Antiterrorism 2

The fight against the terrorist ultra-authoritarian fascist Hamas regime - for a free Palestine

Supplement to IJ@ 4 (31), , with anarchist point of view


- DATA FROM 2003-07.


Rank of country according to libertarian degree, and type of system

Libertarian degree and (authoritarian degree) %

Degree of socialism
and (capitalism) %

Degree of autonomy and
(statism) %



1 Anarchy

54,0 (46,0)

55,0 (45.0)

53,2 (46,8)



2 Anarchy

53,0 (47,0)

51,0 (49,0)

55,1 (44,9)



3 Anarchy

52,0 (48,0)

54,0 (46,0)

50,1 (49,9)

25,0 (est.)


4 Soc.dem.

49,5 (50,5)

51,4 (48,6)

47,7 (52,3)

32,0 (est.)


5 Soc.dem.

49,2 (50,8)

52,1 (47,9)

46,5 (53,5)



6 Soc.dem.

48,8 (51,2)

55,3 (44,7)

43,0 (57,0)



7 Soc.dem.

48,5 (51,5)

55,2 (44,8)

42,6 (57,4)



8 Soc.dem.

48,2 (51,8)

54,0 (46,0)

43,0 (57,0)



9 Soc.dem.

47,9 (52,1)

53,8 (46,2)

42,6 (57,4)



10 Soc.dem.

47,5 (52,5)

54,0 (46,0)

41,7 (58,3)



11 Soc.dem.

47,2 (52,8)

52,0 (48,0)

42,8 (57,2)



12 Soc.dem.

46,8 (53,2)

50,9 (49,1)

43,0 (57,0)



13 Soc.dem.

46,5 (53,5)

52,1 (47,9)

41,4 (58,6)



14 Populist

46,2 (53,8)

45,0 (55,0)

47,4 (52,6)



15 Soc.dem.

45,9 (54,1)

53,0 (47,0)

39,6 (60,4)



16 Soc.dem.

45,5 (54,5)

51,5 (48,5)

40,1 (59,9)



17 Populist

45,0 (55,0)

48,0 (52,0)

42,2 (57,8)


United King.

18 Populist

44,5 (55,5)

44,7 (55,3)

44,3 (55,7)


New Zealand

19 Populist

44,0 (56,0)

44,6 (55,4)

42,4 (57,6)



20 Soc.dem.

43,5 (56,5)

51,4 (48,6)

36,6 (63,4)



21 Populist

43,0 (57,0)

44,7 (55,3)

41,3 (58,7)



22 Cons. lib.

42,5 (57,5)

24,5 (75,5)

69,8 (30,2)



23 Populist

42,3 (57,7)

47,8 (52,2)

37,3 (62,7)


Hong Kong

24 Cons. lib.

42,1 ( 57,9)

22,1 (77,9)

74,8 (25,2)



25 Populist

42,0 (58,0)

47,9 (52,1)

36,6 (63,4)


The estimates are approximately figures. © IIFOR/IJA ISSN 0800 - 0220 2007 and later. Anarchy = here social-individualist anarchism; Soc. dem. = social democrat marxism; Populist = here moderate parliamentarian democratic fascism; Cons. lib. = Conservative liberalism. See economic-political map at System theory and EP-map. Ranking of countries according to libertarian degree, estimates of the libertarian degree in general, and information on methodology, see Ranking and System theory - Chapter V.B.. According to ThesaurusLegend: approximately = (of quantities) imprecise but fairly close to correct. Thus: The estimates are approximately figures = The estimates are imprecise but fairly close to correct figures. By the way, the punk band Sex Pistols is right in their hypothesis that UK is fascist in the meaning of populist, a moderate parliamentarian democratic fascism, but not in meaning that UK has a totalitarian fascist system, with more than about 67% authoritarian degree, i.e. "the Sex Pistols punk perspective" in the meaning of 'allergic' to authority, typically for chaos-punks and their interpretation of the band's records, see Real democracy - Introduction. The Sex Pistols has declared that they are for musical anarchy, not political anarchy. They are probably neither chaos-punks, nor real anarchists... There are many broader analysis of countries' systems at the Anarchy Debate, in issues of IJA, at the IAT-websites, and at the Norwegian Anarkidebatt, say, Israel, see (click on:) The official link-site of AI/IFA. We have used " , ", the European standard instead of American/UK standard, i.e. " . " as decimal separator. The term "ca" is an abbreviation for the latin circa, which means about or approximately.

