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Democracy, the libertarian, anarchy & anarchism and degrees of this, is a question of influence on decisions. All other things are only relevant as far as they affects the influence on the societal decisions. To be more precise: anarchy & anarchism, the libertarian and democracy is a question of influence on the societal decisions by the People = the Bottom of the societal pyramid, the decisions usually and mainly taken by the Top of the societal pyramid, i.e. the Bureaucracy (authorities) broadly defined in private and public sector. The degree of democracy = influence on the societal decisions by the People = the Bottom of the social pyramid, mainly taken by the Bureaucracy, the Top of the social pyramid, measured relatively as a percent degree between 0 % and 100 %, that is a precise measure on how much the People govern = democracy, i.e. the degree of it.

Democracy, and more or less of it, is central to societal politics broadly defined, both economical and political/administrative, and in reality Real Democracy, NB! i.e. always including Green, and Full Democracy as an ultimate aim, is the one and only policy in the interest of the People, i.e. People's Politics.Real Democracy has a degree of democracy equal to 50 % or more, and Full Democracy has 100 % degree of democracy. The degree of democracy = the libertarian degree = the anarchist degree - within anarchy & anarchism = real democracy, i.e. 100% - the authoritarian degree, see - click on the Economic-Political Map below. The Democracy Project is a research project about all topics of democracy and adjacent themes, also praxeology - human action research - including the Green Global Spring GGS. For more information about The Democracy Project, click on IIFOR & the Democ. Project below.

Introduction (part 1) and anarchist actions:

Join The Green Global Spring Revolution (GGS) for Real i.e. including Green Democracy - Saving The Planet from Manmade Global Warming via Bottom - Up Climate-Actions - Click here!

A libertarian lighthouse in a mostly Orwellian "1984" newspeaking, lying, world
De facto: ochlarchy (mob rule) and anarchy & ochlarchists and anarchists are opposites as war and peace
To say de facto ochlarchy is anarchy and ochlarchists are anarchists are lies equal to war is peace
And it has similar authoritarian, repressive, functions as Big Brother in "1984"
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We wish you a happy October!
Join the fight for anarchy - and more of it - world wide - NOW!
Participate in the struggle for anarchy, i.e. real democracy!
In addition to the general struggle for anarchy, on top of the agenda,1-2-3, equally important, is the fight for
1. social justice and security, 2. solution to the economic crisis & 3. solution to the manmade global warming problem.

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Anarchy and anarchism mean "system and management without ruler(s), i.e. co-operation without repression, tyranny and slavery".
In short an-arch-y = [(an = without - arch = ruler(s)) - y = system (included optimal order and law) and management, as, say, in monarch-y].
Anarchy and anarchism are efficient and fair system and management without top heavy societal pyramid, economical and/or
political/administrative - in income and/or rank, i.e. significant horizontal organization - real democracy.
Anarchism is the same as anarchy but also the political tendency that advocates anarchy and the knowledge about anarchy.
Anarchism is, a. o. t., based on dialog and free, matter of fact, criticism. Feel free to send us a comment
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Special reports, latest updates: Click on: The Anarchist International's main policy for 2019; Click on: Stortingsvalget 2017 - Boikott Frp, SV og R - Stem på V og Sp - Resultater ; Click on: Nei til Ola Borten Moe som ny Senterpartileder ;
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Veien framover: Hvordan Norge kan oppnå en høy grad av anarki ; Click on: Artikkelen "Akademiske anarkister - Anonyme anarkister" fra Universitas 26 (56) 2002 med kommentarer ;
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Congress on ochlarchy (mob rule) and ochlarchist infiltration in the anglophone anarchist movement - September 2003

In the mostly Orwellian "1984" newspeaking, lying, world, the following lies are also significant:
In USA, the world's largest economy, economical plutarchy, i.e. capitalism, is falsely called economic freedom!
In China, the country with most people in the world, a totalitarian oligarchy is falsely called the people's democracy!
And there are much more
Orwellian "1984" newspeak type lies in the world - many of these lies are revealed and unmasked at www.anarchy.no!
Be enlightened and prepared for real democracy, i.e. anarchy, feel free to study all at www.anarchy.no!

