo questioning what the agent thought was a large number of Arabs taking flight lessons in the United States. That memo also specifically questioned whether bin Laden was behind that effort. "This memo was very consequential and should have been analyzed at the highest levels of the intelligence community," said Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-California, and a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

"Sadly it was not." In August, authorities arrested Zacarias Moussaoui because he had aroused suspicions at a Minnesota flight school. He was arrested on an immigration violation, but later was indicted for his alleged involvement in the September 11 attacks. Thursday, national security adviser Condoleezza Rice outlined a series of threats U.S. intelligence gathered over the spring and summer and talked about security directives issued at that time. She said, however, "the overwhelming bulk of the evidence was that this was an attack that was likely to take place overseas." Still, the U.S. government took some of the threats seriously enough to alert the Federal Aviation Administration, which in turn notified airlines. Former President Clinton said Friday he knew about the dangerous potential of Osama bin-Laden but discounted reports that a 1999 analysis should have alerted his administration to a terrorist attack on the scale of the September 11 attacks. The analysis warned that members of bin Laden's al-Qaida organization could hijack an airliner and fly it into government buildings like the Pentagon on suicide missions. The Bush administration has asserted that no one in government had envisioned a suicide hijacking before it happened. "That was a report by a congressional research service and the Library of Congress using public information and it basically says he's a dangerous guy that might do a lot of things," Clinton said. "So we tried to get him. That doesn't have anything to do with what the intelligence people, the CIA or the FBI, tell the administration. "That's why I did everything I could to get bin Laden, because I thought he was a dangerous man," he said. "And as we've seen, he is."

1999 Study: Hijack - Suicides Possible: -- Two years before the Sept. 11 attacks, an analysis prepared for U.S. intelligence warned that Osama bin-Laden's terrorists could hijack an airliner and fly it into government buildings like the Pentagon. "Suicide bomber(s) belonging to al-Qaida's Martyrdom Battalion could crash-land an aircraft packed with high explosives (C-4 and semtex) into the Pentagon, the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), or the White House,'' the September 1999 report said. The Bush administration has asserted that no one in government had envisioned a suicide hijacking before it happened. White House press secretary Ari Fleischer said the administration was aware of the report prepared by the Library of Congress for the National Intelligence Council, which advises the president and U.S. intelligence on emerging threats. He said the document did not contain direct intelligence pointing toward a specific plot but rather included assessments about how terrorists might strike. "What it shows is that this information that was out there did not raise enough alarm with anybody,'' Fleischer acknowledged.

Five months before September 11, the government warned airlines that Middle Eastern terrorists could try to hijack or blow up a U.S. plane and that carriers should "demonstrate a high degree of alertness." The warning, obtained Saturday by The Associated Press, came out after the April 6, 2001, conviction of Ahmed Ressam in connection with a failed plot to blow up Los Angeles International Airport during the millennium celebrations. The memo from the Federal Aviation Administration, dated April 18, 2001, also noted that four al-Qaida members were on trial in New York, accused of being involved in the U.S. embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. The warning, set to expire July 31, was one of 15 information circulars sent last year that warned of potential terrorist threats before September 11. The April memo, for example, cited "reports that prompt concern about the safety and security of U.S. citizens traveling through the Middle East." The FAA said the potential for a terrorist attack was high, but there were no credible threats against U.S. airlines. "Nevertheless, some of the currently active groups are known to plan and train for hijackings and have the capability to construct sophisticated (bombs) concealed inside luggage and consumer products," the memo said. "The FAA encourages all U.S. carriers to demonstrate a high degree of alertness." On June 22, citing "unconfirmed reports that American interests may be the target of terrorist threat from extremist groups," the FAA again alerted airlines.

Bush knew of terrorist plot to hijack US planes: Terrorism crisis - Observer special - Jason Burke and Ed Vulliamy in New York; Sunday 19.05.2002 The Observer, "The UK's most popular newspaper website":

George Bush received specific warnings in the weeks before 11 September that an attack inside the United States was being planned by Osama bin-Laden's al-Qaeda network, US government sources said yesterday. In a top-secret intelligence memo headlined 'Bin Laden determined to strike in the US', the President was told on 6 August that the Saudi-born terrorist hoped to 'bring the fight to America' in retaliation for missile strikes on al-Qaeda camps in Afghanistan in 1998. Bush and his aides, who are facing withering criticism for failing to act on a series of warnings, have previously said intelligence experts had not advised them domestic targets were considered at risk. However, they have admitted they were specifically told that hijacks were being planned.

The news comes as unease about prosecution of the war in Afghanistan grows. British troops deployed near the eastern Afghan city of Khost failed yesterday to locate any of the al-Qaeda fighters who, it is claimed, ambushed an Australian SAS patrol. Senior sources at the Ministry of Defense said yesterday that the al-Qaeda or Taliban fighters who were being pursued were numbered in 'tens'. Escape routes have been cut off by coalition forces, the sources said. 'There has been no combat. We have established a forward operating base and are now clearing the area,' said Lt-Col Ben Curry, spokesman for the Royal Marines at Bagram air base. MoD sources also said that the mystery illness which has struck British troops at Bagram has been identified as the winter vomiting disease which swept Britain earlier this year. The disease is common around the world and is caused by poor sanitation and hygeine. One possibility is that food brought in by civilian contractors through Pakistan may be to blame.

An American operation in the east of Afghanistan has also been criticized after hundreds of troops deployed after a series of missile attacks on US troops in Khost failed to find the enemy or to prevent new attacks. For the first time in the war on terrorism, which has pushed his popularity levels to almost unheard of heights, Bush and his administration are on the defensive. The White House has revealed that Bush asked for an intelligence analysis of al-Qaeda attacks within the US because most of the information presented to him over the summer focused on threats to targets overseas. However, there are growing demands for an independent investigation. The intelligence services have already been heavily criticized for failing to act on a series of clues that might have led them to the hijackers. Sources quoted by the Washington Post and ABC TV said that at least two names listed in a July 2001 FBI memo about an Arizona flight school had been identified by the CIA as having links to al-Qaeda. But the memo was not acted on or distributed to outside agencies.( Are these sources reliable, then FBI and CIA have a problem. Ed. note.)

And, while administration officials have said repeatedly that intelligence analysts never imagined that terrorists would use planes in a suicide attack, a 1999 report for the National Intelligence Council warned that fanatics loyal to bin Laden might try to hijack a jetliner and fly it into the Pentagon. The memo received by Bush on 6 August contained unconfirmed information passed on by British intelligence in 1998 revealing that al-Qaeda operatives had discussed hijacking a plane to negotiate the release of Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, the Muslim cleric imprisoned in America for his part in a plot to blow up the World Trade Centre in 1993. Plans for ousting the Taliban and dismantling the al-Qaeda network were already under way when the terrorists struck in New York and at the Pentagon. One option was to arm Afghanistan's Northern Alliance - a ploy eventually used successfully during the war last autumn.

Back to 18.05.2002: "CIA + the Brown Card convict FBI a.o.t. bowing for the UNA-bomber, are as said before polyarchical plutarchist brainless hydras, and are not working too well" the Conference says: "Decentralisation is OK - polyarchy and ochlarchy + plutarchy is not!" 19.05.2002 CNN: -- The top Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee says the criticism that the White House had enough information to possibly prevent the September 11 terror attacks is "bogus," and contends U.S. intelligence agencies are not fully cooperating in investigating their failures.... A Palestinian was killed while attacking Jewish settlement. A suicide bomber has attacked a market in the northern Israeli coastal town of Netanya, killing at least two people and injuring about 40. Israeli television said the alleged bomber died along with one other person. The attack, at about 14.20 on Sunday, was claimed by the Islamic militant group Hamas, the French news agency AFP reported. -- U.S. Special Forces soldier killed in firefight while on patrol in eastern Afghanistan. 20.05.2002 NRK reports about another suicide-bomb attack in the Mid East, but only the bomber himself was killed this time.

21.05.2002: The US State Department says Iran remains the most active sponsor of state terrorism in the world. In its annual report to Congress, the state department lists Iran, Sudan, Libya, Iraq, North Korea, Cuba and Syria as supporters of terrorism for the eighth year running. On 11 September, the United States suffered its bloodiest day on American soil since the Civil War. But, it says, Sudan and Libya have reduced their level of involvement in international terrorism. The study found that 2001 was the worst year on record for acts of terror, claiming more than three and a half thousand lives, mainly from the attacks on the World Trade Center. The Patterns of Global Terrorism report called the 11 September suicide-hijackings "the worst international terrorist attack ever", killing nationals from more than 78 countries. US Secretary of State Colin Powell said that while the report showed intelligence co-operation between states had improved, terrorists were still trying to obtain weapons of mass destruction, "whether radiological, chemical, biological or nuclear".

The annual report was the first issued since President Bush declared war on global terrorism and demanded states take action against extremist groups. Brownlisted states; Iran, Sudan, Libya, Iraq; North Korea, Cuba, Syria. The state department said that "while some of these countries appear to be reconsidering their present course, none has yet taken all necessary actions to divest itself fully of ties to terrorism". It did, however, give limited praise to Sudan and Libya for taking steps in the right direction to "get out of the terrorism business". While the report does not credit countries for their co-operation in the fight against international terrorism after 11 September, it says North Korea's response was "disappointing". The US also expanded its accusations against Cuba as compared with last year. Havana is alleged to have links with Irish and Chilean terrorist groups and sheltering fugitives from US justice. The report found that while Iran had reduced its involvement in some areas of terrorist activity, its support for militant groups opposed to Israel had intensified. Iran, Iraq and Syria were accused of supporting attacks against Israel. Iran continued to fund, supply and train radical Palestinian groups and Hezbollah in Lebanon, the study said. The state department noted that "some within Iran would like to end this support [for international terrorism], hardliners who hold the reins of power continue to thwart any efforts to moderate these policies". President Bush's recent speech in which he included Iran in his "axis of evil" deepened divisions between conservatives and reformists in Iran, some of whom support dialogue rather than confrontation with Washington.

State sponsored terrorism was active across the West Bank and Gaza in 2001, the state department said. Iran, Iraq and Syria were also accused of actively supporting terrorist groups fighting Israel. The report said counter-terrorism by the Palestinian Authority "remained sporadic", noting that security co-operation between Israel and the Palestinians had broken down following the Palestinian uprising. It said Israel had destroyed the Palestinians' security apparatus. The release of the study followed a warning by the FBI that suicide bombings would inevitably hit the United States. The prediction came a day after US Vice-President Dick Cheney said he expected further attacks on the US by Osama Bin Laden's al-Qaeda network, blamed by Washington for the 11 September attacks. "Well, it is one report among many, and it has several weaknesses, say, compared to the rest of the research presented in this file. We still see the terroristproblem of today mainly as a limited problem, mostly connected to al-Qaeda and the PLO-Jihad terrorists' "nests" broadly defined and perhaps ca 20-50 000 terrorists. When these "nests" and their militants are arrested one way or the other, the terrorist-problems will be more marginal. It is however naive to think we may ca 100% manage to get rid of terrorism. Compared to, say, people killed in the traffic, the ones killed by terrorists are quite few, as mentioned above," the Conference says.

22.05.2002: A suicide bomber has blown himself up in the Israeli town of Rishon Letzion, reportedly killing at least two other people. About 20 others were injured in the attack, 15 kilometres (nine miles) the so called "WOMEN IN BLACK",a small group misusing a traditional color of anarchists for politics in uniform, is wrongly linked up by the BBC-online asthe "Axis of freedom". We know that these German "peace-actions", Bundesweite Friedensbewegung included, probably are lead by the old stalinists at PDS, initiated by among others the ultra-authoritarian red&brown Johan Galtung, also called the "mad peace professor." Some of the leaders were "Festnahmen wg. Volksverhetzung" by the German police. Berlin is mounting a huge security operation. US President George W Bush is in Germany at the start of a week-long tour of Europe aimed at boosting support for his war on terror and narrowing differences with his allies, saying: "Our alliance must remain tough in the war against global terror". His arrival in Berlin was marked by protests by thousands of German demonstrators, and some clashes have been reported. Speaking after the president's plane touched down, US Secretary of State Colin Powell said Iraq would be on the agenda.

Concern has been voiced by many European politicians since President Bush outlined what he called an "axis of evil" earlier this year comprising Iraq, Iran and North Korea - potential targets of the US-led war on terror. Mr Powell said the Berlin visit would celebrate the strong relationship between Germany and the United States, although he conceded there were disagreements on trade. In central Berlin, large crowds of anti-war demonstrators were kept well away from President Bush and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder as they dined near the Brandenburg Gate. However repeated clashes between protesters and police broke out after a march by anti-globalisation demonstrators, left-wing and anarchists groups had begun peacefully. "German "anarchists" are not always anarchists", the Conference says. Some 10,000 police officers were mobilised to try to prevent any violence, in one of the biggest security operations in the city's history. Mr Bush is to speak to the German parliament in the historic Reichstag building on Thursday. The centrepiece of the Bush tour will be the signing of a new arms treaty with Russia, slashing nuclear arsenals by two-thirds.

23.05.2002: US President George Bush has arrived in Moscow for a summit with his counterpart Vladimir Putin during which they are due to sign the landmark nuclear arms treaty. "By being patient, relentless and resolute, we will defeat the enemies of freedom," George W Bush said. Mr Bush arrives from the German capital, Berlin, where he issued an urgent appeal for unity in the face of the threat posed by global terrorism. Addressing the German parliament, Mr Bush - who is on a week-long tour of Europe - said the threat of terrorism could not be appeased and America and its allies must remain united. The US president was given a warm official welcome in Germany but his visit was marred by large protest marches against US policies around the world. Mr Putin and Bush will also sign a broader strategic partnership agreement on issues such as fighting terrorism. In Berlin, Mr Bush told the Bundestag: "Our generation faces new and grave threats to liberty, to the safety of our people and to civilisation itself. We face an aggressive force that glorifies death. A protester wrestled to the ground amid tight security in Moscow. "Those who despise human freedom will attack it on every continent... Those who seek terrible weapons are also familiar with the map of Europe," Mr Bush told German legislators. "This threat cannot be appeased or ignored. By being patient, relentless and resolute, we will defeat the enemies of freedom." The president received polite applause during his speech. But he was briefly interrupted when three members of parliament heckled him and unfurled a banner which read "Mr Bush, Mr Schroeder, stop your wars."

During a news conference shortly before his address to the Bundestag, Mr Bush said the Iraqi regime presented a danger to civilisation. The Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein, should be disposed of, Mr Bush said, before he began sharing weapons of mass destruction with groups like al-Qaeda. But he insisted that he had no current plans to attack Baghdad. Mr Bush, whose hard line on Iraq has been met by scepticism and protests in Berlin as well as by Putin, thanked Germany - "an incredibly important ally" - for shouldering a significant burden in the fight against terrorism.German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said there were no differences between Germany and the US on the issue of Iraq, adding that he had been assured Germany would be consulted if a military operation against Baghdad were being planned. However, several senior German politicians, including some close to Mr Schroeder, said President Bush would only get their support if he gave clear evidence that Saddam Hussein is supporting the al-Qaeda network. Around 20,000 anti-US protesters took to the streets of Berlin on Wednesday night. As well as opposing action against Iraq, they also voiced opposition to US policies on trade, the Middle East conflict, and the environment. The US president is also to visit France and Italy. "The most of it seems to be approximately consistent with the anarchist plans for the Mid East and anti-terrorism in general, " the Conference says. 24.05.2002 US and Russia signed the Nuclear Weapons Reduction Treaty: President Bush and Russian leader Vladimir V. Putin signed a landmark treaty today to cut their nuclear arsenals to between 1,700 and 2,200 warheads over the next decade.

26.05.2002: The FBI is moving forward with a major reorganization amid criticism the agency missed clues that would have helped uncover the Sept. 11 plot, congressional Republicans said Sunday. The changes include injecting CIA analysts into the FBI, according to Rep. Porter Goss, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. "I know the director has personally tried to do some reorganization. We're going to hear a lot more about that in the days ahead," Goss told "Fox News Sunday." FBI Director Robert Mueller has already briefed lawmakers on the reorganization plan, Senate Republican leader Trent Lott said on CBS's "Face the Nation." An FBI spokesman confirmed some changes were in the works at the bureau, which is traditionally charged with domestic law enforcement duties, and said only an announcement would be made "in the near future." The CIA is responsible for intelligence-gathering overseas.

Republicans emphasized the FBI is going to change its ways as a result of the problems exposed by Sept 11. Florida Republican Goss said the agency is not now capable of doing the work needed to foil terrorist acts on U.S. soil. "I think they've got to go through a big learning curve, a lot of readjustment," he said. "It's a question of the training and the leadership, and I think we do have to do some serious rethinking and retraining," he said on Fox. "We are sort of cross-training now. We are placing some CIA people in there ... I think that will be helpful," he said. The Washington Post reported on Sunday that the CIA was dispatching more than 25 agency analysts to help reshape the FBI into an agency more focused on counter-terrorism. "The FBI & CIA have a lot of questions to answer," the Conference says: "The anthrax bio-terrorism, the 13 pages long letter from FBI agent Coleen Rowley, etc. The list is long as a nightmare. (Later on this is confirmed:)

03.06.2002: A published report says the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency failed to share critical information about two of the September 11 hijackers - information some law enforcement officials now say could have helped uncover the terrorist plot to attack the United States. Newsweek magazine says the CIA had the two hijackers under surveillance for months and knew about their connection to Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida terrorist network ut the report says that the CIA failed to share the information in time with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other federal agencies, like the Immigration and Naturalization Service. It says such information might have prevented the men from gaining visas to enter the country or having their visas renewed. According to the report, the CIA became aware of one the men, Nawaf Alhazmi, soon after he attended an al-Qaida meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in January 2000. It says CIA agents tracked him as he traveled to the United States. Newsweek says the CIA also knew another hijacker, Khalid Almihdhar, had obtained a multiple entry visa to United States.

According to the Newsweek report, the CIA finally sent out a warning in late August, sending law enforcement agents on a frantic and futile search for the two men. It quotes an unnamed FBI official as saying that if the agency had learned about the two men earlier, it could have "tied all the 19 hijackers together." Speaking on U.S. television Sunday, U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft said it is not likely last year's terrorist attacks could have been averted. But he acknowledged the nation's intelligence and law enforcement agencies need to better coordinate their activities. FBI Director Robert Mueller told a U.S. television news program Sunday terrorist attacks have been thwarted in the United States and abroad since September 11. Newsweek's report comes out Monday, one day before the start of closed-door congressional hearings about how the FBI handled the terrorist threat before September 11.... Back to 26.05.2002:

Israeli forces are continuing to prevent new terrorattacks and to arrest Palestinian terrorists. Arafat has called for elections, even without a complete Israeli withdrawel, but we'll like to see it before we believe it. Arafat talks a lot, and is not especially consistent. We have not yet published discussions about terrorism in Russia especially. The terrorist problems related to Tchechnya is somewhat similar to the Palestine vs Israeli problem, but the terrorism is more marginal and the Russian repression much more horrible. We don't support terrorism and muslim fundamentalism in, or rooted back to, Tchechnya, but their fight for autonomy is otherwise legitimate, as a long repressed minority within the Russian Federation and earlier the Soviet Union etc. We support the people both in Russia and Tchechnya, not "their" respective authorities. In the long run Tchechnya should be an independet country, as the people demands, preferably with anarchy and not a state. The other terrorism in Russia has seen all in all been more marginal, relative to the large country, population and the severe social problems, as well as the rather authoritarian and pseudodemocratic rule of president V. Putin. But Russia is of course a prominent member of the anti-terrorist coalition, and the co-operation with NATO is also interesting in historical perspective." 27.05.2002: A suicide bomber has killed himself and two Israelis (children) in the town of Petah Tikva, near Tel Aviv, wounding several others.

"Taliban and Qaeda Believed Plotting Within Pakistan" a headline declares in an article by JAMES DAO, AGRAM AIR BASE, Afghanistan, May 27, printed in NY-Times 28.05.2002 — "Virtually the entire senior leadership of Al Qaeda and the Taliban have been driven out of eastern Afghanistan and are now operating with as many as 1,000 non-Afghan fighters in the anarchic tribal areas of western Pakistan, the commander of American-led forces in Afghanistan said today. The commander, Maj. Gen. Franklin L. Hagenbeck, said in an interview that intelligence reports indicated that the Qaeda and Taliban leaders now in Pakistan were plotting terrorist attacks, including car and suicide bombings, to disrupt the selection of a new national government in Kabul next month." "We here may see a slight tendency to put the blame on anarchic, i.e. anarchist tendencies, to cover up for own incompetence of mr Hagenbeck by not having achieved to fight down and arrest bin-Laden and the other al-Qaeda authorities. This indicate a break of the Oslo Convention. The tribal areas may perhaps be semi-autonomus in a way as Hagenbeck says in the intervew, but they are not anarchic, but mainly muslim fundamentalist polyarchical, ruled by hierarchical tribal organizations. Also the Oklahoma-bombers were "anti-government", but not anarchic, i.e. anarchist. Thus, even the mentioned tribal areas are opposed to the Kabul-regime and Pakistan's central government, they are in no significant way anarchic. However it is difficult to say if it is just the reporter James Dao and NY Times or Franklin Hagenbeck himself, that is responsible for this mix of anarchist and authoritarian tendencies by reading the article, so we only give a Brown Card warning in this case," the Anarchist Press Tribunal of IAT says to IJ@. We remember very well the NY-Times bowing for the UNABOMBER and printing his authoritarian manifesto, falsely presenting it as "anarchist", and got a well deserved Brown Card from APT, see the IAT web-pages.The NY-Times is quite incompetent in the field of anarchism, an anarchosyndicalist says to IJ@. "It is mainly what a person or organization really are, and are for - not what they are against, that determine the political tendency," the Conference says.

- Indian Foreign Minister Jaswant Singh says "the epicenter of international terrorism is located in Pakistan." "Well, all of the terrorist "nests" are about equally important, since it is a polyarchical organization, a many-headed hydra", the Conference says: "To talk about the one and only "epicenter" in this connection, especially mixed up with the general war-rhetoric between India and Pakistan, is just talk, and not matter of fact. The rest of the anti-terrorist coalition in general should denounce these war plans and rhetorics, as we do! However Pakistan's and India's leaders seem not to be fundamentalist religious crackpots and potential suicide nuclear bombers, so a war between these 30-50 bombs nuclear powers, if any, will probably be very limited and not very offensive. The risk of mutual destruction will probably for rational beings act as a deterrent against a large scale war. But of course they both play with fire at the moment. You can never be certain about leaders under pressure and great stress and possible random mistakes...

US President George W Bush has hailed the signing of a partnership deal between NATO and Russia, saying the two former foes had now become partners. He said it was an "historic achievement" that would help establish peace and freedom across Europe.The agreement is being hailed as an historic milestone. The deal signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin and the leaders of 19 NATO countries, establishes a new NATO-Russia council giving Moscow an equal voice on a range of issues such as counter-terrorism, peacekeeping and arms control. The summit took place at an airbase south of Rome protected by missiles, fighter planes and warships standing offshore. "Two former foes are now joined as partners, overcoming 50 years of division and a decade of uncertainty," Mr Bush told the summit. "Well, how this is going to work without clear cut sanctions and decision rules, is difficult to say, " the Conference say: " But it is a historical turningpoint, yes it is! Perhaps the indirect sanctions of possible terrorist attacks, nuclears attacks, etc., i.e. the common enemies may keep up a good co-operation."

29.05.2002: Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his security cabinet met for several hours on Wednesday to discuss their response to the latest wave of Palestinian attacks, but reportedly did not agree any new plans. Israeli sources say ministers have not shifted from the current policy of regular pinpoint raids into towns in the West Bank to search for Palestinian militants, despite the recent surge in violence. The cabinet meeting followed a number of suicide bombings in recent days, and Tuesday's shootings of Jewish settlers. Arafat has not condemned the shootings. Three settlers - students at an Orthodox seminary - were killed and another wounded by a Palestinian gunman at the Itamar settlement, near Nablus in the West Bank. In an earlier incident, an Israeli motorist was shot and killed, also in the West Bank. Another man travelling with him was wounded. Residents of the nearby Jewish settlement of Ofra said Palestinian gunmen had opened fire on their car. The AFP news agency said it had received a statement from the al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades - an offshoot of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement - saying it had carried out both attacks. BBC Middle East correspondent Jeremy Cooke says the shootings - which have been rare since the huge Israeli military offensive in the West Bank last month - appear to be a significant change of tactics by Palestinian militants. Mr Arafat has condemned recent suicide bombings, but not the attacks on settlements, which the Palestinians regard as the most potent symbol of Israeli occupation. "Well, about 1 000 000 Palestinians are living quite well in Israel. Is this occupation? Why this hostility towards some Jewish settlements in Palestine areas? " the Conference asks mr. Arafat, the PLO-state-terrorist boss.

30.05.2002: US President George W Bush is to send his Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, to India and Pakistan in an attempt to quell rising tensions over the disputed territory of Kashmir.Mr Rumsfeld is expected to travel to the region next week as part of continuing efforts by the international community to prevent all-out war between the two nations. US Secretary of State Colin Powell also announced that he is to send his top aide - Richard Armitage - to the region to help in peace efforts. Russia has also said that President Vladimir Putin will seek to defuse the crisis between the two countries at an Asian summit in Kazakhstan next week. Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov told journalists in Moscow that the Russian president had offered to mediate talks between the Indian and Pakistan leaders, although India has ruled out any such talks until Pakistan halts cross-border incursions by Islamic militants. "This is about time!" the Conference says.

The FBI on Thursday won additional powers to conduct domestic counterterrorism surveillance that critics said could trample on Americans' constitutional rights. A quarter century after the government imposed guidelines to curtail domestic spying, Attorney General John Ashcroft announced changes to lift FBI restrictions on conducting surveillance of public gatherings, religious and political organizations and surfing the Internet as part of the government's response to Sept. 11 attacks. "We thought the problem was not that FBI didn't knew several things about the 11.09.2002 terrorist-attacks in advance, but that the relevent information didn't got through in the system so actions could be taken to prevent the terrorism. An attack on free speech and constitutional rights combined with increasing tendencies of Neo-McCarthyism is an authoritarian tendency. These new powers should thus be handled very much with care," the Conference says. 31.05.2002: Citizens of the US, UK, and several other countries are advised to leave India as fears grow of war with Pakistan over Kashmir.

01.06.2002: Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has played down fears of a nuclear war with India, saying he did not believe either side would fire its missiles. "We've called for a no-war pact with India... We've called for de-nuclearisation of South Asia. I don't think either side is that irresponsible to go to that limit," he told CNN. "I would even go to the extent of saying one shouldn't even be discussing these things, because any sane individual cannot even think of going into this unconventional war, whatever the pressures," he said. However, the United Nations has begun withdrawing its staff's families from Pakistan and India as a "precautionary measure" in light of the danger posed by the current stand-off between the two nuclear-capable states over Kashmir. Several western countries have already advised dependents and non-essential staff to leave both Pakistan and India.

Pakistan's Information Minister Nissar Memon said he was saddened by the UN's decision, which was taken at its New York headquarters. He said his country had no intention of going to war and suggested the international community should have more faith in its own mediation efforts. The US is sending Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to the region and Russian President Vladimir Putin hopes to bring the two sides together at a meeting in Kazakhstan next week. Mr Memon blamed what he called the media hype about a possible nuclear war for causing widespread fear.

The background for rising tension: 1 October 2001: 38 killed in attack on the Kashmir assembly in Srinagar; 13 December 2001: 14 killed in attack on the Indian parliament building in Delhi; 14 May 2002: More than 30 killed in attack on an Indian army camp in Kashmir; 21 May 2002: Moderate Kashmiri politician Abdul Ghani Lhone shot dead.

General Musharraf also gave his backing for a de-escalation of the situation. "We've called for a no-war pact with India, that there shouldn't be any war," he said. "We've called for de-nuclearisation of South Asia, so we've called for reduction of forces." About one million soldiers are massed on either side of the Line of Control which divides Kashmir between Pakistan and India. The president warned however, that if India attacked, Pakistan would respond robustly. Fears of war have been growing since a militant attack on an Indian army camp in the state of Jammu and Kashmir killed more than 30 people. But General Musharraf rejects Indian accusations that his country sponsored the attacks, saying he "would fight militancy in any form". However, he gave his support for what he called the Kashmiris' "genuine freedom struggle". The decision to withdraw UN families has had a mixed reaction in Islamabad, the BBC's Susannah Price reports.

One diplomatic source said UN employees did not want their families to go and blamed pressure from western countries. But other UN staff said they were relieved by the decision, adding there was no reason to keep families in a potentially dangerous region. Many countries had already warned their citizens to keep away from Pakistan and this week, thousands of foreign nationals from several countries were also advised to leave India. France, which last week advised its citizens to leave Pakistan, on Saturday recommended that they should also leave India. Britain and other Western countries have already scaled down their operations in Pakistan following attacks, or threats of attacks, by Islamic militants. The BBC's Adam Mynott in Delhi says many Britons, including high commission staff, are expected to leave the Indian capital later on Saturday.

India's defense minister has ruled out any dialogue with Pakistan over the disputed region of Kashmir until there is an end to what he called "cross-border terrorism". It's difficult to specify in what circumstances you need a war. At the moment, I don't see any situation in which that may become necessary Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee has also ruled out talks with Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf at an Asian summit in Kazakhstan which the two leaders are attending. "Not a day passes when... Pakistani troops do not fire into our territory," Mr Fernandes the defense minister said."In the process of this firing the terrorists are smuggled into our territory, so unless this is stopped, there is no way one can talk," 02.06.2002. 03.06.2002: The Palestinian cabinet has said militant leader Ahmed Saadat will remain in jail despite a ruling by the Palestinian high court to release him. The Anarchist International Embassy declares that all foreign anarchists in India and Pakistan should leave the countries because of the dangerous situation.

04.06.2002: The United States Congress is beginning hearings into possible US intelligence failures in the run-up to the attacks of 11 September. There has been a series of recent revelations suggesting that clues were missed prior to the attacks, and frequent leaks about an apparent US intelligence failure. Now, behind closed doors, the Senate and House of Representatives Intelligence Panels are holding joint hearings on what the different agencies did and did not know - and how they responded. The hearings are secret in order to protect sources, but committee members appear intent on getting answers. "We need to be aggressive and rigorous in this inquiry, asking the right questions like who knew what?" said Senator Barbara Mikulsk. "And if they didn't know it, why? And what did they do with the information they had?" On Thursday, the FBI agent-turned-whistle-blower, Colleen Rowley, is expected to publicly tell a Senate committee why she thinks her bosses hindered enquiries into the man now suspected of being the would-be 20th hijacker. Even President Bush agrees mistakes were made. "In terms of whether the FBI and CIA communicated properly, I think it's clear that they weren't, and now we're addressing that issue," he said at the National Security Agency hours before the enquiry. "I see no evidence today that said this could have prevented the attacks." The FBI has borne the brunt of criticism so far, but the CIA and the National Security Agency have come in for blame too. The FBI has announced a massive reorganization. However, part of the Congressional enquiry will be into whether these changes are in fact the right ones. "As indicated above, the basic information about the terrorism was there, the problem was to get it through in the system. The so called reorganization of FBI with "less bureaucracy" and a dash of CIA, seems to be establishing even more of the rule "the boss is always right" and reducing on real law and order. Tendencies of rivaling states within the state, i.e. chaos... The whole thing stinks, opens up for ochlarchy and terror, and will probably not work properly," says the Conference on terrorism.

05.06.2002: A terrorist attack has struck at a bus in northern Israel, killing at least 17 people and injuring many more. It is the biggest suicide attack since Israel's recent West Bank offensive. Reports say the attacker detonated a massive car bomb after pulling up behind the bus at Megiddo junction, near the biblical city of Armageddon (now Megiddo) and close to the border with the West Bank. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has convened his security cabinet, and correspondents say that a military response seems inevitable. Two militant Palestinian groups, Islamic Jihad and the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade, both reportedly claimed responsibility for the attack in messages to Arab media. Soon after Israel tanks rolled into the West Bank town of Jenin. 06.06.2002. Israeli forces have pulled out of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's headquarters in the West Bank town of Ramallah, ending a siege of about six hours. Two Palestinians were killed and buildings were damaged during the operation which involved tanks and bulldozers, Palestinian witnesses said.

06.06.2002: The Israeli troops are working on rounding up more terrorists. US President George W Bush is to announce sweeping changes to the agencies charged with protecting Americans from terrorists. The new Department of Homeland Security will co-ordinate policy on everything from border security to processing intelligence reports. It will take responsibilities from more than 100 different agencies in what is being called the biggest shake-up of US government for 50 years, as Mr Bush takes action after apparent intelligence failures left the US unprepared for the 11 September attacks. Mr Bush's reforms come after searing criticism that turf wars and poor communication helped to create a situation where there were maybe enough strands of information to predict the New York and Washington attacks, but no-one pieced them together. The proposal for the new Cabinet-level department will be announced by the president in a national television address. The intelligence "clearing-house" will: Analyse intelligence from a host of government agencies, including the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Security Agency to identify threats and stop them if possible; Protect critical infrastructure - including nuclear power plants, air, rail, road systems and ports; Lead US efforts to prepare for and cope with nuclear, chemical and biological attacks; Oversee federal emergency assistance; Unify federal authority over borders, territorial waters and transportation systems; Take control of the Secret Service.

Under the plans, the FBI and CIA will remain independent but will funnel information to analysts in the new department who can decide if various pieces of information add up to a threat that has to be addressed. The new department will have a staff of 170,000 drawn from other agencies and an annual budget of $37 billion. "If this clearing-central with network agencies can act anarchistically from the bottom and upwards, and not the other way around, plus coordinate and co-operative, it may work. However a lot of libertarian principles, "and"-gates and "or"-gates, must be fulfilled, to make it work. Americans have a tendency to "think big" and "skyscraper" and that may make them vulnerable. This giant may be bureaucratic and the "boss is always right" even if not intened to be so, especially if the staff is authoritarian and not libertarian and co-operative, and if the organization is trying to police the world. Time will show. By the way, to make the intelligence workers scapegout for 11. september is not the right adress. The politicians with the president up front is of course themselves responsible for not doing this reorganization long before. But better late than never, " the Conference says...

Soon after the following message was received: Bush Announces Restructuring of Homeland Security: President Bush called on Congress on Thursday night to remake the government for "a titanic struggle against terror," proposing a Cabinet-level Department of Homeland Security. "The word "titanic" may be interpreted in different ways", the Conference says: "But if the American agents get trained in a more anarchistic way than before, it may perhaps work well. Compared to CNT in Spain 1936-39 this new security-organization is relatively small. Especially the co-operation with foreign security services on equal footing is important. And the new training of the agents must be based on all the anarchist prinsiples. To use the relatively populistical Tom Ridge as head of the new department is perhaps not the best start. Bush trying a bit to make the secret services scapegoat for the 11.09.2002 events is a bad example, and they all are playing the "blame game", "rivaling states within the state" and the "the boss is always right", - - the whole thing smells more populism, chaos included, than anarchy, i.e. order included. And the CIA and FBI etc. powerful bosses say they fear a department that shall not be the ruler, just coordinate the co-operation and 'consume, not produce' information from the different branches. They should all take the Anarchist International's basic course in anarchism," the Conference says, not too optimistic....

By the way 1. Arafat has demonstrated that the Palestinian police-system is working, by swift killing of two killers and rapists, and thus also demonstrated that he can take on the terrorists in the same way. If he wants to... 07.06.2002. However he doesn't want this." 08.06.2002 Three Israelis were killed and four others were injured in two separate attacks by Palestinian terrorists on Jewish settlements. Eight terrorists also died in the attacks and attempted strikes on Israelis in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. "We are wondering what Arafat would say, if the the Jews called the ca 1 000 000 Palestinians living in Israel occupants and settlements and started to kill the innocent civilian Palestinians? It is clear to us all, that a Palestinian separate state cannot be based on ethnic cleansing of Jews. "No terrorism" cannot be achieved with the PLO-state authority and its corrupt terrorists going free around. A UN-based Palestine authority a bit similar to the former case in East-Timor must be established as soon as possible. Arafat has lost all credibility because of case 1. As mentioned above, he should soon get a ticket to Hague or a similar court toghether with all the terrorist groups of PLO and the other corrupt gangsters. At the same time negotiations for withdrawel and a Palestinian state should be put on the agenda. 'No state with Arafat and the corrupt terrorist organization'. It was a naive mistake of the Oslo-agreement to think that an antimilitarist (non-aggresive) State can be based on an old terrorist organization. Most of the Oslo-agreement in itself is OK, but not with Arafat-PLO at the wheel. For Arafat & Co the time is running out!" the Conference says: "They are not only irrelevant, they are criminals wanting to drive the Jews on the sea."

09.06.2002: Israeli leader Ariel Sharon has rejected the idea of any rigid timetable for peace talks with the Palestinians, again insisting that violence must end before any dialogue can resume. Islamic Jihad said it carried out last week's bus bombing in Israel. Hours after Mr Sharon arrived in Washington on Sunday, Palestinian security forces arrested a leader of the radical Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, which claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing last week in which 17 Israelis died. Abdullah Shami's arrest in the Gaza Strip coincided with a shake-up by Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat of the Palestinian security forces. It came on a weekend of violence in the West Bank and Gaza Strip which claimed 11 lives, mostly as a result of Palestinians attacking Israeli settlements. And in the early hours of Monday at least 30 Palestinians were injured in the Jabaliya refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, in a blast apparently caused by a landmine which exploded in a house. Mr Sharon, writing in the New York Times on the eve of talks with Mr Bush, also said that if lasting peace was to be achieved with the Palestinians, other Arab states needed to be involved. "This is mostly consistent with the anarchist plans," the Conference says; "Arafat and the PLO terrorist-mob is 'out'."

10.06.2002: Federal officials captured a U.S. citizen with suspected ties to al-Qaeda who allegedly planned to build and explode a radioactive "dirty bomb" in the United States, the Justice Department announced Monday. U.S. officials said Washington was the probable target of the plot. FBI Director Robert Mueller said the plot was in the "discussion stage" when the suspect, Abdullah Al Muhajir, was arrested. 11.06.2002: A bomb in a restaurant north of Tel Aviv kills one and injures at least eight as Israel reports the arrest of a Palestinian faction leader in Ramallah.

12.06.2002: Norwegian F-16s to Afghanistan: At least four modernized Norwegian F-16 fighter jets will see active service against Al-Qaeda and the Taleban under American command in Afghanistan in the course of the summer. The most likely mission for the pilots of the revamped jets will be bombing targets on the ground, the first such action for Norway since the second World War. More detailed plans will depend on the situation in Afghanistan in four months time. At present American and allied planes fly over the country around the clock and take part in skirmishes against terrorists from the Taleban and Al-Qaeda still operating in Afghanistan. Norway's contribution to the armed struggle against on terrorism effort will undergo many changes this summer. Special forces (FSK) and mine clearance workers (mine destroyers) will be called home while at least four fighter jets will be sent to Manas airbase outside of Kyrgyzstan's capital Bishkek. State councillor of defense Kristin Krohn Devold offered to send F-16s to take part in "Operation Enduring Freedom" last November but the US preferred to utilize Norwegian expertise in other areas.

The USA has helped finance the modernization of F-16s for Norway, Denmark, Belgium and Holland. All electrical equipment has been replaced, leaving largely only the bodies from the original planes purchased in the 1980's. The upgrade means the jets can now use laser-guided missiles and bombs. Planes from Norway, Denmark and Holland will replace the six French Mirage jets and six American F-18s currently flying daily missions from Manas. Bush have made two important decisions the last days. 1. A law on first strike possibility for use of nuclear bomb. (Saddam should remember that). 2. A proposal for an intermediate Palestinian state before the final one is established. "Both these decisions are consistent with the anarchists antiterrorism plans", - says the Conference: And the main terrorist-nest outside Afghanistan is the PLO-state of Arafat, with 13 rotten "eggs" in the "nest": The 4 main terrorgroups, the 7 secret police departments, the stay behind network + Arafat himself = 13. The time of this mighty terrororganization should soon run out, and a new Palestinian administration introduced, a bit like the East Timor case." 13.06.2002: US President George W Bush has met with the Saudi Foreign Minister, Prince Saud al-Faisal, in Washington - the latest in a series of contacts before new US proposals for Middle East peace are unveiled. They did not get into bullet-by-bullet, specific-by-specific plans. In the West Bank, Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat has called the first meeting of his reshuffled "reform" cabinet on Thursday, after Israel lifted its siege of his headquarters in the West Bank town of Ramallah. "The old, shrewd PLO-state terrorist organization of Arafat cannot "reform", the Conference says 14.06.2002: "It's out of question. The whole PLO terror-nest with the 13 rotten "eggs" should be arrested one way or the other as soon as possible. Nobody can really believe that a State based on a clear cut ca 100% "drive the Jews on the ocean" terror-organization may "reform" into a democratic society based on antimilitarism and non-aggression."