Israel is the most libertarian country in this region, i.e. in the Middle East and North Africa.

Arab countries on the economic-political map

With Arab countries we mean the 22 members of the Arab Leauge. The main goal of the League is to "draw closer the relations between member States and co-ordinate collaboration between them, to safeguard their independence and sovereignty, and to consider in a general way the affairs and interests of the Arab countries." The Arab Leauge is the main fascist organization of today, with four moderate fascist systems, and eighteen totalitarian fascist systems, with more than 67% authoritarian degree.

Empirical economic-political system-analyses of the Arab countries: 1. estimates of place on the economic-political map and in reality, 2. estimates of the degree of democracy = libertarian degree = (100% - the authoritarian degree), and 3. more information about the Arab systems.

This investigation is done by IIFOR in 2010 and 2011, a.o.t. based on UN and national statistics with data mainly from 2002-2007, with a small update in 2019. NB! Such estimates are in general, i.e. unless special cases, probably usually valid for a very long time, reflecting relative stability of systems in general, i.e. unless special cases. Thus these estimates are probably also in general, i.e. unless special cases, valid for 2010-2020. Results:

Qatar is the least authoritarian Arab country. Ruled by the al-Thani family since the mid-1800s, Qatar transformed itself from a poor British protectorate noted mainly for pearling into an independent state with significant oil and natural gas revenues. During the late 1980s and early 1990s, the Qatari economy was crippled by a continuous siphoning off of petroleum revenues by the Amir, who had ruled the country since 1972. His son, the current Amir Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, overthrew him in a bloodless coup in 1995. In 2001, Qatar resolved its longstanding border disputes with both Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Oil and natural gas revenues enable Qatar to have a high GDP per capita, 31 558 US $ (2005). For 2007 it is estimated to $ 75 900 PPP, and $ 86 600 at current exchange rate, one of the worlds highest. This contributes to lower the degree of capitalism, but the income-distribution is significantly uneven. The unemployment rate was as low as 0.7% (2007). All in all this is significantly a capitalist country, the degree of capitalism is estimated to 59,5 %. Ethnic groups are Arab 40%, Indian 18%, Pakistani 18%, Iranian 10% and other 14%. Religion: Muslim 77.5%, Christian 8.5%, other 14% (2004 census) . It is ranked as no 40 on the UN's Human Development Index of 2005.

Government type is emirate, a form of monarchy headed by the Amir, but not without tendencies of democracy, say, the constitution was ratified by a public referendum on 29 April 2003 (and endorsed by the Amir on 8 June 2004, made effective on 9 June 2005). Legal system based on islamic and civil law codes, discretionary system of law controlled by the Amir although civil codes are being implemented. Islamic law dominates family and personal matters. Legislative branch is a unicameral Advisory Council or Majlis al-Shura. The constitution provides for a new 45-member Majlis al-Shura; the public would elect two-thirds of the Majlis al-Shura; the Amir would appoint the remaining members; preparations are (2011) underway to conduct elections to the Majlis al-Shura. The Council of Ministers is appointed by the monarch. In April 2007, Qatar held nationwide elections for a 29-member Central Municipal Council (CMC), which has limited consultative powers aimed at improving the provision of municipal services; the first election for the CMC was held in March 1999. There are however no political parties.

The degree of statism is estimated to 65,4 %, clearly a statist country. Thus the authoritarian degree is estimated to 62,5 % and the libertarian degree 37,5 %, ranked as no 47 of countries according to libertarian degree. It is thus not a totalitarian system with more than 67% authoritarian degree, but  rather authoritarian. It is located to the left in the populist sector of the fascist quadrant on the economic-political map, thus it is a left populist regime, moderate fascism. Similar systems, but a bit more authoritarian are in the United Arab Emirates, (UAE), ranked as no 48 of countries according to libertarian degree, with ca 37,4 % libertarian degree, Bahrain 49 (ca 37,3%) and Kuwait  50 (ca 37,2%). The limit for totalitarian systems is 33,33 % libertarian degree, i.e. less than 33,33 % libertarian degree means a totalitarian, ultra-authoritarian system and regime.

