13 points against satanism

An anarchist manifesto - libertarians are against satanism  

Reply to a manifesto/declaration from the Conservative Satanic Agenda (CSA) in USA.  

1. edtion 24.09.2002. This document is published as a supplement to ij@ 4(31), with the link 

1. Introduction: 'Teacher' (i.e. in the meaning of the satanists'/CSA's 'master'  = beelzebub, mephistopheles, lucifer, dracula, skeletor, hitler, stalin, franco, mussolini, pol pot, reagan, tatcher, etc. in short the arch-enemy, satan, i.e. enemy of anarchon, anarchy and anarchism as defined on ) leave us kids alone! ... the dark (brown) sarcasm in the classroom... 'Teacher'! Leave us kids alone! (based on 'Pink Floyd's - the Wall')  

2. "Support Bush", the Conservative Satanic Agenda, CSA, declares. Our answer is: "Not principally, and the documented authoritarian tendencies - anarchists support a libertarian fight against terrorism, rule by terror - and all forms of ruling, man by man. Especially we are against (more) strong rule in America. Leaders  - in the meaning of authorities; - the master,  is principally not "our"...  

3. In such cases where the societal management, public included, is significantly influenced - broadly defined - from the people, anarchists included, the grassroots - in a democratic way  - from the bottom upwards - i.e. the bureaucracy mainly  supports us and is not acting significant authoritarian;  it is however...  

4. - rational to have some limited co-operation in a way between the people and the management, i.e. from case to case - as allies - and not fellows, but principally we don't support "our" leaders - they are not ours - but more or less class enemies.  

5. In fact we, the anarchists  - and more or less the people in general - are via different actions always trying to set limits and borders for the authorities and their activities, to  see to that ...  

a) they de facto are acting as much as possible in the interest of the people, as a part of the general fight for more horizontal organization - i.e. more anarchy in general, and thus that ...  

b) the leaders/management act as little as possible as archs, i.e. monarchy, oligarchy, polyarchy, ochlarchy (mob rule), plutarchy, and/or rivaling 'states within the state' i.e. social chaos - in short act as the  arch-enemy, master, devil, satan, i.e. bestiality...; and  

c) not the other way around, i.e. we, the people, the anarchists included  - are acting as and/or being  relatively or absolutely slaves and the leaders are "ours" relatively or absolutely masters.  All tendencies of slavery we are working very much against.  

6. As analysed by the International Conference, see IJ@ 4(31) updated, (click on) and on in general, in the case of terrorism and war-criminals; -   

a) the anarchists in general are supporting the anti-terror-coalition formed after the 11.09.2001 terrorist attacks against the Twin Towers etc., and no anarchist is for terrorism, i.e. rule by terror.  

b) However as clearly documented a.o.t. at the, the Bush-bureaucracy has several times used the terrorist-problem as an excuse for actions towards trying to be "the masters of the universe" like a 'skeletor', rule the world, and create an Orwellian "1984" big brother system world wide, and we strongly oppose such tendencies.  

7. In this way we are opposed to - not supporting - the world leaders, the Bush-bureaucracy included, a.o.t. because we see a tendency of ruling, archies and arch,  the arch-enemy - a real danger against the libertarian, in some of the Bush-administrations policy. It is impossible to 'cure a pestilence with colera' and 'drive out the devil with beelzebub', although perhaps smart to trick them into fighting each other, in the fight for the libertarian, but tendencies of USA as a satanic master-state of the world - we are as mentioned strongly against, and we continue to fight against such tendencies.  

8. Thus we are clearly against  the manifesto of the Conservative Satanic Agenda, CSA, and their conclusion "SUPPORT OUR LEADERS" as a general statement. If we do so, i.e. follow  the CSA's manifesto, we will, as the CSA most likely wants, probably end up in a real hell on earth. Anarchists, although being neither devils nor angels nor religious, but principally atheists, are working towards the quite opposite of hell and the satanic, i.e. for anarchy: an approximately optimal population in all countries of the world, plus freedom, equality and solidarity and other anarchist principles, including efficiency and fairness, libertarian human rights, socialism and autonomy, in short the libertaire as the French people say; with "NEITHER GOD - NOR MASTER , I.E. SATAN INCLUDED".  

9. The Conservative Satanic Agenda, CSA, should go to hell were they belong, they are conservatives , probably with more than 666 per thousand authoritarian degree on the agenda, and we take a clear stand against their manifesto. Furthermore, anarchists are principally against the satanic in any form, hell in real terms. Anarchy and anarchism practically always have more than 50% degree of anarchy, have less than 50% authoritarian degree, but satanism and hell are something with more than 666 per thousand  authoritarian degree. Thus, satanism and anarchism are contradictions, in reality have nothing in common. Anarchists may never, seen all in all, have a significant satanic tendency, i.e. be significantly authoritarian. In case a person is significantly authoritarian, satanic included, the one is no anarchist.  

