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The Anarchist International Embassy in Oslo
l'ambassade du monde libertaire
Anarkistinternasjonalens ambassade i Oslo


The Anarchist International Embassy was founded and mandated by the International Anarchist Congress, i.e. the Fifth Anarchist Biennial in Oslo medio December 1998. The Anarchist Biennials are a series of international anarchist congress-seminars, starting with the first one in 1990, arranged by the North sections of AI-IFA-IAF.

The Anarchist International Embassy is mandated to take care of the Anarchist International's diplomatic services on an autonomous basis, using

a) anarchist principles, i.e. socialism and autonomy, efficiency and fairness, the IFA-principles, the Oslo Convention, anarchist human rights & ethics and the economical-political map, as well as

b) relations to the International Anarchist Tribunal a.s.o.;

related to concrete diplomatic situations and international affairs, vis-à-vis other embassies and external departments, ministries of foreign affairs, offices and state departments of different countries.

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