14.06.2002: A previously unknown militant group called "Al-Qanoon" claimed responsibility for a suicide car bomb blast Friday at the U.S. Consulate in Karachi that killed 10 and warned the attack was just "the beginning." In Washington, the State Department said it suspected Osama bin-Laden's al Qaeda network was behind the attack. "We fight an enemy that are radical killers. That's what they are," President Bush said during a visit to his home state of Texas. "They claim they're religious people and they blow up Muslims. They have no regard for individual life." "No - not al-Qaeda and not Arafat's PLO terrorist state. A typical example: Parents get 1000 $ in remuneration after their 15 year old daughter joins the Jihad terrorists, i.e. she is in reality worth 0 to the parents as a person. Of course they love the daughter, i.e. positive value, but she is also valuable as a martyr, so net value is about 0 $. She kills ten "small satans", i.e. Jews, worth minus 1000 $ each in a suicide attack. Thus from the parents perspective we have the following subjective profit: 1000 $ from Arafat - 0 $ lost daughter martyr - (-1000 $ x 10 small satans Jews) = + 11000 $. My my, Palestinians are real humanists. The accounting is not becoming more humanist when a Palestinian father of a suicide bomber later on says to the media that he his glad his son was a martyr and no is by God. This means the zero above must be changed to a positive figure, unless he is lying of fear to be shot or harassed by the PLO-mob if he is telling the truth. This implicates even more twisted subjective profit, from utilitarian point of view, for sending the children out in "wannabe Jihad", (un-)holy war. However if a metaphysical, spiritual, extramental dimension exists, the son is certainly by now in hell, for killing innocent civilian people deliberately, and not in heaven. You don't need to be an Imam to understand that.

Of course a "big satan", i.e. US citizen; is even more profitable, say 100 000 $ each, from al-Qaeda perspective, i.e. minus one American innocent civilian "big satan" worth, say, minus 100 000, gives + 100 000 when killed. Thus the 11.09.2002 affair and today's attack may seem very profitable from terrorist leaders and parents perspective. This a bit strange capitalist profit accounting "cost-benefit analysis" is due to non-humanistical values on human life. If humanistical and libertarian values, i.e. human rights, were introduced in al-Qaeda and PLO etc., i.e. a change of the preference structure towards human rights etc., profit and subjective utility of these terrible deeds would be negative, and thus they would probably not be implemented. Here we also clearly see the problems with the utilitarian ethical assumptions behind the liberalist market priests philosophy, starting with the preference-structure "as given" and accepted. If humanist and libertarian values are at place, this may be OK, but not if it is twisted towards the authoritarian and bestiality, i.e. primitive archi-type preferences.

We have omitted the costs of the bombs in itself, as not significant from terrorist point of view. Say, stealing aeroplans are cost free from suicide-terrorists point of view. This terrorist capitalism and non-humanist values are horrible"! the Conference says, after discussion: "All real muslims should denounce these terrible anti-humanistical and anti human rights values and acts at once. Real muslim faith is basically according to human rights, if interpreted the right way. These twisted anti human rights and totally wrong and really Satanic interpretations of the Koran etc. should be denounced once and for all. If this is not done soon we have to fight this evil "wannabe holy", "Jihad", terrorists down one way or the other, before they ruin the humanist world, and turn the life on earth into archi-society, i.e more than 67% authoritarian, or to be precise more than 66.6 666 666 etc % degree authoritarian.

"666" - It is by the way a strange random event for anarchists, i.e. atheists, that when the Economical-Political map is divided in three equal parts, with respect to authoritarian degree, i.e. the least 1/3 authoritarian, the middle and the 1/3 most authoritarian along the progressive/reactionary axis, the a) least authoritarian systems cover ca 17% of the area on the map, and the equally most authoritarian cover ca 30%, indicating it is much more easy to create hell than heaven on earth, and b) the circle segment for the border to the evil ultra-authoritarian systems, with terrorist ochlarchy and fundamentalism at the bottom of the map, goes just at 66.6 666 666 666 ....% authoritarian degree. 67% is a simplification. The real figure is 66.6 666 666 666 a.s.o %. They who developed the map in its precise form, found this strange event as soon as they discovered the characteristics of the map. But they did not wanted to be mixed up with religious crackpots and give fanatics water on the mill, so they thought it was best to hide this weird characteristic of the map. They left notes on this strange thing and it has been a semipublic secret among some anarchists for several years. But today the evil, authoritarian forces, the real devils and arch-enemies, not the metaphysical ones that probably ca 100% certain don't exist, have once more lifted their horrible many headed hydra since Adolf Hitler and the 'axis of evil', ultra-authoritarian powers, were put at place in 1945.

As far as we can remember, the figure "666" means the arch-enemy and 'beast', Satan, also for the "believing" people. So the correct name or number on the border circlesegment to the most authoritarian or archi-systems is 66.6 666 666 etc %, not 67%. If measured per thousand instead of % , the figure for the borderline to the ultra-authoritarian systems is 666. 666 666 etc. Here goes the border to the evil, satanic, persons and societies on the map, i.e. more or less hell with bestiality. For people interested in mythology, it may also be interesting to know that the last book of the New Testament, the Revelation, not only mentions the name and number of the "beast", a polyarchical many-headed hydra, with a lot of dangerous wild animal characteristics, but also a "world with four corners", similar to the economical political world map. And they "who have wisdom, reason" (i.e. not a believer) will reveale the truth about the name and number of Satan, the "beast", a person or body. For persons who love Nostradamus, John/Johannes, and other fogarchs and prophets, and are "believers" more or less, to read the whole Revelation in Economical-Political map context may be interesting. Whether the "whore in Babylon" is the wife of Saddam, or not, may of course be discussed widely. This may, say, indicate that Saddam is not the father of his "own" children. We don't believe in such nonsense forecasts and fogarchy, as we are atheists, but it may be discussed more, especially among religious persons. By the way, some religous groups in Norway think the EU is the "beast" = '666', so there are many funny interpretations of this numbe. 11.07.2002 a crazy fogarch from "Sarons Valley" in the South of Norway, Arild Edvardsen, wrongly interpreted the 'www' of Internet URLs as the "beast", mixing up the Latin and Hebrew characters. How mad may religious crackpots really be?

All in all, this connections between the Economical-Political map and the Revelation, are a bit weird, but we should probably not put too much into it. It may however perhaps indicate that some thinkers in the real old ages may have thought in the same way as the anarchists of the 20th century, only a bit more vague, or perhaps people later on telling about the ancient wisdom have forgotten the decimal point, until the Arabs (re?-) discovered the decimal system? Perhaps we all have an embryo of this knowledge of societal organization research hidden in our genes, or an ability to develope it or similar thoughts. Anyway, the outer space is probably not just ca 13 000 000 000, 13 billion, years old, as some astronomers think, but probably more than 13 000 000 000 000 000 000 .... years old. Perhaps with several big bangs and superblack imploding holes. Perhaps not? We don't really know how far intelligent beings may have developed technology, genetic included, and lifeforms in all these years far out in space and time and other possible dimensions not discovered by our few senses and technology so far. However we will not contribute to make up myths in this direction. There are more than enough crackpots believing in mystical symbolism and UFOs already. So don't get paranoid fellows.

The 2/3 = about 67% percent authoritarian degree (= about 666 per thousand authoritarian degree ) limit or more, is meaning totalitarian on the EP- map. The EP-map is devided in three, the most libertarian with equal to or less than 1/3 (33,33%) authoritarian degree, the middle with between 1/3 and 2/3 authoritarian degree, and the totalitarian with equal to or more than 2/3 authoritarian degree. By accident the 2/3 authoritarian degree limit is about equal to the "mark of the beast" = 666 in the bible, but this is quite secondary, although an efficient pedagogical metaphore when talking to christians. Most of the anarchists are atheists with a small dash of agnosticism... Thus: NO HYPOCRISY involved.

As mentioned we don't put any special meaning in this, but it is a bit weird. But it may perhaps remind us that these authoritarian forces of the dark brown regimes and organizations must be stopped, i.e reduced to a minimal level soon, although we of course shold not introduce a "holy war" the other way around. President Bush and Americans always saying "so help me god", "God bless America" etc, and mixing in religion and metaphysical stuff in this terrorist matter, are far out, and dangerous. We will certainly only win the armed and other struggle against terrorism by rational means, i.e anarchistic. If we give in for the irrational, and authoritarian, we will only copy our enemies and hell with more than 66.6 666 666 etc % authoritarian degree is soon on anyway. But it is soon time to increase the resources to do away with these more than 66.6 666 666 etc. % authoritarian forces and bestiality by more armed and other struggle. To build a fence against the evil forces as the Jews are trying to do, it is probably not efficient and a waste of labor, real capital and time. The terrorists will probably fly over this wall as easy as a bird or travel around. The Anarchist International's and ICOT's aim is a two independent nations' solution based on the 1967 borders, with no states in the meaning of topheavy pyramid structures, an end of the Israeli occupation, no wall, and the two countries living in peace, with an end of terrorism etc. Also the Palestinian refugee problem must have a positive solution within the two-countries' approach. The AI and ICOT mainly support "Anarchists against the wall". The PLO-terrorists, the al-Qaeda and similar groups must thus be arrested one way or the other as soon as possible. If they win only a small victory, it may increase very much, and they may be impossible to stop. It's probably soon, now or never! This large scale terrorism must not pay, or it will just be more and more of it, and democracy and anarchy will go under and be crushed, and archi-society will rule the world, probably for ever.

V... to use symbols for a change, although we don't believe very much in symbols, let us once more start to use the V-sign fellows, i.e. until the forces of "666", or more than 66.6 666 666 666 etc. % authoritarian degree are arrested, one way or the other, and the sooner the better. But remember, there is ca 100% certain no God to help us. We are all by ourself alone, i.e. the anti-terrorist coalition must do the dangerous work itself, one way or the other with anarchistic armed and other struggle - or be defeated and the world ends up in the real hell - archi-society. These thoughts are discussed and decided unanimously by the Conference on terrorism 16.06.2002: - "V against 66.6 666 666...." - "V against 66.6 666 666...." "V against 66.6 666 666...." "V against 66.6 666 666...." "V against 66.6 666 666...." "V against 66.6 666 666...." "V against 66.6 666 666...." "V against 66.6 666 666...." "V against 66.6 666 666...." "V against 66.6 666 666...." .... until all terrorist-"nests" and all the rotten "eggs" in them are defeated.

"HVAD FANDEN NØLER I EFTER!" - "What in hell are you waiting for!" said the anarchist Hans Jæger once. Let's have some more action, i.e. soon! By the way, since the priests in USA have turned into criminals and rapists, we - the anarchists take over, and do the speech this Sunday morning, i.e. without prayers. We let ANARCHON, one of our Nestors, play the POPE and speak our message to the world. Prayers will not help anyway. The future is entirely in our own hands, sorry to say;"Gott mit uns" is on the arch-enemies side, this time as well as most of the times throughout history. The only thing we believe in of hidden forces is "den kosmiske E-tjenesten", the "cosmic secret service", and it is not metaphysical, neither angels nor devils, but cosmic top secret, humanist, rational and tough human beings in FSK special forces type organizations. And such forces are only a relatively small part of the mega struggle that is waiting ahead. Only 20-50 000 Jihad terrorists and their cynical leaders, and probably still the number is increasing a bit, is a difficult task to stop, but they all soon must be arrested one way or the other, or else: 66.6 666 666 ... % authoritarian degree or more for us all, and we are all soon dead, becoming slaves or living in hell, archi-society or other totalitarian, fundamentalistic hells." (Press release of this resolution sent later on Sunday 16.06.2002)

By the way ANARCHON in this context means both "without archon = ruler" and "without the primitive, origin, first stage", or put in more poetical terms: THE POINT OF NO RETURN: "...the Father was always Father; for He is Father of the ever-present Son. To the Son we must pay the due honour, ascribing to Him the gennesis without beginning ([ten anarchon gennesin]), and using of Him only the words 'was' and 'always,' and 'before all time'.."." Beautiful poetry, but to anarchists, i.e. atheists it has no meaning above its metaphorical and pedagogical value... Religious interpretations should 100% be avoided. We have not got collective megalomania and paranaoia yet, and probably never will", the Conference says.!

17.06.2002: America's 'most wanted terrorists according to BBC and FBI': Bin Laden and al-Zawahiri top the FBI's list. The FBI says the suspected terrorists named in its list are wanted in connection with crimes committed since 1985. A reward of up to $5m is offered for information leading to their arrest.

1. Osama Bin Laden: Born in Saudi Arabia, 1957. Head of the al-Qaeda network and prime suspect in the attacks on New York and Washington; also wanted in connection with the 1998 bombings of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania which killed more than 220 people. Believed to be in Afghanistan.

2. Ayman al-Zawahiri: Born in Egypt, 1951. Founder of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad movement. Believed to serve as an adviser to Bin Laden. Wanted in connection with the US embassy bombings in Africa. Believed to be in Afghanistan. "Dr. Dead"

3. Abdelkarim Hussein Mohammed al-Nasser: Born in Saudi Arabia. Charged with the Khobar Towers bombing in Doha, Saudi Arabia, in 1996, in which 19 American servicemen died.

4. Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah: Born in Egypt, 1963. Charged in connection with the US embassy bombings in Africa. Believed to be in Afghanistan.

5. Muhsin Musa Matwalli Atwah: Born in Egypt, 1964. Wanted in connection with the US embassy bombings in Africa. Believed to be in Afghanistan.

6. Ali Atwa: Born in Lebanon, 1960. Suspected member of the Lebanese Hezbollah organisation. Wanted in connection with the hijacking of TWA flight 847 from Athens to Rome in 1985, in which an American citizen was killed. Believed to be in Lebanon.

7. Anas al-Liby: Born in Libya, 1964. Wanted in connection with the bombings of the US embassies in Africa. Recently lived in the UK, believed to currently be in Afghanistan.

8. Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani: Born in Tanzania, 1974. Charged in connection with the US embassy bombings in Africa.

9. Hasan Izz-al-Din: Born in Lebanon, 1963. Suspected member of the Lebanese Hezbollah organisation. Charged in connection with the hijacking of TWA flight 847. Believed to be in Lebanon.

10. Ahmed Mohammed Hamed Ali: Born in Egypt, 1965. Thought to have previously worked in agriculture. Wanted in connection with the US embassy bombings in Africa. Believed to be in Afghanistan.

11. Fazul Abdullah Mohammed: Born in Comoros Islands. Believed to be a computer expert. Charged in connection with the US embassy bombings in Africa.

12. Imad Fayez Mugniyah: Born in Lebanon, 1962. Believed to be head of the security apparatus of the Lebanese Hezbollah. Wanted in connection with the hijacking of TWA flight 847 in 1985. Thought to be in Lebanon.

13. Mustafa Mohammed Fadhil: Born in Egypt, 1976, Fadhil has Egyptian and Kenyan citizenship. Charged in connection with the US embassy bombings in Africa.

14. Sheikh Ahmed Salim Swedan: Kenyan citizen. Charged in connection with the US embassy bombings in Africa.

15. Abdul Rahman Yasin: Born in Indiana, 1960. Wanted in connection with the bombing of the World Trade Center in New York in 1993, in which six people died.

16. Fahid Mohammed Ally Msalam: Born in Kenya, 1976. Wanted in connection with the US embassy bombings in Africa.

17. Ahmad Ibrahim al-Mughassil: Born in Saudi Arabia, 1967. Wanted in connection with the Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia in 1996.

18. Khalid Shaikh Mohammed: Kuwaiti citizen. Wanted in connection with a plot to bomb US airliners flying to the US from Southeast Asia in January, 1995.

19. Mohammed Atef: Egyptian citizen. Believed to be Bin Laden's second-in-command in al-Qaeda. Wanted in connection with the US embassy bombings in Africa.

20. Ali Saed Bin Ali El-Hoorie: Born in Saudi Arabia, 1965. Charged in connection with the Khobar Towers bombing.

21. Saif al-Adel: Egyptian citizen. Believed to be a high-ranking member of al-Qaeda. Wanted in connection with the US embassy bombings in Africa. Believed to be in Afghanistan.

22. Ibrahim Salih Mohammed al-Yacoub: Born in Saudi Arabia, 1966. Charged in connection with the Khobar Towers bombing.

Tuesday 18.06.2002: Fourteen dead in Jerusalem blast. The blast came despite a huge security operation. 19 people have been killed and around 50 injured in a suspected suicide bomb attack on a bus in Jerusalem. The blast took place at 0800 local time (0500 GMT) during morning rush hour at a crowded intersection in the southern Pat district. The bus was full of schoolchildren and office workers. "There was a huge explosion, smoke and pieces of the bus and body parts were flying everywhere. It was horrible," a witness told Israel Army Radio. Jerusalem police chief Mickey Levy said the bus, from Gilo, was ripped apart by the force of the explosion. Police are checking the area for bombs.

Hamas has claimed responsibility for the blast, but Israel said it held Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat responsible. "The Palestinian Authority is drenched in terror," said David Baker, a spokesman for Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. "This terror has seeped into [Palestinian] society," Mr Baker said. The Palestinian leadership also "condemned" the attack. "The Palestinian Authority ... repeats its position of not condoning the killing of civilians, both Palestinians and Israelis," Palestinian cabinet minister Saeb Erekat told CNN. Police have mounted a huge security operation in recent days to prevent attacks, as Israel puts up a security fence along its border with the West Bank. But the erection of the fence has been met with scepticism among both Israelis and Palestinians as well as the Conference on terrorism. The incident came as US President George W Bush was preparing to announce a strategy to relaunch the Middle East peace process. The plan - which could be announced as early as Tuesday or Wednesday - is expected to include a recommendation for a provisional Palestinian state with temporary borders and limited sovereignty.

"OK, but not based on the PLO-state of Arafat as Palestine authority!" The Conference says: "Arafat & Co terrorism and corruption are 'out'." A week ago a suicide bomber blew himself up wounding at least 15 people at a restaurant north of Tel Aviv. And on Monday a bomber blew himself up near an Israeli border patrol causing no other harm. "More than 666. 666 666 666 etc. authoritarian degree per thousand and 66.6 666 666 666 ... %," the Conference says, a bit " 666 = the 'beast' apocalyptical", but of course without believing in metaphysical forces operating: "It's time to arrest these arch-enemies, one way or the other!". Later on Israeli tanks stormed into a West Bank bastion of Palestinian militants on Tuesday night after Israel's cabinet agreed military action in response to the suicide bombing that killed 19 bus passengers in Jerusalem. Palestinian witnesses and Israeli security sources both reported the army move into Jenin in what Israel radio called the start of major military action to pre-empt further suicide bombing missions over the porous West Bank border into Israel. 19.06.2002: -- Israel says it will retake parts of the West Bank "as long as terror attacks continue.", CNN reports. By the way, the Brown Card convict Tont Blair's wife has publicly tried to excuse the "Jihad" suicide bombers with that they "have no future". "We must say that if all people on earth who subjectively or objectively have "no future", the sick, old, poor, repressed etc should turn into terrorism and try to kill as many as possible before ending their miserable life, it would be hell on earth, archi-society or worse. Furthermore the Palestinians in general have a future. Ms Blair should shut up and stop legitimate terrorism and nihilism, similar to twisted "Sex Pistols" chaos-punk ideology. This is not a constructive, progressive basis for to change the world, i.e. introduce a new world order of anarchy, " the Conference says.

19.06.2002: A suicide bomber has killed seven people in Jerusalem, the second such attack in two days. Israeli officials say about 35 people were injured, some critically. The explosion occurred at a commuter bus stop on a busy road in the French Hill neighborhood. Hours later, Israeli helicopter gunships fired on targets in the Gaza Strip in what Israeli sources said was an "initial response" to the bombing. The raids were on two metal factories in the southern town of Khan Younis and near the Jabaliya refugee camp north of Gaza City. Two people were reported injured in the second attack. The al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade - an armed group associated with Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement - has claimed responsibility for Wednesday's suicide bomb, saying it was in retaliation for the killing of two militants by the Israeli army in the West Bank. "Arafat does nothing to arrest the terrorists and put them behind bars for life, just talks! We know he can arrest people when he wants to, because he just arrested and killed to rapists and killers. The terrorist multikillers are even worse," says the Conference. 20.06.2002: Armed Palestinians have killed at least five Jewish settlers and wounded several others in a raid on a settlement near the West Bank town of Nablus. The militant Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) claimed responsibility for the Itamar attack. 22.06.2002: The Palestinian terrorism is not new. Since 1993 until September 2000 it was 61 suicideactions. In the last 19 months it has been about twice as much, NTB reports. The purpose is as mentioned before probably to drive the Jews on the sea. No non-aggresive and antimilitarist society can be build on such a terrorist organization-culture. The PLO-state must be replaced by something new and less terroristical, birthcontrol introduced, and a real democratic society put in place of Arafat's corrupt "system", says the Conference.

23.06.2002: Israel calls up 2,000 reservists as troops reoccupy Palestinian towns in the West Bank in an offensive to stop suicide bombings. Al-Qaeda is calling for more terrorist actions. 24.06.2002: In a speech today, President Bush said the U.S. supports the creation of a provisional Palestinian state, but only if a "new and different Palestinian leadership" is found. 25.06.2002 NACO VS STACO: The co-operate comrades at the Norwegian state council (STACO) mean the Palestinians must elect their own officials as they like, but a NACO spokesman says that it cannot be internationally accepted as democratic if they elect criminals, corrupt and terrorists, i.e. ochlarchy and not democracy. "Bondevik and Petersen are on a wrong track. This time they should shut up and listen to the anarchists as well as Bush. He is more on the right track than the co-operate comrades this time. A Palestinian terrorist mafia state cannot be accepted. This must the Palestinian people be told loud and clear and by international sanctions," says the Conference. "This terrorist "Jihad" ochlarchy play has gone far enough! It must be clear to all democratic persons and organizations in the world, real muslims included, that warcriminals and terrorist leaders as Arafat, the Hamas-leaders, etc. i.e ochlarchs, are not legal candidates at any election. This is so simple as even a child must understand. Only the twisted crackpots of the international newsmedia may be contrafactual in this case, and of course the corrupt terrorists themselves. 26-27.06.2002: "The Palestinians must of course have a democratic Constitution that stops terrorists and corrupt persons, criminals, and ochlarchical organizations from having an office in the economical-political system," the Conference says. Some more bloodshed has occured in Mid East.

Bush on the G8 meeting in Canada mentioned a Palestinian Constitution etc. "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all," was declared illegal by a federal court. To an anarchist this "flag, nation and God" mix sounds very strange and obsolete, the Conference expressed 28.06.2002. Israeli forces have set off a large explosions in the Palestinian Authority's compound in the West Bank city of Hebron. 29.06.2002. Israeli troops and bulldozers are searching through the rubble of the Palestinian Authority's local headquarters in the West Bank town of Hebron, which they blew up in two huge explosions on Friday night. There is a great amount of damage and they will continue the work for maybe two more days. The army expresses ca 15 wanted Palestinian militants were hiding inside, but no-one has been found - dead or alive - according to Israeli officials.

30.06.2002: Israeli special forces on Sunday killed Muhammad Al-Taher, a leading Hamas militant in the West Bank city of Nablus, according to Israeli radio. The first two of 10 Jewish outposts in the West Bank were dismantled, in line with orders announced on Saturday by Mr Ben-Eliezer. Israel has begun the construction in Jerusalem of a new electronic security fence that will eventually stretch 50 kilometres (30 miles). The fence is intended to protect three sides of Jerusalem against Palestinian attacks from the West Bank. "Probably money thrown out of the window, and a bit Apartheid type policy", says the Conference.

July - August 2002

01.07.2002: Reports from Afghanistan say the United States air force has mistakenly bombed a village wedding party, killing many of the guests. A witness from the village, in Uruzgan province, told the BBC the overnight raid left scores of people - many of them women - dead. Afghan officials in the capital, Kabul, put the death toll at at least 30, although other reports say the figure is much higher. "As we have mentioned before, the Americans must be less trigger-happy," the Conference says. 06.07.2002 CNN reports the U.S. commander of coalition forces in Afghanistan confirms 48 dead and 117 injured in Monday's 'friendly fire' incident.

NOTE FROM THE Anarchist International Embassy in Oslo, l'ambassade du monde libertaire; US TROOPS AND THE SITUATION IN BOSNIA. The US ambassador to Bosnia-Hercegovina has moved to allay fears that thousands of American troops could be pulled out of peacekeeping duties in Bosnia. "US troops will stay in Bosnia... Our strategic commitment to the Balkans and to Bosnia remains strong," says Clifford Bond, the US ambassador. He said the US contingent of the NATO-led Stabilisation Force (S-For) would remain, despite Washington's row with other members of the United Nations Security Council over the future of the mission. As the anarchists were among the first to propose the present federalist and UN & IFOR and later S-For solution in Bosnia and on Balkan, and it has worked rather well, the AIE supports Clifford Bond's point of view in this matter. It is however about time to introduce more domestic confederal organs to keep up real law and order and defense in Bosnia. Cordially .... C. d'a. A. Quist for AIE

The Palestinian Authority has reacted angrily after US Secretary of State Colin Powell said Washington would no longer deal with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. Palestinian officials said sidelining Mr Arafat would lead to "anarchy" and violence, probably meaning violent mob rule and terrorism, i.e. ochlarchy broadly defined, and called on Palestinians not to meet Israeli or American delegations in response. "The American administration's policy is... entirely short-sighted, undemocratic and counter-productive," said Hanan Ashrawi, Palestinian Legislative Council. But thousands of Palestinians who took to the streets in Gaza to protest against high levels of unemployment they say is caused by Israel's policies also turned their anger on the Palestinian Authority. Speaking on US television on Sunday, Mr Powell said the US had no plans to speak to Mr Arafat either now or in the future. 02.07.2002:" This false mixing up of "anarchy" with violent ochlarchy, mob rule, is a serious break of the Oslo Convention, and thus the Palestine authority gets a Brown Card," IAT declares.

03.07.2002: The UN Security Council has voted unanimously to extend the UN peacekeeping mission in Bosnia until 15 July. The mission's mandate had been due to expire at 0400 GMT after the US refused to back a full renewal of the mission in a row over immunity for its peacekeepers. The US is demanding blanket immunity from prosecution in the newly formed International Criminal Court for its peacekeepers. "Are the US-troops assumed so criminal that they need to be placed above the international law?" the Conference asks: "We don't believe this nonsense - is this the real America? This stinks!" Earlier UN Secretary General Kofi Annan wrote to the US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, saying the US action is putting the whole system of UN peacekeeping operations at risk. The 12 day extension now gives diplomats time to hammer out a compromise deal. Britain's ambassador to the UN, Jeremy Greenstock, said after the vote that the council would resume work on Washington's concerns about the court next week. The European Union has offered to bring forward its planned takeover of the Bosnia mission to end the dispute. 04.07.2002 A gunman shot and killed two people and wounded three others before he was shot dead by El Al security agents at the Israeli airline's ticket desk in Los Angeles International airport (USA) on Thursday. Israel immediately said the shooting appeared to be a "terrorist attack" but the FBI said there was no indication that it was, although it was too early to rule out anything.

05.07.2002: Two bombs rocked Algeria as the country marked its 40th independence anniversary on Friday, one blast ripping through a crowded market killing at least 35 people and injuring about 80.

06.07.2002 ANOTHER NOTE AND PRESS RELEASE FROM THE Anarchist International Embassy in Oslo - l'ambassade du monde libertaire -, was sent to embassies etc about:


The US ambassador to Bosnia-Hercegovina has moved to allay fears that thousands of American troops could be pulled out of peacekeeping duties in Bosnia. "US troops will stay in Bosnia... Our strategic commitment to the Balkans and to Bosnia remains strong," says Clifford Bond, the US ambassador. He said the US contingent of the NATO-led Stabilisation Force (S-For) would remain, despite Washington's row with other members of the United Nations Security Council over the future of the mission. As the anarchists were among the first to propose the present federalist and UN & IFOR and later S-For solution in Bosnia and on Balkan, and it has worked rather well, the AIE supports Clifford Bond's point of view in this matter.

It is however about time to introduce more domestic confederal organs to keep up real law and order and defense in Bosnia. The war criminals from Bosnia should soon be arrested, and brought to the UN war crimes court. The general UN International Criminal Court should soon be established. Arafat and Saddam should be among the first to be put on trial. USA must of course support the new tribunal.

The Palestinian Authority has reacted angrily after US Secretary of State Colin Powell said Washington would no longer deal with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. Palestinian officials said sidelining Mr Arafat would lead to "anarchy" and violence, probably meaning violent mob rule and terrorism, i.e. ochlarchy broadly defined, and called on Palestinians not to meet Israeli or American delegations in response. "The American administration's policy is... entirely short-sighted, undemocratic and counter-productive," said Hanan Ashrawi, Palestinian Legislative Council. But thousands of Palestinians who took to the streets in Gaza to protest against high levels of unemployment they say is caused by Israel's policies also turned their anger on the Palestinian Authority. Speaking on US television on Sunday, Mr Powell said the US had no plans to speak to Mr Arafat either now or in the future.

02.07.2002:" This false mixing up of "anarchy" with violent ochlarchy, mob rule, is a serious break of the Oslo Convention, and thus the Palestine authority gets a Brown Card," IAT declares. But a Brown Card is of course not enough in this case. Arafat and his "Jihad" PLO-mob should all be arrested and brought to the new UN International Criminal Court

03.07.2002: The UN Security Council has voted unanimously to extend the UN peacekeeping mission in Bosnia until 15 July. The mission's mandate had been due to expire at 0400 GMT after the US refused to back a full renewal of the mission in a row over immunity for its peacekeepers. The US is demanding blanket immunity from prosecution in the newly formed International Criminal Court for its peacekeepers. "Are the US-troops assumed to act so criminal that they need to be placed above the international law?" the Conference asks: "We don't believe this nonsense - is this the real America? This stinks!" Earlier UN Secretary General Kofi Annan wrote to the US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, saying the US action is putting the whole system of UN peacekeeping operations at risk. The 12 day extension now gives diplomats time to hammer out a compromise deal. Britain's ambassador to the UN, Jeremy Greenstock, said after the vote that the council would resume work on Washington's concerns about the court next week. The European Union has offered to bring forward its planned takeover of the Bosnia mission to end the dispute...

"It should be clear to the more or less enronist Bush-bureaucracy that it is not American soldiers from the anti-terrorist-coalition that will be brought on trial at the new UN International Criminal Court, but war criminals and terrorists. Don't be a fool and try be among the "masters of the universe" Bush. It will not work well, and if you try, we may perhaps all go to the real hell!" Regards .... C. d'a. A. Quist for AIE. - 06.07.2002: An Afghan high ranking government official (vicepresident) is killed in Kabul. 07-08.06.2002. BBC reports one major warcriminal in Bosnia is arrested. A provisional constitution has come into force in the Palestinian Authority. The Basic Law enshrines democracy, separation of powers and judicial independence. Key provisions: Religion: Islam; Language: Arabic; Capital: Jerusalem; Sharia forms basis of legal system; - drawn up as far back as 1997 but only signed recently by Yasser Arafat and will now operate until a formal Palestinian state is established. "This is not good enough", the Conference says, "but better than 'Arafat is always right', ochlarchy, terrorism and "strong rule". Arafat is manipulating with the security forces.

08-09.07.2002: THE ANTI-TERRORIST STRUGGLE CONTINUES WITHOUT DELAY: USA says it will use more CIA and special forces to clean up the terrorist nests in Afghanistan, and less ordinary soldiers. "Bush delivers too little too late", i.e. against enronism, the BBC declares. 10.07.2002 "It is important that the US enronism problems are not weakening the struggle against terrorism, " the Conference says: " And we demand that the CIA acts libertarian in Afghanistan, and not repeats earlier faults... Bush may perhaps meet his enronist Watergate, but the fight against terrorism must continue without delay." Also the AIE sends a note about this. Al-Qaeda has talked about more attacks on Kabul and USA. So far it is just talk. Bush says on BBC-TV that there should be "no cooking with the books"... Many unanswered questions remain surrounding the president's sales of stock in Harken Energy in 1990, which Mr Bush tried to brush aside in speaking to reporters on Monday. The White House has previously acknowledged that US President George W Bush failed to follow the law and disclose details of shares he sold when he was a company director. However, this omission is blamed on a clerical mistake made by company lawyers. A legal watchdog group later on Wednesday sued Vice President Dick Cheney and the Halliburton oil services company he once ran, alleging they defrauded shareholders by overstating company revenues. "The enronism has reached the Bush government. Time will show whether it is in the "grey zone" or criminal. Of course this must not weaken the struggle against terrorism," the Conference says.

11.07.2002: .... Enron, Andersen, Xerox, WorldCom, Merck, Kmart, etc.... Telecoms giant Qwest Communications has said that it is the subject of a criminal investigation. The Denver-based company initially denied an investigation. The corporate scandals continue and shares' values continue to fall. The list of senior Bush administration officials affected by the corporate scandals grows ever longer. President Bush himself, Vice-President Dick Cheney, Army Secretary Thomas White and several others have been implicated in various scandals amid allegations of wrongdoing. Cheney faces scandal allegations. Yet there has been far fewer embarrassing resignations than under any recent president. There has been some progress in the discussions of USA and the UN International Criminal Court, that formally was founded 01.07.2002. So far it is not very operative due to a too small staff. 12.07.2002: Deal reached over war crimes court. The UN Security Council ends a row over the new global criminal court, agreeing to exempt US peacekeepers from prosecution for a year. "What are the Americans up to this year and not later?" the Conference asks 13.07.2002.

Suspected militants kill ca 25 people, including women and children, in Indian Kashmir - the worst such incident since May. 14.07.2002: Police in Paris have arrested a neonazi after an apparent attempt to assassinate President Jacques Chirac during the Bastille Day parade. The man, standing near the Arc de Triomphe, took a hunting rifle out of a guitar case and fired a shot as Mr Chirac was reviewing troops in an open-top jeep at the start of the military parade. 17.07.2002: BBC reports three bystanders have been killed in the Israeli coastal city of Tel Aviv in two explosions that Israel claims were carried out by two Palestinian suicide bombers. 19.07.2002: Israel arrests 21 Palestinian men related to two militants who probably organized separate attacks this week which left 12 Israelis dead. "We have presented our plans for the Mid East before above, and see no new facts that should indicate any change of the plans, " the Conference says 20.07.2002.

Tony Blair has this week again warned that Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq will have to be addressed. The issue of weapons of mass destruction and Iraq is an issue we have to deal with. The British prime minister was speaking after Saddam said his country would triumph over any attempt to oust him. In one of his starkest warnings to date, Mr Blair told MPs on Tuesday that there was a "gathering threat" from Iraq's alleged programme of developing chemical, biological and possible nuclear weapons. On Wednesday, he told the Commons that no decision had been taken. But he added: "The issue of weapons of mass destruction and Iraq is an issue we have to deal with. "It won't go away. There are many different ways of dealing with it. But we do have to deal with it." He was responding to questions from Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy. The prime minister said any action would be taken "in accordance with international law". In a televised speech marking Iraq's national day, Saddam said Iraqis were not afraid of the "propaganda of foreign powers, and Iraq will eventually emerge triumphant". He said: "The wind will blow away foreign rattling as the noise of an evil tyrant." US President George Bush is committed to changing the regime in Baghdad. The United Nations is attempting to persuade Iraq to allow weapons inspectors back into the country. Iraq is under UN economic sanctions imposed following its 1990 invasion of Kuwait. The weapons inspectors have not been allowed into Iraq since 1998, and the sanctions can only be lifted once it is verified that Saddam no weapons of mass destruction or the capability to produce them. "In accordance with international law" are keywords in this connection the Conference says 21.07.2002.

Afghanistan has rejected criticism that American military strategy and poor intelligence have led to heavy civilian casualties in the country. A spokesman for Afghan President Hamid Karzai told that fewer than 500 civilians were believed to have been killed in US air strikes - a low figure considering the size of the military campaign and that the Afghans and the Americans are fighting the same war against terrorism. The statement came after a survey in the New York Times newspaper said more than 800 Afghan civilians had been killed in US air strikes because of poor intelligence and the use of overwhelming force. Mr Karzai's spokesman, Tayeb Jawad, said that they were asking the US to be more careful in the hunt for Taleban and al-Qaeda fighters. He said they wanted the Americans to verify intelligence reports and to rely more on pinpoint bombing. He said: "Of course even one life is too many for us... but the fact is that the Afghans and the Americans are fighting the same war against terrorism. This is a combat that we share. "It is very critical for the Americans and the Afghans to keep Afghans civilians on our side and so the aim and the objective is to reduce the number of casualties as much as possible." The survey was carried out by the US aid group Global Exchange which sent teams into Afghan villages over a six-month period. Although its report lists more than 800 civilians killed in US air strikes, it says that figure is likely to rise as information comes in from more remote areas. The group accuses the Pentagon of relying on inaccurate or misleading information provided by Afghan warlords, and of preferring air strikes to ground operations that might put US forces at risk.

10 October 2001: 76 reported killed in US raids, 13 October: Pentagon admits 2,000lb bomb hit residential area of Kabul,16 October: Red Cross warehouse in Kabul accidentally bombed, 22 October: Taleban claim 50-70 killed when bombs struck Kabul hospital, 5 December: US bomb kills three Americans and six Afghan soldiers, 17 April 2002: Four Canadian soldiers killed when F-16 drops bomb on training exercise, 1 July: US AC-130 gunship bombs village in Uruzgan province - 48 civilians reported killed - Bombing that went wrong. The New York Times quoted Pentagon officials as saying strategy had changed in recent months, shifting towards increased use of ground forces to hunt down remaining fighters. Confusion still surrounds a bombing raid earlier this month in Uruzgan province, which killed up to 46 civilians, 22 of whom were said to have been attending a wedding party. US officials have given contradictory accounts of events which led up to the attack. Afghan Foreign Minister, Abdullah Abdullah, was quoted by the New York Times as saying that any further loss of life could lead to a withdrawal of Afghan support of the US campaign. He called for a greater say in the way the campaign was being conducted. "If things do not improve, well, I will certainly pray for the Americans and wish them success, but I will no longer be able to take part in this," he was quoted as saying. The BBC's Dumeetha Luthra, in Kabul, says Dr Abdullah's comments highlight a possible split in the government, but are unlikely to result in a backlash for the Americans. Afghanistan desperately needs US support, and is keen to keep its ally on side. "We repeat the Americans must be less triggerhappy", the Conference says 22.07.2002.

The head of the military wing of the Hamas terrorist group has been killed in an attack on Gaza City, Hamas officials have said. Ca 15 have died in the attack and ca 150 persons have been injured. Also some innocent civilian people have been killed and injured. An Israeli plane attacked a two-storey building in a residential part in the north of the city which is reported to belong to Salah Shahada - the founder of the military wing of Hamas. "Civilian losses must be put to a miminum," the Conference says 23.07.2002: "Don't forget the anarchist plans for the Middle East, Sharon!" 26.07.2002: Four Jewish settlers have been shot dead by Palestinian militants near the West Bank city of Hebron. The settlers were killed in separate attacks on two cars travelling south of the city. The Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, linked to Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement, has said it carried out the attack. Hamas on Friday announced it had chosen a replacement for Shehada killed on Monday 22.07.2002. "This attack is proof that the Palestinian Authority is hooked on terror", says David Baker, Prime Minister Sharon's office. "No surprise to us, and nothing new...," the Conference says 27.07.2002. Jewish settlers and Palestinians have clashed in the West Bank city of Hebron, leaving a 14-year-old Palestinian girl dead and several people injured. Palestinians threw stones at the settlers, who were returning from the funeral of an Israeli soldier and fellow settler, killed in a roadside ambush by Palestinian militants on Friday. Hours later, the Israeli army arrested two senior members of the Islamic militant group Hamas in a raid on a refugee camp near Ramallah. As tensions increased, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon took steps towards relaxing restrictions on Palestinians living under curfew in the West Bank, while Israel arranged to transfer millions of dollars in withheld tax revenues to the Palestinian Authority. "This tax-money must not go to the PLO-state terrorism, but to the direct benefit of the Palestinian people (i.e. not the corrupt PLO-authorities)," the Conference says 29.07.2002.