10. We are here of course discussing realities, politics, - not just role plays with demons, horror-movies as Dracula, "satan-rock", satanic literature as "Faust" and "Divina Comedia", etc, i.e. cultural virtual 'reality'. Furthermore we don't  take the "Nine Satanic Statements" quoted below - as such - seriously,  - to us it is just a bit weird piece of  fantasy literature. To put it simple -  the "Nine Satanic Statements" are just a bunch of lies and weird authoritarian policy. People really believing in this must be more or less crackpots. We also see the funny ironical point that the US satanists are supporting their leader, mr Bush, the "Great Satan" according to Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. However, when used for action, in criminal sects, and/or in politics  - as in this case, concrete support to authoritarian tendencies, we must take a clear stand against it.  

11. We have received this note from the Conservative Satanic Agenda, CSA, sent to several sections of the Anarchist International - without anybody asking for it, and thus must be on their mail-lists. To avoid misunderstandings and getting mixed up with this weird political tendency, we state clearly that we are in no way related, or associated to the CSA, or other satanic organizatons. Anarchism and satanism are contradictions.  As mentioned, anarchists take a clear stand against satanism in real terms, i.e. of all forms and shapes.   

12. The satanists' "satanic power", "magical formulŠ", "number magic", are just confused  fantasies, and of course in no way influence our policy  - as we don't believe in such 'psychological' and 'hypnotic' humbug. However although fantasy, based on pure superstition, it may affect the actions of people that believe in such nonsens via psychological ruling, similar to wich-doctors and woo-doo priests, i.e. an authoritarian tendency. Thus, as mentioned, anarchists take a clear stand against satanism in real terms of all forms and shapes.   

13. Any attempt to draw a connection between anarchism and satanism, i.e. in real terms, is false, and will be rejected, as the first mentioned is about anarchies, the second about archies, more or less hell. As satanism as a religion is based on superstition, fantasies about magical formulŠ, etc, the number 13 is seen as a bad omen. Thus the satanists should take this anarchist manifesto; "13 points against satanism" as a bad omen for themselves and their 'master', and if they try to infiltrate or getting mixed up with the anarchist movement, we will 'give them hell' in a way that they don't like and approve of. Anarchists are working for  - and towards - heaven on earth, not the opposite i.e. hell - with more than 666 per thousand authoritarian degree, as CSA.   

Thus we also reject the false "Salutations and warm regards!" from CSA - To us it feels authoritarian, cold included ...  Satanists! Leave us - and politics - and stop with your authoritarian nonsense in general!  

Anarchist greetings  

M. Solberg  

Councillor - the Anarchist International   

P.S. When doing authoritarian "masters of the universe" type policy, the Bush-bureaucracy should think of who support them, i.e. the conservative satanists.... and think twice!  

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Salutations and warm regards! 

   We at the Conservative Satanic Agenda (CSA) believe that in these frightening and confusing times, it is vitally important to put aside our individual differences and SUPPORT OUR LEADERS. Now more than ever, we need leaders in Washington who will stand firm in defense of our national interests, both here and abroad.

   The Bush Administration has stood for America through a horrifying crisis and potentially endless war, and we as a nation must continue to support the strength that our leaders have come to represent, so that we may remain the most powerful nation on earth.  We at CSA are of the highest hope that you will consider the timely importance of standing behind strong leadership when going to the polls this fall.

                             Thank you for your consideration.

For more information on the CSA, see below.

The Nine Satanic Statements

By Anton Szandor LaVey [i]

1.    Satan represents indulgence, instead of abstinence!

                By bowing out of the Kyoto treaty and refusing to discuss global climate change, President Bush has insured that American industries will continue to prosper.

2.    Satan represents vital existence, instead of spiritual pipe dreams!

.            Now more than ever, citizens of the modern world require prosperity and growth to meet the challenges of the coming era, and we believe that among politicians, the Bush Administration is uniquely in touch with this reality.

3.    Satan represents undefiled wisdom, instead of hypocritical self-deceit!

             We at CSA wholeheartedly endorse Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s recent statements to the effect that it’s not important whether the world approves of our impending strikes against Iraq; it is only important that we do what we know to be right.

4.    Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it, instead of love wasted on ingrates!

                 The Bush Administration has consistently and intelligently linked aid to third world countries to development, and backed away from wasting resources on dead-end welfare programs. 

5.    Satan represents vengeance, instead of turning the other cheek!

                 We call your attention to The Administration’s  masterful retaliation against Al-Queda and their sympathizers after  9/11. 

6.    Satan represents responsibility to the responsible, instead of concern for vampires!

                  Civilization as we know it runs on energy.  It is very important that our energy sources remain secure and intact.  President Bush lives with the burden of this awesome responsibility every day. 

7.    Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those who walk on all fours, who, because of his “divine spiritual and intellectual development”, has become the most vicious animal of all!

                 ---- "These are the kind that go to a cave and send youngsters to their suicidal death. That's the kind of people we're fighting. But there's no
cave deep enough for America, or dark enough to hide." George W. Bush, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Aug. 29, 2002

8.    Satan represents all of the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification!

                While it may not be politically expedient to discuss what George W. did prior to becoming Governer of Texas, we would like to simply say that this man most certainly has our confidence.

9.    Satan has been the best friend the church has ever had, as He has kept it in business all these years!

                 CSA strongly supports President Bush’s faith-based social programs.

[i] --The Satanic Bible, Harper Collins,pub 1969.

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