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Anarkismen i Norge. Anarchism in Norway.

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To solve the climate crisis is the main goal and overriding everything else!
The People's demand for a green planet must now be achieved and passed in the system globally.

Slogans: Less Than 1,5° C Global Warming! Drop Fossil Fuel! Green Energy! Full Employment! 5 % Green GDP growth! Small Income & Rank Differences!
Down with the Gini-index to 20 %! Liberal Social-Democracy! Real & Green Democracy! Eco-Anarchy For Ever! Sufficient High Democracy Degree! Zero Population Growth!

This is the official Web-site of the Anarchist Federation of Norway. The Norwegian anarchist movement - the trendsetter in the fight for more socialism and autonomy, joined forces and founded the Anarchist Federation of Norway, - Anarkistføderasjonen i Norge (AFIN) - Anarkistenes Organisasjon (i Norge) September 13 1977 in Oslo at Hjelmsgate 3 (Helmet street 3) at a general assembly, after an interim anarchist federation (foregangsgruppa) founded March 13 1977 had worked with the preperations for the general assembly. AFIN is rooted back a.o.t. to the Culture Syndicate in the 1960s.

The Anarchist Federation of Norway - Anarkistføderasjonen i Norge (AFIN) - Anarkistenes Organisasjon (i Norge), was affiliated to IFA/IAF, the International of Anarchist Federations 15.01 1979; see the official organ of IFA at that time, Bulletin C.R.I.F.A no 39 avril-mai 1982 p. 10 and no 42 novembre-février 1982 p. 5, click on: AI/IFA Documents. The term "organisasjon" is often used for federations and confederations in Norway, say, the National Confederation of the Workers is called "Landsorganisasjonen, LO".

The history, resolutions, actions, etc. of AFIN are summarized at web-pages found via "links" below and at the main page of the Anarchist International www.anarchy.no.

The Anarchist Federation formed a junction vis-à-vis the domestic megatrend to the right and upwards on the economical political map in the late nineteen eighties and early nineties, i.e. in the fight for more autonomy and freedom, but against statist and economical plutarchist (capitalist) tendencies. A fight for less rank and income differences, more efficiency and fairness, and against political/administrative and economical bureaucracy broadly defined, in private and public sector, within the country and internationally.

The main direct action - and breakthrough - of AFIN was the anarchist velvet revolutionary change in Norway in 1994/95, where AFIN and AI-IFA-IAF were in the forefront in the revolution, see The history of Norway and anarchism in the country, the anarchist velvet revolution in 1994/95, and the social-individualist Anarchy in Norway afterwards, The anarchist velvet revolution 1994-96 and Norway and Switzerland: Anarchies of low degree, IJA 1 (37). In this issue of IJA you will also find updated estimates of the number of social-individualist anarchists in Norway and the number of persons associated to AFIN.

The revolutionary change, i.e. when Norway entered the social-individualist sector of the anarchist quadrant of the economic-political map, is i) rooted back to the above mentioned domestic megatrend to the right and upwards on the economical-political map, ii) the No to EU referendum 28.11.1994, and iii) more actions, that iv) gave the marxist matriarch Gro Harlem Brundtland and her authoritarian government an economic-political uppercut, which v) stopped the ruling and turned the system into relatively anarchist administration/management. The development of the libertarian/anarchist degree in Norway related to the velvet revolution and revolutionary change in 1994/95 is estimated to the following: 11-27.11.1994 = ca 49,4% (state); 28-29.11.1994 = ca 51% (anarchy); 01.03.1995 = ca 52%; 01.06.1995 = ca 53%; 01.10.1995 = ca 53%, a stabilized anarchy of low degree. The term "ca" means about. 28.11.1994 is celebrated as the Day of the Anarchist Revolution in Norway, by libertarians.

The degree of anarchy was estimated to about 53% after the revolutionary change, thus an anarchy of low degree. In Norway the system works significantly more from the bottom, grassroots, and upwards, than from the top downwards, to the bottom. Thus it is anarchy.

That is confirmed by a.o.t CNN. After the EU-referendum and revolutionary change the CNN (after a little help from the AIT/AIIS) reported: "an almost perfect society" etc , about the Norwegian economic-political system. The connection between AIIS/AI and CNN in those years (1994-95) was officially confirmed in a letter from a CNN/Turner official indicating a.o.t. the information from AIT/AIIS was interesting and intelligent. As this is perhaps a political document of some interest we will describe it a bit more. The envelope has the Turner logo and the sender organization's name is "Turner Broadcasting International Limited" , addressed to S. Olsen, Anarkistenes Informasjonstjeneste [AIIS/AIT], c/o F.B. P.B. 4777 Sofienberg N - 0506 Oslo, Norway. The letter, dated 7 March 1995, says a.o.t. the following: "Dear S. Olsen, Thank you very much for comments on the network's programming. We appreciate your feedback... We [however] do not have the capacity to reply to each of your faxes in turn. They are very informative but also quite substantial!... Thank you for your cooperation. With best whises, Dale Langley - Press Officer. CNN INTERNATIONAL," i.e. at the CNN's London office, UK. Well, 'plenty all right - too much no good' as one of the AI councillors often says, - anyway the AIIS/AIT spread the telefaxes on different offices of CNN and other newsmedia to be more cooperative. The main point is that CNN and other newsmedia responded to several of the AIIS/AIT faxes in their news.