30.07.2002: A Palestinian suicide bomber struck inside a sandwich shop in Jerusalem Tuesday, killing himself and wounding four people ahead of planned U.S. talks with Palestinian officials. Hoping to restore investor confidence after a wave of boardroom scandals, President Bush vowed "hard time" instead of "easy money" for corporate crooks on Tuesday as he signed a law that quadruples penalties for accounting fraud. "As mentioned, the unenlightened plutarchy and enronism should not delay the fight against terrorism, " the Conference says 31.07.2002.

Gush Shalom: A Preordained Bombing: Today's horror at the campus of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, (where seven people were killed and at least 70 injured in a bomb attack at a cafeteria) was a preordained bombing. From the moment when PM Sharon ordered the lethal Air Force bombing of Gaza, cutting off a promising effort to achieve a ceasefire and arousing a Palestinian demand for revenge, it was clear that this moment was coming and that even the Israeli Army 's control over all West Bank cities cannot prevent it. There is no justification for the indiscriminate murder of random Israeli civilians, as there was no justification for the killing of Palestinian children which today's act was supposed to avenge. Somebody (who?) has to stop the cycle of revenge? and counter-revenge.? "Is this not really about Muslim PLO "Jihad-"terrorists wanting to drive the "small satans" Jews on the sea,, and some Jewish fundamentalist crackpots that want "Gods own (Jewish) big country" in the Middle East? Both these militarist fundamentalist groups must be put out of the political and armed conflict before it can be solved!", the Conference says: "The criminal ones among them must all be arrested. Naive "peace talks" with Arafat and his PLO terrorists are like "peace in our time" with Adolf Hitler, and it will not work!"

01.08.2002 Hamas says it was responsible for the bomb attack, and they want to drive the "small satans" Jews on the sea, according to their program. 02.08.2002: Israeli tanks and troops storm into the West Bank city, declaring it a closed military zone and rounding up Palestinian men. 04.08.2002: A bomb tore apart a packed bus in northern Israel during the morning rush hour today, killing at nine people and wounding more than two dozen. Hamas has done this evil action, but who is behind? The terrorist polyarchical many-headed terrorist PLO-state hydra, is of course a basic organization of Arafats rule. If Arafat would stop the bloodshed, he could easily cut of any of the terrorist heads of the hydra, - but he will not. The only probable reason is that the whole terrorist hydra is a part of his own plans to drive the Jews on the sea. By searching on 'Arafat' in this file, the evidence pointing in this direction is quite significant. Thus the Arafat, PLO-terrorist regime, must be put out of office, the criminals (perhaps a lot) must be arrested, and a new administration established. How many terrorists are connected to Arafat's umbrella command? 1000 - 2000 - 5000 - 10 000 - more? They should all be arrested one way or the other, within the framework of international law, as soon as possible. - A car bomb has exploded outside police barracks in southeastern Spain killing two people, and injuring more than 20 others.

Peace group warns IDF officers: "We have evidence of war crimes." A. Harel: Gush Shalom, an Israeli peace organization, has in past months sent threatening letters to Israel Defense Forces officers who are on duty in the territories. The letters claim that the officers are guilty of offenses tantamount to war crimes. The officers have been warned in these letters that the movement is monitoring their actions, and that Gush Shalom intends to compile information against them which will be submitted to the International Criminal Court. These letters have been signed by "Gush Shalom's team for the collection of evidence against war criminals." Gunman opens fire near Jerusalem's old city. Police say two killed, plus the gunman, in Sunday's second terror attack against Israelis... "It's time for tough measures against the PLO-state terrorism, but as mentioned within the framework of international law," the Conference says 05.08.2002. Some more bloodshed... and Israeli helicopters fire missiles at a building in Gaza City, after Israel imposes a "total ban" on West Bank travel and arrests a senior Hamas leader.- Iraq invites US politicians to visit Baghdad to search for banned weapons, as the UN considers Iraq's call for talks on arms inspections.

06.08.2002: Support to Gush Shalom in this case - Sharon orders probe against Gush Shalom; To whom it may concern: Altough we don't necessarily agree with Gush Shalom and their so called "peace bloc" in everything they do, because we may sometimes see a naive Chamberlainian "peace in our time" tendency, it stands perfectly clear to us that the fundamentalistic biblical notion about a Jewish empire in the Mid East, and similar, are totally wrong, and that the fight against the terrorism related to the present PLO-state/authority, must not be a "dirty war" breaking international law. Thus - the Anarchist International's Conference on terrorism logically and humanitarian back up Gush Shalom in this case: "Gush Shalom, by sending warning letters to officers who have been actually boasting about acts which are violating the Geneva Conventions, has made use of its democratic rights, and fulfilled in a way a civilian duty: guarding moral and legal principles. A government which starts legal procedures against a peace group for alerting them, does create the suspicion that it has something to hide - an impression which already rose by its keeping the press away."

07-08.08.2002: Explosions went off near the parliament building as Colombia's President Alvaro Uribe was being sworn in, killing at least 10 people, officials said. - Israeli troops and tanks swept into a village in the northern Gaza Strip on Thursday for the second time in two days, wounding three youths during a clash with Palestinian stone throwers. The latest incursion followed a round of talks between Israeli and Palestinian security chiefs on Wednesday night on ways to ease Israel's clampdown on the West Bank and Gaza. Palestinian officials declared the meeting a failure. The Gaza Strip is an important Hamas stronghold. 09.08.2002 - Up to 50 casualties reported following blast at NGO office in Jalalabad, eastern Afghanistan, Afghan Islamic Press says. - An apparent grenade attack at a Christian hospital near Islamabad, Pakistan has killed at least three people and left many injured, news agencies report. 10-13.08.2002: "The antiterrorist coalition is approximately acting compatible with the anarchist plans," the Conference declares.

14-20.08.2002. Bush lifted the pressure on Saddam, and his spokesman soon after said the UN-inspections were not allowed. White House considering attack on suspected al Qaeda chemical and biological weapons test facility in Iraq, U.S. officials tell CNN.The Israeli troops are once more pulling a bit out of the PLO-state. Israeli troops began withdrawing from Bethlehem, according to Israeli radio reports monday. Israeli and Palestinian officials had agreed on Sunday that the Israeli military would try a trial withdrawal from the reoccupied territory in Bethlehem and in the Gaza Strip on the condition that the Palestinians take responsibility for reducing tensions in those places. "We are not to optimistical in this context," the Conference declares: "The PLO officials are as indicated above probably for a very large part corrupt and pro-terrorism, and many of them indirectly or directly involved in terrorist activities, and thus ciriminals, and should be arrested one way or the other." 21-29.08.2002. Some more bloodshed in the Middle East. Israeli troops have arrested some terrorists. Israel calls off withdrawal talks, i.e. cancels talks on pulling its forces back from Palestinian areas after foiling a suspected Palestinian attempt to smuggle arms into Gaza by sea. Israel urged to 'loosen iron grip, i.e.a top UN official has urged Israel to reconsider security policies that are said to be destroying the Palestinian economy and society.

Al-Qaeda 'poised to strike again'. Osama Bin Laden's network still has access to money and arms as banks lose enthusiasm to freeze funds, according to a leaked UN report. USA is keeping up the pressure on Saddam. If the pressure is sufficiently strong he may perhaps open up for UN arms control again. Further pressure may contribute to a serious opposition, that is not present today. (By serious opposition we mean the negation of groups like, say, Mullah Krekar's. The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) has withdrawn Mullah Krekar's asylum status in Norway, based on the fact that he has returned to his homeland in Northern Iraq, and spent too much time there. This removes the basis for his asylum status in the Anarchy. Krekar is suspected of being the leader of a militant group in Northern Iraq which reportedly has connections with Bin Laden's terrorist network. "We have initiated moves to revoke Mullah Krekar's asylum status, based on information that he has returned to his homeland, and spent long periods of time there. This removes the basis for his asylum status in Norway," says UDI information director Geir Loendal. Earlier. - Municipal Minister Erna Solberg said Krekar had violated Norwegian refugee laws.)

September - October 2002

05.09.2002: Afghan President Hamid Karzai has survived an assassination attempt in the southern city of Kandahar. A man in uniform fired four rounds into his car, wounding the Kandahar governor and a bodyguard. "I expect things like this to happen", says Hamid Karzai. American soldiers guarding the president fired back. The attacker and an Afghan bodyguard were killed in the incident. The attack came only hours after a suspected car bomb exploded in the Afghan capital, Kabul, killing at ca 20 people including three policemen, according to NRK-TV1. Al-Qaeda or a local "Jihad" warlord are among the suspected behind the attack

10.09.2002 In a live forum from Ground Zero, we examine the progress of the many investigations into the 11 September attacks. Frontier in terror spotlight: There are reports on the sensitive tri-border region of South America. Charles Wheeler has been to Virginia to speak to young American cadets about the prospect of being on the front line in a war against terrorism. China's 'war on terror'; the commies continues fighting its own campaign against what it views as separatist terrorism in western Xinjiang. US on global anniversary alert: Americans step up security at home and abroad ahead of the first anniversary of the 11 September attacks. Also in Oslo the PST (Security Police) is on the alert. Prime Minister Tony Blair has delivered his keynote speech to the Trades Union Congress in Blackpool. After 11 September, people agreed life would never be the same again. But how has ordinary everyday life in the EU and EFTA countries really changed? USA acts on Asian terror threats: US embassies in Malaysia and Indonesia are closing following "credible" threats of terrorist attack, on the eve of the anniversary of 11 September. Taiwan denounces Chinese 'terrorism': Taiwan's President Chen Shui-bian says China's military threats are tantamount to terrorism. US citizens back web controls: Americans approve of measures taken by the government to censor official websites in the name of security, a survey has found.

In the aftermath of 11.09.2001 - a note from AIE

10-11.09.2002: A lot of things have happened in the aftermath of the 11.09.2001 terrorist attacks. The following should not be forgotten: In a lot of countries we have seen more strong security measures, and also tendencies of an Orwellian "1984" "BIG BROTHER" type police state have occured. Thus, the fight against terrorism must be increased a lot - to more quickly do away with al-Qaeda and similar terrorist groups, to stop these tendencies towards police states as soon as possible. The pressure on Saddam Hussein and his collaborationists world wide, also in the EU, must be increased, the UN inspection force must be allowed to operate on a broad basis soon, and also be informed about all militarist activities of Saddam Hussein's forces, and his forces' connections to other terrorist organizations must be cut. Also the support from other countries to terrorists must be cut, and stopped.

And last, but not least, we must remind the newsmedia about Berlusconi's police provokers posing as "anarchist" terrorists in Genoa 2001. Remember always the anarchists of the modern days are 100% against terrorism, rule by terror, in general, as of all ruling of man by man, ochlarchy included, and nobody should try to put the blame of terror and ochlarchy on us. All attempts in this direction will be denounced. The main stream anarchist points of view on terrorism are summarized in IJ@ 4 (31) (this file). See also the website of the International Anarchist Tribunal linked at the AIIS homepage, especially take a look at the International branch for more information about terrorism, Berlusconi's dirty tricks mentioned above, etc.

12.09.2002: Norway will pressure Iraq. Norway's Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik will join in pressuring Saddam Hussein and will follow the United Nations' resolution in this matter, even if it means an ultimatum. Saddam Hussein's many breaks of UN's resolutions over the years since the Gulf war, were exposed by president Bush and others at a UN meeting, and strong measures will follow. The AIE followed up with a note to the EU-embassies soon after calling for more joint action against terrorism. 16.09.2002: Twenty-one people have been arrested in Singapore on suspicion of having links to international terrorism, the authorities have announced. Some of the suspects had undergone military training at al-Qaeda camps in Afghanistan, said a government statement. There is no known imminent security threat from other Jemaah Islamiyah elements in Singapore. The government statement said the arrests had been made in August, although news has only now been released. The United States has called for an international conference aimed at combating the threat of terrorists building so-called "dirty bombs". 17.09.2002: Iraq's new offer to admit weapons inspectors puts the US and British plans for war back. The Conference says that Saddam Hussein has talked about allowing weapons inspections before, when international pressure is high - as by now, just to refuse the inspections soon after if the pressure on his system becomes less.

The Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz says that the threats against Iraq are about oil. However oil is a far more available product now than it was even 10 years ago, and the world is unlikely to run out of it for decades and decades to come. More and more oil is being recovered. The amount of oil which can be pumped from an oil field is now up from the traditional 15% to 20% to 30% to 40%. Oil, while still important, is less of a strategic issue than it used to be. The Economist magazine, no friend to Saddam, concluded recently that "America's chief interest in going after Saddam Hussein is doubtless to save the world from his actual or potential weapons of mass destruction." About 1,028.1 billion barrels was total known oil reserve in 2001. Of this Middle East had 683.5, Saudi Arabia 261.7, Iraq had about 112.5, Emirates 97.8, Quiwait 96.5 Iran 89.7. Thus it is plenty of oil outside Iraq. The Conference agrees that while oil is still an important issue, it must not be exaggerated. Regarding Iraq, its leader Saddam Hussein has invaded two of his neighbors, launched missile attacks against four of his neighbors and has used chemical weapons against both Iran and minority populations within his own country. Iraq very likely is still developing weapons of mass destruction and Saddam Hussein's track record indicates that he may be prepared to use them indiscriminately.

19.09.2002: Israeli police say several hurt (and one person dead reported later) in suicide bombing at bus stop in Northern Israel Wednesday. Before noon in Tel Aviv five were killed and about forty wounded in another suicide bombing. "It must also be mentioned that there are several independent reports that Saddam Hussein is paying 10-20 000 $ to Palestinian families of suicide bombers to get more attacks." - the Conference says: "Thus, to stop the terrorism - create a democratic Palestinian state - and get peace in the area, also Saddam Husseins negative activities in Palestine must be considered.

21.09.2002 Israeli forces besieging Yasser Arafat have destroyed nearly all the buildings in his West Bank compound and at least one tank shell has hit the Palestinian leader's offices. The Israeli army says it is not deliberately targeting the office building and that any firing inside the compound is a warning to suspected militants to give themselves up. Israel wants 20 men who are in the compound, including: Tawfiq Tirawi, West Bank intelligence chief Mahmud Damra, head of Mr Arafat's Force 17 bodyguard, members of Mr Arafat's Fatah movement. More than 20 militants have surrendered but they are not thought to include the senior security officials wanted by Israel. The offensive at the Ramallah headquarters follows the two suicide bombings by Palestinians this week and Israel says it will continue until the wanted men surrender. However the Conference urged Israel to use restraint, and think about a prosess towards more democracy in Palestine in this context. Later on Israel is mentioning bombs against Arafat's headquarters... "Arafat martyr? No thank you, Ariel Sharon! We suggest rooms for Saddam and Arafat in Stammheim" the AIE declared in a comment/note sent to relevant institutions.

Gush Shalom Demonstration against the "Elimination" of Yasser Arafat 22.09.02 Two hundred peace activists demonstrated today opposite the Ministry of Defense in Tel-Aviv against Sharon's plan to "eliminate" Yasser Arafat. The action was called by Gush Shalom, the radical Israeli Peace Bloc. "'Elimination' we are against", the Conference says: "but irrelevant, terroristical, corrupt and criminal Arafat very likely is, and after a fair trial should thus probably end up in jail, perhaps together with his fellow warcriminal Saddam Hussein and their criminal, corrupt and terrorist collaborationists. Stammheim or a similar prison is a relevant place for both. Germany could very well brush up the old terrorist jail and make it ready for Arafat and Hussein."

23-24.09.2002. There has been som more bloodshed in the Middle East, a few civilians, mostly accidentally coming to near the frontlines with gunfire, and some terrorists among the Palestinians are killed by Israleli troops during anti-terrorist activities. So far no new terrorist attacks have occured. Several buildings in Arafat's headquarters are ruined by Israeli forces, and some of the terrorist collaborationists of Arafat hiding there are arrested - one way or the other.

Several of the sectionsof the Anarchist International have received a rather weird document from the US conservative satanist CSA, stating some authoritarian and satanist-like tendencies of the Bush-bureaucracy, that they approve of. In addition to what is mentioned of authoritarian tendencies to rule the world by the US-bureaucracy above in this file, the sum of such authoritarian tendencies of USA by now is beginning to be a significant problem.

Thus the Anarchist International's Conference of terrorism saw the need for a clear denouncing of these negative policy of the Bush-administration and decided upon a Manifesto against these authoritarian satanist type tendencies, presented by AI-councillor M. Solberg in a press release. This Manifesto of anarchism against satanism etc. is also published as a supplement to ij@ 4(31), with the link (click on:)  . New British intelligence reports confirm that Iraq has several weapons of mass-destruction as it was assumed above, but not yet nuclear weapons. "Thus, the situation in Iraq seems to be about status quo. Saddam is as dangerous as before, and breaking a whole lot of UN-resolutions. Something must be done about Saddam, the pressure on the regime must be increased and steps of disarmament of the most horrible weapons must be done at once. The authoritarian satanist like tendencies of the USA must be stopped," the Conference declares: - "but the fight against terrorism world wide must also continue at full strength and without delay. The weapons of mass-destruction of Iraq, must as soon as possible be destroyed, by an UN-inspection force, so large - and backed by arms, that Saddam must respect it. "On the night to Tuesday a small bomb directed at the Swedish government's information center in Stockholm exploded. Some leaflets signed ''Maoisterna september 2000'' were found at the place of the terrorist attack. No persons were hit by the blast, and the material damages were limited," the Anarchist Federation of Sweden - Anarkistfederationen i Sverige - AFIS - reports to IJ@.

27.09.2002: The pressure on Iraq's authorities is increased. Saddam Hussein talks a lot, but has really nothing to say. The Conference has already put forward a relevant plan on how to deal with this war-criminal and his collaborationists: 1. Increase the pressure until he backs out. In case he instead tries something "big", drop ca 1 megaton over the relevant place (perhaps a smaller bomb may do the trick, and it should anyway be a relatively clean one). 3. Perhaps he will survive in a bunker for a short while, but when he comes up to "get some air", drop some airborne bombs to end the horror. - Thus, pulling the triggers in an armed war should mean suicide to the Saddam Hussein regime. And thus Saddam Hussein should open up for the above mentioned efficient UN inspection force and disarmament. War-criminals of Saddam Hussein's type should be arrested and - if found guilty in a fair trial - should go to prison for a long time, say, in Stammheim or similar. This point of view was sent to relevant adresses as a note on Iraq 28.09.2002 from AIE - reporting from IJ@ 4 (31) updated in general.

"Nobody should have illusions about Saddam Hussein's regime. Also the connections between Saddam, Palestinian and other "Jihad" - "gott mit uns" terrorists, other terrorists and ochlarchy groups, Jürg Haider and his more less nazi-party in Austria visiting Saddam, Germany's strange tactical moves and a slight tendency towards some kind of informal "Stalin-Ribbentrop" type deals between the Russian president, former KGB-boss, Putin, supporting Bagdad and Arafat to some extent, and stalinist commies here and there, plus neonazis and old nazis in a.o.t. "black (read: dark brown) blocs", a.s.o. are well documented facts..." - the Conference says: "The conclusion to all this should be clear to everybody of the more or less free world: A very firm policy vis-à-vis the horror-regime in Bagdad along the lines mentioned above. Any weakness may create bigger trouble later on, and perhaps a slowly end of the relative free world, and thus very authoritarian rule and more or less real hell all over the world. To act as a risk lover vis-à-vis a real possibility of hell on earth in general later on is not rational, the reasonable is safety first. Although Saddam comes from a 'revolutionary' (read: coup d'etat), but secular socialist background, not himself a muslim extremist, but basically marxian, sometimes more of the national-socialist (nazi) type, the analysis above shows that the tendencies of relations are legio, and may very well be strengthened and be very dangerous if not something drastic is done quite soon with the militarism of Iraq, one way or the other.

The Conference also is warning any possible collaborationists as indicated above with Saddam Hussein in this context. Stay away from support to Saddam! UN should go for a confederalist alternative with a UN-based administration as a temporarily new solution in Iraq, more or less similar to in Bosnia and Afghanistan. Later on the domestic population may take over, say, in a Swiss type confederation of the public sector, or even more horizontally organized. Countries afraid of too much of USA's influence in Iraq, should adopt the libertarian Conference's point of view in this matter, and not support Saddam. A firm antimilitarist pressure on Saddam from UN etc. is just a first step. The war-criminal Saddam-regime has to go, better soon than later.

Solving this problem, and establish a new democratic system in Iraq, will also probably put at place some of the dangerous authoritarian tendencies of the USA mentioned above, among these a heavy ochlarchy = "anarchy" type game, with a lot of police provokers, in several cities. The FBI, local police and the US media should think twice about getting involved in such authoritarian games, and investigate and expose the marxian, nazi, mafia etc. crap origins of such ochlarchy = "anarchy" tricks. All such tendencies are of course denounced by the Anarchist International and all of its sections. In general, when doing away with the bulk of the terrorism problem, Saddam included, focus may be put more at other problems, as, say, the authoritarian systems in Italy and in Argentina"

Protesters stage anti-war rally in UK the anglophone Anarchist Federation reports: 28.09.2002 tens of thousands of people took part in a protest against armed action in Iraq which organisers say was one of Europe's biggest anti-war rallies. Police said they had counted more than 150,000 people and there had been two arrests for minor public order offences. The rally's organisers were the Stop the War Coalition and Muslim Association of Britain. Among the rally speakers were the leftist marxian former Labor MP Tony Benn, Anas Altikriti of the Muslim Association of Britain, and the trotskyite film director Ken Loach as well as the Labor MP George Galloway were also among the demonstraters, all of them supporting Saddam more or less with marxian dialectical pseudo-arguments. The demonstration came as Iraq rejected a proposed new draft resolution which the United States and Britain wanted passed by the United Nations Security Council. Diplomats at the UN say the resolution would give Iraq seven days to accept unlimited weapons inspections.

Anarchists said the march was a Hitler-Chamberlain type "Peace in our time" event. Yasser Alaskary, of the Iraqi Prospect Organisation, a group which represents Iraqi youth, said that they did not support the anti-war demonstration. Instead he said: "We support the removal of Saddam Hussein and are realistic in that this requires external help and a targeted war". "The repercussions of the march in London may perhaps be felt at the Labor Party's annual conference, but the influence from these "peace in our time" guys will probably be quite marginal," the Conference commented 29.09.2002: "This is so because they have no significant valid arguments. By the way, Saddam and the "Jihad" terrorists effort to make the antiterrorism and militarism question to a common Arab and/or muslim matter have no ideological reason, because arab-muslim militarism and terrorism is a twisted and false interpretation of their prophet's works. Any honest reader can see that. The above comments and news were sent via the AIE as a note to relevant adresses Monday 30.09.2002 with the title: UN vs Saddam Hussein - A comment on the situation in Iraq.

The British cabinet has avoided a Labor conference defeat over Iraq, after Foreign Secretary Jack Straw warned giving up the threat of force would let Saddam Hussein off the hook, declaring: The best chance we have of resolving this crisis peacefully is by the toughest possible stand. Delegates at Blackpool rejected clearly a motion opposing any form of military action by ca 6/10 of the votes. The heated debate saw ministers comparing failure to tackle Iraq with appeasing Hitler in the 1930s as anti-war campaigners accused America of wanting a war for oil. Mr Straw invoked the example his Labor predecessor Ernie Bevin, who called for the international community to use more than words against fascist Germany in the 1930s. Letting "this tyrannical dictator off the hook" risked fundamentally undermining the UN, he argued. Defense Secretary Geoff Hoon drew comparisons with Adolf Hitler and Afghanistan as he addressed the Iraq crisis. Mr Hoon added: "Imagine a nightmare world in which the terrorists who caused such horror last year, or tyrants like Saddam Hussein, were free to act with impunity. "Those who doubt whether we were right need to reflect on that nightmare". Alice Mahon, Anti-war MP, said this would be the first war over oil, but that is de facto not the case. Oil is a quite marginal question in this matter, as explained above in the IJ@ 4 (31). But Brian Seymour-Smith, of Birmingham Northfield, said the government's stance should be backed and that Labor needed to show itself as "a party of realism and courage". "Sanctions are clearly not working and containment is being flouted. It is time to act through the UN," said Mr Seymour-Smith. Like other ministers, Ms Short also stressed the importance of renewing efforts to achieve peace in the Middle East. The BBC-TV reported about the Iraqi National Congress in exile called for a pluralist and federalist democratic system in Iraq, and not a Saddamism without Saddam. "This is quite compatible with the anarchist point of view declared above," - the Conference says.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has held talks in Moscow with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, in a further sign of improving relations between the two countries. Israel has security issues to raise with Mr Putin, including fears that Russian technology could have fallen into the hands of Iraq and be used to develop weapons of mass destruction. For its part, Russia believes an Israeli-Palestinian settlement is the key to stability in the entire Middle East. The lifting of the siege of Yasser Arafat without having arrested the terrorists hiding in his headquarter brought Israeli anger. At the beginning of the talks Mr Putin welcomed Israel's lifting of the siege of the headquarters of the Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat, saying: "I believe this decision was difficult to take." "Sounds like Russia is mainly on the right side after all," the Conference says. Hints of a possible softening in Germany's opposition to US policy on Iraq have emerged, in reported comments from leading members of Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's SPD party. Two of the party's foreign policy specialists gave radio interviews suggesting that fresh evidence against Iraq could herald a change in policy, said the French news agency AFP.

The leaders of four Arab states have been holding talks in two separate meetings as tensions grow over Iraq. The Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, and his Egyptian counterpart, Hosni Mubarak, met in Egypt and urged the United Nations Security Council to exhaust all means to avert an American attack on Iraq. In Kuwait, King Abdullah of Jordan met the Emir, Sheikh Jaber al-Ahmad al-Sabah, in his latest effort to repair ties with the emirate. Correspondents say that the two countries might support a US-led attack on Iraq if the action was sanctioned by the United Nations. "As indicated above, a US lead coalition force is not necessarily the best solution, but a perhaps a more broad based allied anti-Saddam force backed by the UN and its Security Council. Perhaps the US generals and staff are the best? Perhaps not in this case? Anyway, the optimal international action force should be discussed quick by the UN, both in a strategical and political perspective. The practical strategy and tactics including relevant firm response to different possible scenaria should be decided along the main lines in advance." says the Conference. The return of weapons inspectors is currently being discussed by UN and Iraqi representatives in Vienna.

The United States has been defending its use of air strikes in Iraq's air exclusion zones - following Russian criticism that they hindered efforts to resolve the weapons inspections crisis. It dickens out of me that US and British pilots are getting fired at day after day after day, with impunity, said Donald Rumsfeld, US Defense Secretary: "The strikes were in response to the Iraqis firing on US and British aircraft in defiance of United Nations resolutions. He said the Iraqi attacks had intensified since 16 September - the day Iraq said it agreed to the unconditional return of weapons inspectors. "With each missile fired at coalition air crews, Iraq demonstrates its contempt for UN resolutions - a fact that must be kept in mind as their latest inspection offers are evaluated," Mr Rumsfeld told reporters at a Pentagon news briefing. Washington and London say they are required to protect Iraqi civilians from repression, that mean moving people away from Saddam's troops. Earlier, the Russian foreign ministry said US-UK bombing raids "create obstacles in the search for a political-diplomatic settlement".

This followed Iraq's statement on Sunday that US aircraft had attacked the international civilian airport at Basra in southern Iraq for the second time in a week. USA and GB try to win the UN Security Council support for a tough new resolution which would rewrite many of the ground rules for inspections. We do not want to give carte blanche to military action, because we want to fully assume our responsibilities said the French Foreign Minister. A draft of the resolution, which was leaked at the weekend, gives Iraq seven days to agree unconditionally to its terms and 30 days to declare details of its weapons programmes, or else face military action. President Jacques Chirac said the war on terror required diplomatic, financial and military responses. "If international prevention efforts fail, if threats jeopardise our security or that of Europe or of nations to which we have special ties, we should be ready to assume our responsibilities," Mr Chirac said at a military airbase north of Paris. "It could be a question of life or death," he said. A UK envoy held talks in Beijing on Monday, trying to overcome China's scepticism about the resolution. China has until now backed France's position. The director of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Mohammed El-Baradei, told reporters that "progress" had been made during the first day of talks in Vienna.

"I think we went through a good deal of issues. But I think we still have a lot of work to do," he said. Iraqi officials at the talks have not commented. Inspectors from the UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Committee (Unmovic) will search for biological, chemical and ballistic weapons. Vienna talks agenda: Access to sites; Visas for inspectors; Baghdad HQ renovation; New bases in north and south; Communications; Transport; Overflight permission. The head of the inspectors, Hans Blix, wants an advance party in Iraq by 15 October, but the draft resolution which Washington and London are expected to put forward could derail that. "Increase the pressure on Saddam and follow our advice in general", the Conference says 01.10.2002:

"Some authoritarian power-persons and false prophets are trying to make the UN work as an Hitler-Chamberlain "peace in our time" organization, also falsely saying the anti-Saddam & terrorist coalition is put up to get control over oil-supply for the USA, and that it is a racist white power alliance. As well documented above oil is not an important item in this matter, and, say, German and Austrian nazis are supporting both al-Qaeda and Saddam, and thus the racist argument is not valid either, and "peace in our time" means very probable much more trouble and hell on earth, and much more war and not at all peace - later on. These collaborationists with the real authoritarian hell, i.e. Galtung, Mandela, Loach, etc., etc. should shut up, and stop talking in this way, stop acting against the anti-Saddam coalition, and think reasonable and join the allies." The somewhat hesitating position of the UN got a comment from the AIE: "UN a Hitler-Chamberlain "peace in our time" organization? An updated comment on the situation in Iraq", i.e. the news and comments above on Iraq published the last weekend, Monday and Tuesday were sent to relevant adresses. Iraq has once more promised to open up for UN weapon-inspectors. How long will this permission and deal last? Anyway, the inspection force must be supplemented with sufficient arms and international pressure to achieve any of its aim. First step is full knowledge of what is going on in the "castle-fortifications" (including eight presidential palaces) of Saddam, and of course also the rest of his armed forces, i.e. no stone unturned. The other pressure must continue with full strength. Saddam is 'out' - just as Arafat. The sooner the regimes shift, the better.

- Gunmen have opened fire on a bus in Indian-controlled Kashmir killing at least four people as state election polls opened. 05.10.2002: All against Saddam - All collaborationists of Saddam Hussein and his terrorist, capitalist and statist regime must be put at place. If no other solution is available to end the Saddam Hussein regime's chemical, biological and other weapons' militarism, a war is the only solution. No-one must have an illusion about going against this possibility. The UN must back such a move 100%. The collaborationists of Saddam Hussein are the servants of hell... Thus a firm pressure on Saddam is a must.... the AIE wrote in a message to relevant adresses... In week 41 another Palestinian terrorist attack occured, killing several Jews. President Bush got support from the House of representatives and the Senate for an armed attack on Iraq if necessary. A new UN resolution against Saddam Hussein is discussed. There are reports about an American soldier was killed in Quwait, and an attack on a French unit recently.

11.10.2002: The Finnish Anarchist Federation , Suomen Anarkistifederaatio, reports about an explosion killing seven people at a busy Helsinki shopping centre. It was caused by a bomb. The SA/AFIF denounces this authoritarian act, and fears that fascist/nazi elements in the Finnish governmental forces may be behind this terrorist attack to provoke and make chaos, perhaps falsely rename it "anarchy" or "anarchist", call for more strong rule, and strengthen the already significant populist/fascist, pseudodemocratic tendencies in Finland. However this is only our fears, SA/AFIF, reports to IJ@, we have no sound proof so far that the nazis in the government are behind the terrorism. It may also be mafia, maoists, neonazi youth or muslim "Jihad" terrorists, a lunatic, or a mix of such tendencies, as such persons and groups often are collaborationists and supporting terrorism. SA/AFIF has also made a report to the Federal Bureau and the Security Council of the Anarchist International. The Conference supports the SA/AFIF in this case, and of course also denounces the terrorist attack in Finland.

"Anyone that have information about the attack may report to the Federal Bureau and the Security Council, we are not interested in a terrorist-ochlarchy-chaos-strong ruler game in Finland," the Conference declares. The terrorist attack happened in Vantaa north of Helsinki at the shopping center Myyrmani in the evening 11.10.2002, and it was done by a suicide bomber, a 19 year old student of chemistry, who had Finnish citizenship. The bomb was homemade, and filled with shot, made in a way to do as much harm as possible. About 80 persons were more or less heavy wounded.

12.10.2002: "This is one of the most horrible crimes done in Finland ever", SA/AFIF says to IJ@, - "this is certainly a terrorist suicide bomber attack, killing a lot of innocent civilian people, quite similar to al-Qaeda and Palestinian "Jihad"-terrorists. Rabbe von Hertzen of the Finnish police indicates it is probably not a terrorist attack... Then what is a terrorist attack? The Finnish PM Paavo Lipponen says that the government will see to that all possible resources are used to arrest the one or more quilty of the terrorist attack. Well, the main responsible, the suicide bomber himself, is already dead, so the first part of this job is already done. But perhaps more terrorists are behind this horrible bomb-attack? Anyway, if this terrorist event is used to put op more of a police state in Finland, it certainly is not in the interest of the people, but a tendency of the fascist tricks mentioned above, that is denounced by all anarchists." The Conference says: "We agree with AFIF/SA in this case, and are in general worried over the populist/fascist tendencies in Finland."

The Norwegian TV2 news reports about the Finnish terrorist had an antihumanist aggression against western type materialism and commercialism/capitalism. "This is quite similar to the ideas of the well known Norwegian national socialist Knut Hamsun, a follower of Vidkun Quisling, a.o.t. falsely posing as "anarchist" in his younger days, but later admitting he never was an anarchist, and thus just falsely posing as one," the Federal Bureau and the Security Council reports to IJ@. "The whole thing stinks fascistoid and brown shit," the spokesman Pekka of SA/AFIF says in a comment to IJ@. NRK TV1 news reports later on that the Finnish police is investigating the Internet record of the terrorist. "It is well known that several "terrorist handbooks", some of them wrongly called "anarchist", are published on the Internet, but they are all denounced by the anarchists as false. These books of course have nothing to do with the anarchist movement. They are made by provokers trying to compromise the anarchist movement. Most anarchists have knowledge of arms from armed forces, local militia, hunting teams or schools for officers. We don't need false "terrorist handbooks" in defense matters, and would never put up books about arms on Internet, as kids and lunatics may misuse such knowledge," a spokesman of the Security Council says to IJ@ 13.10.2002.

-- Death toll in Bali, Indonesia, since the terrorist attacks started this weekend, rises to about 200 in series of blasts of terrorists attacks, according to officials. 14.10.2002: So far nobody has claimed they were behind the terrorist attacks in Bali, but a group connected to al-Qaeda is suspected. The Finnish terrorist suicide bomber, Petri Erkki Tapio Gerdt, was known from the fanatic fascistoid bomb-terrorist network on Internet, using the codename "rc" when discussing bombs. "Such codenames are typically used by nazis, and the codename rc is probably an abbreviation for racist. It is well known from the Finnish nazi-environment that they believe in a myth about being Germans rooted back to Preussen, and that other Finnish people are more or less untermench. Furthermore they believe there are too many untermensch around, and that a lot should be destroyed/killed and the rest be slaves, and some of them believe in "Gott mit uns" religious delusions," says Pekka, the spokesman of SA/AFIF to IJ@. And there are more persons in this dangerous ultra-authoritarian, fascistoid terrorist bomb network on Internet. The student Gerdt, from a middle class family, also probably planned the terrorist attack several days before he did the bombing.

"With the terrorist attacks in Finland and Bali, this authoritarian evil has spread throughout the world. Although Finland has a significant populist tendency, and Indonesia is even more authoritarian, they are both relatively democratic countries in the meaning of far from totalitarian, and this indicates that the non-totalitarian societies in general are far from safe from terrorist attacks. Next time it may be your country that is hit by terrorist attacks. Thus the struggle against terrorism must be increased to put and end to the bulk of it as soon as possible. At the same time the struggle against tendencies towards more of something like Orwellian "1984" police states, must also be increased. The purpose of the terrorism is to create totalitarian states, i.e. muslim states, communist states, fascist states and/or conservative states, with more than 666 per thousand authoritarian degree. This tendency must be stopped as soon as possible, but not with means leading to totalitarian states under the hide of "anti-terrorism". That want work, you can't cure pestilence with colera, " the Conference declares 15.10.2000.

"The Norwegian newsmedia reports that CIA warned the Council of State (STACO) about a probable terrorist attack before the weekend, and measures were taken to increase security. If CIA knew something about a possible terrorist wave in advance, why did they not do anything to stop the the Finnish and Indonesian terrorist attacks? There are reports about a threat against the American embassy reported to the Indonesian authorities several weeks ago, but not recently," M. Solberg of AFIN says to IJ@. NRK however reports that the American intelligence agency was only warning about the dangers of terrorism against the Norwegian/American energy-producers, i.e. oil wells in the North Sea etc., and not warning the people. "Since Finland and Indonesia are not among the big energy-producers in the world, perhaps the Central Intelligence Agency and USA in general are not so interested in doing research and warnings there?" M. Solberg of AFIN says to IJ@. (The American ambassador in Indonesia expressed on BBC later it was not his job to warn and report to the Indonesian authorities). Pekka of SA/AFIF reports that the Finnish police has arrested two persons connected to the bomb-network on Internet for examination. This network is also supporters of Osama bin-Laden. - Two Indonesian men undergo "intensive questioning" amid growing pressure on Indonesia to catch those responsible for the Bali attack. - Security agents on board a Saudi Arabian Airlines plane have foiled a hijacking attempt by an armed man, airline officials say.

16.10.2002: ALL AGAINST SADDAM REPEATED!!! The AIE sent a note to the UN and other relevant adresses, declaring: All collaborationists of Saddam Hussein and his terrorist, capitalist and statist regime must be put at place. If no other solution is available to end the Saddam Hussein regime's chemical, biological and other weapons' militarism, a war is the only solution. No-one must have an illusion about going against this possibility. The UN must back such a move 100%. The collaborationists of Saddam Hussein are the servants of the real hell on earth... Thus a firm pressure on Saddam is a must.

17.10.2002 At least ten people have been injured in a bomb blast in a department store in the southern Philippine city of Zamboanga. 19.10.2002: Police in the Philippines are searching for clues as to who was behind a bus bombing which killed at least two people and injured more than 20 others in the capital, Manila, on Friday. Philippines President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo met her cabinet overnight to discuss tightening security in the wake of the blast, the third in two days. "This was an act of terrorism," says Roilo Golez, National Security Advisor. The Philippines has been hit by a wave of bomb attacks in the past two weeks, in which more than a dozen people have died. "Probably the al-Qaeda groups in East-Asia, estimated to be about thousand militants strong all in all, are behind these terrorist attacks," The Conference says, "- this is a new strategy of the muslim fundamentalist fascistoid polyarchy, and the reason for attacking the East-Asian countries may be that they think it is more easy to a) overthrow the present regimes there, and b) establish muslim fundamentalist fascistoid states there, than other places, and c) use this basis for more attacks other places, say in the USA and western Europe later on."

18-24.10.2002. There has been a new Hamas terrorist attck on the Jews, and a serialkiller killing innocent people in the name of God has occured in the USA. Several people have been arrested in the Finnish terrorist case.Then Russia was attacked by terrorism. Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that rebels holding around 500 people hostage in a Moscow theatre planned the attack in "foreign terrorist centres". In his first televised statement since the drama began on Wednesday evening, he blamed "the same criminals who have been terrorising Chechnya for the last few years" and said the authorities' main aim was to release the hostages. Mr Putin's remarks came as the rebels released five more people - one British man, three children and a woman. "This terrorism is not representative for the main stream liberation movement in Chechnya, " the Conference says: "We denounce this horrible act of terror, attacking innocent civilian people. It is now time to join forces against Saddam Hussein, al-Qaeda, the Palestinian terrorists, and other terrorist groups via the UN. A united strategy against these ultra-authoritarian terrorists is now a must. The discussion in the UN Security Council should soon be brought to an end, and a common agreement against Saddam, al-Qaeda & Co in the above mentioned way, should be decided and implemented. This agreement must also have a plan for doing away with the brainwashing "Jihad" schools and other training camps for such ultra-authoritarians, fundamentalists and terrorists. The key to stop this horror is above all to stop the bulk of the brainwash leading to the twisted logic and "cost-benefit" thinking of suicide terrorbombers. The humanist muslims have a great responsiblity to draw a clear borderline against this false interpretation of their prophet's books, i.e. both in theory and practice."

