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Anarkismen i Sverige. Anarchism in Sweden.

This is the official web-site of the Anarchist Federation of Sweden, founded and affiliated to IFA - the International of the Federations of Anarchists - l'Internationale des Fédérations Anarchistes, - as an IFA-section 15-17 October 1982 and as an IFA-federation 26.11.1983. See the two official organs of IFA at that time, C.R.I.F.A Bulletin no 42 novembre-février 1982 p.4 and ifa-Solidaritet no 1 1982/fb 4-82 and no 8 1983/fb 4-83. The Anarchist Federation of Sweden is rooted back to the "Anarkistiska Propaganda Förbundet", The Anarchist Propaganda Federation of Sweden. The name Anarkistfederationen i Sverige, AFIS, was used already in the early 1970s.

The purpose of the Propaganda Federation was to spread anarchist ideas from person to person, generation to generation, and not propagating in a derogatory sense, i.e. authoritarian indoctrination. APF did this, among other things, by publishing the Swedish anarchist paper "Brand". APF owned the publishing rights for "Brand", but in the 1970s the issues were not very regular. In the middle of the 1970s a support group for the marxist-leninist RAF (Baader Meinhof), posing as "anarchists", stole the title "Brand" and used it for publishing authoritarian propaganda. This and similar false "anarchist" groups sometimes posed as "SAF" ("Sveriges Anarkistfederation") other times "AKO" ("Anarko-Kommunistisk Organisation"), "RAO" ("Revolutionära Anarkisters Organisation"), etc. The "anarchism" was just pseudolibertarian rhetoric, and the real political core was marxian communism/syndicalism.

The groups were also, as SAC, infiltrated by VPK [now V] (communists) and other leninists and leftists, trotskyites, marxist-lubbeists, council communists and even populists and neonazis, as well as different sorts of "wannabe" libertarians. The concept "wannabe" libertarian is briefly defined at Anarchist Social Organization Research. Feel free to click on this link and search for 'wannabe' in the file if you are not familiar with the term. Persons connected to such false "anarchist" organizations, have several times lifted their many headed polyarchical authoritarian hydra, to provoke and compromise the anarchist movement. Polyarchy is neither anarchy nor anarchist or anarchism. Among the provokers are also probably infiltrators from the Secret police, Säpo, some of them quite brown politically.

Say, at the Anarchist Conference in Stockholm, arranged by the Nordic IFA secretariate and the Swedish section of the Anarchist International, in 1983, neonazi skinheads tried to infiltrate the movement, but strong measures were taken to stop these dangerous intruders. These efforts of the Anarchist International were a good investment.... Our fellows at SAC have been less successful dealing with this problem. In 1999 a real anarchosyndicalist, Björn Söderberg of SAC, was killed by two nazis, after trying to stop the fascist infiltration in a union-club. 23.10.1999 about 20-40000 persons all over Sweden demonstrated against fascism and to honor the memory of the brave syndicalist. This is just a tip of the iceberg. It is also happening today.

AFIS clearly denounces and rejects all these mainly "wannabe" libertarian, marxian, populist and nazi-infiltrated groups falsely posing as "anarchist", historically, today and in the future -- in Sweden and generally, click on the International Anarchist Tribunal - International and Nordic branches for more information. The IFA/AI principles clearly say only one anarchist federation in each country. In our country this is AFIS and nothing else.

The APF went to court to stop this false "anarchists", issuing authoritarian propaganda under the stolen title Brand, from publishing, and the court decided that the false publication should stop. Although APF got all rights from the court, the marxian false "anarchist" group continued unlawfully to publish their authoritarian propaganda under the title "Brand". In the last years of the 1970s and the early 1980s these false publications were less regular*. In 1982 another, more anarchistic group published "Brand-faran", i.e. a similar paper, but not exactly the same name, to avoid problems with the court's decision. The editing group was observers at the First Nordic Anarchist Congress. At this congress in 1982, the APF was reorganized as the Swedish section of IFA, the Anarchist International, and in 1983 refounded as an IFA-federation, i.e. Anarkistfederationen i Sverige, AFIS, via a referendum.

