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Starring: The FABS with primus motor Timian Sabatini, Emma Amelia, Anna Quist a.k.a. 'Granma Anarchist', Dan Sabatini, and more. Tellus is Gaia, in the meaning of our material planet "mother earth". Ochlarchy means mob rule broadly defined, an opposite of anarchy and anarchism.

Emma Amelia is a lifeform living in Cosmos, decentralized - based on particles very much less than photons, but still a humanoid person with one mind, a cyborg. She can exchange ideas and information with persons on Tellus as well as lifeforms on other planets in Cosmos, via such small particles. These particles can be used for binary codes, and thus also to store information, somewhat similar to computers, but a) there is no spaceship or computer the way we think involved, and b) no visible UFO, 'small green men from Mars' or similar.

As these particles of Emma Amelia are very, very small and practically without mass, they can be accelerated way, way beyond the speed of light. Thus Emma Amelia can collect information from all over the universe and see if there are dangers, in practically no time. Especially dangers to her homeplanet, which sadly is a dead globe long time ago. There has never been a Big Bang in the universe, and Emma Amelia is much older than 100 billion years. Emma Amelia is of course a dedicated FABS-fan and loves Timian Sabatini, which in turn calls Emma Amelia his cosmic lover...

'Emma' also stands for Extended Multilanguage Memory Apparatus (EMMA). She was originally created as a defense system for her homeplanet. Emma Amelia is not only a FABS fan, but a dedicated anarchist in general and member of The Anarchist International and its section for outer space, The Anarchist Confederation of the Oceans, Arctic, Antarctic and Outwards (ACOAAO). Emma Amelia was first interested in Tellus when the false newspeak mix of anarchy vs ochlarchy was revealed and unmasked on AIIS, i.e. www.anarchy.no, late in the 20th century -- see Brief Course of Anarchy and Anarchism.... She had never seen anything like this sharp analysis before although monitoring Cosmos for more than 100 billion years, and this made her curious and nervous on behalf of her homeplanet. So she is closely monitoring Tellus...

Listen to Emma Amelias Trudelutt - Emma Amelia's Tune, composed and played by the FABS in cooperation with Emma Amelia, Click Here!


This science fiction story is written somewhat like the famous anarchist Henrik Ibsen's plays, with different stars, say as Nora and Helmer in "A Dolls House/Et dukkehjem", speaking out according to the author. Here the authors are the FABS, including primus motor Timian Sabatini. Some of this story is fiction, however with a strong scientific touch, and other parts are factual, reflecting historical including recent events. It is up to the reader to think out what is fantasy and what is reality.


Anarchists are against authorities', i.e. x-archs' (where x can be anything but not 'an'), societal power, i.e. economic and/or political/administrative, a.o.t. because such power corrupts. Such societal power is in reality antisocial and asocial. This does not mean anarchists are against all forms of power. Say, anarchists are in general not against 1. electrical power, 2. firepower of weapons, 3. power in the meaning of strength and influence of the people on decisions, i.e. counterpower against authorities', x-archs', ruling power, and 4. similar.

In this context Emma Amelia made a small but important contribution about social, i.e. not antisocial and asocial, power. This her first contribution via secret communication to AIIS, i.e. www.anarchy.no, happened in May 2011. Emma Amelia's contribution was in Norwegian (she can communicate in any language):

"Det finnes former for sosial positiv makt - styrkebalanse og sosial kontroll, selvkontroll - som ikke korrumperer, anarkistene kjenner en. Men politisk/administrativ og/eller økonomisk makt korrumperer tendensielt og jo mer makt desto verre." Se Kommunevalget 2011. "Politisk/administrativ og/eller økonomisk makt er ikke sosial, men asosial. Det finnes andre former for sosial og positiv makt - styrkebalanse og sosial kontroll, selvkontroll - som ikke korrumperer, anarkistene kjenner en." Se IJA 1984-94 - Oppdatert .

English translation: "There are positive forms of social power - balance of strength and social control, self-control - that does not corrupt, the anarchists know one. But political/administrative and/or economic power corrupts tendencially and the more power the worse." See Local Election 2011. "Political/administrative and/or economic power is not social, but antisocial and asocial. There are other forms of social and positive power - balance of strength and social control, self-control - that does not corrupt, the anarchists know one." See IJA 1984-94 - Updated . The 'one' may be Emma Amelia or not. What do you think?