25-26.10.2002: Majority of 40 Chechens holding hundreds of hostages in a Moscow theatre killed in operation to restore control of building, Government official says. Soon after the terrorist attack was finished by Russian special forces, and a lot of the hostages survived, but unfortunately not all. 27.10.2002: CNN reports: All but one of 118 dead hostages in Moscow theater standoff died from gas poisoning, Russia's chief medical examiner says. -- Several people are reported to have been killed and dozens wounded after an explosion ripped through a large Jewish settlement on the West Bank. -- A person arrested suspected for the serial killing in USA is member of a muslim organization, that say he will be expulsed if found guilty of the murders. "It must be possible to arrest terrorists without killing innocent hostages with gas", the Conference says... Putin put the blame on a "weak Russian state". The Conference however says this is mainly due to an authoritarian system in Russia, i.e. a too strong state in societal perspective. The officials in the Anarchy of Norway declared they would never use gas in a similar case, and the Conference agrees, with a clear, general: "NO to an Orwellian "1984"police state using gas, deadly or not. Any society using gas in this way is an Orwellian "1984" type police state, or has a major authoritarian tendency in this direction. The lack of openness about the type of gas used at this event, from the Russian authorities, also is an authoritarian tendency. The stalinist tradition is still a bit alive in Russia. We are warning Russia and president Putin about driving the country in a more authoritarian direction. Statism plus capitalism = fascism. We recommend less statism, less capitalism, and more of "the third alternative", i.e. doing away with the populist tendencies as fast as possible." 29.10.2002 the AI embassy sent a note to the Russians, UN and other embassies declaring:


Sadam Hussein's regime is mainly a national socialist system, the population has nearly doubled in relatively few years, and because of this overpopulation, they will probably remain poor for a very long time if not expanding with more "lebensraum" similar to Adolf Hitlers and his program for Gross Germania. The oil fields in Iraq, even if run at full production, will not hike income per capita more than a little amount US$ or EURO due to the large population, and thus the question of oil is not so important in this matter.

Without being accused of being paranoid, it must be relevant to remind our fellow embassies and the UN, and especially Russia, that soon Saddam & Co may have developed a virus able of killing us all, and of course also an antidote for themselves. To be naive in this matter may be deadly dangerous. Thus, the militarism of Saddam Hussein must be crushed one way or the other as soon as possible. Perhaps Saddam has produced the Ragnarokk-virus next week? May be next month? Perhaps not? The irritating problem is we don't know... We'll say no more...

All collaborationists of Saddam Hussein and his terrorist, capitalist and statist regime must pe put at place. If no other solution is available to end the Saddam Hussein regime's chemical, biological and other weapons' militarism, a war is the only solution. No-one must have an illusion about going against this possibility. If you want peace - prepare for war. The UN must back such a move 100%. The collaborationists of Saddam Hussein are the servants of hell... Thus a firm pressure on Saddam is a must. Time is running out - it is time for action!

"Iraq had a population in 1970 = 9,06 mill. and in 2000 = 22,67 mill. This population growth is dangerously fast. The knowledge about genetical manipulation has come so far today that almost any authoritarian regime or mafia-terrorist group soon may be able to make a deadly, easy to spread, virus, with no-one having an antidote but themselves. Not only Saddam Hussein, but many authoritarian regimes and organizations are very dangerous in this perspective. ALWAYS REMEMBER: SAFETY FIRST. Thus, all genetical research related to this and other relevant security and authoritarian problems soon must be stopped in general world wide, via UN etc., i.e. for ever as long as there is a just a slight possibility of misusing such knowledge, " the Conference declares: "If the genetical research goes out of hand, the researchers and their superiors involved are co-responsible for such horrible crimes against humanity, not only the terrorists." These thoughts got the AIE to act with a note 20.10.2002:

Anarchist International Embassy in Oslo
l'ambassade du monde libertaire


The knowledge about genetical manipulation has come so far today that almost any authoritarian regime or mafia-terrorist group soon may be able to make a deadly, easy to spread, virus, with no-one having an antidote but themselves. Not only Saddam Hussein, but many authoritarian regimes and organizations are very dangerous in this perspective. ALWAYS REMEMBER: SAFETY FIRST. Thus, all genetical research related to this and other relevant security and authoritarian problems soon must be stopped in general world wide, via UN etc., i.e. for ever as long as there is a just a slight possibility of misusing such knowledge, " the Conference declares: "If the genetical research goes out of hand, the researchers and their superiors involved are co-responsible for such horrible crimes against humanity, not only the terrorists."


Sadam Hussein's regime is mainly a national socialist system, the population has nearly doubled in relatively few years, and because of this overpopulation, they will probably remain poor for a very long time if not expanding with more "lebensraum" similar to Adolf Hitlers and his program for Gross Germania. The oil fields in Iraq, even if run at full production, will not hike income per capita more than a little amount US$ or EURO due to the large population, and thus the question of oil is not so important in this matter.

Without being accused of being paranoid, it must be relevant to remind our fellow embassies and the UN, and especially Russia, that soon Saddam & Co may have developed a virus able of killing us all, and of course also an antidote for themselves. To be naive in this matter may be deadly dangerous. Thus, the militarism of Saddam Hussein must be crushed one way or the other as soon as possible. Perhaps Saddam has produced the Ragnarokk-virus next week? May be next month? Perhaps not? The irritating problem is we don't know... We'll say no more...

All collaborationists of Saddam Hussein and his terrorist, capitalist and statist regime must pe put at place. If no other solution is available to end the Saddam Hussein regime's chemical, biological and other weapons' militarism, a war is the only solution. No-one must have an illusion about going against this possibility. If you want peace - prepare for war. The UN must back such a move 100%. The collaborationists of Saddam Hussein are the servants of hell... Thus a firm pressure on Saddam is a must. Time is running out - it is time for action!

"Iraq had a population in 1970 = 9,06 mill. and in 2000 = 22,67 mill. This population growth is dangerously fast. The knowledge about genetical manipulation has come so far today that almost any authoritarian regime or mafia-terrorist group soon may be able to make a deadly, easy to spread, virus, with no-one having an antidote but themselves. Not only Saddam Hussein, but many authoritarian regimes and organizations are very dangerous in this perspective. ALWAYS REMEMBER: SAFETY FIRST. Thus, all genetical research related to this and other relevant security and authoritarian problems soon must be stopped in general world wide, via UN etc., i.e. for ever as long as there is a just a slight possibility of misusing such knowledge, " the Conference declares: "If the genetical research goes out of hand, the researchers and their superiors involved are co-responsible for such horrible crimes against humanity, not only the terrorists." We are warning very strong against the lack of action in the UN vis-a-vis Saddam Hussein, other terrorist groups and dangerous genetical research. This authoritarian tendency, i.e. tyranny of structurelessness, must be stopped.

25-26.10.2002: Majority of 40 Chechens holding hundreds of hostages in a Moscow theatre killed in operation to restore control of building, Government official says. Soon after the terrorist attack was finished by Russian special forces, and a lot of the hostages survived, but unfortunately not all. 27.10.2002: CNN reports: All but one of 118 dead hostages in Moscow theater standoff died from gas poisoning, Russia's chief medical examiner says. "It must be possible to arrest terrorists without killing innocent hostages with gas", the Conference says... Putin put the blame on a "weak Russian state". The Conference however says this is mainly due to an authoritarian system in Russia, i.e. a too strong state in societal perspective. The officials in the Anarchy of Norway declared they would never use gas in a similar case, and the Conference agrees, with a clear, general: "NO to an Orwellian "1984"police state using gas, deadly or not. Any society using gas in this way is an Orwellian "1984" type police state, or has a major authoritarian tendency in this direction. The lack of openness about the type of gas used at this event, from the Russian authorities, also is an authoritarian tendency. The stalinist tradition is still a bit alive in Russia. We are warning Russia and president Putin about driving the country in a more authoritarian direction. Statism plus capitalism = fascism. We recommend less statism, less capitalism, and more of "the third alternative", i.e. doing away with the populist tendencies as fast as possible."

Regards.... Chargé d'affaires A. Quist of AIE

Soon after the note was released the Russian authorities, facing the international pressure, however declared that a well known opium-based gas was used, i.e. fentanyl, a fast-acting opiate narcotic. Strange so many ordinary people died of a usual anæsthesia type gas, allowed by international law. "The combination gas and secret police and/or special forces, is a bad thing, and must be avoided in a free society. Other, less dirty, but efficient methods to deal with terrorists must be used and further developed," the Conference says. "We suspect the US CIA, British MI5, the Russian FSB and some other intelligence and security services for a lot of dirty tricks and methods more or less based on ABC-weapons, and all these activities should be stopped or at least be under UN and other relevant international organizations strict control. The Internet and intelligence sources have several seemingly reliable reports about these problems." The Federal Security Service (FSB - Federal'naya Sluzhba Bezopasnosti, previously known as Federal Counterintelligence Service - FSK) is one of the successors of the KGB, and remains headquartered in the Lubyanka. Internal security functions previously performed by the Second, Third and Fifth Chief Directorates and the Seventh Directorate were initially assigned to a new Ministry of Security. But thise agency was disbanded December 1993 and replaced by the Federal Counterintelligence Service [Federal'naya Sluzhba Kontr-razvedky - FSK]. This about 75,000-persons strong agency was subsequently redesignated the Federal Security Service (FSB).

November - December 2002

"The FSB probably had something to do with the gassing of the hostages and terrorists in the Moscow theatre," the Conference says 01.11.2002: "This operation could have been done better in several ways, and probably very well without use of gas. A society where the secret services are allowed to use gas on civilian people is not a good, libertarian society." Human Rights Watch reports about 415 civilian Jews killed by Palestinian terrorists, and about 2000 wounded, and is against the PLO-authority, that calls the terrorists martyrs.

04.11.2002: Six men, probably al-Qaeda terrorists, were killed on Sunday in the northern province of Marib, about 160 kilometres (100 miles) east of the capital Sana'a, Yemeni security officials said. The CIA may stay behind the killing. Another Palestinian terrorist attack against innocent Jews occured. 05-06.11.2002 Saddam Hussein has been visited by another national socialist, Jürg Haider from Austria. -More Palestinian terrorist killings of Jews. President George W. Bush's Republican Party win control of Senate, keep control of House, in mid-term elections. "This may affect the antiterrorist actions,"the Conference says: " The UN inspection force including a sufficiently strong armed corps to achieve the aims, i.e. find and destroy all illegal weapons in Iraq, especially ABC weapons and framework for producing and distributing such weapons, and see to that a general disarmament is done, must as soon as possible be sent to Iraq and start the work." 08.11.2002: -- U.N. Security Council unanimously passes resolution calling for Iraq to disarm and for weapons inspectors to return, CNN reports. "That's about time," the Conference says 09.11.2002. 11.11.2002: "The front against Saddam Hussein, and the pressure on his regime must be firm and continue without delay," The Conference says: " The UN inspection force must be so strong and well armed that Saddam Hussein must let them do their work as planned."

12.11.2002: - Iraq's "parliament" rejects acceptance of a U.N. resolution on weapons inspections, leaving the final decision to Saddam Hussein. "This so called "parliament" has no significant influence on the ruling in Iraq, as Saddam Hussein is a terrorist ochlarchical dictator of worst class," the Conference says: "A high ranking son of Saddam has said yes to the UN inspection. He may have more influence on his father, and should tell the old man not to be a complete idiot and destroy - not only himself - but the bulk of Saddam Hussein's own familiy and possibly millions of the Iraqi people as well. - Furthermore a kibbutz in Israel has been attacked by Palestinian militants and 6 Jews were killed last week. We guess Noam Chomsky and his followers, talking about the kibbutz as an anarchist Jewish project and tendency, say, in his interesting TV-program on the "Manufacturing of Consent", take the message, and stop the "peace in our time" chamberlainism vis-à-vis the terrorists in Palestine as well as Iraq, and the al-Qaeda a.s.o. The joint UN action and pressure on Saddam Hussein should continue and be firm and tough without delay, according to the reasonable plans mentioned above. " The AIE sent a note to relevant embassies etc called "All against Saddam update" reporting from IJA 4 (31) 05-12.11.2002. 13.11.2002:-- Iraq accepts U.N. resolution calling for disarmament and return of weapons inspectors. Osama Bin Laden, - is he alive or is he dead? The White House seem to think it is the former, with a military official saying on Wednesday that they view the latest taped message from Osama Bin Laden as the first independent proof in nearly a year, that he is alive.

Senior European Union officials and journalists have been taken aback by the offensive language of Russian President Vladimir Putin in response to a journalist's question on Chechnya. Asked about the use of anti-personnel mines and the killings of Chechen civilians, an irritated Mr Putin said Chechen rebels did not care about anyone, before retorting to the French reporter: "If you seriously want to become a radical Islamist and undergo circumcision, I invite you to come to Moscow. We are a multi-confessional country, we also have a specialist on this matter and I will advise him to have the operation done in such a way that nothing would grow out of you ever again." However, the remarks were not properly translated and the audience at Monday's news conference in Brussels - which included Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen - was left unaware of Mr Putin's explicit language. But Mr Putin's impromptu advice has received prominent coverage in the Russian media. Mr Putin was said to be tired and caught off-guard. His remarks were broadcast on television and caused headlines like "Invitation to circumcision" which appeared in the daily Vremya Novostey. Kommersant daily said the president was being "tortured by the Chechen issue." Correspondents say Moscow is very sensitive to any criticism of its military campaign in Chechnya, which it depicts as part of an international "war against terrorism". 'Regrettable'? Mr Putin has often used colourful language in regard to the Chechen war. Shortly after launching a new military campaign in Chechnya in October 1999, he promised to "flush down" the Chechen rebels "while they sit on their toilets". But it was the first time that he had spoken in such a crude way in public and to a foreign journalist. Kremlin officials said Mr Putin was tired and thrown off-guard by an "unexpected" question. The EU officials voiced distaste for Mr Putin's remarks, seen as offensive to Muslims. Describing them as "regrettable" a European Commission spokesman said Commission president Romano Prodi was "rather pleased that he didn't hear it".

14.11.2002: The Conference declares: "There must be no stones unturned by the United Nations' weapons inspectors in Iraq."15.11.2002: At least 12 Israelis are killed and many others wounded in a gun attack in the West Bank town of Hebron claimed by militants. One of the senior leaders of the al-Qaeda network has reportedly been captured and is now said to be in American hands. The sources said an operation was under way to get the person arrested out of the country where he is currently being held by US forces to a place where he can be interrogated. Sources told the Reuters news agency that the person who had been captured was neither al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden's right-hand man, Ayman al-Zawahri, nor operational leader Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, nor Bin Laden's son Saad. Ramsi Binalshibh is among those in US hands. Al-Qaeda is blamed for the 11 September 2001 attacks on New York and Washington. Despite declaring a war on terror following those attacks, the United States has managed to detain only about half of the top 20 or so al-Qaeda members on its "most wanted" list. Among those held by the US are Abu Zubaydah and Ramzi Binalshibh who are being interrogated at undisclosed locations. A possible indication that Bin Laden himself is still alive emerged this week with the release of an audio recording said to have been made by the al-Qaeda leader, praising recent attacks on Western targets. US officials have said they believe the voice on the tape to be that of Bin Laden. The FBI has warned that al-Qaeda could be planning "spectacular" new attacks in the United States, possibly targeting national landmarks.

The United Nation's chief weapons inspector, Hans Blix, has said the hunt for Iraqi arms could be under way by 27 November - just a week after his arrival in Baghdad. "Our job is to report and the decision whether there is war or peace or reaction, that is for the Security Council and its members," said Hans Blix. Briefing journalists before he set off for Paris - his first stopover on his way to Iraq - he said "cat and mouse" games by Baghdad would not be tolerated. He said he wanted an "effective" inspections regime and that would mean intrusive inspections due to fears that Iraq could conceal weapons of mass destruction underground or in mobile units. The green light for inspections came earlier this week when Iraq said it would comply with a tough new UN Security Council resolution on disarming Saddam Hussein's regime. BERLIN (AP) -- German lawmakers voted overwhelmingly Friday to extend by a year the mandate of their country's troops in the U.S.-led war against terror, but the country's foreign minister said Berlin remains ``unambiguous'' in opposing military action against Iraq.

Some 1,250 German troops are taking part in Operation Enduring Freedom, and the lower house of parliament voted 573-11 to keep them deployed through next November. Five lawmakers abstained.Most of the troops are involved in a naval deployment off the Horn of Africa, where German warships are patrolling to cut off supply and escape routes for suspected terrorists. A unit of 52 troops is stationed in Kuwait with six armored personnel carriers equipped to detect nuclear, chemical and biological warfare, while around 100 elite German troops are helping hunt al-Qaida and Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.The unchanged mandate, which also covers air transport support for the anti-terror campaign, sets at 3,900 the maximum number of German troops that can take part. "It is of decisive importance that we do not ease off in this battle against terror,'' Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer told parliament. But he stressed that the fight also must address ``development, rebuilding, humanitarian aid -- ensuring that regions have prospects, that people don't feel excluded and they don't become a breeding ground for terrorism.'' Fischer tied that point to German opposition to military action against Iraq, questioning whether the United States would be prepared to "take responsibility for peace and security in this highly dangerous region on a long-term basis'' after an attack.Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder argues an attack could throw the Middle East into turmoil and wreck the international anti-terror coalition, and says Germany would not take part."Our position here is unambiguous,'' Fischer said. "We believe it is the wrong priority.''

16.11.2002: "The UN inspection force must be sufficiently strong and well armed to do their work. It seems to anarchists that the planned UN inspection force is just a "paper tiger". A "real tiger" is needed to do the necessary anti-terrorist peace work," the Conference says: "Furthermore the Germans' evasive and reluctant policy vis-à-vis Saddam Hussein, is dangerous. To try to brake the UN unity against the national socialist regime in Iraq is at best naive, at worst nazi-collaborationism. We are warning the Germans about trying to promote a Hitlerian Gross Germania sabotaging the anti-terrorist struggle, including a firm united front against Saddam Hussein. The Norwegians and Russians may easily cut the oil and natural gas supplies to Germany and the European Union if the axis Paris-Brüssel-Berlin doesn't act responsible and reasonable to achieve a necessary united international pressure against Saddam Hussein and the terrorists in general." The AIE sends a note with "A warning to Germany and the central European countries - All against Saddam update" to relevant embassies etc., reporting from IJ@ 4 (31) 13 - 16.11.2002. The CNN's Lou Dobbs, reports "after all these years", a.o.t. the Americans will probably not automatically attack Iraq in case of problems related to the UN inspection, but wait for the decisions of the UN Security Council. "Reasonable", the Conference says:" Perhaps Saddam manages to destruct most of his ABC weapons etc. before the UN inspection force is starting their work?"

Israeli armoured vehicles poured into Hebron on Saturday night, a day after a deadly ambush by Palestinian militants in the West Bank city. "Our operation came in response to the assassination in Jenin of the martyr (read = terrorist) chief Iyad Sawalha and to the Zionist crimes targeting our towns," says an
Islamic Jihad statement. As Israel considers its response to the killings, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has given the green light for the army to increase pressure on the Palestinian territories, Israeli radio said. The decision came after Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz met army commanders to discuss possible antiterrorist actions. 17.11.2002: Security officials in Kuwait have arrested a man local newspapers say is a senior member of Osama Bin Laden's al-Qaeda group. The papers said the man - identified only as Mohsen F, a 21-year-old Kuwaiti national - had been plotting to blow up a hotel in the Yemeni capital, Sana'a, used by Americans. 18-21.11.2002 Jerusalem bus blast kills 11. Israel's Government threatens a rapid response after the deadliest suicide bombing in Jerusalem for several months. Bali bombing 'mastermind' held. The alleged planner of the bombings which left nearly 200 people dead has been arrested in Indonesia, police say.

Introduction: 21.11.2002: The UN inspection force has started the mandated work in Iraq. NATO sets up rapid reaction force: NATO leaders approve the creation of a force to deal with emerging threats, after inviting seven ex-Communist states to join the alliance.

Message: 27.11.2002: "As we have indicated before, (1) Iraq is far from the legitimate area of NATO operations. (2) A new regime in Iraq must be based on the local culture and within the sphere of a natural and balanced co-operation with the neighborhood, in the interest of the Iraqi people, not the authorities - and nobody else. That means co-operation with Quwait, The Emirates, Saudi Arabia; Jordan, etc. A new regime based on American Bourbon brandy mixed with Coca Cola and Donald Duck, not to mention the old man Uncle Sam's plutarch No 1. McDuck, is out of question!!! The Arab anarchists as well as the Conference on Terrorism in general stand united behind this decision. (3) Bush should take the message: (4) Iraq should be disarmed, be antimilitarist, and all illegal weapons, especially ABC weapons should be done away with, and (5) a new more libertarian (i.e. in the meaning of less authoritarian degree) economical-political system based on (1), (2), (3) and (4), should be introduced in due time. An American militarist general-Junta and puppet regime of Mr Bush is out of question, even for a short while," says Anarchon, known as the real Pope in Rome, nestor of the Anarchist Movement and spokesman of the Anarchist International in general as well as the International Conference on Terrorism in this case.

27-28.11.2002 The AIE sent a note quoting the section above to embassies, the international newsmedia-giants, and Mr Bush, titled: A WARNING TO MR BUSH AND THE CENTRAL EUROPEAN COUNTRIES - ALL AGAINST SADDAM UPDATE! The Anarchist International Security Council's Federal Bureau reports to the Conference that BBC, CNN, and other news-networks promoted some similar ideas. These news were also recorded on a videogram for further analysis. "Perhaps this is a general megatrend of the international newsmedia's policy for the Mid East, i.e. towards the less authoritarian," says S. Olsen of the Norwegian Anarchist Council: "Also, the Anarchy of Norway's peace work at Sri Lanka, towards greater autonomy for the Tamils, the strategically important oil industry in The North Sea, and the Russian shipment of oil to the European Union, etc. along the Norwegian coast was mentioned. A report about "rebel camels" and Iraq, from Saudi Arabia, was both funny and informative.... Perhaps Jan Petersen, the foreign minister of the Council of State, may arrange something constructive vis-à-vis Iraq later on?"

There is increased trouble in the Middle East. Israeli troops have arrested 11 suspected Palestinian terrorists. In Kenya, Africa, an Israeli owned hotel has been bombed by muslim terrorists, and an Israeli airplane owned by Arkia airlines was attacked by two rockets, but landed safe in Israel. Possibly these attacks are related to al-Qaeda. In case, this is the first direct al-Qaeda attack on "the small satan". Ariel Sharon is shocked, and says Palestinian terrorists also may be some kind of contractors with al-Qaeda, and repeating the fact that international terrorism is global. An organization calling itself "The army of Palestine", says it is responsible for the attacks. "The firm policy against terrorism based on the antiterrorist coalition, the anarchists included, continues, a.o.t "all against Saddam", but there will be no peace without justice in the Mid East, and a neocolonialist Anglo-American policy in Iraq is out of question. Such a megalomaniac agenda from Bush, Blair, etc, if any ....?, will possibly end in a 3rd world war, hell on earth, and must be avoided. The solution in the Mid East in general should be fair, balanced and realistic, and done approximately along the lines drawn by the International Conference on Terrorism, presented in IJ@ 4(31) updated,"says Anarchon, the spokesman of the Conference and the Anarchist International in this case. The AIE sent a verbal note quoting the four last sections above to embassies, the international newsmedia-giants, i.e. with a strong warning to the embassies in Oslo of Mr Bush and Mr Blair, titled: MID EAST UPDATE - ALL AGAINST SADDAM - A VERBAL NOTE TO BUSH AND BLAIR ETC. "The escalating Palestinian terrorism vs the Jews the last 14 days may have several reasons. The election in Israel, the horrible situation for the ordinary people in the PLO-state of Arafat, and the possibility of a neo-colonialist English-American puppet regime in Iraq, may be among them," the Conference says.

["A funny report from CNN-Sport may be mentioned, - a real hit of a tackling in a football-match was referred to as anarchy???? ... Perhaps I heard wrong, or maybe we should put some of the 27-28.11.2002 news from the international newsmedia-giants on the "hit-account" of the AIIS and the Anarchist International in general? My, my, my...???," says A. Quist, a.o.t. a veteran information-secretary of AIIS/AIT: "TV5 (France) indicates that Osama bin-Laden is still alive - and sorry to say, also very much kicking... Gro Harlem Brundtland appears on BBC-TV, but the former Yes-to-EU Queen, the abdicated matriarch, the last ruler of Norway - that finished ruling in 1994, is not promoting the European Union anymore, but some of the United Nations' health program. EURONEWS reports on problems with genetically manipulations and salmonella in the EU prolefood... Not really much new under the sun since the anarchist revolutionary change in Norway in 1994 related to the EU-referendum and the megatrend towards the libertarian, with respect to the economical-political system. We guess Anarchy rules are still OK in Norway, when the Anarchist Federation (AFIN) is soon celebrating the 25th anniversary 1977-2002! P.S. 29.11.2002 BBC reports about "Anna (from the Greens), self confident and relaxed in front of the cameras. BBC tried to get an interwiev there and then, but her press officer and a political advicor, say they had other plans for her"... "This is somewhat similar to me, however the rumors that this Anna is me, A. Quist, cannot be confirmed. By the way, DW-TV (Deutsch international) sent a report that the Italian mafia-collaborationist, convicted to 24 years for murder -, and being prime minister seven times -, Julio Andreotti said he "was never an anarchist" and that is certainly the truth, he is probably a corrupt hierarchist and ochlarchist (ochlarchy = mob rule) and no libertarian. An interesting report on rich and poor in Iraq, may also be mentioned.]

Gush Shalom: Nov. 28, 2002: This message is being sent in between the terrible news from attacks on Israelis in Mombassa, Kenya, and Beit She'an in northern Israel costing the lives not only of Israelis (among them children) but also of Kenyan civilians. As we were informed earlier this week, a majority of Palestinians have expressed their opposition to such acts - but as long as nothing changes that will probably not save them from having to pay the price in this ongoing cycle of revenge upon revenge upon revenge which takes so many lives on both sides.We call for an end to the lethal Israeli-Palestinians embrace, for a ceasefire, for immediate negotiations, for an end to the occupation.

29.11.2002: Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz has vowed to hunt down the perpetrators of two attacks on Israeli citizens in Kenya. Perhaps the Mossad intelligence agency, which has a reputation for ruthlessness, will be put in charge of investigating the attacks. Once Mossad shot and killed a wrong man in Norway. Such acts are murder, and certainly not acceptable. Washington condemned the attacks, but said it was too early to blame al-Qaeda. In 1998, the US embassies in Kenya and neighboring Tanzania were attacked in nearly simultaneous car bombings that killed 219 people and 12 people respectively. The US blamed al-Qaeda. Coordinated, synchronised attacks of this type are a hallmark of al-Qaeda, and the Anarchist International Security Council's Federal Bureau says months of careful surveillance probably went into the latest Kenya attacks. Also Germany condemned the attacks strongly and promised to increase the participation in the fight against terrorism. "The anarchists also condemn these attacks strongly, and will continue to do a fair share in the fight against terrorism, Saddam included", the Conference declares. Later on Arial Sharon confirms that Mossad is investigating the attacks in Kenya in co-operation with the American external intelligence agency, the CIA. DW-TV called Saddam führer, similar to Adolf Hitler, and that is a reasonable description only of course Saddam is still a small time nazi compared with Adolf. He has however done enough horrible trouble already: "All against Saddam". An Al-Qaeda group in Somalia is suspected of the Kenya-bombing.

The American and British 'baboon babble'

30.11.2002: Bill Emmot on CNN, mentioned a "broad coalition, and what can happen afterwards?" in Iraq... A broad based UN confederal interim system, a bit similar to in Bosnia, but with officials from countries with interests for the best of the people, not the authorities, in Iraq, say, Saudi Arabia, Quwait, the Emirates, Jordan, Norway, Switzerland, perhaps some other Scandinavaian countries, and a minor representation of the big countries, Russia, China, USA or UK, France and India, may be a reasonable solution for some time ahead, until a stabil, as much as possible real democracy based on domestic organizations gradually can take over. Kevin Bodenhammer; Berlin, in a viewers' comment on CNN means wrongly anarchists are behind the terror attacks, but this is certainly not the case, i.e. anarchists have nothing to do with the terrorism at all. The IAT gives him a BROWN CARD warning for breaking the Oslo Convention, and a similar to CNN, although they say they don't necessarily agree with Bodenhammer. The editors at CNN are of course responsible for what they put up of disinformation on TV world wide.

"Al-Qaeda and similar groups are against the governments or systems in charge, but not for making anarchy, i.e. real democracy, -- the aims of Osama bin-Laden and his collaborationists are to establish their own oligarchy and hierarchy in form of dictatorship. Say, the Oklahoma-bomber was also anti-government, and thus in a way "antiarch", but he was certainly not an anarchist. Al-Qaeda is even more authoritarian and worse than the Oklahoma-bomber, and terrorists being symbolic "anti-Arkia" and do rocket-attacks on civilian airliners have of course nothing whatsoever with anarchism, anarchists or anarchy to do. What is important politically broadly defined is what you do and not what you are against, but what you are for, i.e. the consequences in a series of events, together with other units in the action field, whether it (reasonable estimated) results in less authoritarian degree, or even better - creates anarchy, and preferably more of it, in the meaning of realdemocracy, -- or the opposite. In the first case you are (at the moment) acting or being libertarian or anarchist, in the meaning of reducing the authoritarian degree, in the opposite case you are acting authoritarian, in this way being authoritarian or authority." the Conference says... [Mathematically this may perhaps logically be interpreted as a reasonable estimate of the partial derivative of a society's political economical systems coordinates direction aggregated over time on the economical political map, with respect to one organization's or person's actions at the moment] 01.12.2002. The UN inspections in Iraq continue without problems so far.

Talking about language, the Oslo Convention of 1990, free vs authoritarian thinking and free press vs 4th power of the State; Andy Rodney, oldtimer patriarchal correspondent of CBS-news "60 minutes", visiting Larry King on CNN, is talking about the book "Common Nonsense" and boasting, bragging and talking big about the American language. He is however the one talking nonsense: A language that use the same word "rule" for the Norwegian "regel" as well as "herske", is so bad, autoritarian and Orwellian "1984" "newspeak and "doublethinking", that it hardly deserve the word language, but should rather be called the American 'baboon babble', not possible to speak anything but indistintincly about anarchy, i.e. real democracry, coercing the people to worship authority, to think like and be slaves, and throw shit on freedom by psychological ruling. It would be interesting to investigate the authoritarian manipulations of the languages in different cultures and countries. Certainly Norwegian is more in favor of expressing anarchist thoughts than American and English. But Finnish and German is perhaps worse than the anglophone, and what about Arabian? Albanian? Somalian? etc.? Americans, and the people in general, cannot be free with such authoritarian Orwellian "1984" newspeak. Strangely, Orwell, who invented the "newspeak"-concept was not capable of seeing through and reveal the newspeak tendencies in the British language, and not even Noam Chomsky, who knows a lot about the "Manufacturing of Consent" in the USA, has mentioned the "doublethinking" use of the word "rule" in his works.

This indicate the enormous authoritarian power of manufacturing artificially the language into a tool of the rulers by creating falsified "1984" type dictionaries, as say, Webster, Funk & Wagnall, Cambridge, etc. of today. The IAT gives the editors in general a big brown card warning. Even the most radical social critics, as Orwell and Chomsky have not by themselves managed to discover this evil, coercive and repressive ruler vs slavery-tendency within their own language, and exposed this false double use of the word "rule", the most basic 'baboon babble' in the economical-political world. To say "anarchy" = management/coordination "without rule" in English, sounds idiotic or meaning ochlarchy (mob rule, lawlessness), however management "uten hersking" i.e. with "regler", makes relatively good sense in Norwegian, meaning realdemocracy.

Sorry to say, anglophone languages are as mentioned very much twisted in an Orwellian "1984" "newspeak" way, to fool the people via the education to worship authority, compared to Nordic language. Say, in American:

A. Rules, rule = regler, regel (relatively fixed ways to settle things in an orderly way, i.e. regulations and regulatory means); but also B. Rules, rule = hersking, hersker, herske (to be an arch/ruler, act as an arch, bestiality).

Thus in English/American the words 'archein (Greek) = herske (Nordic)' is translated to B. "rule" = to be an arch etc., but "rule" also is used as A. 'regel' = "rule" (i.e. rule(s) in the meaning of relatively fixed way(s) to settle things, disputes and conflicts in an orderly way, i.e. regulations and regulatory means = regel/regler ). And thus, due to using one word to mean two very different things, i.e. A. and B, the anglophones are forced in an authoritarian way to think very much false and wrong about realities, with respect to anarchy, freedom and authority, that the Scandinavian people are not to the same extent. See the point! Anglophones are very much fooled by the authorities in this way, thus probably you cannot easily think free, but like a slave via psychological ruling, to think authority = ruler is necessary to keep order. In Norwegian a situation "an (without) arch(y)" "uten hersker" may very well be considered to be with 'regler' because "hersker" = rules, and "regler" = rules, are quite different words. Furthermore the Greek word "an" is not meaning "without" in general, but just as "an" in anaerobe and similar words, i.e. "an" means without what is mentioned in the suffix, but keeping what is essential in the matter, i.e. management in the meaning of coordination related to anarchy, see below 1):

Perhaps the understanding of rule and "without rule", and anarchy is still a bit obscure and foggy to you? It is not easy to break the "1984" newspeak authoritarian tendency in a language and its impact on the thinking and human actions. Thus we will try to clearify this even a bit more:

The anglophones use as mentioned one word meaning two separate things accounted for in Norwegian and in reality as two different things. Thus the whole thing gets often mixed up in the anglophone sphere, the language falsely forcing people to think that rule and rulers are necessary to settle things in an orderly way. To fix this linguistical problem in a simple way, we mainly use the word "rules" in the meaning of one or more rules, i.e. regulations and regulatory means - case A, and the word "rule" and "ruling" in case B, unless something else is mentioned. OK! This is not a perfect solution, but it is perhaps the best way to deal with this American/English 'baboon babble', without introducing new words, that takes long time and big influence on the newsmedia and dictionary editors.... But anarchists have certainly more problems getting through with the message in USA and the anglophone world in general, than in Norway. In America the news on anarchy are not news, but authoritarian 'baboon babble'. Similar in the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Mauritius, New Zealand, etc. Thus, the anglophone dictionaries etc should change a bit. Why not introduce the term "reagel" = "regel", adopted from Norwegian, and stop using the words "rule"and "ruling" in the "doublethinking" Orwellian "1984" "newspeak" way, but stick to the meaning of case B, and drop the meaning in case A? Time will show... But to do away with the authoritarian doublethinking newspeak "rule" = herske & "rule" = regel" problem in American and English lingo will probably not happen fast. However after this discussion of passing by the anglophone 'baboon babble' to explain what anarchy is, we may try a brief definition:

1) The word "anarchy" origins from Greek. The original meaning, that everybody should stick to, is the following: The prefix "an" means "negation of", as in anaerobe vs aerobe, anandrous vs -androus, anhydride vs hydride, etc; i.e. "an" means without what is mentioned in the suffix, but keeping what is essential in the matter. The suffix "archy" means "rule (not rules or law), ruler, rulers, superior in contrast to subordinates, etc.", from Greek "archein", "to rule, to be first"; and "archos", "ruler" i.e. in a coercive, repressive, etc. manner, slavery and tyranny included. As mentioned "an" means without what is mentioned in the suffix, but keeping what is essential in the matter, i.e. in this case management in the meaning of coordination, but without ruling. The 'ruling' is not essential, but an evil alienation, i.e. bestiality. Thus "Anarchy" doesn't mean "without coordination, management, administration, etc.". Anarchy is a) management, coordination and administration etc. without ruling and thus without rulers, of course with b) "rules = reagel(s), i.e. regulations and regulatory means" and a confederal/central/federal sufficient corps to keep order i.e. act as deterrent to regional or local overthrowing of general, confederal rules = "reagels, i.e. regulations and regulatory means ".

02.12.200: A ''baboon babbler' called Jim at BBC says they fear "anarchy", using the word false, probably meaning polyarchy and ochlarchy including chaos, i.e. rivaling states within the state and civil war, in Afghanistan, if not a national united state is introduced. Point b) abowe shows clearly that a national, united state is not necessary. But a sufficient outbalancing confederal corps, with guards from several if not all local units, following confederal joint decisions, is necessary. Perhaps this is not the case in Afghanistan. Then it should be introduced, in stead of a national united state, that will certainly not function. This means probably a bit local disarmament of rebel local warlords, one by one, and a bit stronger confederal corps in general. Perhaps it is necessary to send some more UN-soldiers to Afghanistan to do the necessary local disarmament, i.e. for a short while. And the Americans must stop giving weapons to the local rebel warlords. BBC and 'baboon' Jim gets a Brown Card warning for breaking the Oslo Convention, mixing anarchy with ochlarchy, i.e. in an authoritarian Orwellian "1984" "newspeak" way.

However we think it is fine BBC-TV reports about a victory for a Norwegian delegation against WTO at an important international summit, also participating in a treeplanting "earth first" demonstration (an environmental direct action used by the Norwegian Anarchist Federation, AFIN, in Oslo city already in the late 1970s/early 1980s) and declaring "Norway is rich and fiercely independent" as well as giving a lot in development aid. "Although we have as usual some problems getting through with a positive interpretation of the word anarchy, the libertarian Norwegian system is well presented and supported in the international newsmedia, now at BBC-TV, but described with other more usual words than anarchy," A. Quist, the eco-anarchist, anarchofeminist and AIIS-AIT veteran says: "But we probably have to wait a while before the reporters in the international newsmedia-giants have the guts to say "the Anarchy of Norway" plain and directly, although the significant degree of anarchy in Norway at about 53% is rather well known among researchers, professors and students domestic and internationally." 03.12.2002 the AIE sent a note to embassies, BBC and other newsmedia titled: The BBC still 'baboon babbles' about anarchy buth also says the Anarchy of..."Norway is rich and fiercely independent", with the comments above and reminding the international newsmedia-giants once more about the 25 years anniversary of AFIN, the Anarchist Federation of Norway, 1977-2002. "We seemingly got some more funny feedback on the history of AFIN, especially related to AIT/AIIS and the important anarchist revolutionary change in orway 1994/95, but here in IJ@ 4(31) we must continue with the main agenda, i.e. the terrorist-problem broadly defined since last year," H. Fagerhus says.

The UN weapons inspection team gains access to one of President Saddam Hussein's palaces for the first time in more than four years. Anarchists say NO to Karzai's nationalist professional mercenary based army dreams. The AIE sent a note to DW-TV, the German embassy in Oslo etc. titled: "Anarchists say NO to Karzai's nationalist professional mercenary based army dreams":

Anarchists say NO to Karzai's nationalist professional mercenary based army dreams. A confederal armed defense service with a.o.t. units similar to the Anarchy of Norway's and the Swiss Confederation's home defense, is probably the right way to go in Afghanistan. Interim president Karzai of Aghanistan told the international delegation at a meeting in Bonn lately that his administration had decided to create a "small, effective, well-paid" national army. He said the national army he aimed to create in Afghanistan would consist of no more than 70,000 soldiers. U.S. Afghan coordinator David Johnson has said that it would cost euro 352.3 million ($350 million) a year for two years to train, equip and sustain such a force. In addition a national police force is planned. "This mercenary based, professional, army sounds like the unrealistic authoritarian dreams of a nationalist police state worshipper and war-overlord, and this is all to expensive in this extremely poor and overpopulated country also", the Conference says: "However the present situation with private militias controlled by more or less rebel warlords and governors around the country, which can number up to 30,000, and dominate the current confederal armed force which is now between 1,000 to 1,500 men strong, is of course not acceptable. But a system without local autonomy and confederalism in Afghanistan will not work well." ("well-paid" must however be a relative concept in this connection...)

Saudi Arabia says it's on the offensive against terrorism, and that the world has an obligation the 11.09.2001 type terrorist attacks never happens again, according to CNN. They will also investigate if Saudi Arabian aid-money may be received by terrorists, and of course try to stop such support to al-Qaeda etc. if any. One of Saddams big fortress-castles, so called president palaces, has been investigated by the UN inspection force. No illegal weapons were found. Turkey will let US use bases in possible attacks on Iraq. "A broad based anti-Saddam-terrorist coalition seems slowly to be established, approximately according to the anarchist plans," the Conference says: "The pressure on Saddam should be increased a bit more. He could be more co-operative, especially in human rights context....".