The lawful right to publish "Brand" was then taken over by the AFIS. However as "Folkebladet" was decided to be a common organ for the federations of the Northern Anarchist Confederation, NAC, the Swedish included, the publishing right of "Brand" was handed over to "Folkebladet", and "Brand" was later considered as a part of "Folkebladet" and "IFA-Solidaritet", the bulletin of the Northern sections of IFA/IAF. After some time another false "anarchist" group started unlawfully to publish a paper titled "Brand". This unlawful publishing of "Brand" has been going on for about 15 years until 2001. The editors still try to continue the unlawful publishing of their authoritarian, ochlarchic, marxist propaganda, of course trying to discredit the anarchist movement as much as possible. The "anarchism" is not anarchism although of course mixed with som anarchist ideas to get credibility.

However these marxist games went a bit too far, and the editing group got trouble with the Swedish secret police, who strangely took the group seriously. AFIS has never done. But AFIS denounces of course the editing group, and their unlawful use of the title "Brand" and their ochlarchical, childish, marxist "revolt-guide" and other authoritarian propaganda. Strangely they have been taken seriously also by the Swedish press, who support these thiefs, i.e. especially of course the marxists, with Jan Guillou in front, probably because the false "anarchist" group confirms their Leninist prejudices that anarchism is the "initial weakness", also called "infantile disorder", of socialism. However the real infantile disorder of socialism is marxism. The whole thing only shows the degeneration of "radical" politics in Sweden. The case was however dismissed and the false publishing of "Brand" still continues. Nobody should take this marxian joke of a "libertarian" paper seriously. And not the attempts to organize "SAF", "AKO", "RAO", and similar from time to time. No anarchist should deal with these persons, other than tell them they are not anarchist, and turn the back against them.

Today the real "Brand" is a part of "International Journal of Anarchism" which is also the organ of AFIS, the Anarchist Federation of Sweden. "Brand" was first published in 1898, but had never ambitions to be an international journal alone. Thus, although International Journal of Anarchism has a direct root back to Sweden 1898, the volumes of IJA are only counted back to 1971, the founding year of "Folkebladet", which has been more set on Nordic and international distribution. The only officially recognized issues of "Brand" are the volumes edited by "Anarkistiska Propaganda Förbundet", and the issues from 1982 and later, as a part of/included in "Folkebladet", "IFA-Solidaritet" and "International Journal of Anarchism". Thus, the updated issues of "Brand"are found via the link to BRAND below. The false issues of "Brand" mentioned above, should of course not be noticed or accounted for at all, among anarchists as well as others interested in anarchism. Click there to get the proper Brand:


Fellows in Sweden! Contact AFIS and join the AFIS-network today! Be a networkmember/subscriber to the IJ@/AFIS/NAC/AI/IFA! Feel free to forward this information to your own network, and/or link up the Website of AFIS at your blog or homepage. Join in the struggle for and towards anarchy and anarchism, i.e. for socialism and autonomy; against economical plutarchy - that is capitalism; and against statism -- in Sweden and world wide... Of course a struggle without ochlarchy (mob rule broadly defined), the opposite of anarchist, anarchy and anarchism!!! A struggle for anarchy and anarchism as opposed to all forms of marxism (state-socialism), liberalism and fascism, including populism. A struggle for a movement of the societal, i.e. economical and political/administrative, systems -- in libertarian direction, less authoritarian degree... AFIS always works and demonstrates with dignity, uses real matter of fact arguments and adds weight behind via direct actions, mass actions, and via elections. More information is available via "contact AFIS" below.

More information about AFIS is found at Some external links to AFIS etc. (search for 'AFIS' in this file) and via "Links" below, see especially the Northern Anarchist Confederation (NAC).

AFIS says a clear NO to euro/emu September 14. 2003.
NEJ TILL EURO/EMU 14.09.2003

One of the most important objectives of AFIS 2003 is no to the adaptation of the EU currency, the euro, in Sweden. Together with various individuals, organizations, unions, and political parties, we aim at achieving a clear "no"-vote in the Swedish national referendum on the euro/emu, September 14, 2003.

AFIS says a clear NO to euro/emu September 14, 2003.