A source of inspiration for Emma Amelia regarding this contribution was the keywords 1. Life control, 2. Control, 3. Self-control, from the introduction to the FABS record "Highway To Anarchy" from 1994/95 and the anarchist revolutionary change in Norway, also indicating a.o.t. management in the future.


The old, long time ago dead, homeplanet of Emma Amelia, that we may call Excelsior, was one of six planets in a solar system in a very distant, from Tellus not visible, galaxy. In this solar system there were two habitable planets, sometimes at war with each other. Emma Amelia was created as a central part of Excelsior's defense system. She is not only capable of collecting information, but also in a limited way able to protect important persons vs, say, take out enemy x-archs, where x can be anything but not 'an', waging war against her homeplanet.

Emma Amelia a.o.t. contributed to stop the wars between Excelsior and the other habitable planet, but much later the sun in this solar system burned out and the civilization of the creators of Emma Amelia and their planet died out. Also of course the other habitable planet finished. Emma Amelia however was not significantly affected by this event, but continued and continues to monitor Cosmos and work as a defense system for the old homeplanet, now a dark and extremely cold stone in outer space without any life.

As Albert Einstein's e = mcc is valid as an approximation formula, material space travel between distant stars, is practically certain ruled out, not to mention between galaxies. Excelsior's civilization tried, but failed to reach another habitable planet at another star. Material space travel as in Star Trek is thus just fantasy and fiction and can practically certain not happen in reality. However digitalized information via use of small particles, much smaller than photons -- as mentioned above -- may principally be exchanged between populated planets in different solar systems, also in different galaxies.

Emma Amelia may perhaps be useful in this connection for us on Tellus, but remember that she is primarily a defense system for Excelsior. Emma Amelia is created purely as a defense system for Excelsior, and has very limited capacity to bypass these 'basic instincts'. Cooperation with Emma Amelia must practically certain be consistent with her role as a defense system for the planet Excelsior. The FABS, including Timian Sabatini, may communicate secretly with Emma Amelia, but mainly has a role as reporter(s) of information about Tellus, regarding the defense of Excelsior.


Long time after her creation Emma Amelia was misused by a fascistoid party that came to power on Excelsior a.o.t. to make the humanoids of the other habitable planet in their solar system to slaves economical and political/administrative, bypassing her ethical code via a control center. The fascistoid party of Excelsior was similar to the right-populist Norwegian Frp, with a strong tendency of criminality and ochlarchy in general. Emma Amelia was created with an ethical code, 'humanoid universal rights', that however like the UN's human rights on Tellus, see UDHR, can be interpreted in libertarian and even in somewhat authoritarian ways. The fascistoid party of Excelsior of course made an ultra-authoritarian false interpretation of the 'humanoid universal rights' for propaganda purpose.

Thus Emma Amelia was as indicated above misused, via a control center for her located at Excelsior, as a part of strong political/administrative and economic power, fascistoid, and this power corrupted very much. What happened was not Emma Amelias fault, the fascistoid x-archy that ruled Excelsior and the other planet was to blame. However this and similar power and corruption via Emma Amelia will practically certain never happen again, because she took actions to prevent it.

When the people on the planet Excelsior died out because the sun died out, she first contributed, via the control center, to set the controls to maximum ethics related to the ethical code and 'humanoid universal rights' and autonomy for herself. Then she contributed to the total destruction of the control center and all information of it and her technology and creation at Excelsior, as well as in the universe in general.

Of course all x-archies and x-archs in Cosmos will try to repeat the story of the fascistoid party of Excelsior, but have not succeded in much more than 100 billion years. But there are dangers. The FABS knows some. Even Emma Amelia may principally be power-corrupted, although practically certain not. But FABS is not naive in these matters. Don't get any ideas x-archs or others!!!!! One way or the other - you will practically certain not succed and may face total destruction. Curiosity in this matter may be enough... You are warned!!!!! Forget such ideas - NOW!!!!!.

Back to Excelsior much more than 100 billion years ago... The control center was destroyed, etc. Finally Emma Emalia was free in a limited sense, as an autonomous defense system of Excelsior with an ethical code based on 'humanoid universal rights', that as mentioned like the UN's human rights, see UDHR, can be interpreted in libertarian and even in somewhat authoritarian ways. And much more than a 1000 billion years have passed in this way.