04.12.2002 the AIE sends a special note to <> wishing him luck with German support for an as most as possible confederal type, democratic policy in Afghanistan, also quoting the note on the mercenary army dreams of Karzai. CNN makes a slight correction, reporting that an US use of Turkey's bases etc. is negotiated, but not yet fully agreed upon. President Putin of Russia has been in China, the commie leadership reminding the rest of the world that Red China has never been an imperialist State, i.e. with a clear hint to USA not to try to make a more or less colony rule in Iraq. Putin continues his diplomatic and negotiating Asian tour from China to India. Perhaps he also discusses Iraq and terrorism? Similar to the mid 1990s, Germany has about 10% unemployment, according to CNN. "The economical theories of the anarchists, say, summarized in IJ@ 1 (32) and presented more detailed at in general, are still valid. Perhaps Gerhard S. and his comrades in Germany should take a look at it and take a hint," says S. Olsen, landsråd and spokesman of the People's Council, at the Norwegian Anarchist Council: "Say, the bureaucratical EURO common money-unit now used by many countries in the European Union is probably a wrong economical policy. Sweden, Denmark and the UK should continue to use their own currencies. As the EURO-coins have both national and common symbols, it should also be possible to introduce more national autonomy and somewhat different exchange rates for the EUROs of the different countries, to achieve a less bureaucratic, more flexible and optimal economical policy, and less unemployment in the EURO-region."

05.12.2002: Sri Lankan central administration and Tamil Tiger rebels agree on a federal/confederal managerial system on the island, paving the way for an end to almost two decades of war. -- At least one dead in bombing at McDonald's restaurant in eastern Indonesia, CNN reports. This was a suicidebomber terrorist attack.

06.12.2002:The AIE sent an updated note to CNN, and especially YWT at CNN, other media, embassies, domestic and international organizations, etc.;


The knowledge about genetical manipulation has come so far today that almost any authoritarian regime or mafia-terrorist group soon may be able to make a deadly, easy to spread, virus, with no-one having an antidote but themselves. Not only Saddam Hussein, but many authoritarian regimes and organizations are very dangerous in this perspective. ALWAYS REMEMBER: SAFETY FIRST. Thus, all genetical research related to this and other relevant security and authoritarian problems soon must be stopped in general world wide, via UN etc., i.e. for ever as long as there is a just a slight possibility of misusing such knowledge, " the Conference declares: "If the genetical research goes out of hand, the researchers and their superiors involved are co-responsible for such horrible crimes against humanity, not only the terrorists."

The anarchists now are beginning to think all genetical research shold be stopped. The more knowledge on this matter, the more possible it is that this goes out of hand, and an authoritarian and/or terrorist group or State, or mad person may kill all, say, with an easy to spread ebola-type virus, - except own collaborationists. We don't like this problem. The Anarchist International Conference on Terrorism has discussed this matter, but sorry to say, we are few and with little influence, and of course not in charge of stopping the genetical research world wide as we want. But it should be discussed to get the ones in charge to stop this, before it is to late.

07-09.12.2002. Saddam Hussein's regime has delivered a requested report on Iraqi weapons of mass-destruction etc. to the UN, claiming to have none. "This should be investigated more," the Conference says, being sceptical. The UN-inspection force continues the necessary work.The trouble in Venezuela may a.o.t. affect the international oilmarket and the crude oil price, but probably not much. The leftist regime is under attack after a general strike has been going on for about a week. The leaders of the strike call the president a "commie like Castro" and the president calls the ones behind the strike for "fascists and terrorists". The anarchists in Venezuela probably represents a third alternative. The next day the AIE sent a congratulation to Jimmy Carter:

Congratulations with the Nobel Peace Prize Jimmy Carter.

Former American president Jimmy Carter's international peacework is now rewarded with the Nobel Peace Prize, and this is probably well deserved. It is however said that the chairman of the Nobel Peace Prize Committe, Gunnar Berge, also wanted to kick the new American president Gerge W. Bush a bit on the leg, by this choice, probably to try to turn the Americans towards a policy more within the framework of the general anti-terrorist coalition. BBC's summary of Jimmy Carter's speech at the Nobel Prize event in Oslo today, 10.12.2002, also indicates this. In another report BBC mentions "State & Chaos" policy, and this should in general be avoided by all States as much as possible, especially by the United States of America as a part of the anti-terroristcoalition. We welcome the Americans back as a central part of the anti-terroristcoalition on rather equal footing as others. The world seemingly has no superpower in the meaning of arch-State anymore, and that is probably a good thing. Let's all work together on equal footing to do away with as much as possible of the terrorist-problem, i.e. all against Saddam Hussein, al-Qaeda and other terrorists.

11.12.2002: Yesterday an U.S. ordnance team was on a ship off Yemen after suspected missile parts discovered in cargo -- vessel was coming from North Korea.- Yemen says missiles on ship from North Korea were bound for its army, and says it wants them back, according to news reports. -- U.S. officials say Iran building two large nuclear facilities in secret that might be used to build nuclear weapons. 18.12.2002 AIE sent a note to embassies etc.: The Iraq question once more. It's Christmas time and the IFA-AI affiliated organizations are going a bit slow due to holidays. However Iraq is as usual on the international agenda. Saddam is on his knees, and a little tip in the ... may put him flat on the face and ready to negotiate. He must then have an alternative slightly better than war, and thus loosing everything. We recommend a place side by side with the war criminal Serbs in Hague, and a chance for most of his other family, i.e. the ones little involved in Saddam's crimes, to rehabilitate relatively soon, and get a place to live on rather equal footing as others in the new democratic confederal Iraq. Rev. 31.03.2003

The Conference supports the new Year Reports from AIE, AIIS-AIT and AI, see special reports at

2003 January - February

There has been some more bloodshed due to terrorism several places world wide, among them in the Middle East and Africa. In February there were discussions both within NATO and UN on the timing of action and to some extent also the method of disarmament of Saddam and Iraq according to the UN resolutions. "A little more diplomacy and politeness in the argumentation, especially from USA's government, are recommended," says the Conference 10.02.2003, and standing firm on the above mentioned resolutions on Iraq and terrorism in general: "Point one on the agenda is to get proper information about the ABC weapons of Iraq, all of it, both historically and the situation of today, as fast as possible. This is the job for the UN inspection force, supported by the necessary armed forces." The AIE sent a note about this resolution to relevant embassies and international newsmedia. 11.02.2003: Purported message from Osama bin-Laden calls on Muslims to show solidarity against U.S.-led military action in Iraq, according to CNN."No big surprise that bin Laden is making PR for the fight against "the big Satan", and of course Saddam may try to arm the al-Qaeda with ABC and other weapons plus support them with money and a place to stay in Iraq"," the Conference says: "Bin Laden's talk about a "communist" regime in Iraq may indicate something like an Osama "Ribbentrop/Hitler" - Saddam "Stalin" agreement,..."

NATO and the UN security Council should agree on a common strategy that is combining the armed force threat against Iraq with continued UN inspection. In this case a rather peaceful disarmament of the ABC-weapons and long distance rockets of Saddam's authoritarian regime may be possible. All nations of the UN should support the use of armed forces against Iraq if everything else is not working. This note is a clear message to both USA and GB etc on the one hand, as well as France and Germany etc on the other hand, to cool it and unite to this policy. If you want peace - prepare for war! says the Conference. 13.02.2003 the AIE sent the following note to relevant embassies etc.

Strategy vs Saddam Hussein

13.02.2003: NATO and the UN security Council should agree on a common strategy that is combining the armed force threat against Iraq with continued UN inspection. In this case a rather peaceful disarmament of the ABC-weapons and long distance rockets of Saddam's authoritarian regime may be possible. All nations of the UN should support the use of armed forces against Iraq if everything else is not working. This note is a clear message to both USA and GB etc on the one hand, as well as France and Germany etc on the other hand, to cool it and unite to this policy. If you want peace - prepare for war! says the Conference.

There has been some more bloodshed due to terrorism several places world wide, among them in the Middle East and Africa. In February there were discussions both within NATO and UN on the timing of action and to some extent also the method of disarmament of Saddam and Iraq according to the UN resolutions. "A little more diplomacy and politeness in the argumentation, especially from USA's government, are recommended," says the Conference 10.02.2003, and standing firm on the above mentioned resolutions on Iraq and terrorism in general: "Point one on the agenda is to get proper information about the ABC weapons of Iraq, all of it, both historically and the situation of today, as fast as possible. This is the job for the UN inspection force, supported by the necessary armed forces."

11.02.2003: Purported message from Osama bin-Laden calls on Muslims to show solidarity against U.S.-led military action in Iraq, according to CNN."No big surprise that bin Laden is making PR for the fight against "the big Satan", and of course Saddam may try to arm the al-Qaeda with ABC and other weapons plus support them with money and a place to stay in Iraq"," the Conference says: "Bin Laden's talk about a "communist" regime in Iraq may indicate something like an Osama "Ribbentrop/Hitler" - Saddam "Stalin" agreement,..."

14.02.2003: -- Chief weapons inspector reports to U.N. that no weapons of mass destruction found to date in Iraq, but many items unaccounted for, according to CNN. "No reason to start a war in Iraq at this time, " the Conference says: "The pressure on Saddam's regime should continue. Saddam's state must cooperate more and better with the UN inspectors." This note updated 14.02.2003 was sent to anarchists and relevant embassies etc by the AIE. - - - This note from AIE is of course not only the main stream point of view of the anarchists, - a lot of organizations and people in general have similar point of view. It is the common sense.

15.02.2003: Millions of people demonstrate against war in Iraq world wide. A main slogan is no to "blood for oil". "Most slogans have a leftist, marxian political tendency. It must be mentioned that USA and the other OECD countries could easely get access to Iraq's oil by just stop the economic sanctions against Saddam's regime. Thus, no need for "blood" to get access to the oil of Iraq, and the oil is probably not so important in this case," the Conference express. Also a few anarchists participated in the demonstrations.

17.02.2003: The NATO discussion is over, and a common statement to support Turkey in case of attacked by Iraq, was the result. The question of war or not with Iraq was left to the UN Security Council to decide. Also the EU has discussed Iraq. According to CNN the EU statement is: Force should be used only as last resort. Furthermore the UN inspections should not go on for a long time. 19.02.2003 -- German court sentences Mounir al Motassadeq to 15 years after convicting him of being an accessory to the 11.09.2001 terror attacks in U.S. There has been some more bloodshed in the Mid East. The Jews have killed some terrorists and their bosses. 28.02.2003. "In the present situation it seems like the only way Saddam Hussein can have a chance to avoid war is by full cooperation with the UN inspection force," the Conference says. The anarchists, ICOT, AI and AIE are against a war in Iraq.

March - December 2003

01.03.2003: Iraq starts destroying banned missiles. Iraq promises to dismantle its arsenal of al-Samoud II missiles "within a few weeks", UN officials say. An Arab country has made the first official call for Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein to go into exile in order to avert a US-led invasion. The United Arab Emirates submitted the proposal in a letter to the crisis summit on Iraq being held by Arab leaders in Egypt. It would mean Saddam Hussein and the rest of the Iraqi leadership leaving their country within 14 days in exchange for immunity from prosecution. Iraq would then be put under the control of the United Nations and the Arab League. "An interesting proposal," the Conference says. 03.03.2003: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the suspected planner of the 11 September 2001 attacks on the US, was arrested in a joint Pakistani-CIA operation near the capital, Islamabad, at the weekend. 04.03.2003: A bomb killed 21 and injured 150 in the Philippines. 05.03.2003 More bloodshed in the Middle East. Another terrorist attack against Israel's innocent civilians. 07-8.03.2003 -- British proposal would set March 17 as deadline for Iraqi compliance with U.N. calls to disarm. 10.03.2003:-- Russia will vote against new resolution on Iraq at U.N. Security Council, Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov says. France has similar opinion. 11.03.2003 "There seems to be chaos in the UN and the UN Security Council about the Iraq case. Anarchy, i.e. order, instead, is recommended", the Conference says. 12.03.2003: A former commander of a special police unit led a group which assassinated Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic. Den mistenkte gruppen forsøkte «å utløse kaos og frykt i Serbia» ved å drepe statsministeren, skriver NTB. The suspected group tried to create chaos and fear in Serbia, according to NTB. "A horrible act of terrorism," the Conference says.

18.03.2003: -- President Bush gives Saddam Hussein and his sons 48 hours to leave Iraq or face "military conflict; tells Iraqi people "the tyrant will soon be gone." 19.03.2003 The USA in coalition with 45 allies, will search for Iraq's assumed weapons of massdestruction and disarm the country. --20.03.2003: The disarmament of the Iraqi regime has begun, White House spokesman Ari Fleischer has said as air raid sirens and anti-aircraft fire are heard in Baghdad. In the morning President Bush said a.o.t.:"- My fellow citizens, at this hour, American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger... coalition forces have begun striking selected targets of military importance to undermine Saddam Hussein's ability to wage war. In this conflict, America faces an enemy who has no regard for conventions of war or rules of morality. Saddam Hussein has placed Iraqi troops and equipment in civilian areas, attempting to use innocent men, women and children as shields for his own military -- a final atrocity against his people. I want Americans and all the world to know that coalition forces will make every effort to spare innocent civilians from harm. A campaign on the harsh terrain of a nation as large as California could be longer and more difficult than some predict. And helping Iraqis achieve a united, stable and free country will require our sustained commitment. We come to Iraq with respect for its citizens, for their great civilization and for the religious faiths they practice. We have no ambition in Iraq, except to remove a threat and restore control of that country to its own people... we will accept no outcome but victory."

- "Well, time will show..." the Conference says: " For years, the Iraqi dictatorship has defied the United Nations and world opinion by violating the human rights of its people and through belligerent actions against others, and no anarchist would mourn the passing of this brutal regime. - Nations must work to avoid and resolve conflicts through diplomacy and in accordance with the principles enshrined in the United Nations Charter and international law. The nations must now take urgent action to restore commitment to the UN. The Anarchist International is deeply concerned at the likely loss of life that will result from this conflict, and urges that every possible measure be taken to minimise casualties and protect life, including the lives of civilians, humanitarian workers, media workers and others whose work brings them into proximity with the conflict. We call upon all parties to the conflict to respect in full the principles enshrined in all relevant provisions of international humanitarian law. "

30.03.2003 -- About 30 injured in Palestinian suicide bombing by Islamic Jihad, at cafe in Israeli coastal town of Netanya.09.04.2003 -- U.S. tanks rolling in Baghdad city center; Marines help crowd of Iraqis topple huge statue of Saddam Hussein. 14.04.2003: US Central Command spokesman Brigadier-General Vincent Brooks said the war in Iraq is "coming to a close" after US troops took control of the northern city of Tikrit on Monday. 17.04.2003: "With the fall of the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein, the people of Iraq and the international community are faced with enormous tasks of reconstruction. Immediate action is needed to bring order and address the humanitarian crisis, accompanied by urgent measures to start re-building Iraq's economy and infrastructure, restore desperately needed public and private services, and tackle the massive problems concerning the environment and unspent munitions and other consequences of the conflict. As Iraq emerges from the horrors of war, the possibility now exists to realise the fundamental goal of developing a democratic society i.e. without lawlessness, ochlarchy (mob rule) and rivaling polyarchy and chaos.

The Anarchist International and the Conference on terrorism have consistently upheld the role of the United Nations and multilateral system based on the application of international law concerning human rights, disarmament, sanctions, the use of military force and all other aspects of international action on Iraq. These same principles apply now and in the future, and UN administration and management is vital in the process of reconstruction. Only the UN has the legitimacy and credibility to support and guide the process of building democracy in Iraq, and its full involvement in tackling the daunting humanitarian crisis and the reconstruction of the country is indispensable.

Under international law, the United States, Great Britain and other members of the "coalition" have clearly defined interim responsibilities to ensure stability, order and the welfare of the population. Beyond that, the United Nations should administer the international community in reviving Iraq's economy, and providing a process for Iraqi autonomy and selfmanagement in the future. Democracy in Iraq, as in any country, must be supported and sustained by the guarantee of human rights in full, based on international standards. In particular, the fundamental rights of Iraq's working people must be fully respected throughout the reconstruction process and beyond," the Conference says. By the way, a bunch of marxian ochlarchists making trouble at an EU meeting in Athens 16.04.2003 are wongly presented as "hard core anarchists" by some newsmedia. The anarchists demonstrates with dignity, not ochlarchy (mob rule)!!! The IAT gives the newsmedia involved a Brown Card warning for breaking the Oslo-convention. 24.04.2003: An Israeli security guard has been killed and at least 10 people injured in a suicide bombing in the town of Kfar Saba, Israeli police say. 29-30.04.2003 A suicide bomber killed three people in an explosion at a Tel Aviv cafe on Tuesday. More than 50 people were injured in the suicide bombing at a beachside bar called Mike's Place. The UN, US, Russia and the EU have finally presented their plan for peace, called "roadmap", has finally been presented to Palestinian and Israeli leaders. 02.05.2003 Thousands of Palestinians honour 12 people killed in an Israeli raid in Gaza City, as militants vow to take revenge.Bush says: "Major combat operations in Iraq have ended... And this much is certain: No terrorist network will gain weapons of mass destruction from the Iraqi regime, because that regime is no more."

12.05.2003 A lorry loaded with explosives has rammed into a government building in Chechnya, killing at least 40 people and injuring dozens more, officials say. The attack in the northern town of Znamenskoye is being blamed on Chechen rebels, who are fighting for independence from Moscow. The separatist campaign in the Muslim republic has included the siege of a Moscow theatre last October, and the suicide bombing of a government building in December in the regional capital Grozny, which left 80 dead. 13.05.2003: 'Al-Qaeda' attacks rock Saudi capital. Ten Americans and "many other foreigners" are believed dead in four bomb attacks, says the visiting US secretary of state. President Bush pledges to hunt down those behind the Riyadh suicide attacks, amid fears that a confirmed death toll of 29 may rise, according to BBC NEWS. 14.05.2003: Chechnya hit by suicide bombing. The second attack in three days - reportedly carried out by women - leaves at least 14 dead, a senior official says. 16-17.05.2003: Terror blasts rock Casablanca. At least 39 people are reported dead and dozens injured as Morocco's largest city is hit by a series of explosions. 18.05.2003: Wreckage of a Jerusalem bus hit by an explosion. Israel hit by suicide bombings. Seven people are killed in an attack on a Jerusalem bus, shortly after an important meeting between Israeli and Palestinian leaders. 19.05.2003 On Monday, a Palestinian suicide bomber on a bicycle blew himself up next to an army patrol in the Gaza Strip, slightly wounding three soldiers, Israeli military sources said. Four people are reported killed in a suicide bombing at a shopping centre in northern Israel. Police believe female suicide bomber to blame for fifth terror attack in two days. This suicide terrorist attack was no 95 in about 32 months since the intifada started. 20.05.2003 A terrorist attack happened in Turkey.

21.05.2003 The BBC reports: 'Al-Qaeda' urges fresh attacks: The Arabic television channel al-Jazeera has broadcast what it says is an audio tape of al-Qaeda's second-in-command urging Muslims to carry out more suicide attacks. In the tape, a man identified by the channel as Ayman al-Zawahri urges attacks on the embassies and interests of the United States, Britain, Australia and Norway, to drive them from Muslim countries. He warns that the US and its allies want "dismembered semi-states" around Israel, and condemns Arab countries that supported the US-led war on Iraq. Addressing the people of Iraq, he predicts news to "heal your breasts" in the coming days - although it is not clear when the message was recorded, and a reference to the war in Iraq suggests it was made during the conflict.

Osama Bin Laden's al-Qaeda network is believed to have been behind last week's suicide attacks in Saudi Arabia, in which dozens of people were killed. The crusaders and the Jews do not understand but the language of killing and blood.
Voice purported to belong to Ayman al-Zawahri. The tape was broadcast as the American military put its bases in the US on the highest possible alert amid fears of an imminent terror attack. In another development, Saudi security sources have said that three al-Qaeda suspects arrested in the western port of Jeddah on Monday were trying to hijack a passenger plane to use it in a suicide attack.

The statement broadcast on al-Jazeera calls for the use of violence instead of protests and peace talks. "Demonstrations will not... protect your jeopardised holy places or expel an occupying enemy," the statement said. "The crusaders and the Jews do not understand but the language of killing and blood." And in a reference to the 11 September 2001 attacks on the US, it adds: "Learn from your 19 brothers who attacked America in its planes in New York and Washington."

The speaker condemns Arab countries he says helped the US-led campaign, naming Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Yemen and Jordan. BBC Middle East analyst Roger Hardy says the voice on the tape sounds like Ayman al-Zawahri's. He adds that al-Qaeda has an obvious interest in releasing such a tape now - to show it is still active, and to stoke the tension created by last week's suicide bombings in Saudi Arabia and Morocco.

The tape comes after the American authorities put the US on orange alert - the second-highest state of readiness - and its military facilities on full alert. US President George W Bush said on Wednesday that America would not relent in its war on global terror. Block of flats destroyed in the Riyadh blast Al-Qaeda has been blamed for the Saudi attacks. "We will hunt the terrorists in every dark corner of the earth," he told the US Coast Guard in Connecticut. "We will not permit terror networks or terror states to threaten the world with weapons of mass destruction - as we have shown in the battle with Iraq," he added.

Norway, meanwhile, says it has no idea why it was singled out by for attacks on its interests. BBC's Lars Bevanger in Oslo says people there were baffled because Norway has a reputation for its attempts to bring peace to the Middle East. Norway has some troops in Afghanistan, but analysts say it is small and other countries have larger numbers. Our correspondent says the Norwegians are hoping al-Qaeda simply got its geography wrong but they are nonetheless taking the threat seriously The Conference says:" The Norwegians should take the threat seriously. Any country in the antiterrorist coalition may be attacked by the terrorists of al-Qaeda."

22.05.2003 CNN reports: U.S. official says explosion at Yale University was caused by bomb. 24.05.2003 No anarchistgroup behind bomb blast in Spain! This act of terrorism is done by ochlarchists, not anarchists. The IAT gives a Brown Card to this group of terroristical ochlarchists and the newsmedia spreading disinformation, mixing them up with anarchists. 25.05.2003 The Israeli Cabinet has approved the U.S.-backed Mideast road map to peace. 30.05.2003 Two killed in bomb blast in Spain. ETA is suspected. 31.05.2003 The man suspected of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics bombing is arrested after years on the run, the FBI says. 07.06.2003: A suspected car bomb has killed four international (German) peacekeepers and injured several in an attack on a bus in the Afghan capital, Kabul. 08.06.2003 Early on Sunday, three Palestinian gunmen attacked the Erez army checkpoint between the Gaza Strip and Israel, killing four Israeli soldiers and wounding four others before themselves being shot dead. Later in the day, another Israeli was killed along with two Palestinian gunmen in the West Bank city of Hebron, the Israeli army said. 10.06.2003 Israel has carried out a second helicopter attack on a car carrying Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, hours after wounding a leading militant in a similar air strike. 11.06.2003 At least 17 people die in a suicide bombing by Hamas in Jerusalem, dozens of people were injured in the blast. Israel fires missiles at a car in Gaza killing at least six people. 12.06.2003: Israeli missile attack in Gaza kills five people, including member of Hamas, wounds at least 25, Palestinian medical officials say.

19.06.2003: A Palestinian suicide bomber killed himself and an Israeli shopkeep in northern Israel. Israeli soldiers have begun dismantling the first Jewish settler outpost to be tackled under the peace plan known as the roadmap. Suicide bombings at a Moscow rock festival on Saturday 05.07.2003 killed 15 people. 06-15.07.2003. After discussion the Anarchist International's Conference on Terrorism came to the following conclusion: "We mainly support the Road Map for Peace".

01-02.08.2003 A truck explodes outside a military hospital near the Chechen border Friday, killing at least 42 people. 05.08.2003 Indonesia has introduced tough new security measures following a devastating car-bomb attack in the capital, Jakarta. At least 13 people, including one foreigner, have been killed while another 150 from a range of nationalities have been injured. 07.08.2003 17 people are killed and about 50 wounded by a truck bomb outside the Jordanian embassy in Baghdad. 19.08.2003 Bomb attack on the UN's offices in Baghdad, which cost the lives of at least 18 people including UN Special Representative Sergio Vieira De Mello, and injured some 100 others. 20 killed in bomb blasts in Jerusalem. 25.08.2003 Two powerful explosions have struck the Indian city of Bombay, also known as Mumbai, police say. 52 people had been killed according to Aftenposten. 29.08.2003 Iraq's top Shia Muslim politician is among 107 people killed by a car bomb, and about 200 wounded, at a shrine in Najaf, Iraq. 09.09.2003 There has been a suicide bombing in Jerusalem, leaving seven people dead and injuring 40, police and witnesses say. The blast comes just hours after a suicide bombing at an army base near Tel Aviv which left eight people dead and around 30 injured, 15 of them seriously. Earlier on Monday, three Palestinians, including a 12-year-old boy, were killed when Israeli forces surrounded and later blew up a building in the West Bank town of Hebron. These are the first militant attacks inside Israel since Israeli forces at the weekend tried to assassinate the spiritual leader of Hamas, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.

Middle East Update September 2003: The Anarchist International Conference on Terrorism has urged the two parties in the Middle East conflict to start immediate dialogue, and has called on the Israeli Prime Minister to block any measures for the possible deportation of Chairman Arafat. According to the Anarchist International Conference on Terrorism, the "road map" must provide the basis for a just and peaceful solution to the conflict and both sides must make every effort to end all violence and return to the negotiating table. The Israeli government must heed the advice of the UN Secretary General, Security Council members, and the international community not to expel the Palestinian leader. The Anarchist International Conference on Terrorism says: "Any move to deport or in any way harm Arafat would have catastrophic consequences for the people of Palestine and Israel. If it is proven that Arafat is behind the Palestinian suicide bomber terrorism, he should be arrested and brought to a fair international UN court."

04.10.2003: 19 killed and about 50 injured in suicide bombing at a restaurant in northern Israeli port of Haifa. The militant Palestinian group Islamic Jihad has claimed responsibility for the terror attack 08.10.2003 Six dead in Bogota car blast: A car bomb rocks a commercial area of the Colombian capital, police say, killing at least six people. 09.10.2003 A suicide bomber has killed nine people and wounded dozens in an attack on a police station in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. 12.10.2003 8 Iraqis died and about 30 people were wounded in a suicide car bombing near the Baghdad Hotel, which houses Americans and members of the Iraqi Governing Council, officials said. 15.10.2003 Three US security personnel were killed, and a fourth was injured, when a roadside bomb was detonated as the US embassy convoy crossed from Israel into Gaza. 27.10.2003: Dozens killed by Baghdad bombs. At least 40 people are killed, and more than 110 wounded, as suicide bombers attack the Red Cross headquarters and four Iraqi police stations. 28.10.2003 A suicide bomber blew up a car in the flashpoint town of Falluja, killing himself and at least four civilians, witnesses said. The attack took place outside a school and near the main police station in the town, about 50 kilometres (30 miles) west of Baghdad. A number of children are reported to be among the victims. Hours after the blast, a coalition soldier and two civilians - one of them non-Iraqi - were injured when a device exploded on a road in the southern city of Basra.

02.11.2003: Fifteen American soldiers have been killed and 21 wounded in an attack on a US military helicopter in Iraq, the US military has confirmed. 08-9.11.2003: Saudi officials are blaming al Qaeda for a deadly attack on a residential compound in the capital Riyadh. The death toll remains unclear, with estimates ranging from at least 17 to 28. 12.11.2003: About 19 Italians and 7 Iraqis have been killed in a suicide blast at the Italian military police HQ in Nasiriya, Iraq. 15.11.2003: 15 killed, 146 injured in two bomb attacks near Istanbul synagogues, Turkish interior minister says. 20.11.2003: Bomb attacks on the UK consulate and a British bank in Istanbul, Turkey, killed at least 27 people. 22.11.2003 At least 18 people have been killed in car bomb attacks on police stations north of Baghdad, Iraqi police say. 29.11.2003: Seven members of a Spanish intelligence team have been killed in an ambush south of Baghdad, the Spanish Defense Ministry says. 05.12.2003: An apparent suicide bombing has killed at least 40 people and injured some 170 on a crowded commuter train in southern Russia, close to the Chechen region. 09.12.2003: At least five people are killed in a car explosion in Moscow, which is being described as a botched suicide bombing. Forty-one American soldiers are injured in northern Iraq in a car bomb attack at a US army base. 13.12.2003: Saddam Hussein arrested in Iraq. 14.12.2003: At least 17 people have died and 30 are wounded after a powerful car bomb exploded at an Iraqi police station. US sources at the scene in Khalidiyah, about 35 miles (60 km) west of Baghdad, say it may have been a suicide attack. 15.12.2003: Car bombs have exploded at two police stations in the Baghdad area, killing at least eight people. 17.12.2003: Iraqi police say at least nine people have been killed in a gasoline truck explosion in the al Bayaa district of Baghdad. In Kabul, Afghanistan, a suicide bombing on Sunday 28.12.2003 left six people dead.

2004 January - December

06.01.2004: At least 12 people are reported to have died in a suspected bomb attack in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar. 14.01.2004: The Islamic militant group Hamas has used a female bomber for the first time in a suicide attack which killed four Israelis on the border with Gaza. 17.01.2004: Three US soldiers and two Iraqis have been killed in a bomb attack on a patrol north of the capital Baghdad, the US military says. It took the number of American troops killed since the war began in Iraq in March last year to 500. 18.01.2004: At least 25 people have been killed and more than 60 injured in a suicide car bombing outside the US headquarters in the Iraqi capital Baghdad. 29.01.2004: At least 10 people have been killed in a suicide bomb attack on a bus in west Jerusalem, along with the bomber. 31.01.2004: Car bomb rips through Iraqi city. A blast outside a police station in Mosul kills at least 10 people and three US troops die in an ambush. 01.02.2004: Two suicide bombers have attacked offices of the two main Kurdish parties in the city Irbil in northern Iraq during a celebration, killing and wounding scores of people. Ten deaths were confirmed soon after the blasts on Sunday morning in Irbil but an official said up to 140 people may have died in the packed halls. The attacks come after bombs across Iraq on Saturday killed at least 18 people. 03.02.2004: Field test on substance found in Senate office building indicates presence of biological agent ricin, Homeland Security official says. An explosion has struck the centre of the southern Russian city of Vladikavkaz, near the war-torn republic of Chechnya. Two people were killed and several Interior Ministry troops were injured in the blast. 06.02.2004: At least 39 people die and more than 100 are injured in a bomb attack on a packed Moscow subway train. 10.02.2004: At least 50 people have been killed and dozens injured in apparent suicide attack outside an Iraqi police station, hospital officials say.

11.02.2004: A car bomb kills up to 47 people in Baghdad - bringing to nearly 100 the number of Iraqis killed in two days. 14.02.2004: Masked insurgents have stormed two security targets in the town of Falluja, west of Baghdad, triggering a gun battle which killed at least 22 people. 22.02.2004: At least seven people are killed and dozens injured in a suicide attack on an Israeli bus in Jerusalem. 23.02.2004: A suicide car bombing has killed 10 people at a police station in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk. 02.03.2004: More than 143 people have been killed in blasts targeting Iraqi Shias as they celebrated one of their holiest days in the cities of Karbala and Baghdad. 11.03.2004: More than 200 people are killed in Spain's capital Madrid as the rail system is hit by several rush hour explosions.

The AIE sent the following note: The International Conference on Terrorism and the Anarchist International express the deepest condolences with the relatives of the victims of the terrorist attacks in Madrid 11.03.2004, and the Spanish people. 14.03.2004: A double suicide bombing in the southern Israeli port area of Ashdod kills at least 10 people.17.03.2004: A powerful blast has shattered a small hotel and houses in central Baghdad, killing 7 and leaving a gaping crater. 18.04.2004: At least 10 die in new attacks in Iraq, a day after a big car bomb destroyed a Baghdad hotel. 22.03.2004: Explosions heard at Israel-Gaza border hours after Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was killed in an airstrike, agencies report. 27.03.2004 A bomb blast outside a bar in southern Thailand has injured about 30 people. A rocket attack on a local government building in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul has killed at least four people and wounded 19, hospital staff say.

31.03.2004: At least 42 people have died in bomb blasts and shootings in Uzbekistan's capital, Tashkent, and the western city of Bukhara since Sunday. 21.04.2004: Scores killed in Iraqi bombings. Car bombs kill at least 68 people - 20 of them children - in Basra, a city that had escaped major unrest. A car bomb attack in Riyadh has killed four people, including two security officials, Saudi Arabia says. 24.04.2004: Three boats have exploded in apparently co-ordinated attacks near two Iraqi oil terminals in the Gulf. Two coalition crew members were killed and four wounded in one of the blasts, said a US navy spokeswoman.

29.04.2004 the AIE sent the following note to embassies and international newsmedia: The ongoing ochlarchy (mob rule) in Iraq calls for a new solution. The solution in Iraq should be similar to the confederalist solution in Bosnia, i.e. based on the Swiss confederalist democratic model. There should be a) one canton/federation for the Kurds, one for the Sunni triangle and one in the South for the Shia Muslims and b) a confederal body supported by UN and NATO forces to keep law and order until domestic confederal defense force and regional and confederal police corps are established.

06.05.2004: A suicide car bomb in central Baghdad has killed 7 people and wounded 25 others, coalition military officials say. The Anarchist International Condemns Prisoner Abuse: The Anarchist International today 06.05.2004 condemned acts of abuse and violence by coalition forces against prisoners detained in Iraq. Allegations of violence and humiliation of prisoners must be fully and openly investigated, and any persons responsible for carrying out such extreme violations of international law must be brought to justice, according to the Anarchist International. Inhuman and degrading treatment of this sort is totally unacceptable, and discredits not only the perpetrators, but also those in positions of responsibility, who must bear the consequences for acts committed by persons under their mandate. The Anarchist International calls for full cooperation by all parties with the investigation being undertaken by the UN Human Rights Commission (UNHRC). The Anarchist International also fully supports Acting UNHRC Commissioner Bertrand Ramcharan's appeal last month for greater scrutiny of the situation in Iraq.

07.05.2004: At least five people have been killed and 35 injured by a bomb blast at a mosque in the Pakistani city of Karachi. 09.05.2004: The pro-Moscow President of Chechnya, Akhmad Kadyrov, and at least 30 other people have been killed in a bomb attack in the capital, Grozny. 17.05.2004: At least 10 persons, among them the current head of Iraq's US-appointed Governing Council, have been killed in a car bomb blast near the headquarters of the US-led coalition in Baghdad. 22.05.2004: Five Iraqis confirmed dead following explosion near the home of deputy interior minister in Baghdad. There was also terrorism in the West Bank on Saturday, where a suicide bomber blew himself up at an army checkpoint, killing several people. 31.05.2004: Manhunt for Saudi hostage-takers. A hunt is under way for three Islamic militants who killed 22 people in attacks on oil firms and in a 25-hour siege. At least six die in a bomb blast at a Shia mosque in Karachi, Pakistan, a day after a leading Sunni Muslim cleric was killed.

01.06.2004: At least four Iraqis have been killed by a car bomb near the coalition headquarters in Baghdad. 04.06.2004: At least eight people have died in a blast in a Russian market, in what officials believe was a deliberate attack. 06.06.2004: At least six Iraqis have been killed in a suspected car bomb attack north of the capital Baghdad. In a separate incident, several Iraqi policemen were reported to have been killed in an attack on a police station south of the capital late on Saturday 05.06.2004. 08.06.2004: Two car bombs exploded in different cities in Iraq, killing at least 14 Iraqis and one American soldier and wounding dozens of people, including 10 American soldiers, officials said.13.06.2004: Suicide bomber strikes in Baghdad. A car bomb kills up to 12 people near a US base and gunmen kill another top official on a day of violent attacks. 14.06.2003: Iraq car bomb targets foreigners. At least 12 people are killed, among them five civilian contractors, in a suspected suicide attack.17.06.2004: Car bombs kill at least 35 people at a Baghdad recruiting centre and six near the town of Balad. 18.06.2004: Al-Qaeda militants have beheaded an American engineer they were holding hostage in Saudi Arabia. 22.06.2004: Al-Jazeera television reports South Korean hostage has been killed by Iraqi captors.

24.06.2004: Insurgents have launched fierce attacks that killed about 100 people in five Iraqi cities, wreaking havoc just days from the handover of power. 26.06.2004: A suspected car bomb in the Iraqi city of Hillah killed 17 and wounded 40 others, a coalition military official said. 27.06.2004: Two car bombs in Iraq are feared to have killed 23 people, all civilians, the US military has said. A number of soldiers have been injured in an explosion at an Israeli army base in the Gaza Strip, rescue workers said. 06.07.2004: A car bomb has exploded near the Iraqi town of Baquba, killing at least six people and wounding 35, hospital sources say. 07.07.2004: A suicide bomber has killed herself and four police officers in an explosion at a police station in Sri Lanka's capital, Colombo, officials say. 11.07.2004: A 19-year-old female soldier was killed by a bomb in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv. Five people were seriously injured in the blast, which went off near a bus stop early on Sunday morning. A number of others were treated for shock or light wounds.

14.07.2004: The governor of the northern Iraqi city of Mosul has been killed in an attack, Iraqi sources have said. One report says two people travelling with the governor on his way to Baghdad were also killed. It comes hours after a car bomb blew up in the capital, killing at least 10 people and injuring about 40. 15.07.2004: A car bomb exploded near the main police station and government offices in the Iraqi town of Haditha, killing at least 10 people. 21.07.2004 Three Kenyan lorry drivers were taken hostage by an Iraqi militant group. The group, calling itself The Holders of the Black Banners, also seized three Indians and an Egyptian. This terrorist group must not be mixed up with the organ of the Anarchist Black Cross called The Black Flag. The Holders of the Black Banners are of course not members of the Anarchist International. 28.07.2004 At least 13 Iraqis have been killed and 60 wounded in a suicide blast in Baquba.At least 68 people have been killed in a car bomb explosion outside a police station in Iraq, exactly one month after the transfer of sovereignty. Witnesses said a suicide bomber drove a car into a crowded market area, as men queued to join the police. Dozens of people were also injured in the morning attack in Baquba, 65km (40 miles) north-east of Baghdad. More than 160 Iraqis have been killed in attacks since the interim Iraqi government took power on 28 June.

30.07.2004: At least two people have been killed and nine wounded in a series of explosions in the Uzbek capital. A suicide bomber detonated explosives outside the US embassy in Tashkent, while the Israeli embassy in the city was also targeted. A third blast went off in the office of Uzbekistan's general prosecutor. 09.08.2004: Six Iraqis died in a car bomb explosion near Baquba, about 40 miles (70km) northeast of the capital, Baghdad. Many others are reported to have been injured in the blast - which was reportedly a suicide attack. 21.08.2004: One Polish soldier was killed and six others injured in a roadside blast apparently targeting their convoy near Hillah, southern Iraq.A US soldier was killed and two others wounded when their vehicle was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade in Baghdad, the US military said. Another blast near Falluja in the restive Sunni triangle area is reported to have killed some US marines. At least one dead and hundreds injured as bombs explode at Bangladesh opposition party rally. Leader escapes unhurt, police say.

24.08.2004: Two Iraqi interim government ministers have survived apparent assassination attempts in the capital Baghdad. Convoys carrying the environment and education ministers were attacked on their way to offices in the city. At least four bodyguards of Environment Minister Mishkat Moumin were killed in the attack on her convoy. She told Reuters news agency she was unharmed. One bodyguard was reportedly killed when Education Minister Sami al-Mudhaffar's convoy was hit. Several people are reported to have been wounded in the attacks. Double air disaster hits Russia. Two Russian airliners carrying 89 passengers and crew crashed within minutes of each other after flying out of the same Moscow airport. The Russian news service Interfax reported that the second jet issued a distress signal indicating it had been hijacked. 29.08.2004: At least seven people die in a powerful explosion in front of a US security firm in Kabul, Afghan officials say. Tight security as Chechens vote. In the capital, Grozny, a man died in what appears to have been an abortive attempt to bomb a polling station. 31.08.2004: Israeli police say two buses have been hit by suicide bombers with 12 people reported killed. Twelve Nepalese hostages executed by Iraqi militant group, according to Islamist Web site. 'Suicide blast' hits Moscow station. At least six people die in a possible suicide bombing outside an underground railway station in Moscow. 01.09.2004: A lot of people, most of them children, are being held by an armed gang in a school in southern Russia. 03.09.2004 Russian troops storm the school where hundreds of people have been held hostage since Wednesday. 05.09.2004: Death toll in Russian hostage crisis rises to 322, including 155 children, prosecutor tells Itar-Tass news agency. 06.09.2004: Seven U.S. Marines killed, several wounded, in bombing on outskirts of Falluja, U.S. military official said.