The truth: the only Anarchies, i.e. anarchist countries in the world, are Norway, The Swiss Confederation and Iceland,
and they are only anarchies of rather low degree...

And, say, Somalia, as the newspeaking lie-machines CNN, BBC, Foxnews, Reuters, Associated Press, Wikipedia and most of Internet in general, etc.
falsely call 'anarchy' is in reality an ochlarchy with rivaling polyarchy, i.e. chaos and ultra-fascism - not anarchy, and the country most far from anarchy in the world!
In general, x-archy, where x can be anything but not 'an', is the opposite of freedom and real democracy, i.e. anarchy.
The struggle for anarchy includes the struggle against x-archy, where x can be anything but not 'an'.

www.anarchy.no has practically certain truths and likely truths, i.e. real scientific non-rejected hypothesis!
Most of so called social sciences and newsmedia represent false ideology, propaganda, manufactured consent, lies and more lies!

Thousands of anarchists world wide have contributed to the www.anarchy.no.
The www.anarchy.no is independent and autonomous, financed by anarchists and not by capitalist commercials or state-subsidies.
The www.anarchy.no has for the time being about 15 000 visitors and 50 000 hits per month.
The www.anarchy.no has been on Internet since July 1996.

NB! Feel free to spread the light from this lighthouse,
say, by mailing the link
http://www.anarchy.no to your fellows, or write it on your Web or blog!

Also - as long as you support 1. the anarchists' fight against ochlarchy and other x-archy, where x can be anything but not 'an', and 2. the fight for anarchy with a non-ochlarchical strategy, 3. feel free to copy the main material from anarchy.no to your Web site or blog, or even make an unofficial mirror site of anarchy.no!

Anarchism and anarchy defined:

1. Anarchy and anarchism mean "system and management without ruler(s), i.e. co-operation without repression, tyranny and slavery". In short an-arch-y = [(an = without - arch = ruler(s)) - y = system (included optimal order and law) and management, as, say, in monarch-y]. Anarchy and anarchism are efficient and fair system and management without top heavy societal pyramid economical and/or political/administrative - in income and/or rank, i.e. significant horizontal organization - real democracy.

2. The Economic-Political Map

The anarchy degree is 100% - the authoritarian degree within the anarchist quadrant. (Esquerda means left, and direita means right. The star indicates the Norwegian economic-political system after the velvet anarchist revolution in 1994/95.)

3. Authoritarians notoriously mix up anarchy, anarchist and anarchism with authoritarian tendencies: Chaos, disorder, mob rule (narrowly defined), lawlessness, the law of the jungle, criminality, riots, theft, corruption, drugs, mafia, terrorism, autocratic rule, the right to the strongest, antisocial tyrannical behavior, etc. i.e. different types of superiors and subordinates, all in all ochlarchy (mob rule broadly defined).

4. The word anarchy origins from Greek. The prefix "an" means "negation of" as in anaerobe versus aerobe and "arch" means "superior, i.e. in contrast to subordinates", as in archbishop, archangel, archduke, arch villain, etc. NB! Any villain, ochlarch/ist, is an arch vis-a-vis the victims. Thus anarchy, anarchism, anarchist, a.s.o., mean coordination on equal footing, without superiors and subordinates, i.e. horizontal organization and co-operation without coercion - practically (significant,  > 50% anarchy degree) or ideally (towards 100% anarchy degree). This is the opposite of the above mentioned authoritarian tendencies, i.e. different types of superiors and subordinates - in general ochlarchy.

5. Ochlarchy is typical with more than 67% authoritarian degree. Anarchy has equal to or more than 50% anarchy degree. Anarchy is organization in general without (significant) arch(s), but not without management. The influence on the management, economic and political/administrative, in private and public sector, goes in general more from the bottom - the grassroots - upwards than from the top downwards. At the middle-point of the map the influence from the bottom is 50%. At the top of the map, the anarchist ideal, the influence from the bottom is 100%, or the organization is without top, 100% flat. Norway, The Swiss Confederation and Iceland are anarchies of low degree (anarchy degree > 50% but less than 60%). Other countries are more or less authoritarian (significant, > 50% authoritarian degree).