General resolution no 1 about the situation in Egypt

1. We call for a) President Mubarak to step down now, b) an end of the totalitarian fascist regime, and c) a steady and orderly movement of the Egyptian system towards real democracy, i.e. anarchy.

2. The violent response by, so far, Hosni Mubarak's regime against such a development, see 1., is totally unacceptable. Those responsible for the killings, attacks and intimidation must be brought to justice without delay. The impunity must end!

3. The present regime, the Mubarak-regime, has promised several concessions, including a new constitution. However what Mubarak says publicly of positive things, and what he in practice commands his ochlarchical (mob rule) henchmen to do of negative things, behind closed doors, may be quite something else! We are not naive in this matter, Mubarak is a big lier, and this must stop. In this connection we call on domestic and international media to reveal and unmask the lies. The same is valid for any regime in Egypt.

4. Ad the new constitution, it must clearly state Egypt as a secular State, i.e. in the meaning of public sector, and thus clearly forbid and ban islamist law, i.e. sharia, and similar. And this secular constitution can only be changed with more than 3/4 majority. 

Decided after dialog and based on general consent 08.02.2011

PS.11.02.2011. Wild cheers after President Hosni Mubarak has stepped down. There is no real change of the system itself so far, but it may now change.
Our work for a revolutionary change i.e. a revolution, of the Egyptian economic-political system in libertarian direction has now really started.

The International Workers of the World - Egyptian section and The Anarchist Confederation of Africa - Egyptian section


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