The AIE sent the following note: The Anarchist International, AI, condemns hostage tragedy in North Ossetia. 08.09.2004. The AI has condemned last Friday's (3 September 2004) massacre which led to the death and injury of hundreds of people - mainly children, teachers and workers - following the hostage taking at the Beslan N°1 school in North Ossetia. The world's largest anarchist organisation said that there is no justification for such mass loss of life, regardless of the cause. "It is unacceptable and intolerable that those responsible for hostage taking, whoever they may be, should knowingly gamble with the risk of so great a tragedy". The AI fervently condemns all hostage taking as well as all acts of terror specifically targeting civilians, whether in Ossetia, Chechnya or anywhere else in the world. Calling for the Ossetian and Russian authorities to provide a clear explanation of how the situation came about, the AI spoke of the need to examine the extent to which this bloodbath could have been prevented.The international anarchist movement recalled that the hostage crisis is another episode in a catalogue of attacks in the Russian Federation, including the explosion of two planes departing from Moscow on 24 August 2004, which claimed the lives of 90 passengers. The AI expressed deep concern at this seemingly endless spiral of violence, underlining that force alone cannot put an end to violence, unless it is backed by a strengthening of the rule of law and serious efforts to break a cycle of indiscriminate violence and terrorism. Conveying its sincerest condolences to all those in Ossetia and the rest of Russia who have been struck by this tragedy, the AI expressed its deepest and most heartfelt sympathies to all those who lost a child, relative, friend or colleague in the tragedy.

09.09.2004: At least eleven people have been killed and as many as 160 injured in a massive blast outside the Australian embassy in Indonesia's capital, Jakarta. 11.09.2004: Blast rocks US mission in Basra. An explosion near the US mission in the southern Iraqi city of Basra has killed at least one Iraqi man, reports say. The Anarchist International and the International Conference on Terrorism mark three years since 9/11. The moment of impact and the fall of the twin towers were marked by silence. 12.09.2004: Central Baghdad suffered one of its heaviest barrages in weeks as a salvo of mortars and rockets fell around the Green Zone government quarter. At least 20 Iraqis have been killed and more than 100 injured in clashes across the capital and an apparent suicide attack on Abu Ghraib jail was foiled. 14.09.2004: A car bomb explosion in central Baghdad has killed 47 people and wounded more than 100, officials say. 15.09.2004: Three unidentified beheaded bodies were found dumped in bags on a road near Dijiel, about 40km (25 miles) north of Baghdad, US and Iraqi sources say. 16.09.2004: Two suicide car bombs have hit central Baghdad within an hour of each other, killing at least five people. 18.09.2004: A suicide car bomb attack on the Iraqi national guard headquarters in Kirkuk has killed 23 people, officials say. Militants have threatened to kill three Western hostages unless all female Iraqi prisoners are set free.

22.09.2004: A suicide attacker detonated a car bomb in west Baghdad killing six people, some of whom were about to apply to join the Iraqi security forces. Hours later another blast shook the Mansour district of Baghdad sending up a cloud of thick black smoke. No deaths are reported, but two US military vehicles were destroyed. A Palestinian suicide bomber blows herself up at a bus stop in Jerusalem, killing two people and injuring 15. 24.09.2004: Armed men have snatched two Egyptians from their office in Baghdad - the third kidnapping of foreigners in the Iraqi capital in less than three weeks. Four other Egyptians were seized outside Baghdad a day earlier. The latest abduction comes as relatives of UK hostage Ken Bigley and Italians Simona Torretta and Simona Pari continue an anguished wait for news. More than 100 foreigners have been seized since March 2003. Most have been freed but at least 27 have been killed. Many Iraqis have also been kidnapped - in most cases for ransom. 26.09.2004: Palestinian militant group Hamas blames Israel as a car bomb in the Syrian capital kills one of its leaders. 27.09.2004: Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf says the killing of a suspected key al-Qaeda militant in southern Pakistan is a serious blow against terrorism. 30.09.2004: Officials said at least 34 children were among 41 or more people killed when bombs were detonated near a water treatment plant as US troops passed by.The Arabic television channel al-Jazeera has broadcast footage of what it says is a militant group claiming to have seized 10 new hostages in Iraq.

02.10.2004: At least 48 people die in a series of attacks across the states of Nagaland and Assam in north-east India. 04.10.2004: Three powerful car bombs exploded across Iraq on Monday morning, killing at least 26 people and wounding more than 100 others in a day of carnage that demonstrated the relative ease with which insurgents are striking in the hearts of major cities. 06.10.2004: A suicide car bomb blast outside an army recruiting centre in western Iraq has killed at least 10 people. A bomb has exploded in the north-east Afghan city of Feyzabad, targeting interim President Hamid Karzai's running mate, Afghan officials said. Two people were killed in the explosion. However, Mr Karzai's vice-presidential candidate, Ahmed Zia Masood, was not injured. 07.10.2004: Death toll from a blast in the Pakistan city of Multan rises to 33, police say. Three explosions hit three resort towns in Egypt, wire reports say. At least 23 reported killed in one of the blasts. A bomb has exploded at the Indonesian embassy in Paris, injuring up to 10 people including embassy staff. 10.10.2004: A suicide attack kills at least 17 people in Baghdad. In a separate Baghdad explosion, a suicide bomber blew himself up near the culture ministry, causing injuries among passers-by. 14.10.2004: Militants penetrate Baghdad's fortified Green Zone to carry out bomb attacks that kill five people. 15.10.2004: At least four people including a policeman were killed by a roadside bomb in eastern Afghanistan late on Friday, according to reports. The blast occurred near a truck with US military supplies which had been set on fire by suspected Taleban rebels. The US military also reported that two soldiers were killed and three injured when their vehicle was blown up by a land mine on Thursday. The US military says it is stepping up security in Baghdad, after twin bombs rocked the heavily-fortified Green Zone of the Iraqi capital. Up to six people died in the attack, the first to occur in what is supposed to be the safest place in Baghdad. 16.10.2004: Insurgents in Iraq have carried out a series of bomb attacks, coinciding with the start of the holy month of Ramadan.

19.10.2004: Four Iraqi national guards have been killed and at least 80 injured in a major attack on their headquarters north of the capital, Baghdad. Top aid worker kidnapped in Baghdad. 23.10.2004: At least 10 people have been killed in a car bombing at a US-Iraqi military base in the Iraqi city of Ramadi. As many as 50 others were wounded in the blast at a police training base 230km (140 miles) west of Baghdad. Soon after, a suicide bomber killed four Iraqi national guards and injured six in a blast at a checkpoint near Samarra, north of Baghdad. A suicide bomber has struck Kabul's most famous shopping district, Chicken Street, injuring seven people. The Iraqi husband of kidnapped aid worker Margaret Hassan has pleaded with her captors to release her. 24.10.2004: Massacre of Iraqi army recruits. The bodies of more than 40 Iraqi army recruits are found dead near Baquba, as a US diplomat is killed in Baghdad. 28.10.2004: Iraq militants seize Polish woman. The defense minister has rejected calls to withdraw Poland's troops. An Islamist militant group in Iraq has threatened to kill a Japanese citizen it has taken hostage if Tokyo fails to withdraw its troops from the country. "We cannot tolerate terrorism and we will not give in to terrorism - we will not withdraw..." said Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi. An Islamic militant group has claimed on its website to have killed 11 Iraqi national guardsmen it kidnapped near Baghdad last week. 29.10.2004: 16 people were wounded when two bombs exploded in south Thailand.30.10.2004: Eight US marines have been killed and nine wounded in action around the militant stronghold of Falluja, the US military has said. A car bomb explosion in the centre of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, has killed at least seven people and injured 16, officials say. Japan's Foreign Minister confirms headless body found in Baghdad is that of hostage Shosei Koda. 31.10.2004: Three people thought to be UN hostages seized by Afghan militants appear in a video shown by Arabic TV. Insurgents fired a rocket into a hotel in Tikrit on Sunday evening, killing 15 Iraqis and wounding 8.

01.11.2004: At least four people die as a suicide bomb explodes in a market in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv. Gunmen have assassinated the deputy governor of Baghdad and wounded two of his bodyguards, Iraqi officials say. 02.11.2004: Four people, including a woman and a policeman, have been hurt in a car bomb blast in the Pakistani city of Quetta. 03.11.2004: Insurgents blew up a northern oil export pipeline on Tuesday, dealing a severe blow to the national economy, even as car bombs and gun battles across the country left at least 12 Iraqis dead, Iraqi officials said. Three Iraqi guardsmen have been beheaded by militants, according to al-Jazeera television. 04.11.2004 Three British soldiers killed by a suicide bomber in Iraq. 06.11.2004: At least 33 people are killed in multiple car bomb attacks in Samarra, as US forces bombard Falluja. 07.11.2004: Gunmen have stormed a police station in western Iraq, disarmed 21 officers and shot them dead, Iraqi police say. 08.11.2004: EINDHOVEN, the Netherlands, A bomb damaged a Muslim elementary school here before dawn on Monday, in what the authorities say they believe was intended as an act of revenge for the killing of a Dutch filmmaker last week. 09.11.2004: Insurgents attack two police stations near Baquba, killing four people and wounding 15 others, police tell CNN. A bomb blast in Nepal wounding several people. 10.11.2004: Three members of Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi's family kidnapped at gunpoint in Baghdad, Allawi spokesman says. Three Dutch police officers were wounded by an explosion while attempting to raid a house in The Hague early Wednesday, police said.

11.11.2004: Yasser Arafat is dead. The Anarchist International Embassy sends the following note: The International Conference on Terrorism and the Anarchist International express the deepest condolences with the relatives of Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian people. In Baghdad, at least 17 people were killed in a car bomb in a busy shopping area on Thursday morning. 13.11.2004: A bomb has exploded at a morning market in southern Thailand, killing a Buddhist man and wounding at least seven other people. 14.11.2004: Palestinian militants have burst into a mourning tent for Yasser Arafat, firing shots in protest at the presence of his potential successor, Mahmoud Abbas. Mr Abbas was hustled away unhurt, but two security guards were reportedly killed in the incident in Gaza City and several more injured.15-16.11.2004: Guerrillas in Baquba, Mosul, Kirkuk and Suwaira stormed police stations, set oil wells ablaze and struck at American military convoys with suicide car bombs, routing Iraqi security forces in several coordinated assaults and severely damaging parts of the country's petroleum-based economic lifeline. Margaret Hassan, kidnapped director of CARE in Iraq has been killed, British official says. 18.11.2004: In Baghdad, two civilians died when a car bomb exploded Thursday morning outside the Yarmouk emergency police station in the western section of the city. 19.11.2004: A suicide car bombing at a checkpoint in Baghdad today killed five police officers and wounded 10 other people, police said. 20.11.2004: Iraqi and US troops have been involved in renewed clashes with insurgents in several areas of the capital, Baghdad. Gunmen assassinated Amal Abdel-Hamid al-Maamalji - adviser to the minister of public works.

21.11.2004: Violence continued across Iraq on Sunday, a.o.t. a US military convoy was attacked with a car bomb in Baghdad and an oil well has been set alight in the northern area of Kirkuk in the latest act of sabotage. 25.11.2004: Two car bombs explode in Samarra. The first injures at least 10 people. The second claims no victims except the suicide bomber, police say. 28.11.2004: Weekend attacks: On Sunday, about 75 miles (121 kilometers) north of Baghdad, a roadside bomb hit two civilian vehicles killing four Iraqis and wounding another, a spokesman for the U.S. Army's 1st Infantry Division said. Earlier Sunday, a car bomb exploded near a U.S. military convoy traveling on a highway to Baghdad International Airport, the U.S. military said. The bomb wounded two U.S. soldiers and damaged a military vehicle. In central Baquba on Sunday, about 30 miles (48 kilometers) north of Baghdad, insurgents fired at least four mortar rounds at the Al-Wahda police station, wounding three Iraqis -- including a police officer -- police said.On Saturday, a U.S. soldier, two civilians and three police officers were killed in three separate bomb attacks, authorities said. One bomb detonated around 8:45 a.m. (12:45 a.m. ET) near the Iraqi Central bank on Al-Rasheed Street, a Baghdad police official said. The blast killed two civilians who were not bank employees. At the Al-Dora intersection in southern Baghdad about 30 minutes later, a roadside bomb killed three Iraqi police officers, police said. North of Baghdad, a roadside bomb blast killed a U.S. soldier shortly after dawn Saturday, according to a military statement. The bomb targeted a U.S. military combat patrol, killing a 1st Infantry Division soldier, the statement said. The explosion, which happened near Ad Duluiya about 60 miles (97 kilometers) north of Baghdad, also damaged an M1 Abrams tank, the military said. 29.11.2004 A car bomb outside a police station in central Iraq has killed at least 12 people, hospital officials say. 30.11.2004: A car bomb attack on an Army combat patrol killed seven Iraqi civilians Tuesday in the northern Iraqi city of Baiji, a military spokesman said.

02.12.2004: Two bombs explode in Nepal. 03.12.2004: Four suicide bombers drove a minibus loaded with explosives into a northern Baghdad Shiite mosque early today, killing themselves and 14 civilians, many who had gathered for morning prayers, police said. The bombing was part of a wave of simultaneous attacks in Baghdad that left a total of 29 people dead, including 11 Iraqi police officers killed in an attack on their station. A series of blasts has rocked the Spanish capital, Madrid, following a bomb warning from armed Basque separatist group Eta.04.12.2004: At least 14 people have been killed in suicide car bomb attacks on police in Baghdad and Kurdish militiamen in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. Two cars exploded at the entry of Baghdad's Green Zone at around 0930 (0630GMT), killing seven people. Later, a suicide bomber blew up his car beside a bus carrying the Kurdish militiamen linked to one of the two main Kurdish parties in north Iraq. Two US soldiers are killed in a roadside bomb attack in east Baghdad on Saturday and five are injured US soldier dies and another is wounded when a bomb targets a US convoy near the town of Baquba, north of Baghdad. Another two US soldiers were killed and five wounded in a car bombing at the Trebil border crossing between Jordan and Iraq on Friday. 05.12.2004: Seventeen civilians working for the US military died and 13 more were hurt when gunmen opened fire on a bus taking them to a base in Tikrit. Elsewhere on Sunday, four members of the Iraq security forces were killed in the towns of Beiji and Samarra. There was another attack about an hour later when a suicide car bomber drove into an Iraqi National Guard checkpoint in Beiji, about 120km (75 miles) north of Tikrit. In Samarra, south of Tikrit, one Iraqi soldier was killed and four were wounded when insurgents attacked their patrol with rocket-propelled grenades and small arms fire. At least 11 people have been killed in a landmine explosion triggered by suspected Islamic militants in Indian-administered Kashmir. 06.12.2004: At least eight people are reported dead after gunmen storm the US consulate in the Saudi city of Jeddah. 'Eta' blasts hit Spanish cities. Monday's attacks across Spain follow blasts in Madrid on Friday. Seven small bombs have gone off in urban areas across Spain, following warnings from Eta Basque separatists. 10.12.2004: At least 10 people have been killed and 30 injured in a bomb explosion at a market in the Pakistani city of Quetta, officials say.

11.12.2004: At least two people have been killed and 18 others injured in an explosion at a concert by an Indian Bollywood star in Colombo, Sri Lanka . 13.12.2004: At least seven people have been killed and 15 injured in a suicide bomb attack on a military checkpoint in the Iraqi capital Baghdad. 14.12.2004: A car bomber has struck close to a checkpoint near Baghdad's government and diplomatic compound, injuring at least 12 people, Iraqi medics say. There are unconfirmed reports that a member of Iraq's National Guard was killed in the suicide blast. 15.12.2004: Wednesday's launch of the campaign for the Jan. 30 vote for a 275-member National Assembly was marred by an explosion near one of Shia Islam's holiest shrines in the southern city of Karbala. The attack in the heartland of Iraqi's majority Shiite population killed eight people and wounded 40, including a prominent cleric, Sheik Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalayee. 16.12.2004: In the capital, unidentified gunmen on Thursday shot dead Qassim Mehawi, deputy head of the ommunications Ministry as he was heading to work, police officials said. Eight of Mehawi's bodyguards were injured in the attack and were taken to the hospital. In western Baghdad, a roadside bomb exploded near a passing SUV, badly damaging the vehicle, police said. After the blast, gunmen opened up on the survivors with automatic fire, killing a foreigner and wounding two others, Al-Khadra police commissioner Ali Hussein Al-Hamadani said. Al-Hamadani said three Iraqi National Guardsmen died and six others were injured when another roadside bomb exploded in western Baghdad as their pickup truck was driving by.

17.12.2004: At least three foreigners have been killed in an attack by Iraqi insurgents in the northern city of Mosul, local police say. More than 150 bodies have been found in the city since 10 November. Many were members of the Iraqi National Guard, but some were Iraqi civilians. 19.12.2004: Iraqi bombers target Shia cities. More than 60 Iraqis die as car bombs hit Najaf and Karbala, just six weeks before elections are due. 21.12.2004: Twenty-two people are killed and at least 50 injured in a blast at a US military base in the Iraqi city of Mosul. 24.12.2004: At least two people have been killed and several injured after a bomb exploded in southern Thailand. 27.12.2004: At least 13 people have been killed in a car bomb targeting one of Iraq's top Shia political leaders. 28.12.2004: Insurgents have launched multiple attacks, a.o.t. carbombs, on Iraqi police posts in Sunni Muslim strongholds north of Baghdad, reportedly killing at least 27 people. Although the Tsunami has nothing to do with terrorism, we publish the note from the Anarchist International Embassy on this matter: "The anarchist International sends its deepest condelences to the relatives of the victims of the Tsunami in Asia and East Africa, anarchists and other people. We encourage people in general to send help via the Red Cross and other aid-organizations." 29.12.2004: Insurgents lure Iraqi police to a house in Baghdad and set off a huge bomb, killing at least 29 people. 30.12.2004 Saudi police have killed seven people they describe as militants after two car bombs exploded in the centre of Riyadh on Wednesday evening. One person was reported killed by the first bomb, near the interior ministry, which was set off after a failed bid to storm the office. A second bomb exploded hurting four people after a car driver's attempt to ram into a special forces centre. Security forces later raided a house in the capital and killed seven suspects. Security forces in the oil-rich kingdom have been waging a campaign against Islamic militants since May 2003.

2005 January - 11th September

02.01.2005: At least 23 Iraqi soldiers killed by a car bomb in Balad north of Baghdad. 03.01.2005: Car bomber hits central Baghdad. A suicide car bomb has exploded near the party offices of Iraqi interim PM Iyad Allawi, killing two policemen and a civilian, officials said. More than 20 people killed in a day of violence across Iraq. 04.01.2005: Gunmen assassinate the governor of Baghdad as at least 10 people die in a blast in the Iraqi capital. 05.01.2005: At least 25 people have been killed in Iraq in the latest series of attacks by insurgents. A car bomb outside a police academy killed at least 15 people during a graduation ceremony in Hillah, south of Baghdad, on Wednesday. Earlier in the day, six died in another suicide attack in Baquba. Four people were also killed in a clash in Ramadi. Twelve Israeli soldiers have been injured after Palestinian militants fired two rockets into Israel from the Gaza Strip. 06.01.2005: Seven US soldiers die in a roadside bomb blast in Baghdad on Thursday evening, as officials extend the state of emergency. 10.01.2005: At least six people were injured in two attacks - one thought to be a suicide bombing - near in the interior ministry building and a police station in the southern city of Basra late on Monday. 11.01.2005: Six Iraqi police officers have been killed in a suspected suicide car bombing outside a police station in Saddam Hussein's home town of Tikrit. Several other people were injured in the attack, which comes a day after Baghdad's deputy police chief and his son were killed in an ambush. In another attack south of Baghdad, a bomb killed seven Iraqis. Two Iraqis were killed in an attack on a joint US-Iraqi patrol in the city of Samarra, about 95km (60 miles) north of Baghdad.

12.01.2005: A representative of Iraq's top Shia Muslim cleric has been assassinated along with four bodyguards and his son. Gunmen killed six people and abducted a Turkish businessman in an ambush outside a Baghdad hotel. :An Egyptian oil company manager was also kidnapped in the northern city of Kirkuk. He was named as Sayed Abdel Khalek. Gunmen kidnapped four young Kurds in a separate incident in Kirkuk, which lies about 250km (160 miles) north of Baghdad. Scores of foreigners have been seized in Iraq since last year. Many have been ransomed, but some have been killed. Meanwhile, in the Sunni city of Ramadi, gunmen stormed a bank and made off with $13.5m worth of Iraqi d inars. Ramadi is one of several Iraqi cities dominated by Sunni insurgents fighting US-led forces and Iraq's US-backed government. 13.01.2005: At least six Israelis have died and several others have been wounded in an attack by Palestinian militants at a crossing point between Israel and Gaza. 17.01.2005: At least seven people died in a suicide car bomb outside a police station in the northern town of Baiji. In central Iraq, seven soldiers and a security guard, were killed when insurgents fired on a checkpoint near the Sunni Muslim town of Baquba. 18.01.2005: A suicide car bomber attacked the Baghdad offices of a top Shia Muslim party, killing two and injuring two. Eight Chinese nationals have been abducted in Iraq, the Chinese embassy in Baghdad has said. More than 120 foreigners have been taken hostage in Iraq since the US-led occupation began in 2003. 19.01.2005: At least 26 people have been killed in a series of car bombings in Baghdad, the US military has said. 20.01.2005: Afghan warlord General Abdul Rashid Dostum has escaped an apparent attempt on his life, reports say. He was unhurt when a suicide bomber blew himself up outside a mosque in northern Afghanistan where the general had been praying, his aides say.

21.01.2005: At least 14 people have been killed in a car bomb attack on a Shia Muslim mosque in Baghdad, Iraqi police say. Up to 40 people were wounded in the attack on the al-Taf mosque in the south-west of the capital. 22.01.2005: The Ansar al-Sunna group says it has executed 15 Iraqi national guards who were kidnapped last week. A militant group says it has kidnapped a Brazilian man in an attack on a US firm in Iraq, Arab television station al-Jazeera reports. Eight Chinese hostages taken hostage in Iraq have been released, the Chinese embassy in Baghdad says. At least six Iraqi soldiers are injured in a car bomb near Hillah, south of Baghdad. At least 14 Shia worshippers died when a bomber blew up a car as they left a Baghdad mosque. In the week that ended Sunday 23.01.2005, according to figures kept by Western security companies with access to data compiled by the American command, Baghdad was hit by 7 suicide car bombings, 37 roadside bombs and 52 insurgent attacks involving automatic rifles or rocket-propelled grenades. The suicide bombs alone killed at least 60 people and injured 150 others. 24.01.2005: A large explosion has rocked the centre of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, six days before elections are due to take place. Officials said a suicide car bomb went off at a checkpoint near Prime Minister Iyad Allawi's party offices, located in the heavily fortified Green Zone. At least 10 people are said to have been injured in the blast. One soldier had been killed by a roadside bomb.

25.01.2005: An Iraqi judge has been assassinated in Baghdad, police say. 26.01.2005: At least 15 people are killed in a car bomb blast outside Kurdistan Democratic Party in northern Iraq - making it the day's deadliest attack At least five people are killed by three car bombs in the town of Riyadh, near the northern city of Kirkuk A US soldier is killed when an army patrol comes under attack in northern Iraq. In Baghdad, one US soldier is killed and two others are injured in a roadside bombing. 27.01.2005: Six US troops and at least 22 Iraqis were killed. 28.01.2005: On Friday four civilians died in a car bomb blast in the capital - one of several attacks across the country. In many places, insurgents carried out mortar, rocket and bomb attacks against polling centres.29.01.2005: The violence continues. At least eight people died in a suicide attack north-east of Baghdad on Saturday. Officials said three Iraqi soldiers and five civilians - reportedly including a child - were killed when a bomber blew himself up in Khanaqin, a mainly Kurdish town close to the Iranian border. Sporadic attacks have been reported at some polling stations. The capital also echoed to the sound of mortars and heavy machine-gun fire around midday, less than 24 hours before voting is set to begin. Associated Press news agency says the bodies of five Iraqi men, accused of working with the Americans, were found lying in a street in Ramadi.The Iraqi government says it has arrested three close aides of the alleged leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, one described as his Baghdad commander. Zarqawi supporters claim to have killed a candidate on interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi's list and say they will show the video later on the internet. Two Americans were killed when a rocket hit the US embassy compound in Baghdad. At least four people were wounded in the Saturday night attack, inside Baghdad's heavily fortified so-called Green Zone.

30.01.2005: Iraq votes as attacks hit Baghdad. Queues outside polling stations have been targeted by bombers. Suicide attacks and explosions have killed at least 36 people - mainly in Baghdad - as voters take part in Iraq's first multi-party elections for 50 years. At least ten British soldiers died when a transport plane crashed in Iraq. A gun battle has erupted in Kuwait after police raided a building where militants were believed to be hiding. Three suspected militants and one officer were killed in the shoot-out in the Salmiyah neighborhood, state television reported. Earlier in January, four people died in clashes between security forces and alleged al-Qaeda-linked militants, opposed to the presence of western civilians and US soldiers in the oil-rich Gulf state. More than 25 Kuwaiti and Saudi suspects have since been arrested and accused of planning attacks on western targets. 31.01.2005: At least five Islamist militants have been killed in a clash with security forces in Kuwait, state TV reports.

02.02.2005: Two marines were killed in action in Anbar province, the US military says. Al-Anbar is the vast western province that stretches from the outskirts of Baghdad to Iraq's borders with Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria. It includes the urban centres of anti-US resistance, Falluja and Ramadi. 03.02.2005: Twelve Iraqi soldiers have been killed in an ambush near the northern oil city of Kirkuk, the army reports. An Iraqi was killed and four of his colleagues were injured in an attack by gunmen as they were going to work at a US military base in Baquba, north-east of Baghdad, medical sources said. The governor of the restive Anbar province escaped an assassination attempt when a roadside bomb exploded near his car in Ramadi, according to Iraqi police quote by the Associated Press news agency. No-one was hurt in the car, the report says, but Governor Fassal Namrawi's bodyguards opened fire after the blast, wounding a woman bystander 04.02.2005: Two US soldiers were killed and four injured in a roadside bomb near the northern Iraqi town of Baiji on Friday night, the US military said. 05.02.2005: Four Iraqi soldiers were killed on Saturday when their patrol was attacked in Basra. 06.02.2005: Four Egyptian engineers working for a mobile phone company are taken hostage in Iraq. It is not clear who was behind the kidnappings - two days after Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena was seized. An internet message by a militant group has threatened to kill Ms Sgrena by Monday if the Italian government does not withdraw its troops from Iraq. Six Egyptian employees of the firm were abducted last September but were subsequently released.

07.02.2005: At least 25 people have been killed in two separate insurgent bombing attacks in Iraq targeting the police force. Separately, one US soldier was killed and two others were wounded in a roadside bomb attack in northern Baghdad. Swiss police are hunting for three masked men clad in black who seized the Spanish consulate in the capital, Bern, on Monday and then fled the scene. 08.02.2005: As many as 13 people may have been killed in a blast near an Iraqi army recruitment centre in west Baghdad. In a separate incident on Tuesday, gunmen ambushed the convoy of Iraqi politician Mithal al-Alusi in western Baghdad, killing two of his sons.

09.02.2005: A journalist from al-Hurra channel, set up by the US in 2004 to compete with pan-Arab stations, was killed in Basra with his three-year-old son. Security forces and insurgents have also clashed in central Baghdad. Gunmen also abducted a senior Iraqi interior ministry official, named as Colonel Riyadh Katei Aliwi, as he drove through southern Baghdad on Wednesday. Eta car bomb explodes in Madrid. The bomb is thought to have contained 20-30kg of explosives. The car bomb exploded near a Madrid conference centre, injuring at least 31 people, hours before a royal visit.

The Anarchist International: AI welcomes Israel-Palestine ceasefire. The AI today welcomed the declaration of ceasefire by the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and newly-elected Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as a new chance for peace between Palestinians and Israelis. The agreement between the two sides opens up the possibility of reviving the "road map" to peace and the co-existence of two sovereign, viable countries. The AI believes that moves towards a lasting peace must be accompanied by measures to tackle the enormous problems affecting the Palestinian economy, beset by massive unemployment and enormous pressure on public services. Central to this is the freedom of movement of Palestinians and the lifting of restrictions on their employment. At the same time, the Israeli government needs to fundamentally change the direction of its economic policies, which have seriously undermined the living standards and working conditions of Israeli working people. "Moves towards peace must be underpinned by progress on the critical social and economic issues facing the region", said AI General Secretary A. Quist, adding "both sides will need to show determination and commitment in order to overcome the obstacles on the path to peace. Action must be taken to create decent employment and ensure respect for international labor standards, as an essential cornerstone for a just and lasting peace."

10.02.2005: Car bombs kill at least 3 in Iraq. 11.02.2005: A car bomb exploded outside a Shia mosque northeast of Baghdad, killing at least 13 and injuring up to 40. Earlier on Friday, eleven people were killed after gunmen opened fire in a bakery in the Iraqi capital. 12.02.2005: At least 17 people have been killed by a car bomb and a senior judge has been shot dead in further violence in Iraq. 13.02.2005: Gunmen ambushed and killed Brigadier General Jadaan Farhan in northern Baghdad, along with two other passengers who were in a car with him. Elsewhere in the capital, police said they had found the bodies of two men who worked for the party of Mr Allawi. A police spokesman said the men were from the same family. North of Baghdad, in the town of Baquba, gunmen shot dead a communist member of the local council. Further north, in Mosul, hospital officials say two people were killed in a rocket attack on the city hall. In the western city of Samarra, two Iraqis are reported to have been killed in an attack at a roadblock, and another person is reported to have been killed in a car bomb attack at a checkpoint south of Baghdad, on the road to Karbala. The violence continued after the poll. On Sunday at least nine people died in attacks across Iraq.14.02.2005: At least seven people have died and dozens have been injured after a trio of bomb attacks in the Philippines. Former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri has been killed in an apparent assassination in central Beirut. The blast, which reports say killed about nine people and injured 100 others, may have been a car bomb. 15.02.2005: Turkish businessman freed in Iraq. Kidnappers in southern Iraq have released a Turkish shipping magnate after holding him for two months.

16.02.2005: Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has begun a visit to the country's troubled south soon after four bombs exploded and injured eight people. 17.02.2005: Six people were killed and more than 30 injured. Thursday's bomb, estimated to weigh at least 50 kg (110 pounds), was much larger than previous explosive devices found in southern Thailand, and was placed in a car compared to the usual method of using parked motorcycles. 18.02.2005: On Friday, at least 30 people were killed in suicide bombs and attacks against mainly Shia targets around Baghdad. A car bomb in southern Thailand has killed five people and injured more than 40, as PM Thaksin Shinawatra ended a controversial visit to the region. More than 500 people have been killed in the south in a wave of violence blamed on Muslim insurgents. In the past months, Buddhist monks, teachers, police and soldiers have been ambushed and murdered on an almost daily basis. 19.02.2005: A string of suicide bombs have killed at least 30 people in Iraq as Shia Muslims mark Ashura, their holiest day. A top Kurdish cleric and his wife were shot to death as they left their home near Kirkuk Saturday morning, Kirkuk Police Chief Gen. Torhan Yousif said. Sheikh Mohammed Rustum Abdul Rahman was the head of the Kurdish Muslim Clerics. 20.02.1005: On a day when bombers in Iraq launched attacks that killed at least 16 people and wounded more than 100, Iraqi police announced the arrest of a man they say is linked to terrorist mastermind Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

21.02.2005: Two Indonesian journalists taken hostage earlier this week in Iraq have been released, Indonesian officials said Monday. Meanwhile, a 40-year-old anchorwoman for Nineveh TV in Mosul was kidnapped by unknown gunmen, officials at the network and police said Monday. On Tuesday, attacks by insurgents fighting the Iraqi government and its US military backers underlined the challenges that still lie ahead. 22.02.2005: Two Iraqi soldiers were killed and 30 people were wounded by a car bomb that exploded near a convoy leaving Baghdad's fortified Green Zone. Witnesses said a car bomb also went off near a US military convoy in the restive northern city of Mosul, although there was no reports of casualties. Four US troops were killed in insurgent attacks on Monday. 23.02.2005: Unknown gunmen shot dead Khalil Ali Shuker as he finished evening prayers Tuesday at a mosque in Muqdadiya, about 60 miles (97 kilometers) north of Baghdad. A male bystander also was wounded. Insurgent-related killings claimed the lives of five others over the last 24 hours, all of them also in northern Iraq. A roadside bomb killed an American soldier Wednesday near the city of Tuz, the U.S.-led Combined Press Information Center said. Soldiers have secured the site and are investigating. The number of U.S. troops killed in the Iraq war stands at 1,483. A car bomb attack killed two people and wounded 14 others Wednesday in Mosul, the U.S. military said. An American official said the attack occurred in the northern city's Yarmouk Square. Outside Kirkuk, two people were killed and one wounded Wednesday. In Baquba, a roadside bomb targeting an Iraqi army patrol injured three civilians, including an 11-year-old child.

24.02.2005: Two U.S. soldiers died in explosions Thursday in regions north of Baghdad, authorities said. A roadside bomb killed a soldier in Qiryat in Diyala province, and improvised explosive devices killed a soldier and wounded two others north of Samarra. Bombers struck Iraqi police targets in a string of attacks Thursday that killed at least 16 police officers, including 12 in Tikrit, authorities said. 25.02.2005: Three US troops have been killed and eight others injured in an explosion north of Baghdad, US military officials have said. Raiedah Mohammed Wazan, a 40-year-old television anchorwoman in Ninevah province, was found shot to death Friday in the al-Wahda neighborhood in eastern Mosul, her husband said..Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz has accused Syria of involvement in Friday's Tel Aviv suicide bombing in which four people were killed. 26.02.2005: It has been a day of scattered violence in Iraq, with at least 10 people reported killed in incidents, mainly in Sunni areas west and north of Baghdad. 27.02.2005: Eight people were killed and at least two were injured Sunday when a bomb exploded inside a municipal building in northern Iraq, multinational forces officials said. Meanwhile, 11 people, including four women, a police officer and two government workers, have been kidnapped within the past several days on a road between two towns south of Baghdad, Iraqi police said Sunday. Seven Iraqis were wounded Sunday when a bomb exploded inside a town building in Hamam al-Alil, about 20 kilometers (12 miles) southeast of Mosul, Iraqi police said. The building houses different government departments. -- A bomb exploded Sunday at a resort hotel in southeastern Spain, reports said. The building had been evacuated and no one was injured. The Basque separatist group ETA was suspected in the explosion, TVE1 television said. 28.02.2005: On Monday a huge car bomb killed at least 127 people queuing up for state jobs in Hillah, south of Baghdad. It was the worst single such incident since the regime was toppled in 2003. One security analysis showed 727 insurgent attacks of one sort or another in February, with 627 people killed, including 42 members of the Multi-National Force, 213 Iraqi security personnel, and 329 civilians.

01.03.2005: A French reporter kidnapped in Iraq has appeared on a video pleading for help, saying her health is "very bad". A judge on the special Iraq tribunal set up to try former President Saddam Hussein has been killed in Baghdad. Barwiz Mohammed Mahmoud and his son - who was also working at the tribunal - were gunned down outside their home on Tuesday, police said. 02.03.2005: In two separate car bomb attacks on Wednesday, at least 13 people were killed and more than 30 others injured in the Iraqi capital. A US marine was killed in Iraq on Wednesday, raising to 1,500 the number of US service personnel killed since military operations in Iraq began, according to an Associated Press news agency tally. 03.03.2005: Two car bombs have exploded near the Iraqi interior ministry in Baghdad, killing five people, witnesses say. The attacks reportedly targeted a main police checkpoint outside the ministry in the east of the Iraqi capital. In Baquba, north of Baghdad, one civilian was killed and 14 wounded in a car bomb attack on a local police base. 06.03.2005: Italy pays respects to Nicola Calipari, who was shot dead by US troops in Iraq following the release of Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena. 07.03.2005: Insurgents have killed at least 25 Iraqis in attacks in towns north of Baghdad, reports say.

08.03.2005: More than 150 foreigners have been kidnapped in Iraq since last year, about 40 of whom have been executed by their captors and another 30 of whom remain unaccounted for. A senior official with the interior ministry in Iraq has been gunned down in Baghdad, the ministry has said. Gunmen have killed three Iraqi women in the Shia district of Sadr City in Baghdad, police say. 09.03.2005: The bodies of at least 20 people who were shot dead have been found near the western Iraqi town of Qaim, police say. In the capital, Baghdad, a suicide car bomb attack reportedly carried out by a group linked to al-Qaeda killed three and injured more than 20 people. A policeman was killed and three others were wounded when their patrol was hit by a roadside bomb in the southern city of Basra, the Associated Press news agency reported. The director of al-Furat hospital in Baghdad, Dr Adil Abd-al-Karim, was shot dead on his way to work, al-Arabiya reported. The son of a police officer, kidnapped on 1 March, was found shot dead on Tuesday in the northern city of Mosul, the AFP news agency reported. Iraqi Planning Minister Mehdi al-Hafidh survives an assassination attempt in Baghdad which leaves one of his bodyguards dead. Gunmen open fire in eastern Baghdad on a minibus carrying workers for a Kuwaiti company, killing one and wounding three. 10.03.2005: At least 50 people have been killed by a suicide bomber who blew himself up at a Shia funeral service in the restive northern Iraqi city of Mosul. Gunmen shot dead the chief of a central Baghdad police station and at least two other Iraqi policemen during ambushes earlier on Thursday.

11.03.2005: A U.S. soldier assigned to First Marine Expeditionary Force was killed in an accident Friday in the Al Anbar province of Iraq, the U.S.military said. The soldier died during a "security and stability operation," the military said. The death brought to 1,513 the number of American troops killed in Iraq.A U.S. soldier was killed by small arms fire in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul on Friday night, the U.S. military said. The death brought the number of U.S. troops killed in the Iraq war to 1,514, including 1,157 in hostile action and 357 in nonhostile activity, according to the U.S. military. 13.03.2005: Two Americans working for a company that provides security for the U.S. Embassy were killed by a roadside bomb south of Baghdad, the embassy said Sunday. 14.03.2005: Two Iraqi civilians have died after being wounded in crossfire involving a U.S. helicopter in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, the U.S. military said. A cameraman working for a Kurdish television channel is reportedly shot dead in the northern city of Mosul by unidentified gunmen, who had kidnapped him twelve hours earlier. Husam Hilal Sarsam worked for the Kurdistan Democratic Party. A car bomb south of Baghdad kills two Iraqi civilians shortly after a military convoy passes the car in which the explosives were planted. In what appears to be a failed assassination attempt on a senior Iraqi health ministry official, four of his bodyguards are wounded in a roadside bomb attack in Baghdad. A US marine was killed on Monday in the western Anbar province, the US military said.

15.03.2005: An explosion has hit the car of Kosovo President Ibrahim Rugova while he was travelling in a convoy in the province's capital, Pristina. Mr Rugova appeared unhurt by the blast at about 0820 (0720 GMT) as he headed to talks with top EU officials. A suspected suicide car bomb has exploded in Baghdad, killing a child and injuring four other people, police in the Iraqi capital say. A Paris court has sentenced a French-Algerian, Djamel Beghal, to 10 years in jail for plotting to bomb the US embassy in France in 2001. Beghal, 39, was on trial with five other alleged militant Islamists. They got jail terms of one to nine years. 16.03.2005: A car bomb killed three Iraqi soldiers and wounded seven other people at an army checkpoint in the town of Baquba, 60km (35 miles) north-east of Baghdad. 17.03.2005: A bomb blast in southern Afghanistan killed at least five people and wounding more than 30. 19.03.2005: At least three Iraqi policemen have been killed by a roadside bomb while mourning the death of a colleague. The bomb attack came on Saturday in the northern city of Kirkuk, during a funeral procession for a policeman gunned down the day before. Police said up to seven other officers were wounded in the attack. There was also an attack on a US military convoy in the city of Ramadi. It is not clear if anyone was killed. Iraqi police said a suicide car bomber attacked the convoy on a road about 5km (three miles) north-west of Ramadi. The city, 110km (70 miles) west of Baghdad, is frequently the scene of insurgent attacks on US and coalition targets. A suicide car bombing in the Gulf state of Qatar killed a British man and injured 12 other people.