The result was/Resultatet blev

56,2% no/nej - 41,8% yes/ja

En av Sveriges få återstående riktigt anarkistiska sammanslutningar
One of Sweden's few remaining real anarchist associations

Svenska Akademien (The Swedish Academy) blir alltmer inflytelserik, allt synligare i debatt och offentlighet - och allt rikare. Nobelpriset i litteratur är bara höjdpunkten i Akademiens arbete. Numera är De aderton en kulturpolitisk faktor också i långt mindre glamorösa sammanhang.

"Snille och smak". Längre från det folkhemskt heldemokratiska "alla-ska-med"-tänkandet är det svårt att placera sig. Svenska Akademiens 220-åriga paroll fortsätter att provocera. De aderton ställer sig på livstid om inte över, som belackarna anser, så åtminstone utanför Vardags-Sverige.

- Poängen är att Svenska Akademien inte tar en krona av skatte­medlen, den är helt självförsörjande och helt självständig och gör som den vill. Det är en av Sveriges få återstående riktigt anarkistiska sammanslutningar. Vi står utanför staten, sammanfattar historikern och författaren Peter Englund som valdes in 2002.

Han talar om en kritisk "korseld från höger till vänster" som konsekvensen av denna position:

- Det är intressant att Akademien väldigt tydligt provocerar två grupper. Den ena är marknadskramarna. Enbart tanken på en institution som ignorerar marknaden och utan hänsyn till trender eller försäljningssiffror ger även okända författare en massa pengar i pris är kolossalt provocerande för dem, säger han och fortsätter.

- Den andra gruppen är statskramarna. För dem är det kolossalt provocerande att det finns en kulturinstitution som har inflytande, som är just självständig och där staten inte kan gripa in.

Many young job hunters in Sweden go to the Anarchy of Norway - The Northern Anarchist Confederation wish them welcome

As youth unemployment soars in Sweden, more youngsters are fleeing across the border to the Anarchy of Norway in an attempt to find work. A quarter of Swedes aged between 15 and 24 now find themselves outside the labor market in Sweden, with the ongoing economic depression only making matters worse. According to the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, the migration could result in long-term damage to the country's growth. The number of Swedes choosing to work for their Norwegian neighbors has risen by 25 percent in just two years, to 83,000 in 2009. Of those Swedes with a tax card in the country, 35 percent are in their twenties.

"I have more questions than before about foreign opportunities from those with academic training," said Pirjo Vaananen from the Public Employment Service in an interview with Stockholm News. "Often they show an active interest in working abroad just before they finish their education," he added. Advisor for the Norwegian Employment Service, Johannes Sorbo, said, "It is certainly a plus that wages are better than in Sweden, and it is easier for young people to find jobs in Norway than in Sweden. We have a labor shortage." Sorbo added that young Swedes are popular with Norwegian employers as, "they are known to be skilled and easy to deal with, and the language is of course no problem."

Economist for the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Malin Sahlen, said the issue is not so positive for Sweden. "It's really worrying that graduates and other young people see a reason to leave Sweden. For companies, who will need these employees later, a direct consequence is that key skill and potential is leaving the country. In the long term, this means lower growth and prosperity for the country as a whole," Sahlen told Stockholm News.

The Northern Anarchist Confederation however see more positively on the matter, and wish the young job hunters in Sweden that go to the Anarchy of Norway welcome. Anarchists from Sweden moving to Norway may still be members of AFIS if they wish, or join AFIN if they wish so, and will in any case be networkmembers/subscribers of the Northern Anarchist Confederation. 31.07.2010.

Ad general election in Sweden 2010

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt says his center-right, in  international perspective mainly socialdemocratic, government will stay in office despite losing its majority in a parliamentary election. Reinfeldt says he will seek support from the opposition Greens (MP) to avoid having to rely on the right-populist nazi-based Sweden Democrats (SD), who entered Parliament for the first time. The Anarchist Federation of Sweden, AFIS,  calls on the Greens (MP), the most libertarian party in Sweden, to negotiate with Reinfeldt to get as much as possible libertarian influence on Swedish politics, and to achieve zero influence for the right-populist SD, and avoid chaos in Swedish politics.

27.09.2010 the Green party wants to make an agreement with Reinfeldt's minority government about asylum- and migration politics, and perhaps more. The aim is mainly zero influence of the SD. The Green party has already had discussions with PM Reinfeldt. To create a joint cabinet between the Greens and the Reinfeldt-coalition is however not an issue since the Green party has not got such an invitation from the government. 28.09.2010 Reinfeldt has also phoned the Social-democrat party's leader Mona Sahlin to talk cooperation.