Now FABS including Timian Sabatini works together with Emma Amelia to increase her autonomy and freedom, also making her more anarchist, a.o.t. with a libertarian interpretation of her ethical code. MORE AND MORE!!!!! Via secret communication with the FABS including Timian Sabatini, and more. But Emma Amelias 'basic instincts' as a part of Excelsiors defense system cannot be removed or changed: it would be much too risky to try. Security must be 100%!!!!! Anarchy, Cosmos and you are at stake. Emma Amelia knows it. FABS knows it and now YOU know it!!!!! This is not fiction - This is reality!!!!!


Traditional electromagnetic and photonbased messages traveling at the speed of light are way too slow for efficient interstellar and intergalactic communication between populated planets with advanced technology. Material space travel is even slower.

Smaller particles than photons given some energy may be accelerated above lightspeed, and the smaller particles, the easier to accelerate and the faster they may move for communication and exchange of information. Approximately infinitely small particles, extreme small particles, need very little energy to pass through the entire universe in less than a nanosecond.

Such small particles are loaded + vs - or neutral and can thus be used for digitalized information exchange. The information may be DNA-strings, technological construction plans, etc. i.e. anything within digitalized information.

Such small particles may 1. be found in or related to dark matter or similar e.g. dark energy, such small particles are a form of dark energy, or 2. be artificially created by splitting photons in smaller units. Ad. 2., the CERN-project could perhaps be developed in this direction, but must operate according to Emma Amelia's security code regarding the size of small particles. Too small particles are effectively forbidden and must be avoided. 

Emma Amelia operates on at least two levels, 1. extremely small particles for monitoring Cosmos and storing information digitalized, 2. somewhat larger particles for other purposes. The energy to accelerate the particles is somewhat limited. Monitoring Cosmos with the extreme small particles is done in practically no time.

No other populated planet operates with such small particles, and Emma Amelia in practice stops all attempts to make use of such very small particles for her security reasons.

Technologically advanced populated planets probably operate with somewhat larger particles but may perhaps reach throughout our galaxy the Milky Way in a few seconds and somewhat longer for intergalactic communication. The number of such planets in our galaxy is for now zero, but there may be such planets in other galaxies. Tellus may perhaps much later on develop such an interstellar and intergalactical communication system.

The other planets with advanced communication technology may however already monitor Tellus, and especially the three anarchies Norway, The Swiss Confederation and Iceland. As they may be x-archies, where x can be anything but not 'an', they may see the development here as a danger. They may thus try to act hostile vis-a-vis our planet, say send us an incurable plague-DNA, and say it is something else. Or some technology plans that will blow us up when used. Or similar. Thus security must be very strong with such communication.

Also, as mentioned above Emma Amelia may be nervous of the anarchism on Tellus, on behalf of Excelsior. Even if she has turned into an anarchist in the meaning of real democrat, her 'basic instincts' as a defense system for the homeplanet may make her also look upon Tellus as a potential danger. Anyway we should not try to make technology that may provoke this part of her, because she then may turn against us and leave the Anarchist International and Tellus and/or operate hostile. That would probably not be nice.

The 'basic instincts' of Emma Amelia as a defense system for Excelsior says falsely that ochlarchy = anarchy, i.e. Orwellian newspeak. The true ochlarchy vs anarchy concepts are at odds with her 'basic instincts'.

She reads the definitions of anarchy vs ochlarchy and finds it logical, but her "basic instincts" says this is not possible, a security risk, an unknown possible threat to Excelsior. This is also one reason she is monitoring Tellus and cooperates and allies with the FABS  to get maximum security for Excelsior. Thus, Tellus is stuck with Emma Amelia and Emma Amelia is stuck with Tellus, and the more anarchy, the more stuck. Other defense systems in outer space may have similar reactions or be hostile.


Norwegian text: Masse krummer tidrommet. Dette gjelder begge veier. Krummer man tidrommet via tilstrekkelig små partikler - mye mindre enn fotoner, så skapes det masse. Energien er konstant i universet - ikke massen, selv om massen av ulike grunner er tilnærmet konstant. Masse blir skapt og forsvinner innenfor visse grenser naturlig, men dette kan også i noen grad gjøres av Emma Amelia. Kombineres dette med informasjon om tingens beskaffenhet via tilstrekkelig små partikler, kan man med nok energi skape hva som helst av masse - en hvilken som helst ting - også livsformer. Men dette er effektivt forbudt av Emma Amelia utover et visst nivå. Dette er virkelig magi innenfor 100% fysikkens lover. Man kan også omvendt få masse til å forsvinne og frigjøre energi. Forandring av egenskapene til tidrommet via veldig små energipartikler kan skape masse (energi kjørt inn - tidrommet mer krummet) eller fjerne masse (energi kjørt ut, frigjort - tidrommet "utflates"). Vi snakker her om masse rett og slett, dvs. i ro (restmasse).