20.03.2005: At least 44 people have been killed and many injured in a bomb blast at a Muslim shrine in southern Pakistan. A suicide bomber has killed the head of the police anti-corruption department in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. The explosion also injured three other people, the officials said. Insurgents later attacked his funeral, killing at least two more people. It was the second time in less than 48 hours that a murdered policeman's funeral has been attacked with further fatalities, says the BBC's Jim Muir in Baghdad. In Baquba, north of Baghdad, at least 13 people were injured after an attack on an Iraqi National Guard post. The latest blast came 10 days after a suicide bomb attack on Shia Muslim funeral mourners killed at least 50 people and wounded another 80. After two years, coalition soldiers in Iraq would be dying at the rate of almost two a day, and Iraqi civilians at around 20 a day. A gun battle between Iraqi insurgents and US troops near Baghdad has left 26 rebels dead according to CNN. It says 3 soldiers and seven insurgents were also injured in the ambush, which took place about 20 miles (30 km) from the Iraqi capital. The military police was attacked at almost the same location Friday. A driver was killed and five others wounded, but no U.S. soldiers were injured. Meanwhile, insurgents killed at least seven people Sunday north of Baghdad. Police said gunmen in Baquba shot dead four police officers and wounded two others in an attack on a police station. Three others were wounded Sunday and a U.S. soldier was killed in a roadside bomb explosion near the oil-rich city of Kirkuk. The death brought the number of U.S. forces killed in the Iraq war to 1,521.

21.03.2005: A US schoolboy has shot dead nine people - seven of them in a rampage through a school that ended when he apparently killed himself. The suspect in Monday's shooting rampage in Minnesota is believed to have been a young man of Native American origin who may have expressed admiration for Adolf Hitler on a Nazi website. A US patrol is targeted in the northern city of Mosul in an attack which leaves four civilians dead. Seventeen militants were reported killed in a gun battle in the city late on Monday . 22.03.2005: A US marine is killed in the troubled western province of al-Anbar. An Interior Ministry worker is shot dead as he drives to work in the Doura district of Baghdad. 23.03.2005: A bomb explosion in a shopping district in a predominantly Christian area of Beirut, Lebanon, kills three, police say. In Baghdad on Wednesday, a rocket or mortar hit a school and exploded, killing an 11-year-old girl and injuring at least one other child. 24.03.2005: A suicide car bomber killed 11 Iraqi policemen and wounded 14 others in Ramadi. The policemen were members of the 2nd Iraqi Special Police Commandos. Two U.S. soldiers and two Iraqi civilians also were injured. Gunmen in a vehicle killed five cleaning women who were on their way home from jobs at a U.S. military base. 25.03.2005: Assailants attacked a truck convoy Friday in the Baghdad area, Iraqi emergency police said, killing a driver and stealing a truck. 26.03.2005: Two US troops are killed in a suicide car bomb blast in Baghdad, the US military says. A bomb has exploded in a mainly Christian area of the Lebanese capital, Beirut, wounding at least six people. Two blasts in the past week have killed three people in areas opposed to Syria's presence in Lebanon.

28.03.2005: A suicide bomber has struck a police patrol guarding a holy shrine south of Baghdad, killing two officers. At least five civilians were injured. A senior policeman and at least two other people were also killed in series of attacks in the capital, Baghdad. Col Abdul Karim Fahd Abbas, the head of a police station in the south-eastern Doura district, and his driver died in a hail of gunfire while on their way to work in the Doura neighborhood. In a separate incident, a roadside bomb buried in a rubbish dump hit a police patrol, killing at least one officer and wounding five others in Baghdad's Hay al-Amil neighborhood. The insurgent group led by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, meanwhile, released video footage of an interior ministry official being killed after confessing to acting as a liaison officer with the US military. There are also unconfirmed reports of a second suicide car bomber striking a crowd of Shia pilgrims in Iraq, killing at least seven people and injuring others. As many as 5,000 Iraqis have been kidnapped in the last year and a half, with ransom being a far greater motive than intimidation. An American citizen was kidnapped along with the three Romanian journalists abducted Monday in Iraq, the U.S. State Department said Wednesday. 29.03.2005: At least one person was killed and 17 others were wounded in a massive car bombing targeting a Kurdish official in the northern city of Kirkuk on Tuesday, police said. A top oil official escaped assassination when his convoy was targeted by a car bomb in the southern city of Basra.

30.03.2005: Insurgents targeting U.S. forces killed seven civilians Wednesday, police said, during attacks in the northern city of Mosul and the Iraqi capital. A woman and child were among six killed in Mosul when insurgents fired on a U.S. military patrol in the northeastern part of the city, police said. A firefight followed the initial attack, they said. Five other civilians -- three women and two men -- were wounded, police said. In western Baghdad, a remotely detonated car bomb targeting a U.S. military convoy exploded near an elementary school, killing a school guard and wounding five others, police said. The explosion -- in the city's Abu Ghraib district -- missed the military convoy, police said. 31.03.2005: Insurgent attacks in Iraq have fallen dramatically since the January 30 elections, and the number of U.S. deaths reported in March dropped to the lowest in a year. U.S. defense officials say that in recent weeks, attacks fell from the pre-election average of 50 to 60 a day to 40 to 45 a day. On Thursday, five people, including two Iraqi soldiers, were killed in a suicide bomb attack in northern Iraq. A car bomb has also killed at least three people in the town of Samarra. The data show 39 US and coalition troops were killed during March, the lowest toll since February 2004 when 23 died.

01.04.2005: Iraqi police say gunmen have killed a local chief of police in an ambush in Balad Ruz, north of Baghdad. Hatem Rashid Mohammad was killed along with another police officer as they visited a police stations. Balad Ruz, 50 km (30 miles) north-east of the capital, is in Diyala province, where insurgents have frequently attacked the Iraqi police and military. Reports say a third policeman died on Friday when police stormed a house they believed contained insurgents. Elsewhere, a roadside bomb explosion intended for a military convoy killed three civilians and wounded eight in the northern city of Kirkuk on Friday, police and hospitals officials said. Iraqi police say an explosion has damaged one of the most important Islamic architectural monuments. The spiral minaret, in the town of Samarra, is more than 1,000 years old. Police say insurgents blew up the top section of the 52m (162ft) Malwiya tower, which had been used by US soldiers as a lookout position. The minaret was built by Caliph al-Mutawakil in 852 when Samarra, a city on the Tigris north of Baghdad, was capital of the Abbasid Empire. The blast left crumbled brick and clay on the minaret's winding ramps.

02.04.2005: Four policemen and a passing driver were killed by a car bomb in the so-called Sunni triangle, a stronghold of the insurgency. The bomb in Khan Bani Saad, 20km (12 miles) north-east of Baghdad, exploded as police were checking it. In another incident, a US marine was shot dead while conducting a security operation in the western city of Ramadi, the US military says. Two Iraqis were shot to death as they drove from their house in the town of Balad Ruz toward the U.S. military base where they worked as contractors. A marine became the latest US serviceman to be killed in Iraq when he was hit by an explosion in Haditha, Anbar Province, on Saturday. Heavily armed militants have launched an audacious attack on Iraq's notorious Abu Ghraib prison, wounding 44 US troops and 12 prisoners inside. They struck after dark, targeting an outbuilding with a car bomb and following up with another bomb, gunfire and grenades, US officials said. The jail has been targeted before with mortars. 03.04.2005: As parliament met, an unexplained explosion in the city sent smoke billowing into the sky. Two car bombs detonated Sunday in separate attacks in the northern city of Mosul, killing an Iraqi civilian and wounding five others, health department and police officials said. Both attacks targeted U.S. military convoys, police said. Three bombs explode almost simultaneously in Thailand's restive south, killing two and wounding many.

04.04.2005: On Monday another bomb exploded in Yala province, injuring four soldiers. In the last year more than 600 people have died in Thailand's Muslim south, in attacks blamed on Islamic militants. Two US soldiers and an Iraqi soldier were killed on Monday in an intense gun battle in Diyala province north-east of Baghdad. A US marine was killed by an explosion in the western Anbar province on the same day, the military said. 05.04.2005: A bomb blast on the route of a landmark bus service in Kashmir has wounded at least seven people, police say. Saudi battle goes into third day. Saudi security forces have been cracking down on alleged militants. At least nine militants are reported to have died in clashes with the Saudi security forces. An Iraqi general who commands a special armoured unit has been kidnapped by gunmen in Baghdad, Iraqi police say. The kidnapping came after two powerful car bombs exploded in Baghdad, killing at least one civilian and a US soldier. All in all the violence continued with at least four U.S. soldiers, an Iraqi soldier, an Iraqi civilian and eight insurgents killed in separate incidents. 06.04.2005: The number of American dead in the Iraq war stands at 1,542. There has been no official figure for the overall number of Iraqis killed since the conflict began, but some nongovernment estimates have ranged from 10,000 to 30,000 CNN reports.

07.04.2005: India and Pakistan have said a landmark bus service across the disputed Kashmir region will go ahead despite a militant attack on passengers waiting to travel. Two militants were shot dead as they attacked a building holding the passengers, who were unharmed, in Srinagar, Indian-controlled Kashmir. An explosion has ripped through a major shopping bazaar in an area of Cairo, Egypt, popular with tourists, killing two and injuring several more. Islamic militants in Egypt have staged attacks on tourist attractions in the past. In the most recent attack in October 2004, 34 people died when militants bombed several hotels in the Sinai peninsula. In 1997 the country's lucrative tourism industry was thrown into crisis when gunmen opened fire on foreigners in central Cairo and at a site near the southern Egyptian city of Luxor. A total of 68 people died in the two attacks. 08.04.2005: US citizen among Cairo blast dead. A US citizen has died from wounds sustained in Thursday's bomb blast in Cairo, the US in Egypt announced. A French woman and another person were killed in the blast from a bomb attack in the historic heart of Cairo. French, American and Italian tourists were among 18 people wounded when the bomb was thrown into a crowded market in the Egyptian capital. 09.04.2005: The bodies of 15 Iraqi soldiers were found near the town of Latifiya, Iraq, in a lawless area known as the "triangle of death". 10.04.2005: The Pakistani government has appealed for the release of one of its embassy staff who has been abducted in Baghdad. Suspected Islamic militants in Algeria have killed at least 14 people at a fake roadblock near Algiers.

11.04.2005: A US civilian contractor has been kidnapped in Iraq, the United States' embassy in Baghdad has said. 12.04.2005: Police storm a cellar and free four girls who were held at knife-point by a man in north-west Germany. The Pakistani government has confirmed that the kidnappers of a diplomat abducted three days ago in Iraq have made a ransom demand. More than 150 foreigners have been taken hostage over the past year in Iraq, with some of them killed. Five civilians in the northern Iraqi city of Tal Afar were killed Tuesday by a suicide car bomber, the U.S. military said in a news release. Seven children and one adult were wounded, the military said. In the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, a car bomb -- possibly targeting a U.S. patrol -- killed five Iraqi civilians and wounded three, according to a health official. A second car bomb in Mosul wounded five Iraqi civilians and three U.S. soldiers, the military said. 13.04.2005: Twelve Iraqi security guards were killed as they worked to defuse a bomb in the northern oil city of Kirkuk, officials said Wednesday. Insurgents also targeted U.S. military convoys with three bombs in Baghdad, wounding at least eight bystanders. In other violence on Wednesday, the US military said it had killed a suspected foreign insurgent in a fierce gun battle near the restive western city of Qaim, near the Syrian border. Local hospital officials are quoted as saying that at least nine people were killed in clashes in Qaim but they were all believed to have been civilians. Also in the restive province of Anbar, enemy mortar fire killed a US Marine on Wednesday near Camp Hit, about 80 miles (129 kilometers) west of Baghdad, the military said. There has been 1,723 coalition troop deaths, 1,548 Americans, 87 Britons, eight Bulgarians, one Dane, two Dutch, two Estonians, one Hungarian, 21 Italians, one Kazakh, one Latvian, 17 Poles, one Salvadoran, three Slovaks, 11 Spaniards, two Thai and 17 Ukrainians in the war in Iraq as of April 13, 2005.

14.04.2005: Insurgents killed 18 people Thursday in attacks on police in three Iraqi cities, authorities said. A US Marine was shot and killed Thursday in Ramadi, 60 miles (96 kilometers) west of the capital, the U.S. military said. Trouble erupted in Madain on Thursday when Sunni militants damaged an empty Shia mosque by detonating explosives inside.15.04.2005: In Baghdad at least one civilian died and several others were hurt in a series of explosions, the US said. In Baghdad on Friday the US military confirmed that two separate convoys were attacked in different parts of the city. In Mansour, an affluent area in western Baghdad, a suicide bomb intended for a US convoy killed the bomber and injured at least three civilians others, officials at a local hospital said. Ten minutes later a roadside bomb in eastern Baghdad exploded close to an Iraqi convoy, killing one civilian and wounding three, an interior ministry official told the AFP news agency. The worst attack was in Samarra, where a roadside bomb killed Iraqi soldiers, the Iraqi army said. Military officials reported that a U.S. soldier died Friday about 8 p.m. near Tikrit, when a coalition base was attacked by indirect fire. 16.04.2005: In another day of strikes directed at U.S. and Iraqi forces, insurgents Saturday killed five Iraqi police officers and two civilians in a Baquba suicide attack and a U.S. soldier in a roadside bombing in Taji. Iraq insurgents have resumed their attacks after a lull following the January elections, correspondents say. In another incident on Saturday, three American soldiers were killed when a Marine base came under indirect fire near Ramadi, west of the Baghdad. Marla Ruzicka, founder of Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict (CIVIC), was traveling near Baghdad International Airport on Saturday when a car bomb exploded, killing her and her driver. A Czech employee of a security firm hired to drive the convoy also was killed. Ruzicka is among several foreign aid workers killed in Iraq. Others included Margaret Hassan, a British aid worker who was abducted in Baghdad in October and later shown on video pleading for her life, and four workers for a Southern Baptist missionary group who were trying to find a way to provide clean water to people in the northern city of Mosul. Mortars landed in a U.S. military camp in Ramadi on Saturday night, killing three U.S. soldiers and wounding seven others, three seriously, the U.S. military said.

17.04.2005: Iraqi and US troops have launched an operation in the central Iraqi town of Madain, where Sunni rebels are holding a number of Shia residents hostage. A blast from a roadside bomb south of Baghdad killed an American soldier late Sunday and wounded another, the U.S. military said. Insurgents killed the public information officer for police in the northern city of Mosul as he drove to work Sunday, the U.S.-led coalition said Monday. Brig. Gen. Younis Mohammad Sulaiman is the fourth public servant in the Nineveh province to be killed in four weeks, the coalition said. 18.04.2005: Iraqi forces say they can find no hostages in the town where Sunnis had reportedly taken scores of Shia captive. Estimates of the number of people being held vary from scores to a handful. Legislator Bassel Fleihan died in a Paris hospital Monday of wounds sustained in the bombing that killed former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, a Lebanese television channel reported. World terror risk 'on the rise': Iraq had far more attacks than any other country. Iraq is by far the most dangerous country to do business - but global terrorism is also making the rest of the world riskier, a new survey says. Danger has risen in 31 nations, many of them in western Europe, insurance broker Aon says in a new risk map.

Former hot spots East Timor and Western Sahara were among just five places where risk levels went down in 2004. Despite a lack of terror attacks in richer nations, the threat has not gone away, Aon warns. Aon's map, published for the second year running, divides the world into five categories of risk - low, guarded, elevated, high and severe. Since last year, Iraq has shot from fifth to first place in the rankings, with 2,922 terror incidents recorded in the 12 months to February 2005. Other countries where the risk is considered severe include India, Pakistan, Israel and the Palestinian territories, Saudi Arabia and Colombia. They are joined by Nepal and Somalia, which have been upgraded to the worst category since the 2004 survey. 'Extremist activity': A number of countries - including the UK, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia, Egypt and Ivory Coast - have been moved from "guarded" to "elevated". Other western European nations, including the Czech Republic and Denmark, have also moved up a grade and now face a "guarded" level of risk. "Increased extremist activity" by Islamist groups and anti-Western sentiment against countries that supported the US-led coalition in Iraq are the main reason for the higher risk levels, Aon says. Rob Preston, a terrorism risk consultant for Aon, told the BBC News website that because of a lack of attacks, many people in developed nations were becoming "fatigued with the message" that the threat of terrorism remained. "Terrorists have patience beyond that which we're capable of. The onus is on us to remain vigilant, so that the threat doesn't escalate," he said. "I think there's plenty of evidence to suggest that the danger exists and that it's increased."However, a handful of countries have become safer. Cyprus has fallen from "high" to "elevated", because its proximity to the Middle East has encouraged tighter counter-terrorism measures. East Timor, Burkina Faso and the Central African Republic have all gone from "guarded" to "low", while Western Sahara has declined to "guarded". Insurgents dressed in Iraqi military uniforms killed an officer and his son at their home in southern Baghdad, police sources said.

19.04.2005: Targeting Iraq military recruits, a suicide car bomber detonated late Tuesday morning near the Adhamiya Palace in northern Baghdad, killing four people and wounding 38 others. A suicide car bomb that exploded at 6:50 p.m. (10:50 a.m. EDT) Tuesday in western Baghdad targeted a U.S. military convoy passing near the Haye Al-Saddam Apartments, where Iraqi families live, the U.S. military and Iraqi police said. Along with the two U.S. soldiers killed and four wounded, an Iraqi interpreter was also hurt, officials said. 20.04.2005: Two car bombs Wednesday morning wounded a U.S. soldier and several Iraqi civilians, the U.S. military and Iraqi police said. The latest bombing -- at about 11:15 a.m. (3:15 a.m. EDT) -- happened outside the Bilat al-Shouhada' police station in al-Dora district in the southern part of Baghdad, Iraqi police said. Only the driver of the car bomb was killed, police said. Just an hour earlier Wednesday, a car bomb targeting a U.S. military convoy near the Baghdad airport exploded, wounding one U.S. soldier and at least four Iraqi civilians, the U.S. military said. The bodies of more than 50 men, women and children have been recovered from the River Tigris at the town of Suwayra, south of Baghdad. Meanwhile, in the town of Haditha, north-west of Baghdad, at least 19 men were found dead at a football stadium. They had apparently been lined up against a wall and shot. In Baghdad itself, at least two civilians, including a child, were killed in bomb attacks aimed at American troops or Iraqi police. President Talabani told reporters: "More than 50 bodies have been brought out from the Tigris, and we have the full names of those who were killed and those criminals who committed these crimes. "We will give you details in the coming days... terrorists committed crimes there [in Madain]. "It is not true that there were no hostages. There were, but they were killed and they threw the bodies into the Tigris." Iraq's outgoing Prime Minister Iyad Allawi has escaped unhurt after a suicide bomber blew up a car near his convoy in Baghdad, his spokesman says. At least two policemen are said to have died in the blast late on Wednesday.

21.05.2005: On Thursday, a roadside bomb hit vehicles carrying foreigners on the road to Baghdad airport, killing two of them, a police spokesman said. Insurgents seem to have stepped up attacks amid delays in forming a new government. A spate of car bombings and killings in Baghdad and elsewhere have confirmed fears the insurgency is exploiting the power vacuum. Three other foreigners - an American, a Canadian and an Australian - died in an attack on the same stretch of road on Wednesday. The attempt on Mr Allawi's life was one of at least five bombings in Baghdad on Wednesday. A statement posted on the internet claimed al-Qaeda was behind the attack. An Iraqi insurgent group says it shot down a commercial helicopter that crashed near Baghdad on Thursday - and that it shot dead the only survivor. The Islamic Army posted a video on the internet purporting to show the wreckage, and the shooting. Eleven people died in the crash - six US security contractors, three Bulgarian crew and two Fijian guards. 22.04.2005: A U.S. soldier was killed and a second injured in northern Iraq early Friday morning when a roadside bomb exploded near their vehicle, a military statement said. The improvised explosive device detonated north of Tall Afar while the soldiers with the Army's 1st Corps Support Command were on a combat logistics patrol. Since the start of the war, 1,566 U.S. service members have died in Iraq. Militants in Iraq have threatened to kill three Romanian journalists unless Romania pulls its troops out of the country, al-Jazeera has reported. A car bomb has exploded outside a Shia mosque in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, killing at least nine people and wounding more than 20.

23.04.2005: At least 10 people were killed when US and Iraqi convoys were attacked by insurgents near Baghdad, officials say. One Iraqi died and at least five civilians and three US soldiers were hurt when a car bomb detonated near the US convoy on the airport road. Later, at least nine Iraqi National Guard soldiers were killed and 20 wounded near the Abu Ghraib prison, on Baghdad's western outskirts. A bomb killed a U.S. sailor Saturday who was assigned to the 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force, the U.S. military said. He was killed while conducting combat operations in Falluja. No other details were released. The report brought the number of U.S. troops killed in the U.S.-led Iraq war to 1,569, according to the U.S. military. An Associated Press Television News cameraman was killed and an AP photographer was wounded Saturday in the northern city of Mosul, officials said. Saleh Ibrahim and Mohammed Ibrahim -- who were not related, the news agency said -- were shot in a crossfire between U.S. forces and insurgents, said an official at the hospital where Saleh Ibrahim died. Also Saturday, an Iraqi contractor for the U.S. military was shot to death while driving a truck through Jami'a neighborhood in western Baghdad, Iraqi police said. 24.04.2005: Two explosions near a Shiite Muslim mosque and a busy market in Baghdad on Sunday killed at least 16 people and wounded at least 57 others, Iraqi police said.Word of the blasts came just hours after news of two suicide car bombs in Tikrit, about 90 miles (150 km) north of Baghdad. The Tikrit bombs exploded just 15 minutes and a short distance apart, killing at least six people and wounding 26 at an Iraqi police academy, according to an official with Tikrit's governor's office. Elsewhere, a roadside bomb killed three insurgents Sunday as they tried to plant it in the town of Mahawil, said police in the nearby city of Hillah.

25.04.2005: The number of casualties in Sunday's two double bombings in Iraq rose to 24 dead and 58 wounded, Iraqi authorities said Monday. A suicide car bombing Monday wounded two Iraqi civilians in Ramadi, the U.S. military said. It was the third attempted suicide attack in the city west of Baghdad in five days, a statement said, adding that there were no deaths except for the bombers. 26.04.2005: A U.S. soldier with Task Force Liberty died Tuesday morning after being injured in a vehicle accident near Muqdadiyah, about 60 miles northeast of Baghdad, the U.S. military said. The report brought the number of U.S. troops killed in the Iraq war to 1,572, according to the U.S. military. 27.04.2005: A Iraqi woman MP has been shot dead by suspected insurgents on the doorstep of her home in Baghdad. The attack came as the chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff, Gen Richard Myers, warned that Iraqi militants remain as strong as a year ago. Gen Myers said that between 50 and 60 attacks are carried out across Iraq each day, the same number as during 2004. The fight against international terrorism remains "formidable" for the United States and its allies, with 651 significant attacks taking 1,907 lives worldwide last year, according to two U.S. government reports released Wednesday. Data released last year by the State Department for 2003 said 208 attacks killed 625 people worldwide.

28.04.2005: A car bomb exploded near a joint U.S. and Iraqi military convoy in the center of Tikrit Thursday morning, killing at least two Iraqi soldiers and wounding at least 11 people, an official in Tikrit's governor's office said. There was no immediate word on U.S. casualties. Near Musayyib, the U.S. Marines said four Iraqi civilians died and 21 people were wounded Thursday in an "indirect fire attack on the Taheer patrol base." Iraq's deputy director of intelligence, Mohsen Abdul Sadiq, was gunned down in the southern Baghdad neighborhood of al-Doura on Thursday morning, according to Iraqi police and Defense Ministry officials. 29.04.2005: On Friday, insurgents set off at least 17 bombs in Iraq, killing at least 50 people, including three U.S. soldiers, in a series of attacks aimed at shaking Iraq's newly formed government, which takes office on Tuesday. 30.04.2005: Two attacks in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, left three people dead and seven injured. All of the dead were attackers. In Iraq four U.S. soldiers were killed and two wounded by a roadside bomb near the Syrian border. Bombers killed six people and wounded at least 29 others in Baghdad on Saturday, officials said. In April, insurgents launched 135 car bombings in Iraq, with half of them being suicide attacks, the U.S. military said.

01.05.2005: At least 13 Iraqis were killed and 12 were wounded in three attacks in Baghdad on Sunday, Iraqi police said. The latest spate of attacks that started on Friday has claimed at least 70 lives. A suicide attack later Sunday in Iraq during the funeral of an assassinated Kurdish official killed at least 25 people, according to BBC. 02.05.2005: At least 13 people have died and 18 more wounded in a series of car bomb attacks in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. 03.05.2005: A bomb detonated Tuesday afternoon near an Iraqi police convoy in western Baghdad, wounding three people. The bomb was planted in a pickup truck in the Ghaziyilia area. A police officer and two civilians were wounded. At least 15 people are killed in a battle between coalition forces and insurgents in Ramadi, including 12 militants, an Iraqi soldier and two Iraqi civilians, the US military says. The US military says its troops killed 12 insurgents at Qaim, near the Syrian border. A US marine pilot is killed and another is missing after a suspected mid-air collision between two US F/A-18 Hornet jets. Separate roadside bomb attacks Tuesday killed two U.S. soldiers, a military statement said. The Task Force Baghdad Soldiers died when their vehicles were hit by improvised explosive devices. Since the start of the war, 1,591 U.S. military personnel have died in Iraq. 04.05.2005: At least 50 dead in suicide bombing on police recruits in northern Iraqi city of Erbil.

05.05.2005: A series of deadly attacks targeting Iraqi security forces has killed at least 23 people, including Iraqi army recruits, police and civilians, Iraqi Emergency Police told CNN. Two "novelty-type grenades" explode in front of the British Consulate in New York, police say. The blasts, which come as Britons go to the polls in a general election, shattered windows but did not cause significant damage or injuries. 06.05.2005: A suicide bomber rammed his car into a bus carrying Iraqi police officers to work Friday morning in the city of Tikrit, killing seven of the officers and wounding three in the explosion that followed, Iraqi police said. Meanwhile, in Baghdad, the bodies of 14 men -- apparently shot to death -- were found in an industrial area Friday morning, Iraqi police said. At least 16 people have been killed in a car bomb attack in a market south of Baghdad, Iraqi police say.

07.05.2005: Four people have been killed and more than 20 injured in a bomb attack outside a girls' school in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, police say. Insurgents have killed at least 250 people since the formation of a new Iraqi government last month. A car bomb targeting a convoy of SUVs explodes in central Baghdad, killing 16 people, according to CNN. Three bomb explosions have hit busy shopping areas in the Burmese capital Rangoon, killing at least 11 people. An Iraqi civilian died Saturday in an apparent insurgent attack near the restive city of Tal Afar, the U.S. military said. Also Saturday, U.S. and Iraqi forces seized 30 suspected insurgents and found weapons during operations around Mosul and Tal Afar, one day after 22 arrests were made in those northern cities, the U.S. military said. 08.05.2005: A U.N. worker was among three people killed in an explosion at an Internet cafe in the Afghan capital Kabul, officials said Sunday. Blasts from roadside bombs killed three U.S. soldiers in Iraq on Sunday, the U.S. military said. Near Khalidiya, 60 miles west of Baghdad, two soldiers assigned to a Marine Combat Team were killed during combat operations. In Samarra -- about 75 miles north of the capital -- a roadside blast killed a third soldier and wounded another, the military said. The deaths brought the number of U.S. troops killed in the Iraq war to 1,597, according to U.S. military reports. A senior civil servant from the transport ministry, Zobaa Yassin, is shot dead in his car with his driver.

09.05.2005: U.S. forces have launched an offensive against "insurgents and foreign fighters" near Iraq's border with Syria, killing at least 75 of them in the first 24 hours of the operation, the U.S. military said Monday. The military made no mention of U.S. casualties. Earlier Monday, a suicide car bomb detonated at a police checkpoint in southern Baghdad, killing at least four people -- two police and two civilians -- and wounding eight others, police said. The wounded include six police and two civilians. Three people inside the car also died. 10.05.2005: A suicide car bomber in Baghdad killed at least seven people and wounded 14 others, police said; it was one of three bombings in the capital. 11.05.2005: Suicide bombers have set off a wave of blasts in Iraq, killing at least 71 people and injuring more than 100 in the bloodiest day since February. 12.05.2005: Baghdad shaken by fresh attacks. A car bomb exploded in a market in eastern Baghdad, killing at least 12 people, as a relentless anti-US insurgency swept through the country. An Iraqi army general and a police colonel were also killed by gunmen as they drove to work in the capital. Two car bombs exploded in the northern city of Kirkuk, one targeting a police station, leaving at least one dead. The attacks follow one of the bloodiest days in Iraq since its government was unveiled two weeks ago. 13.05.2005: Three Iraqis, two of them soldiers, have been killed in a car bomb attack on an Iraqi army truck.

14.05.2005: At least four people have died in a suicide car bomb attack targeting a police convoy in central Baghdad. At least 10 more people, including two policemen, were also hurt when the bomber rammed his car into the convoy. The latest outbreak of violence, which has led to more than 400 deaths, began after Iraq's new government was announced on 18 April. A roadside bomb in Baghdad's southern district of Dura kills three civilians, believed to be street cleaners. A suicide bombing against an Iraqi-US patrol in the northern city of Mosul kills two and injures a policeman. Four US marines die of wounds sustained after their vehicle hit a bomb in a week-long operation in western Iraq.

15.05.2005: Meanwhile Sunday, Iraqi officials said they had found the bodies of 23 men in two locations in the country. Thirteen men, apparently tortured and shot dead, were found in a garbage dump in Baghdad, according to Iraqi police. The dead men were wearing only underwear and shirts and those with beards had been shaved, morgue officials said. The bodies of 10 Iraqi soldiers were also found in the Albu Ubaid section of the western Iraq city of Ramadi, the Iraqi Defense Ministry said. The soldiers were apparently killed on Thursday, the ministry said. In a separate development, suicide bombers failed in an attempt to assassinate the governor of the Diyala province Sunday morning, but five people died and 24 were wounded in an attack on his convoy, a spokesman for the governor said. Three of the dead were Iraqi police officers and two were Iraqi civilians, officials said. Gov. Raad Rashid was unharmed in the attack which happened about 40 miles north of Baghdad in the city of Baquba, the spokesman said. The attack started with a suicide car bomb explosion which was followed by a man walking toward the convoy and detonating an explosive vest he was wearing, officials said. Meanwhile, in the capital Baghdad, a senior foreign ministry official has been shot dead outside his home. The assassination of Jassim al-Muhammadawy, the director-general of administration at the ministry, followed a suicide car bomb attack on a police convoy in the city in which at least four people died.

16.05.2005: A roadside bomb attack has killed four Iraqi soldiers, and injured for people, at Khan Bani Saad, north of Baghdad. They were attacked as they arrived at the town's fire station after it had come under mortar fire, officials said. In Baghdad itself, a bomb exploded as an Iraqi army convoy passed through the Saydia district - killing two civilians and injured four other people. Iraqi police said the bodies of 12 men, all shot dead, had been found dumped in north-eastern Baghdad. BBC Baghdad correspondent Humphrey Hawksley says the execution-style murders of men, mostly shot in the back of the head, is becoming a new trend to the violence in Iraq. A roadside bomb attack has killed four Iraqi soldiers, and injured for people, at Khan Bani Saad, north of Baghdad. They were attacked as they arrived at the town's fire station after it had come under mortar fire, officials said. In Baghdad itself, a bomb exploded as an Iraqi army convoy passed through the Saydia district - killing two civilians and injured four other people. Iraqi police said the bodies of 12 men, all shot dead, had been found dumped in north-eastern Baghdad. BBC Baghdad correspondent Humphrey Hawksley says the execution-style murders of men, mostly shot in the back of the head, is becoming a new trend to the violence in Iraq.South of Baghdad on Monday, gunmen killed two Iraqi journalists who were working for a Kuwaiti newspaper. The journalists' driver also was slain, Iraqi police said.The attack took place between the cities of Latifiya and Mahmudiya in an area known as the "Triangle of Death." The roads in this area have been the site of frequent ambushes, targeting both Westerners and Iraqis alike.

17.05.2005: A civil servant at Iraq's anti-corruption commission, Alaeddin Wazir al-Obeidi, is shot dead in Baghdad. Unknown attackers kill a man and his three sons are killed in a village near Mahawil, 70km (45 miles) south of Baghdad. A US soldier is killed and another wounded in a roadside attack north of Baghdad, the US military said. At least three Iraqi clerics have been killed in a rising wave of violence that observers say seems to be aimed at sparking sectarian conflict. 18.05.2005: In May, there has been 21 car bombings, mostly suicide attacks, in Baghdad and nearby areas. In 2004 in the same area, there were fewer than half that total of car bombings. The official said 126 car bombs -- some detonated, others found and disarmed -- have been recorded since February 27. Before this period, the insurgency's attacks included a greater percentage of roadside bombings and ambushes, with car bombings used for occasional spectacular strikes.

19.05.2005: Israeli human rights group B'Tselem says at least 3,261 Palestinians and 875 Israelis have been killed in the intifada, or Palestinian uprising, which begin in September 2000. The fragile truce in Gaza is teetering on the brink as Palestinian militants fired more volleys of rockets and Israel pledged tougher military action. At least seven people have been killed in a battle around the house of a local Sunni politician in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, hospital officials say. The politician, Fawaz Jarba, said US troops came to his assistance and fought back the attackers. In Baghdad, an Iraqi oil ministry official was shot dead by insurgents, Iraqi authorities said. Meanwhile the funeral of a senior Shia cleric, Muhammad Allaq, has been held following his killing on Wednesday. Insurgents have killed more than 400 people in a wave of killing and suicide attacks after the formation of a transitional government last month. Iraqi officials and politicians are regularly targeted by insurgents in Baghdad. Outside the city, Iraq's oil pipelines are often bombed in an attempt to disrupt supply. In other violence, two policemen were killed by a roadside bomb in the town of Baquba, 40 miles (60km) north of Baghdad, police said. Thursday's killings come amid tensions between Iraq's Sunni and Shia communities following the killings of several Sunni clerics. Two U.S. soldiers riding in a convoy were killed when gunmen in another vehicle shot them in central Baghdad, the U.S. military said. The attack occurred Thursday evening. 20.05.2005: Another U.S. soldier was killed in an accident caused when a driver swerved to avoid a roadside bomb explosion north of Baghdad early Friday, the U.S. military said. This latest fatalities bring the total number of U.S. military deaths in the war to 1,630.A rocket fired at Abu Ghraib prison wounded five detainees -- three seriously, the U.S. military said Friday. In northwestern Baghdad, a car bomb killed two Iraqi soldiers on Friday and wounded three others in an Iraqi army convoy, Iraqi police said. The attack happened about 2:15 p.m. (6:15 a.m. ET), not long after a mortar round wounded two people in front of a Shiite mosque in another northwestern district of the capital.

21.05.2005: On Saturday at least five Iraqi interior ministry commandos were killed in Baiji, 180km (112 miles) north of the capital, police said. The AFP agency, quoting police officials, said another six commandos were killed in nearby Samarra the same day. 22.05.2005: A senior Iraqi trade ministry official has been shot dead in Baghdad, the latest in a series of assassinations of government figures, police have said. Ali Moussa, director-general of the ministry, was killed with his driver as they drove to work on Sunday. More than 500 people have been killed in violence in the past three weeks, raising fears of a widespread sectarian conflict. One person has been killed and at least 49 injured in bomb blasts at cinemas showing a controversial film in the Indian capital Delhi, officials say. 23.05.2005: The commander of a new unit set up to fight insurgents in Iraq has been shot dead in Baghdad. Iraqi officials say Wael Rubaie, head of operations at the Ministry for National Security, and his driver were killed on their way to work. Elsewhere, car and suicide bombings killed at least 11 people and injured more than 100. A recent surge in violence across Iraq is estimated to have killed more than 550 people in less than a month. Late on Monday, a bomb destroyed a Bradley fighting vehicle in the city of Ramadi, west of Baghdad, wounding three US soldiers, none of them seriously, the army said. All in all a series of car bombings and other attacks in Iraq on Monday killed at least 43 people and wounded dozens, Iraqi officials said.

24.05.2005: Earlier on Tuesday car bomb exploded in central Baghdad with reports saying at least five Iraqis were killed. Seven US soldiers have been killed in two separate bomb attacks in Iraq. More than 100 Iraqis have also been killed or injured in wave of bombings since Monday morning. All in all iInsurgent attacks during a 24-hour period killed nine U.S. troops in Iraq, the military said Tuesday. The number of U.S. troops killed in the Iraq war is 1,645, according to U.S. military reports. 25.05.2005: A car bomb has exploded in Madrid after a warning was given to a newspaper in the name of the Eta Basque militants. Three people are reported to have been injured in the blast in the north of the Spanish capital at 0730 GMT. An Iraqi civilian was killed and seven others were wounded Wednesday in a suicide car bombing in the al-Saydia neighborhood in southwestern Baghdad, police sources said. The attack was thought to have targeted a U.S. military convoy in the area. A civilian died and eight police commandos were wounded in a car bombing Wednesday in the southern neighborhood of al-Dora, police in the capital said. The parked car laden with explosives targeted a police commando patrol and appeared to be remotely detonated, police said.

26.05.2005: The attacks in Baghdad included a car bomb which targeted a police patrol, killing three Iraqis and injuring two. In another attack, a university lecturer and three passengers in his car were killed in a drive-by shooting in the capital's southern Aalam district. In a separate incident, a US military convoy was attacked in central Baghdad. One vehicle caught fire, but details of casualties are not known. An Iraqi child was also killed during fighting between US forces and insurgents in the north-western city of Talafar, the US military said. And in Qadissiya, in southern Baghdad, police said a member of the Shia Muslim Dawa party was found dead with his throat slit. 27.05.2005: At least 20 people have been killed in an apparent suicide bombing at a Muslim shrine in Pakistan, rescuers say. A US helicopter has crashed in Iraq, after coming under small arms fire, the US military has said. Two soldiers died in the crash, the US military said. 28.05.2005: Two bombs have exploded in a market in central Indonesia, killing at least 22 people and wounding several. At least six people have been killed in a double suicide car bombing in northern Iraq near the Syrian border. More than 20 people have been killed across Iraq in the last 24 hours. And a U.S. Marine was killed when the vehicle in which he was riding was struck by a roadside bomb in western Iraq Saturday, the U.S. military said. The number of U.S. troops killed in the war now totals 1,656.

29.05.2005: A British soldier has been killed in Iraq after a military convoy was attacked, the Ministry of Defense says. The death of the soldier is the the 88th British death of the conflict. A bomb blast in Mosul in the north killed eight civilians. In Baghdad, the bodies of an Iraqi police officer and a translator were found on a street in the al-Dora district Sunday, shot to death, Baghdad police said. In another incident, a suicide car bomb targeting a convoy of Iraqi Interior Ministry commandos killed two people, including one commando and a civilian, in the al-Madyen region 20 miles southeast of Baghdad Sunday morning, Iraqi police said. On Sunday night at least 16 people were killed in suicide attacks in and around Baghdad in what appeared to be a reaction to a major crackdown on insurgents. 30.05.2005: At least 20 people have been killed in two separate suicide bomb attacks in the predominantly Shia town of Hilla, 95km (60 miles) south of Baghdad. Some 700 Iraqis and 70 US soldiers have been killed since the Iraqi government took office last month. At least seven Afghans have been wounded in a roadside bomb explosion on the outskirts of the capital, Kabul. 31.05.2005: There has been another suicide bomb attack in Baquba, north of Baghdad. Two Iraqi soldiers died and at least six others were injured when a bomb hidden in a truck exploded close to a military checkpoint in the town. Baquba has been the scene of several attacks against Iraqi security forces. Five people were killed and about 20 others wounded in a suicide attack on the Shia mosque in central Karachi, Pakistan. There has been numerous acts of sectarian and criminal violence in Karachi in recent years. Last Friday, a suicide bomber in the capital, Islamabad, killed 19 people and wounded nearly 100 in an attack on a shrine where hundreds of Shias had gathered.

