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* Read: Commune elections (municipal elections) in the Anarchy of Norway 2015 - Results - Click here! *
* Read: Commune elections (municipal elections) in the Anarchy of Norway 2011 - Results - Click here! *
* Read: Full report of the terrorist attack in the Anarchy of Norway and the following- Click here! *

* Read: Brief course of anarchy and anarchism - to get started on www.anarchy.no - Click here! *

* Read: FABS - Tellus, Anarchy vs Ochlarchy, Cosmos, Magic and Love - Click here! *

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* Read: The anarchists' 2012 report! Anarkistenes 2012 rapport! - Click here! *
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* Read: Osama bin Laden is killed - Anarchist comment - Click here! *

* Read: Open letter to AIT/IWA - Anarchist & anarchosyndicalist comments and questions to recent resolutions - Click here! *
* Full report: Pro-republic & anarchy direct action happening at UK royal wedding - Anti-Trump actions - And more news from the anglophone countries! Click here! *

* Full report of May Day by IWW: Manifesto - Actions - The fight against the unenlightened plutarchy and for real democracy world wide - Click here! *
* Libertarians world wide celebrate 01.05.2011: International Labor Day 125 years & 45 years of the Anarchist Revolution in Iceland - Click here! *

The popular revolts in the Arab countries and beyond - the fight against IS - and more - frequently updated...
Click here - Qatar, Tunisia, Egypt and other Arab countries on the economic-political map

What are anarchism and anarchy really? Read and learn:
Click here!
The International Anarchist Congress 2010 - Resolutions and more...
Click here!
See and listen to the Anarchist International Radio and TV - AIRTV
Click here!
The situation in Pakistan
Click here!

Historic report: Nobel Peace Prize 2010 to jailed freedom fighter Liu Xiaobo - Direct action by anarchists (AFIN) against the Chinese Embassy in Oslo!
Click here!
Anarchist International support action for the social-individualist anarchist Julian Assange and WikiLeaks
Click here!
The terrorism in Greece is done by marxist leftwing extremists. No anarchists involved. Proof and more information:
Click here!
The situation in Greece:
Click here!

The terrorism in Italy is done by the marxist group "Informal Federation of Anarchists", i.e. provocateurs falsely posing as 'anarchists'. Proof and more information:
Click here!

IWW's international direct action 'Towards anarchy in France' and the situation in France - The struggle continues - Stop the ochlarchy - Updated!
Click here!
Updated news from the "Pots and Pans Revolution" in the Anarchy of Iceland - NO to Icesave and EU!
Click here!

Direkte aksjon mot Datalagringsdirektivet m.v. - Nei til "Storebror ser deg"
Click here! 

Direkte aksjon mot monstermaster i Hardanger og for miljø
Click here! 

Direkte aksjon for lokalsykehus og mot statsmonolitten
Click here! 

The People's Movement - Folkebevegelsen
Click here! 

Listen to FABS - The Federalist Anarchist Beat Society's punk single "Punk Out" a.k.a. "The pro anarchy and anti-ochlarchy anthem" and 5 main albums!
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Give the boss a hard hitting FABS cd - Order from the FABS HUB - International Center for FABS in Oslo - Distributes FABS products world wide!
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IIFOR knuser Statistisk Sentralbyrå!
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Google international translation tool: Norwegian to English and more

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Articles to IJA may be written in any language, and should be provided with an English summary. If the article is written in English, the summary can be omitted*).

International Journal of Anarchism is a Refereed scientific journal. Refereed materials are publications reviewed by "expert readers" or referees prior to the publication of the material. After reading and evaluating the material, the referee informs the publisher/editor if the document should be published or if any changes should be made prior to publication. Refereed materials are also referred to as Peer Reviewed. Refereed materials are significant to the research and the literature of library and information science because they assure readers that the information conveyed is reliable and timely. With some exceptions a refereed article is one that is blind reviewed and has two external reviewers. The blind review requirement and the use of external reviewers are consistent with the research criteria of objectivity and of knowledge. The referees can a.o.t. help you polish the content of your article by improving the grammar, punctuation, and consistency, and by making content suggestions. The referees of the IJA are independent Norwegian senior researchers loosely associated to the AI-secretariate. Their first language is Norwegian, but they are rather clever in English and other languages.

The electronic issues of the International Journal of Anarchism are updated every time there are significant more informations about the different events and cases. But unless special cases, they are not redistributed by e-mail when they are updated. Also the IAT and other pages are updated almost every day. Thus, to be updated on the news and comments about anarchy, anarchist(s) and anarchism in different connections, it is necessary to visit the AIIS-web sites every day.

*) For articles written in Norwegian an English summary can also be omitted, as using the international translation tool (see above) usually will give the reader a brief understanding of the article and more information than a summary.

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