The other 18 Arab countries are totalitarian fascist states, i.e. with less than 33,33 % libertarian degree: Libya ranked as no 68 (ca 32,5% libertarian degree),  Oman 74 (ca 31,9%), Saudi Arabia 82  (ca 31,1%), Lebanon 84 (ca 30,9%), Tunisia 92 (ca 30,1%), Jordan 93  (ca 30%), Algeria 105 (ca 28,5%), Syria 108 (ca 28,2%), Occupied Palestinian Territories 110 (ca 28%), Egypt 122 (ca 26,7%), Morocco 127 (ca 25,8%),  Comoros 135 (ca 24,5%), Sudan 144 (ca 23,6%), Djibouti 152  (ca 22,8%), Yemen 154 (ca 22,6%), Mauritania 155 (ca 22,5%), Iraq 177 (ca 20,5%) and Somalia 186 ( ca 20%).

Somalia, a failed state with its rivaling polyarchy and heavy ochlarchy, resulting in chaos and ultra-fascism, is the most authoritarian country in the world, with only ca. 20 % libertarian degree. Libya is a special case, in 2019 about equally authoritarian as Somalia with only ca. 20 % libertarian degree, also a failed state with rivaling polyarchy and heavy ochlarchy, resulting in chaos and ultra-fascism, but in 2010 had ca. 32,5 % libertarian degree, and thus was clearly less authoritarian. The embryo-revolutions in Tunisia and Sudan have so far not managed to change the libertarian degree significantly, these two countries are still mainly totalitarian fascist states, and ultra-authoritarian. Tunisia is clearly less authoritarian than Sudan, with ca 30,1 % libertarian degree, compared to Sudan's ca 23,6 % libertarian degree. In general these 18 totalitarian fascist states have very little respect for human rights and are ruled very significantly from the top downwards to the bottom/grassroots, both economically and political/administrative. There are per 2019 relatively small anarchist opposition groups in many of the Arab countries, but most of the oppositions are fundamentalist, islamist, fascist terrorist groups, even worse than the existing regimes. The Anarchist International supports human rights, including labor and women's rights, and anarchist opposition, in general in the Arab countries, and the AI-note "What anarchists are against and what they are for" is translated to Arabic by Arab anarchists, see Anarchism in Arabic. However it is a long way to go before anything close to anarchy, i.e. real democracy, regarding the societal system seen all in all, can be achieved in the Arab countries, also taking into account the popular uprisings related to the Arab Spring from the start in 2010/11 to today. But the Arab Spring may in the long run improve at least some of the Arab systems/countries in democratic direction. It is worth while fighting for it. Source: IIFOR.


Iran is not an Arab country, see IJA 2(39) for more information about the situation in Iran.


17.06.2007: Hamas islamic fascists declare the "liberation" of Gaza .

Palestinians are alarmed at the deterioration of security in the region. Iranian backed Hamas fighters captured bastions of forces loyal to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas across Gaza and the Islamists declared the "liberation" of the impoverished strip. Hamas loyalists then murdered many Fatah members in the street execution style. In the latest violence, gunmen of Hamas took over Fatah security offices in the southern town of Rafah, emptied its contents, and blew up the building. Hundreds of civilians gathered on site and took furniture and equipment from the building before masked gunmen fired in the air and dispersed the crowd. "This is a step in the wrong direction" a spokesperson for the AIE says. 