The velvet anarchist revolution made Norway an anarchist society of low degree, and it has been anarchist since then. The degree of anarchy by now is estimated to about 54%. This is also confirmed in the paper editions of the two main economic newspapers in Norway, Dagens Næringsliv 2/3 June 2007 p. 3 and Finansavisen 17.10. 2007 p. 64, see Anarchist articles in DN and Finansavisen. The main policy of AI and AFIN is presented in the largest Newspaper in Norway, Verdens Gang 06.11.2001, p 39, see Anarchy is [real] democracy - Article in VG. This article also states "Norway [as] a relatively anarchist country, however a bit far from the anarchist ideal (Norge som et relativt anarkistisk land, men nokså langt fra det anarkistiske ideal.)"

The libertarian music of the FABS, the Federalist Anarchist Beat Society, was a major source of inspiration for the Anarchist Federation of Norway, AFIN, and the Anarchist International Information Service, AIIS, during the velvet revolutionary change, and in general, now and before.

Another great direct action where AFIN, the NAC and AI-IFA-IAF were in the forefront, was against the ABCDE-CONFERENCE/WORLD BANK in Oslo 24-26 JUNE 2002, see the ABCDE - direct action.

During the Nobel Peace Prize event in Oslo 10.12.2010, the Anarchist Federation of Norway (AFIN) had a direct action, a protest action, against the Chinese Embassy in Oslo, with the following parole: Release Liu Xiaobo [the winner] and all political prisoners in China! For a development toward Libertarian Human Rights and Real Democracy, a bottom - up approach - in China! For more information see The history of Norway and anarchism in the country, the anarchist velvet revolution in 1994/95, and the social-individualist Anarchy in Norway afterwards.

AFIN is a member of the Norther Anarchist Confederation (NAC). AFIN is also a member of all the internationals of the Anarchist International, see (click on) "Links" below. "We are commune or communist anarchists regarding the long term aim, the anarchist ideal. We are individualist anarchists in individual matters and collectivist anarchists in collective matters and social-individualist, including mutualist, anarchists in practical libertarian policy of today. We are anarcho-syndicalists in industrial and work matters, green/eco-anarchists regarding environmental questions, and anarcha-feminists in gender matters. We support the Libertarian Association of Teetotallers, LAT, at least practically, we organize in community actions (CAN), do solidaric support via the Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) and do research work via the FICEDL - IFCLSD." [Resolution from AFIN and the International Anarchist Congress, i.e. the 5th Anarchist Biennial, arranged by the NAC/IFA/AI in Oslo medio December 1998].

In 2002 AFIN celebrated its 25th anniversary, see the Anarchist International's Web, and got congratulations from several members of the Anarchist International's network. 13.09.2007 AFIN celebrated its 30th anniversary, and got congratulations from many members of the AI-network, also from Spanish anarcho-syndicalists, that printed a note about the anniversary at their Web, and published a link to AFIN in their newsletter En la Brecha (In the Gap) - CNT-AIT, 25.09.2007. This newsletter from CNT-AIT (Sagunto) is also published at the Anarchy Debate.

Anarchist day to day politics in Norway is taken care of by Norges Anarkistråd, the Norwegian Anarchist Council, NACO, elected by AFIN.

Fellows in Norway! Contact AFIN and join the AFIN-network today! Be a networkmember/subscriber to the IJ@/AFIN/NAC/AI/IFA! Feel free to forward this information to your own network, and/or link up the Website of AFIN at your blog or homepage. Join in the struggle for higher degree of Anarchy in Norway etc.; i.e. for more socialism and autonomy; against economical plutarchy - that is capitalism; and against statism -- here -- and world wide... Of course a struggle without ochlarchy (mob rule broadly defined), the opposite of anarchist, anarchy and anarchism!!! A struggle for anarchy and anarchism as opposed to all forms of marxism (state-socialism), liberalism and fascism, including populism. A struggle for a movement of the societal, i.e. economical and political/administrative, systems -- in libertarian direction, less authoritarian degree... The AFIN always works and demonstrates with dignity, uses real matter of fact arguments and adds weight behind via direct actions, mass actions, and via elections. More information is available via "contact AFIN" below.

Some internal and a lot of relevant external independent notable third party sources about AFIN and the Anarchist International are the following:


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