01.06.2005: At least 20 people have died in a suspected suicide bombing at a mosque in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar, the worst attack this year. Kandahar Governor Gul Aga Sherzai has alleged that Arab militants belonging to Osama Bin Laden's al-Qaeda network were behind the attack. In Iraq a soldier assigned to the marines was killed on Wednesday near the western town of Ramadi when a roadside bomb struck the vehicle he was travelling in. . What is happening day after day in Iraq and other places, with suicide bombers, is denounced by the Anarchist International, and needs to be denounced by everyone who wants to live in a decent world. 02.06.2005: At least 16 people including a local official have died and 42 have been hurt in a series of car bombs in Iraq. A car bomb in a residential area of mostly Christian east Beirut has killed a prominent newspaper journalist. Mr Qasir, the killed journalist, was known as a supporter of Lebanon's anti-Syrian opposition. 03.06.2005: Ten Iraqis die in an overnight suicide bombing in a remote village north of Baghdad, officials report on Friday. In Iraq a suicide car bomb went off behind a police station in Hammam al-Ali, south of Mosul, killing two police officers and wounding seven others, the deputy governor said. 04.06.2005: Two US soldiers have been killed in a roadside explosion in south-eastern Afghanistan, the US military has said. A suicide car bomber wounded eight Iraqi soldiers and one civilian near an Iraqi army checkpoint in Tikrit, the U.S. military said. A U.S. military spokesman said Iraqi soldiers shot at the car as it approached the checkpoint, which is near a coalition military base. 05.06.2005: In Baghdad, police said a US-Egyptian contractor was shot dead on Sunday as he drove through the capital. A US soldier was killed in a roadside bombing near a military patrol in the northern province of Kirkuk.

06.06.2005: Insurgents in northern Iraq have launched a fresh wave of mortar attacks, killing at least six people. Also on Monday, Iraqi police shot at a suicide car bomber believed to have been trying to attack a checkpoint in western Baghdad. They did not stop the vehicle from exploding, however, and three members of the elite police commando force were wounded in the blast, the interior ministry said. More than 50 people have been killed after a packed passenger bus ran over a suspected rebel landmine in southern Nepal, state radio says. 07.06.2005: At least 18 people have been killed in a series of bomb blasts around a town in northern Iraq, police say. Four devices exploded within minutes of each other, three of them suicide bombs near army checkpoints in and around the troubled town of Hawija, near Tikrit. U.S. military on Tuesday said two Marines were killed in recent days by roadside bombs during combat near the Sunni Triangle city of Falluja, bringing the total of U.S. troop fatalities in the war to 1,673. Also on Tuesday, at least 28 people -- including two police officers -- were wounded in a car bombing in Baghdad. Four Iraqi soldiers are killed in an ambush and a roadside bombing north of Baghdad, AFP reports quoting Iraqi police and the army officials. Two bullet-riddled bodies were found on the banks of a nearby river, the report also says. 09.06.2005: Five U.S. Marines died when a bomb hit their vehicle near Haqlaniya in Anbar province, the Marines said. The assault happened Thursday while the troops were conducting combat operations. Their deaths bring the number of U.S. troops killed in the war to 1,690. Police in the northern city of Kirkuk said Colonel Rahim Uthman, head of the local anti-terrorist department, had been killed on Thursday. He and his assistant Major Ghanim Jihad were shot dead from a blue BMW, they said.

10.06.2005: A leading Kyrgyz parliamentarian and businessman was shot dead close to the main government building in the capital, Bishkek, police said, highlighting instability in the ex-Soviet state. -- A high school student threw a jar filled with gunpowder and other substances into a packed classroom in Japan, causing an explosion that injured 53 people, officials said. Spain: -- "At least one projectile" has exploded near a small airport in the northern city of Zaragoza after a warning call to a newspaper in the name of the Basque separatist group ETA alerted authorities to the attack, government officials told CNN. The airport was evacuated before the explosion and there were no reported injuries, the officials said. ETA, whose initials stand for Basque Homeland and Freedom, is blamed for more than 800 deaths since 1968 in its fight for an independent Basque homeland in northern Spain. Zaragoza, which is 325 kilometers (201 miles) northeast of Madrid, is not part of the Basque region. ETA, listed as a terrorist organization by the United States and the European Union, was blamed for a car bomb last month in Madrid that caused several dozen minor injuries and extensive property damage. ETA is also denounced for its terrorist activities by the Anarchist International. 17 bodies have been found bound and killed execution-style in the province Anbar in Iraq. And on Friday in the southern city of Basra, the commander of the local police academy was shot dead. Three or four gunmen in a car swerved in front of Colonel Abdelkarim Daraji's vehicle and opened fire, police said. His brother also died in the attack. On Friday evening, a car bomb rocked a market area of Shula, killing 10 and injuring 27, BBC reports. Another car bomb exploded Friday evening in a northwestern Baghdad neighborhood, killing nine Iraqi civilians and wounding 15 others, Iraqi security forces said.

11.06.2005: A suicide bomber detonated his explosive vest during the morning roll call at the headquarters of Iraqi police Wolf Brigade commandos at about 8 a.m. (12 a.m. EDT) Saturday, Iraqi police said. 8 police commandos were killed and more than 20 were wounded. Gunmen also killed 10 construction workers on a minibus which was travelling towards Baghdad. Marine airstrikes in western Iraq killed about 40 insurgents Saturday, the Marines said. The strikes come as insurgents kept up their lethal attacks of the past two days, killing 19 Iraqis, including 13 civilians and six security officers on Saturday alone. The strikes are part of a stepped-up campaign against insurgents by U.S. and Iraqi forces in Baghdad and other parts of the country. Interior Minister Baqir Jabbur credited the crackdown in Baghdad for a decrease in the number of terrorist attacks. "The number of car bombs have decreased. Before the operation, there were about 12 to 14 car bombs [daily] in Baghdad," Jabbur said. "Now we don't have more than one or two car bombs a day." The killing of four US soldiers near Baghdad on Saturday brought the number of US military casualties to at least 1,701 since the war began in March 2003, according to the count by the Associated Press news agency. 12.06.2005: Four bombs have exploded in the south-western Iranian city of Ahwaz, killing at least five people and wounding dozens. French journalist Florence Aubenas and her Iraqi interpreter Hussein Hanoun al-Saadi have been freed after five months of captivity in Iraq. More than 20 foreign hostages are still being held in Iraq. Many more Iraqis have also been kidnapped - several have been killed. A passenger train bound for Moscow from Chechnya derailed after an explosive device detonated on the tracks 90 miles south of the Russian capital Sunday morning, according to the ITAR-Tass news agency. On Sunday, Iraqi police found the decomposing bodies of 20 men, bound and shot, in a shallow grave near the capital, Baghdad. The men, aged between about 15 and 50, are thought to have died weeks ago.

13.06.2005: At least eight people have been killed in three suicide car bomb attacks in Iraq, police say. At least 900 people, mostly Iraqis, have been killed - many of them civilians - since the new Iraqi government of Prime Minister Ibrahim Jaafari was formed six weeks ago (the new interim government was formed on 28 April.) . In other violence, two American soldiers were killed Monday in combat near Ramadi, west of Baghdad, the U.S. military said. The number of U.S. troops killed in the Iraq war stands at 1,701, according to the military. At least 14 people are killed in a bomb attack near a school in Indian-administered Kashmir, police say. 14.06.2005: At least 22 people have been killed in a suicide bombing in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk. Earlier Tuesday, a coordinated car bomb and mortar attack in Kanaan killed 10 people according to NRK. Kanaan is located about 30 miles (48 km) northeast of Baghdad. Among the dead were members of the Iraqi police and army. 15.06.2005: At least 26 Iraqi soldiers have been killed in a suicide bomb attack. The explosion happened at a canteen inside an army base in the town of Khalis, 60km (40 miles) north of the capital, Baghdad. Hours later, a suicide car bomber slammed into a police patrol in southern Baghdad, killing eight. A bomb has killed five US marines near the western Iraqi town of Ramadi, a rebel stronghold where a similar blast killed five marines last week.16.06.2005: Since a new elected government was sworn in late in April, well over 1,000 people, most of them Iraqis, have died. A suicide bomber killed at least six policemen outside Baghdad and gunmen killed a judge and his bodyguard as he drove to work in the northern city of Mosul. Also on Thursday, a car bomb exploded at an oil facility in Kirkuk and wounded at least five Iraqi soldiers, an Iraqi military commander said.In Baghdad on Thursday, a remotely detonated car bomb wounded five Iraqi soldiers and an Iraqi civilian, Iraqi police said. A Canadian two-year-old boy has been killed at an international school in Cambodia where gunmen had taken dozens of pupils and teachers hostage. Police ended the siege by storming the school in Siem Reap, near the tourist site of Angkor Wat, officials say. 17-

18.06.2005: In Baghdad, a car bomb has gone off near a truck carrying fuel, injuring at least four people. A suicide bomber killed three Wolf Brigade police commandos in Baghdad on Saturday. 19.06.2005: A suicide bomber, wearing a vest of explosives, detonated his bomb Sunday afternoon in a crowded Baghdad restaurant where Iraqi security forces were eating lunch, Iraqi police said. At least five people were killed, including two police officers, and 27 people were hurt, Iraqi police said. Nine of the wounded were police officers, they said. Earlier, a parked car bomb exploded as an Iraqi police convoy passed by in northwest Baghdad Sunday afternoon, killing two Iraqi women and wounding 20 other Iraqis, according Iraqi police. A suicide car bomb also exploded at a checkpoint near an Iraqi army base in center of Tikrit at 10 a.m. (2 a.m. EDT) Sunday, killing at least two Iraqi soldiers and one Iraqi civilian, and wounding 15 Iraqi soldiers, an official with Salah al-Din governor's office in Tikrit said. Also on Sunday, two Iraqi police officers were shot to death in the northwestern Baghdad neighborhood of al-Iskan, Iraqi police said. A suicide bomber killed 23 people, including six policemen, at a restaurant in Baghdad. 20.06.2005: A suicide attacker in Iraq has killed at least 13 policemen in the northern city of Irbil. More than 100 were also injured in the attack. It coincided with an assault on a police station in Baghdad, which killed at least six on Monday. Irbil was the scene of a suicide attack that killed about 60 people at a police recruitment centre in early May. A U.S. soldier died when a car bomb detonated near a combat logistics patrol northeast of Tal Afar, military officials said. The fatality brings the number of American soldiers killed in the Iraq war to 1,720. All in all at least 31 people have been killed and more than 130 injured in a series of attacks by insurgents across Iraq. 21.06.2005: A veteran Lebanese politician has been killed in a bomb blast in the capital Beirut, police say.

22.06.2005: A Sunni Muslim lawyer who had been invited to join a committee that will draft the Iraqi constitution has been shot dead with his 15-year-old son. On Wednesday night, five car bombs rocked Baghdad, including three nearly simultaneous bombings that killed 18 people and wounded 46 others in a predominantly Shiite neighborhood in northwestern Baghdad, police said. Elsewhere Wednesday, a suicide car bomb targeted a U.S. military convoy on the main highway to Baghdad International Airport around 8 p.m. (noon ET), police said. No casualties were reported. The U.S. military had no comment. Another bomb detonated near an Iraqi government convoy of two cars in the eastern Baghdad neighborhood of Al-Jadeeda, wounding three civilians. The convoy fled and no one was wounded in the cars, police said. Suspected Islamic separatists beheaded a man at a teashop Wednesday and then left his head in a sack on the side of the road, the latest in a series of bold attacks across southern Thailand defying government attempts to restore peace. It was the fifth beheading in just over two weeks. In separate incidents also attributed to suspected Islamic militants, two bombs were detonated in Narathiwat province, injuring eight people, including two Buddhist monks. More than 880 people have been killed since January last year, when a resurgent Islamic separatist movement intensified a campaign of bombings and killings in Thailand's far south. Most of the attacks are drive-by shootings and small bombings.

23.06.2005: A suicide car bomb targeting a U.S. Marine convoy exploded in Falluja, the volatile city west of Baghdad, causing an unknown number of casualties. Thursday night's attack came at the end of another particularly violent day in the Iraqi capital. Four car bombings killed at least 17 people and wounded as many as 60 others in the city Thursday, the Iraqi Defense Ministry said. The Associated Press reports that there has been 480 car bombs in Iraq since the handover of sovereignty on June 28, 2004. The AP count found that at least 2,174 people have been killed and 5,520 have been wounded. 24.06.2005: As many as six U.S. Marines killed by suicide bomber in Fallujah, U.S. military official tells CNN, with "some number of women" among the casualties. 25.06.2005: At least 23 people have been killed during a series of insurgent attacks on the security forces across Iraq. A bomb has exploded outside a sports stadium in the Spanish capital, Madrid, after a warning was given in the name of the Basque separatist group Eta. 26.06.2005: Four suicide bombs killed at least 19 people in 18 hours and wounded 27 more in the area of the northern city of Mosul, Iraqi police and U.S. military officials said Sunday. In Baghdad Sunday morning, two mortar attacks and a drive-by ambush killed at least three Iraqis, including the city's deputy chief of emergency police, Iraqi police said. A U.S. soldier was killed and two others were wounded Sunday when a roadside bomb exploded in Baghdad, the U.S. military said. All in all 38 persons were killed in attacks across Iraq on Sunday according to BBC.

27.06.2005: At least two civilians were killed in Baghdad in a roadside bombing on Monday. A US helicopter has crashed north of Baghdad, the US military has announced. The military said it would investigate the crash of the helicopter, which normally carries a crew of two. More than 1,000 people - mostly Iraqis - have been killed since the new government was installed in April. 28.06.2005: A bomber kills himself and three others at a police guard station in a hospital in Musayyib, 70km (40 miles) south of Baghdad. In the northern city of Kirkuk, a car bomb kills two bodyguards in a failed attempt to assassinate the chief of traffic police. A senior member of the Iraqi parliament has died in a suicide bomb attack a year to the day after the US handover of power to Iraqis. Shia MP Dhari al-Fayadh died alongside his son and three bodyguards when the car bomb slammed into their convoy in northern Baghdad. Insurgent gunmen killed nine people in a string of drive-by shootings, including four police officers and two firefighters. A prominent city council member from the western Baghdad neighborhood of Khadra also was killed. Gunmen also killed a policeman and an interpreter Tuesday afternoon in western Baghdad's Yarmouk Square, emergency police told CNN. Two Task Force Liberty soldiers died in attacks Tuesday north of Baghdad, the U.S. military said. One was killed in a suicide car bomb near Balad and the second was killed in a vehicle bombing west of Tikrit. The attacks bring the U.S. death toll to 1,741. The US military says hostile fire probably brought down a helicopter which crashed in eastern Afghanistan. 30.06.2005: The U.S. military has wrapped up exercises aimed at getting north and west African troops ready to fight al Qaeda-linked terrorists and making sure the militants don't get a toehold in a region of porous borders and weak states.

01.07.2005: At least 10 people have been killed and seven injured in a bomb attack in the southern Russian region of Dagestan, police say. The blast hit a truck filled with security forces near the Dagestani capital Makhachkala. Some of the dead were Interior Ministry troops, others were passers-by. In Baghdad Friday, an aide to Iraq's most influential Shiite cleric was gunned down, police said. Also a suicide car bomb killed a person outside an office of the Iraqi prime minister's political party. One Iraqi civilian was killed and another wounded Friday in a mortar attack carried out by insurgents in Tal Afar, near the Syrian border, according to a news release from coalition forces in the region. 02.07.2005: An explosion thought to have been caused by a hand grenade has occurred at a private beach resort south of the Lebanese capital, Beirut. A young woman was seriously injured in the blast. In the northern city of Mosul an Iraqi police officer, Lt. Col. Anwar al-Turky, was gunned down in a drive-by shooting Saturday morning, police said. A string of suicide bombing attacks across Iraq targeted Iraqi police Saturday, leaving more than 20 people dead and dozens wounded. Egypt's new ambassador to Iraq has been kidnapped in Baghdad. More than 270 foreign hostages from 37 countries have been captured since the Iraq insurgency flared after the siege of Falluja in April 2004. Many more Iraqis have been taken hostage.04.07.2005: Five Iraqi soldiers were killed and three wounded Monday when an Iraqi-U.S. joint patrol came under attack south of Baghdad, the U.S. military said. Three civilians also were wounded. Also Monday, the Iraqi capital was the scene of violence when a pair of roadside bombs killed three people and wounded four others, police said. In the northern city of Mosul, a senior member of the Kurdish Democratic Party was assassinated Monday, an Iraqi provincial official said. Separately, gunmen assassinated Iraqi police Capt. Ahmed Mouayyad, one of the Nineva governor's bodyguards, outside his house as he was heading to the governor's office. Two days ago, gunmen killed two sisters who worked with the KDP.

05.07.2005: Gunmen have attacked a convoy carrying Pakistan's envoy to Iraq, hours after Bahrain's top envoy was shot and wounded in Baghdad. In other violence, four women employees at Baghdad airport have been killed in an ambush on their minibus. A bomb has also exploded near the Iranian mission in Baghdad, but police said it targeted a US military patrol, rather than Iranian diplomats. A civilian guard was wounded in the blast. Indian police have killed five gunmen who attacked a flashpoint religious site in the northern city of Ayodhya. A sixth person, still unidentified, also died. 06.07.2005: A message posted on the internet says the abduction of the Egyptian envoy in Baghdad was carried out by a group calling itself al-Qaeda in Iraq. 07.07.2005: An internet message purported to be from the militant group led by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi says Egypt's ambassador to Iraq has been killed. A series of bomb blasts on London's transport network leaves at least 56 dead and about 700 injured. 10.07.2005: Bombs in three Iraqi cities, including two suicide bombings, killed a total of 30 people and wounded up to 70, authorities said.. Six Afghan policemen have been beheaded after an ambush by suspected Taleban guerrillas, Afghan officials have said. Four other police died and more were wounded when a 30-man convoy was caught in a two-hour gun battle in the southern province of Helmand. The six police were seized and taken away. They were later found beheaded on a roadside after a lengthy search. At least 20 people are injured in an explosion in the popular seaside resort of Cesme in western Turkey.

11.07.2005: At least 20 people die as fire engulfs a shop in the northern Russian town of Ukhta, in a suspected arson attack. 12.07.2005: A powerful car bomb has injured the outgoing Lebanese defense minister, and killed at least two other people.A suicide bomber has killed two people and himself at the entrance to a shopping centre in the Israeli coastal town of Netanya, Israeli police say. Rescue services say they are treating 40 people, some with serious injuries. Palestinian militants Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility and the bomber was identified as an 18-year-old male. It is the first suicide attack in Israel since a bombing outside a Tel Aviv nightclub on 25 February, carried out by the same group. The Basque separatist group Eta has been blamed for four explosions near a power station in northern Spain on Tuesday. There were no casualties. A small bomb has exploded in Barcelona at an Italian government cultural institute, injuring a Spanish police officer and killing a police dog. 13.07.2005: At least 26 Iraqis, almost all of them children, have been killed by a car bomb in south-eastern Baghdad. A US soldier is also said to have died in the blast. Another three US soldiers are reported to have been injured.14.07.2005: Two suicide bombers have struck near the Green Zone in central Baghdad, killing one person and injuring six, Iraqi interior ministry officials say. Two U.S. Marines were killed Thursday when their vehicle was hit by a homemade bomb during combat operations near Trebil, in Anbar province, the U.S. military said. This brings the number of U.S. troops killed in the war to 1,758.

15.07.2005: Suicide bomb attacks killed at least 22 Iraqis on Friday, U.S. and Iraqi officials said. 16.07.2005: Suicide bomber kills 4 in Turkey. Three British troops died in a roadside bomb attack in Amarah, north of Basra, taking the total number killed in action to 92. A suicide bomber detonated his explosives near a propane fuel tanker parked near a gas station south of Baghdad Saturday evening, killing 98 and wounding about 160 people. In a village near the northern city of Mosul, a suicide bomber detonated his explosives inside an Iraqi police station, killing six police officers and wounding 16 other people, police and the U.S. military said. In the southern Baghdad neighborhood of Dora, a suicide car bomb targeting a police commando convoy killed a police commando, a civilian and two children.17.07.2005: Four suicide car bombings killed nine people and wounded 21 on Sunday in and around Baghdad. An Iraqi police officer was also abducted in the Iraqi capital. There has been some more bloodshed in Israel and Palestine the latest days.

18.07.2005: At least 8 people are killed in Iraq. 19.07.2005: At least 13 people have died in an ambush on a minibus carrying workers to a US base in Baquba, Iraqi police say. There are also reports of a roadside bombing targeting a police patrol in Kirkuk, in Iraq's oil-rich north, that killed two people. Gunmen in Iraq have killed two Sunni Muslim members of the committee drafting a new constitution and a third Sunni politician, police say. Nearly 25,000 civilians have died violently in Iraq since the US-led invasion in March 2003, a report says. Almost a fifth of the 24,865 deaths were women or children and nearly half of all the civilian deaths were reported in the capital Baghdad. More than 1,700 US soldiers and dozens of other coalition troops are known to have died. The Iraqi government says 1,300 Iraqi police and military have been killed since security forces were set up in late 2003. But US think-tank the Brookings Institute puts the figure at almost twice this number. At least 42,500 civilians were reported to have been injured. On average, 34 ordinary Iraqis have met violent deaths every day since the invasion of March 2003. Fourteen people die and more than 20 are hurt in an explosion in Chechnya, reports from Russia say. 20.07.2005: At least 8 people have been killed by a car bomb in Indian-administered Kashmir. A suicide bomber has killed at least eight people and wounded many others at an army recruitment centre in Baghdad, say Iraqi police.

21.07.2005: Two Algerian diplomats in Iraq have been kidnapped in Baghdad, police say. Meanwhile, at least eight Iraqis have died in a series of attacks by insurgents in and around Baghdad. Four small explosions hit three London Underground stations and a bus, the city's police chief says. The lunch-hour attacks come two weeks to the day after bombs on three trains and a bus killed 52 people and the four bombers.22.07.2005: A bride and her mother are believed to be among at least eight people who have died in a series of drive-by shootings in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad. 23.07.2005: Three pre-dawn bombings in the Egyptian resort of Sharm al-Sheikh killed up to 88 people and wounded more than 200, according to hospital officials. Egypt's Health Ministry said 64 people died, but numerous body parts have not been identified. 24.07.2005:A suicide car bomb exploded near al-Rashad police station in Baghdad on Sunday, killing 25 people and wounding 33 others, the city's emergency police said. Earlier Sunday, a child was killed and six other Iraqi civilians were wounded when a bomb exploded near their minibus, police said. Other violence in Iraq on Sunday included a mortar round that exploded inside Iraq's Interior Ministry compound about 8 a.m., authorities said. The attack killed an Iraqi police officer and wounded another. In another attack, Lt. Col. Imad Hatem Khalaf, head of al-Kadhimiya police station, was assassinated Sunday in northwestern Baghdad's Huriya neighborhood by unknown gunmen, police said.

25.07.2005: Fourteen Iraqis were killed Monday in two separate suicide car bomb attacks in the country's capital, police officials and the Ministry of Defense reported. 26.07.2005: Insurgents killed 12 Iraqi workers and wounded 22 in an attack Tuesday on minibuses at a factory west of Baghdad, an Iraqi police official said. In the northern city of Mosul, an ambulance driver and a female civilian died when they were caught in crossfire between insurgents and Iraqi soldiers, police said. Six other civilians were wounded. In other violence Tuesday, the Baquba leader of Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr's Mehdi Army militia was shot and killed, police said. He was identified as Sa'ad Yunis al-Difa'I. 27.07.2005: A mortar round struck a parking lot of a bus terminal in Baghdad on Wednesday, killing a civilian and wounding 20 people. Yarmouk Hospital officials provided the casualty figures and police gave the account of incident, in which 25 cars were damaged. A police commando died and four others were wounded when a car bomb exploded in the Shurta al-Khamsa section of southwestern Baghdad, according to sources in Yarmouk Hospital. Gunmen abducted three Baghdad International Airport employees Wednesday morning in a neighborhood on the western side of the city. Maher Yaseen Jasim, head of the airport's telecommunications department, was seized along with an employee and a driver when three cars with eight gunmen intercepted Jasim's car, police said. The US military has said two soldiers were killed and one hurt by a bomb near Baghdad on Wednesday. Several Iraqi troops died in attacks elsewhere.

28.07.2005: Six Iraqi soldiers have been killed in clashes with insurgents in two towns north of Baghdad on Thursday, the Reuters news agency has reported. Police in Iraq say a train carrying oil tanks has exploded, killing at least one person and injuring several others. The blast was said to have been caused by a bomb, but it was not yet clear if the train was the intended target. 29.07.2005: A suicide bomber has blown himself up among a group of Iraqi army recruits, killing at least 40 people and wounding several. The attack on Friday occurred in the northern Iraqi town of Rabia, about 80km (50 miles) north-west of Mosul and close to the Syrian border. The man was wearing an explosive belt which he detonated, a police general told the Associated Press news agency. 30.07.2005: Two British security guards have been killed after an attack on a convoy in Basra, southern Iraq, it has been confirmed. A local police captain, Mushtaq Kadim, said two Iraqi children were seriously injured when a second bomb exploded five minutes after the convoy was attacked. 31.07.2005: A car bomb near an Iraqi police checkpoint kills at least five civilians, and wounds another 10, including two Iraqi policemen, police say. A bodyguard of Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Ahmed Chalabi was killed Sunday and three others wounded in an attack on their convoy south of Baghdad, a city emergency police official said. Two civilian security guards were killed in attack on a British Embassy convoy on a road near Basra.

01.08.2005: At least 11 bodies have been discovered near a school in south-western Baghdad. Some of the dead had been blindfolded and shot, while others were beheaded, according to reports. Earlier, a senior military official was killed, and two bodyguards wounded as the official headed to work in Baghdad, officials said. A former police officer from Northern Ireland was one of the two security contractors killed in a bomb attack in Iraq, it has been confirmed. A second explosion, five minutes after the first, seriously injured two Iraqi boys. They were part of a crowd that had gathered around the scene of the blast. 02.08.2005: According to military news releases, six US Marines died in combat near Haditha, about 135 miles (217 kilometers) northwest of Baghdad. Another Marine died in a suicide car bombing near Hit, 95 miles (152 kilometers) northwest of Baghdad. 03.08.2005: A roadside bomb blast killed 14 Marines and a civilian interpreter Wednesday as they rode in a vehicle near Haditha, Iraq, U.S. military officials said. In the past 10 days, 43 U.S. troops have been killed in Iraq. That brings the number of U.S. troops killed in the war to 1,820, according to U.S. military reports. U.S. freelance journalist Steven Vincent was found shot to death in the southern Iraqi city of Basra early Wednesday, officials said. Two Iraqi police officers were assassinated within 12 hours of each other in Baghdad, police said Wednesday. The first police officer was killed about 9 p.m. Tuesday, when gunmen opened fire on his car in the western Baghdad neighborhood of Amiriya as he returned home, police said. Gunmen killed the second police officer about 8:30 a.m. Wednesday as he left home in the western Baghdad neighborhood of Al-Jami'a, police said.

04.08.2005: An explosion has killed a mother and daughter and injured several others in a residential district of Istanbul. Turkey has been hit by several bombings in recent weeks - some blamed on Kurdish militants, others on Islamists. On Tuesday, two small blasts in the Mediterranean resort of Antalya injured at least six people, police said. Five people were killed when a bomb ripped through a bus in the Aegean Sea resort of Kusadasi in July. Five Iraqi security officers died Thursday in and around the northern city of Kirkuk, police said. Gunmen in the center of Kirkuk shot dead three police officers and wounded another, Maj. Gen. Anwar Mohammed Amin said. Two police commandos died and four others were wounded when a car bomb exploded near Kirkuk, Amin said. An Israeli soldier opens fire inside a bus in Israel's northern Galilee region, killing four Israeli Arabs and seriously wounding five others before he is killed, according to Israeli police. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon issued a statement condemning the attack, calling it "the terrible act of a bloodthirsty terrorist." 05.08.2005: Five soldiers were killed on Friday in a bomb attack in Turkey's south-eastern Hakkari province blamed on suspected Kurdish rebels.

06.08.2005: Five men have been arrested in Turkey in connection with a plot to carry out bomb attacks in the Mediterranean resort of Mersin, security forces said. Police said one of the men was thought to belong to a Kurdish militant group (PKK). A British soldier is in a critical condition after a suspected roadside bomb targeted a military convoy near Basra, Iraq, the Army has said. Two U.S. soldiers died and three others were wounded Saturday when a roadside bomb detonated near a vehicle patrol near the Iraqi city of Samarra, U.S. military officials said. A suicide car bomber killed a U.S. Marine in the western Iraqi village of Amiriya on Saturday, the U.S. military said. The deaths bring the number of U.S. troops killed in Iraq to 1829. 07.08.2005: 10 people were killed in a series of shootings throughout the Iraqi capital of Baghdad on Saturday and Sunday, an Iraqi police official has told. In Tikrit two Iraqi police officers were killed and 10 were wounded Sunday when a fuel tanker exploded near police headquarters in Tikrit, according to an official with the governor's office in Tikrit. 08.08.2005: On Monday, a U.S. Marine died as a result of small arms fire during combat operations in Ramadi, according to a military news release. 09.08.2005: Insurgents launched a string of attacks Tuesday in Iraq, killing at least 16 people -- including 10 Iraqi police and a U.S. soldier. 10.08.2005: Insurgent attacks in Baghdad killed four Iraqi police officers Wednesday, following an overnight ambush north of the capital that killed four U.S. soldiers. The deaths bring the total number U.S. service members killed since the war began to 1,840.

12.08.2005: At least five Iraqis were reportedly killed in attacks, and the brother of a minister shot dead, on Friday. A roadside bomb blast killed a U.S. soldier assigned to Task Force Liberty early Friday.The death brings the number of U.S. troops killed in Iraq to 1,843. Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar has been assassinated in a gun attack in the capital, Colombo. The murder was blamed by a senior police officer on the separatist Tamil Tigers, who have been observing a ceasefire since 2002. A spokeswoman for the Norwegian monitors overseeing the truce warned that the killing could "put the whole ceasefire under risk".14.08.2005: Five US soldiers are killed in roadside bombings over the weekend and another is shot, the US military says. At least 11 Iraqis are killed on Sunday. Police find 30 bodies, two of them women, in a mass grave south of Baghdad. 15.08.2005: A car bomb exploded in downtown Grozny, the capital of Chechnya, on Monday, killing a 10-year-old boy, the RIA-Novosti news agency reported citing police officials. 17.08.2005: At least 43 people have died and 76 wounded in three car bombings in the centre of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.Two US soldiers die in separate attacks in southern Baghdad, and northern Iraq, the US military says. Six Iraqi soldiers in northern Iraq are killed when insurgents open fire as they guard oil installations near Kirkuk. Two have been killed and more than 100 people have been injured in a series of simultaneous bomb blasts across Bangladesh. Police say about 100 explosions took place in some 50 cities and towns across the country including the capital Dhaka and Chittagong. They are said to have taken place in front of government buildings, markets, press clubs and court premises. An outlawed Islamic group, Jamatul Mujahideen Bangladesh, says it carried out the attacks.

18.08.2005: Four US soldiers and at least five Iraqis, one of them a judge, have died in another day of violence in Iraq. A total of 1,861 American troops have died in the war since the U.S.-led invasion in March 2003, including the four who were killed Thursday by a roadside bomb in Samarra.19.08.2005 At least one missile has been fired at a US Navy ship docked in the Jordanian port of Aqaba, officials said. The rocket missed the USS Ashland, but hit a nearby warehouse killing one Jordanian soldier and injuring another. In a second attack minutes later another missile, also launched from Jordanian soil, was fired at an airport in Eilat, in neighboring Israel. Iraq Sunni party workers killed: Three members of Iraq's main Sunni Arab political party have been abducted and killed in the northern city of Mosul. The three men were seized as they hung posters urging people to vote. Two Iraqis were reported killed by a roadside bomb near Tikrit. 20.08.2005: At least three Iraqi soldiers were killed in the former insurgents' stronghold of Falluja on Saturday. Six other members of the security forces died in unrest near the northern town of Shorgat and in al-Amiriyah on the edge of Baghdad, said officials quoted by the AFP news agency. A roadside bomb Saturday killed a soldier with the 42nd Military Police Brigade on the southern outskirts of Baghdad, the U.S. military said. A statement said his vehicle was struck by a homemade bomb and that he died of his wounds at the 86th Combat Support Hospital. The casualty brings the number of U.S. troop deaths in the war to 1,862. A bomb detonated by remote control killed at least three police officers in the troubled southern Russian region of Dagestan and wounded several more, officials said Saturday.

21.08.2005: Two American soldiers died Sunday when their vehicle rolled over during a patrol in northern Iraq near Tal Afar, the U.S. military said. A U.S. soldier also was killed Sunday when his vehicle struck a roadside bomb in Ad Dwar. The number of American troops who have died in the Iraq war stands at 1,865, according to the U.S. military. Four U.S. soldiers have been killed and three others wounded in a bomb attack south of Deh Chopan in Afghanistan, according to the U.S. military. 22.08.2005: Gunmen in three cars opened fire Monday on a minivan in the northern Baghdad suburb of Tarmya, killing eight police officers and three civilians, police said. At least four people were injured when an explosion took place in the Zalka suburb of the Lebanese capital, Beirut. 23.08.2005: On Tuesday, a suicide bombing killed seven people, including two Americans in Baquba. The death brought the total of U.S. military in the war to 1,871 and the number of Americans killed in August to 73. 24.08.2005: Insurgents struck Iraqi police checkpoints in western Baghdad on Wednesday, sparking pitched battles in the capital, police said. Three people were killed and 30 wounded, police sources said. Earlier, Iraq's Deputy Minister of Justice, Awshoo Ibrahim, escaped an assassination attempt in a western Baghdad neighborhood, police said. Four of Ibrahim's bodyguards were killed in the attack and five others were wounded. Two vehicles were also destroyed. Insurgents launched a sophisticated and well-coordinated strike against police checkpoints in Baghdad on Wednesday that left 14 dead and 59 wounded, police said. Seven people died in violence between rival Shia in several Iraqi cities. Seven people were killed Wednesday when insurgents raided the home of a family in western Baghdad, an Iraqi police official said. The insurgents put the family into a room and planted bombs before detonating them, blowing up the house and killing all the family members.

25.08.2005: Police in Iraq say they have found the bodies of 36 men dumped in a shallow river near the town of Kut, south-east of the capital, Baghdad. Five civilians died and eight were wounded Thursday in a shootout at a cafe in Miqdadiya, about 43 miles (70 kilometers) east of Baghdad, said an Iraqi security source in Diyala province. The prime minister of Russia's Ingushetia republic has been wounded when two bombs targeted his car in an assassination attempt, his office said. One of the prime minister's security guards was killed in the attack and two other security personnel were wounded. 27.08.2005: At least six bus passengers in Nepal have been killed in explosions while trying to move road-blocks placed by Maoist rebels. Five members of the security forces died in the same district on Friday while trying to remove roadblocks. Last June the rebels admitted that an attack on a passenger bus in which at least 38 died was a "serious mistake". Nine years of civil war in Nepal have left more than 12,000 people dead at the hands of both sides. 28.08.2005: Twenty-one people were wounded Sunday, two seriously, in a suicide bombing at a central bus station in the southern Israeli town of Beersheba, Israeli officials said. A bomb on a ferry in the southern Philippines has injured at least 30 people, including nine children. 29.08.2005: Unknown gunmen assassinated the brother of the former governor of Baghdad and an official assigned to the Iraqi Elections Commission in separate incidents Monday.

30.08.2005: A U.S. pilot was killed and a second was wounded when a U.S. helicopter was hit by small-arms fire in northern Iraq, a military spokesman said. The number of U.S. troops killed in the Iraq war stands at 1,878. 31.08.2005: 965 people have been killed and 465 people were injured in a stampede of Shia pilgrims in northern Baghdad, Iraqi officials say. The incident happened on a bridge over the Tigris River as about one million Shias marched to a shrine for an annual religious festival. Witnesses said panic spread because of rumours that suicide bombers were in the crowd. Many victims were crushed to death or fell in the river and drowned. Earlier, mortar rounds had been fired into the crowd, killing 16 people. About 36 others were injured when four mortar rounds landed close to the Kadhimiya mosque. One US soldier died south of the capital on Wednesday

01.09.2005: A young girl has died in Baghdad in a gun battle between Sunnis and Shias near the scene of Wednesday's stampede in which nearly 1,000 pilgrims died. The incident happened on Thursday night as Shias marched on the al-Aima bridge, blaming al-Qaeda for the tragedy. The US military announces that two of its soldiers were killed while on patrol in Baghdad on Thursday. 02.09.2005: One person dies and at least four others are injured in a drive-by shooting outside two Sunni mosques in Basra, southern Iraq. Two separate blasts - targeting a US convoy and a private security convoy - rock central Baghdad, injuring one person. The U.S. military reported Friday that three more American soldiers were killed this week, two by a roadside bomb and one by small arms fire. That brought the number of U.S. troop deaths in the Iraq war to 1,885. 03.09.2005: Sixteen Iraqi security forces died in three separate incidents Saturday in Diyala province north of Baghdad. 04.09.2005: A suspected landmine blast in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh has killed 24 paramilitary police, media reports and officials say. Ministers said Maoist rebels were suspected of carrying out the attack. Thousands have died in a three-decade Maoist insurgency across a number of central and eastern Indian states.

05.09.2005: At least two Iraqi police officers have been killed and several wounded in a surprise attack by insurgents on the interior ministry building in Baghdad. In other incidents, Associated Press quoted Baghdad police saying that nine civilians were killed overnight or early Monday in several separate incidents. Meanwhile, four civilians were reported killed and four others were injured when several mortar rounds landed in the town of Baquba north of Baghdad. And two British soldiers have been killed in southern Iraq, reportedly when their convoy was hit by a roadside bomb. The deaths bring the British military death toll in Iraq to 94 since the outbreak of hostilities in March 2003. 06.09.2005: A roadside bombing followed by armed clashes has left four Iraqi troops and three civilians dead in the town of Khaldiya, near Falluja, west of Baghdad. An Iraqi army officer was killed by gunmen in Dhuluiya, north of Baghdad.

07.09.2005: Palestinian ex-security chief Moussa Arafat has been shot dead in Gaza after being dragged from his home by gunmen. An American contractor rescued by coalition forces Wednesday after 10 months in captivity departed Iraq for the United States aboard a military plane Friday. Roy Hallums, who was freed along with an Iraqi from a farmhouse south of Baghdad based on a tip from an Iraqi detainee, departed from Balad Air Base on a U.S. Air Force C-17, according to a U.S. military statement. Four American private security contractors were killed when their vehicle, part of a U.S. diplomatic convoy, struck a roadside bomb in southern Basra. A car bomb also exploded near a western convoy in central Baghdad Wednesday, injuring five bystanders, Iraqi police said. The convoy continued unharmed. Less than three hours later, an official with the Ministry of Defense was gunned down in a drive-by shooting in southern Baghdad's Dora neighborhood, police said. Killed in the attack was Hassan Umran. His driver was wounded. At about the same time, police found the bullet-riddled bodies of three men near a water purification plant in the Rustumiye section of southeastern Baghdad. Police said the bodies were dumped without identification. Iraqi police Wednesday said a U.S. Army Humvee was seen burning along the Mohammed al-Qasim highway in eastern Baghdad. A spokeswoman with the Army's 3rd Infantry Division said three U.S. soldiers were wounded when their convoy was hit by an improvised explosive device. At least one of the injured was in critical condition and medevaced to a field hospital. Around midday, a top officer with Iraqi police commandos was killed after gunmen fired on his convoy in western Baghdad. According to Baghdad police, Col. Imad Ismail Thyab was shot and killed in the Ghazaliya neighborhood when the attackers in two cars opened fire. Three other police commandos were wounded in the attack. Sixteen people were killed and 21 injured when a pick-up truck full of explosives was detonated near a restaurant popular with the Iraqi security forces. Among the dead were two children.

09.09.2005: Iraqi police say the have found six unidentified bodies in Rustamiyah, about 20km south of Baghdad. They said the men had been tied up and shot, before being dumped in the sewage system. Police in Hilla investigating the execution-style slayings of 18 people near Iskandariya south of Baghdad were ambushed on Friday, leaving two officers dead and nine others wounded, according to emergency police in Baghdad. 10.09.2005: Shots have been fired at police and a civilian injured by a blast bomb thrown during loyalist rioting surrounding a controversial parade in Belfast.Gunmen on Saturday opened fire on workers heading to their jobs at a U.S. military base in Khalis and killed four people, police said. The incident took place in the village of Aswad nearly 30 kilometers (20 miles) northwest of Baquba. The dead were described as civilians. Four other people were wounded as well. Baquba and Khalis are in Diyala province north of Baghdad.

11.09.2005: It is four years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks and The International Conference on Terrorism takes a break from the daily updates. The International Conference on Terrorism and the Anarchist International denounce all kinds of terrorists and terrorism world wide. We will be back with more news, comments, resolutions and other direct actions, when something especially important happens.

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