It is true that Hamas was elected but so was Hitler (NSDAP was the largest party in the German parliament in 1932/33, but not above 50 %), and many other fascist regimes with more than 67% authoritarian degree. It does not make them significantly less fascist. Such terrorist, fascist rulers are only elected when the alternatives, usually wrongly, seem even worse, but the people, seen as a class in contrast to the superiors in rank and/or income, are always better off with a less authoritarian system. Thus such systems should always be done away with and replaced with a less authoritarian. The anarchists in the Israel, Hamas, Palestine conflict, as always support the people, the Palestinian and Israeli people, seen as a class in contrast to the superiors, including the ultra-authoritarian fascist Hamas rulers, i.e. the Israeli people against Hamas' terrorist rocket attacks, and the Palestinian people against deadly Israeli, IDF, attacks. The Anarchist International, AIE and ICOT's aim is a two independent countries' solution based on the 1967 borders, with no states in the meaning of topheavy pyramid structures, an end of the Israeli occupation, no wall, and the two countries living in peace, with an end of terrorism etc. Also the Palestinian refugee problem must have a positive solution within the two-countries' approach. The AI, AIE and ICOT mainly support "Anarchists against the wall".

27.12.2008 and beyond

27.12.2008 and beyond: Stop killing innocent civilians! UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has called for an immediate ceasefire.
There can be no ceasefire agreement before the criminal Hamas rulers are arrested, or if they do not surrender, but keep on killing - killed!
Since 2001 more than 10 000 rockets and mortar fire have been sent from Gaza to Israel...
Israel's Defense Minister Ehud Barak: ... Israel was not targeting the people of Gaza, rather its rulers, Hamas...
So far the Israeli soldiers don't hit the people of Gaza, but its rulers Hamas, proportionate in self defense, they have anarchist support.
Later the Anarchist International, with about 50 000 persons loosely associated to the network,
demands the civilian bloodshed must now stop,
and calls for a durable peace agreement and ceasefire, with simultaneously stop in the attacks from both Hamas and Israel.
19.01.2009. Gaza: End of fighting opens opportunity for real peace and justice!
01.02.2009. The ceasefire is dead.
The anarchists again call for a new ceasefire, a durable ceasefire, "100 years and beyond", and a general solution to the Israel-Palestine problem as suggested by AI, AIE and ICOT.
06.02.2009. The anarchists support the people of Gaza, seen as a class as opposed to the superiors in rank and/or income, i.e. the Hamas rulers, and call for revolt against Hamas. There will probably be no durable ceasefire and peace agreement as long as Hamas rules Gaza.

09.02.2009. The ultra-fascists Hamas and Lieberman's party have common interests in instability in the region, and their influence should be minimized.
10.02.2009. Amnesty International has accused Hamas militants in Gaza of kidnapping, killing and torturing fellow Palestinians.
13.02.2009. The anarchists call for a durable peace deal. This may take some time to reach, but as long as the negotiations go on, there will probably be few terrorist attacks by Hamas and associates, and thus few responses from Israel. Thus, the anarchists call for continued peace talks, until a lasting peace agreement can be reached.
18.02.2009. Israeli officials say the country's Security Cabinet has decided to keep the Gaza Strip's border crossings closed until an Israeli soldier, Sgt. Gilad Schalit, is freed.
26.02.2009. The anarchists demand that Netanyahu continues with the peace negotiations and work for a two independent countries solution.
04.03.2009. The anarchists support a two independent countries' solution, but they should not be states, but anarchies. This may however take long time to achieve...
05.03.2009. The anarchists take a clear stand against the ultra-authoritarian fascist systems of both Iran and Hamas.
12.03.2009. Palestinian factions are trying to hammer out a power-sharing agreement. The anarchists support the efforts.
18.03.2009. Hamas is the bottleneck in the negotiations that will benefit the Palestinian and Israeli people, seen as class in contrast to the superiors in rank and/or income, the anarchists say: we support the Israeli and Palestinian people... we call on the Hamas-rulers to act with reason!
25.03.2009. The Anarchist International and ICOT mark that the new Netanyahu government will push for Israel-Palestinian peace and hold all agreements with the Palestinians.