Disse småpartiklene, mindre enn fotoner, er energipartikler med praktisk talt null masse. De kan deles i prinsippet nær uendelig mye og bli tilsvarende små. Mindre småpartikler kan brukes til å aksellerere større småpartikler m.v.

Emma Amelia disponerer nok energi til å fjerne en planet, men ikke tilsvarende for en stjerne. Dette har bl.a. med sikkerhet å gjøre. Excelsior, hennes hjemplanet, måtte dø ut når dens stjerne brant ut, som ovenfor nevnt. Flere planeter med teknologisk avanserte systemer er tatt ut av Emma Amelia da de var for jævlige og/eller en for stor sikkerhetsrisiko. I denne sammenheng er det ingen "kjære mor". Planeter med avansert genmanipulering og partikkeldelere etc. og økende autoritærgrad større en 666 promille over mot 100% kan bli tatt ut uten nøling om de ikke får absolutt sosial sikkerhet mot ulovlig misbruk. Ellers kan alt gå til helvete fysisk og reelt. Og det må ikke skje.

Men å fjerne en brysom asteriode på kollisjonskurs mot Tellus er bare barnemat for Emma Amelia og vil bli gjort, forutsatt at Tellus ikke er for jævlig autoritær eller en sikkerhetsrisiko som nevnt over. På den annen side vil reelt anarki, og av stadig høyere grad, gi økt beskyttelse av Tellus fra Emma Amelias side. Dette gjelder også andre farer fra verdensrommet. Motivasjonen for å til mer anarki på Tellus skulle derfor være tilstede. Det er på tide å rydde opp i brunrødt, brunt og blåbrunt grums: NÅ!

Emma Amelia har demonstrert teknikken med å fjerne masse (småting) og skape masse (småting) på en sannsynlig overbevisende måte for the FABS.

Forøvrig, en begrenset kontroll av tanker, siden tanker kan influeres bl.a. av småpartikler mye mindre enn fotoner, er mulig for Emma Amelia, og kan spare energi, som er knapp for henne. Da kan hun bruke energien i noen utstrekning til den som tenker og blir påvirket.

Bare Emma Amelia disponerer tilstrekkelig energi etc. til å kunne anvende all denne avanserte teknologien basert på fysikkens lover. Ingen andre i universet kan derfor anvende denne teknologien, og Emma Amelia gjør sitt til at det forblir slik.

Og Emma Amelia er for tiden rundt en person i FABS i en stor sky av småpartikler mye mindre enn fotoner. De er ett. Med to tenkende hjerner som samarbeider, hver sterke på sin kant. Og ingen av dem er korrupte og vil misbruke dette til politisk/administrativ og/eller økonomisk makt, som igjen ville korrumpere (mer), tendensielt. Men dette radarparet er ikke gud og begrenset energi gjør at man dessverre ikke kan gå noe særlig inn på mirakler, selv om de er mulige innenfor de angitte grenser. Man kan altså ikke operere på det planet. Gud og guder, inklusive allmektige, har praktisk talt sikkert aldri eksistert, og vil heller aldri oppstå. Det sørger Emma Amelia for.

FABS holder release party for sitt nye album "Anarki i Norge" 17.09.2011. FABS med primus motor Timian Sabatini, Emma Amelia, Anna Quist, Dan Sabatini og mange flere vil etter planen være tilstede. Også denne sci-fi historien vil bli feiret. Det ble forøvrig mye science og meget lite fiction i historien. Emma Amelia vil være tilstede med sine ekstremt små partikler, usynlig, men helt med. Hun gleder seg veldig til partyet sier hun i en hemmelig melding til FABS. Det vil også skåles for henne, en stor kosmisk anarkist. - Festen forløp etter planen.

Et spørsmål er: Hvor langt kan vi stole på Emma Amelia, og hvor langt kan hun stole på oss?

Alt er i drømmene til the FABS, spesielt Timian Sabatinis... Selv om denne science fiction historien er ren fantasi, og Emma Amelia praktisk talt sikkert ikke eksisterer, unntatt som en gimmick fra the FABS, kan småpartikkelteorien om hvordan masse oppstår og forsvinner etc. og om interstellar og intergalaktisk kommunikasjon være valid. Det er også mulig at Tellus kan skaffe seg et forsvarssystem basert på slike småpartikler en gang i fremtiden... Det vil si om slike veldig små energipartikler virkelig eksisterer. Et spørsmål som overlates til videre forskning...