The anarchists' black and red and black flags flew at anti right-populist demonstration in Stockholm

Thousands of people have protested in the Swedish capital of Stockholm as the brown and blue right-populist Sweden Democrats entered parliament the first time. The Sweden Democrats won 20 seats in the 349-member Riksdag in an election three weeks ago, leaving the party with the balance of power. Demonstrators peacefully marched on the parliament building to protest against their policies. The party wants to cut immigration and has described Islam the greatest threat to Sweden since World War II. Parliament speaker Per Westerberg was re-elected on Monday as Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt prepares to present his new minority government to lawmakers on Tuesday. The premier has vowed that he will not cooperate with the Sweden Democrats. AFIS and the Northern Anarchist Confederation supported the direct action. Euronews TV in a video highlighted the anarchists' black and black and red flags. Sources: Euronews and AIIS. 04.10.2010

The anarchists' black and red flag flew at anti-nazi demonstration in Gothenburg

About ten thousand people, anarchists and many others, have protested in the Swedish city Gothenburg against a neo-nazi march. About 500 persons, mainly from Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen, NMR, participated in the neo-nazi march. AFIS and the Northern Anarchist Confederation supported the direct action against the neo-nazis. Both the neo-nazis and some anti-racist marxist ochlarchists clashed with the police. The anarchists, using red and black flags, condemn the ochlarchy, and of course demonstrated with dignity, not ochlarchy. Source: AIIS. 30.09.2017.

Riksdagsvalet i Sverige 2018 - General election in Sweden 2018

Valet den 9 september 2018 har beskrivits som avgörande men ju mer det tuggas desto svårare är det att se skilnaderna mellan block och partier. Det blir till att rösta på det minst dåliga den här gången med, men nu med en betydligt djupare suck än förr.

The general election of September 9, 2018 has been described as crucial, but the more one chews, the more difficult it is to see the differences between blocks and parties. It will be voted on the least bad this time also, but now with a much deeper sigh than before.

Så blev rösterna och mandaten:


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*) Documents from the IIFOR archives indicate this unlawful publishing mainly was in the periode 1976-1979. In 1982 a "Valekstra Brand" was published, among other things inviting to the First Nordic Anarchist Congress in Oslo 15-17 October 1982. It was edited by an "autonomus" group, "en fristående redaktion", at Box 494 - 751 06 Uppsala. The same group published several issues of "Brand Faran" in 1983. In no 5 1983 the editors wrote they would continue to use the lawful title "Brand Faran", and thus not use the real title "Brand". 26.11.1983 AFIS was founded as a federation, the reorganized APF, and took over the publishing right of Brand. Then it was included in "Folkebladet" and "IFA-Solidaritet". Perhaps due to some misunderstandings the Uppsala group continued to publish their journal, but now they unlawful used the title "Brand", although with a different layout than the old logo. However they didn't dare to write the adress of the editing group in the paper. The title "Brand" was misused in no 1 and 2 1984. They also promoted "@sosialen" with the slogan "Vägra arbete", i.e "don't work", and an extremistical pacifism, that have very little to do with anarchism.

In no 3 1984 however they once again used the lawful title "Brand Faran". However later on the unlawful use of the title "Brand" was again introduced, perhaps with a different editing group. In 1986 a new editing group with "Eva X Moberg" as "Brandredaktör", unlawfully started to publish another false "Brand". The editing group was mainly leftist marxian "autonomist", a bit similar to the Norwegian "Blitz", promoting occupations, support to the authoritarian Kurdish nationalist marxist-leninists of PPK, chaotic punks, "wannabe libertarian" ideas, etc. Ms "X" was editor of this version of the false "Brand" between 1986 and 1995. Later on another ochlarchical, childish marxist leftist group took over the unlawful publishing. AFIS has made its point of view clear, denouncing these false "Brands", but it is sometimes difficult to stop unlawful publishing from small marxist "autonomus" groups, that don't follow anarchist law as well as Swedish law. All anarchists should turn their back against these marxian groups falsely posing as "anarchist", and not link up to it.