02.04.2009. Israeli foreign minister Lieberman's "peace policy" cannot be taken seriously, the anarchists say: he will face the music from the anarchists, EU, USA, etc.
16.04.2009. The anarchists again reject Lieberman's policy and call for a general solution to the Israel-Palestine problem as suggested by AI, AIE and ICOT.
20.04.2009. The anarchists condemn Hamas for killing 32 Palestinians and hurting several more on Gaza, and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for calling Israel racist.
07.05.2009.Palestinians and anarchists give cool reception to Netanyahu plan.
14.05.2009. The whole international community, including ICOT, AIE and AI, puts pressure on Israel to accept Palestinian independence soon.
18.05.2009. The anarchists condemn the widespread Holocoust denial among Israeli Arabs.
27.05.2009: Netanyahu calls on Arab states to normalize ties.
31.05.2009: Fatah fights Hamas. Six Palestinians killed. The anarchists support the less authoritarian Fatah's fight against the more authoritarian Hamas.
04.06.2009. Hamas can 1. recognize Israel and join the peace process, or 2. continue with terrorism and lose in the long run. The anarchists urge Hamas to choose option 1.
10.06.2009. The anarchists push for prompt Mideast peace talks.
14.06.2009. Israeli prime minister says Israel would agree to a peace agreement with a "demilitarized Palestinian state." A small step in right direction but not enough, the anarchists say.
25.06.2009. Israel reduces control of 4 West Bank towns - Hamas leader welcomes Obama's new Mideast approach.
19.07.2009. Israel rejects US call to halt Jerusalem project. The anarchists call on Israel to halt the Jerusalem project and all new settlement building.
23.07.2009. Israel won: Hamas shifts from rockets to "culture war".
18.08.2009. Israel quietly halts permits for new settlement building.
31.08.2009. Top Hamas official says Holocaust "a lie".
Clinton: US wants Israel settlement halt 'forever'.
11.11.2009. No peace talks unless Israel halts settlements, Abbas and the anarchists say.
15.11.2009. Palestinians aim to secure UN support for state.
17.11.2009. Anarchists, Palestinians, US, UK criticize Israeli Jerusalem plan.
19.11.2009. Israeli air strikes in response to continued recent rocket firing into Israel from the Gaza Strip.
21.11.2009. Gaza militants agree to halt rocket fire.
24.11.2009. Israeli air strikes in response to rocket firing into Israel from the Gaza Strip, despite the agreement to halt rocket fire.
25.11.2009. Israel proposes 10-month West Bank settlement halt.
27.11.2009. Abbas says Israeli settlement freeze not enough.
30.11.2009. The terrorist group Hezbollah to continue arming to fight Israel.
01.12.2009. Netanyahu: Settlement freeze only temporary.
06.12.2009. World Bank gives Palestinian Authority $64 million to help it prepare for independent country. Preferably a Palestinian anarchy - not state - the anarchists repeat.
14.12.2009. Obama and anarchists: UN resolutions in Lebanon must be enforced.
20.12.2009. Israel threatens to use force against settlers.
03.03.2010. Meeting in Cairo, foreign ministers from the Arab League have endorsed preliminary talks between Israelis and Palestinians.
08.03.2010. Indirect talks? The Anarchist International, ICOT and the Anarchist International Embassy once more call for real peace talks, and mean proximity talks can be a first step in this direction.
10.03.2010. AI, ICOT and AIE condemn the Israeli government's decision to build some 1,600 new settlement homes on Palestinian land next to Jerusalem. Biden attacks new Israeli settlement plan.
14.03.2010.Israel's Prime Minister has, for the first time publicly, voiced regret for the timing of the announcement of a Jewish settlement plan.
15.03.2010.Netanyahu: Jerusalem building doesn't hurt Arabs. The anarchists condemn the building plans, and call for 100% halt in Israeli settlements.
17.03.2010. Israel has lifted West Bank closure in force since March, 13.
18.03.2010. Palestinian rocket kills worker of kibbutz in Israel, first such death since Gaza war. Kibbutz is mentioned by Noam Chomsky and the Anarchists International as anarchistic. This is thus a direct attack
on anarchism. AI, ICOT and AIE condemn the terrorist attack, the murder of the Kibbutz worker, and the direct attack on anarchism.
28.03.2010. Arab leaders renew support for peace efforts. The anarchists, The AI, ICOT and AIE, back the Arab leaders' renewed support for peace efforts.
02.04.2010. Hamas signals it wants to keep Gaza quiet.
08.05.2010. Palestinian approval opens door to Mideast talks.
19.05.2010. Proximity talks.