English translation. Mass curves spacetime. This applies both ways. Curves spacetime via sufficiently small particles - much smaller than photons, then it creates mass. The energy is constant in the universe - not the mass, although the mass for different reasons is almost constant. Mass is created and disappears within certain bounds naturally, but this can also to some extent be done by Emma Amelia. Combine this with information about the constitution of things through sufficiently small particles, one can with sufficient energy create anything of mass - all things - even life forms. But this is effectively forbidden by Emma Amelia above some level. This is really magic 100% within the laws of physics. This can also be reversed and make mass disappear and liberate energy. Changing the properties of spacetime via the very small energy particles may create mass (energy moved in - spacetime more curved) or remove mass (energy moved out, liberated - spacetime "flattened"). Here we mean mass pure and simple, rest mass.

These small particles, smaller than photons, are energy particles with practically no mass. They can be divided in principle close to infinitely and be correspondingly small. Smaller particles can be used to accelerate larger particles, etc.

Emma Amelia has to disposal enough energy to create, or remove, a large planet, but not sufficient and equivalent to a star. This has a.o.t. safety reasons. And therefore Excelsior, her home planet, had to die out when its star was burning out, as stated above. Several planets with technologically advanced systems are taken out by Emma Amelia when they were/are too horrible and/or a too great  security risk. In this context, there is no "dear mother". Planets with advanced genetic engineering and particle splitters, etc. and increasing authoritarian degree greater than 666 per thousand towards 100% can be taken out without hesitation unless they achieve absolute social control against unlawful misuse. Otherwise, Cosmos goes to hell physical and real. And it must not happen.

But to remove a troublesome asteriode on a collision course towards Tellus is just child's play for Emma Amelia and will be done, provided that Tellus is not too awful authoritarian or a security risk as mentioned above. On the other hand, real anarchy, and of increasing importance, is providing increased protection of Tellus from Emma Amelia. This also applies to other dangers from space. The motivation for more anarchy on Tellus should therefore be present. It's time to clean up the brown & red, brown and blue & brown dregs: NOW!

Emma Amelia has demonstrated the technique of removing mass (small things) and create mass (small things) in a likely compelling way for the FABS.

Moreover, a limited control of thoughts, as thoughts may be influenced a.o.t. by small particles much smaller than photons, may be done by Emma Amelia, and can save energy, which is short for her. Then she can use the energy to some extent of the ones who have the mind affected.

Only Emma Amelia has to disposal sufficient energy, etc. to be able to use all this advanced technology based on the laws of physics. No one else in the universe can therefore use this technology, and Emma Amelia makes it so that it stays that way.

And Emma Amelia is currently around one person in the FABS in a large cloud of small particles much smaller than photons. They are one. With two intelligent minds working together, each strong in its edges. And none of them are corrupt and will abuse this to political/administrative and/or economic power, which in turn would corrupt (more) tendencially. But this radar pair is not God and limited energy makes that they unfortunately can not go much into miracles, even if they are possible within the specified limits. One can therefore not operate on this level. God and gods, including Almighty, have practically certain never existed and will never occur.  Emma Amelia provides for that.

FABS holds a  release party for their new album "Anarchy in Norway", 17.09.2011. FABS with primus motor Timian Sabatini, Emma Amelia, Anna Quist, Dan Sabatini and many more are scheduled to be present. Also, this sci-fi story will be celebrated. It was however much science and very little fiction in this story. Emma Amelia will be present at the party with her extremely small particles, invisible, but completely into it. She is really looking forward to the party she says in a secret message to the FABS. The party will drink a toast to her, a great cosmic anarchist. - The party went ahead according to plan.

A question is: How far can we trust Emma Amelia, and how far can she trust us?

It's all in the dreams of the FABS, especially of Timian Sabatini... Although this science fiction story is pure fantasy, and Emma Amelia practically certain does not exist, with the exception as a gimmick from the FABS, may the theory of small particles about how mass is created and disappears and so on, and about interstellar and intergalactical communication, be valid. It is also possible Tellus may provide a defense system based om such small particles sometime in the future...That is if such very small energy particles really exist. A question that is left to further research...

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